RooR Bongs Review In 2024 – [Must Read THIS]

In this review, I will give you all the information you need about this quality glass bong!

If you’ve already been a toker for more than 5 years, you could have at least once smoked out of a RooR bong — you might not know it.

Over the years, various vessels and devices used for recreation increased drastically. Several types of bongs, pipes, and tubes emerged in the market. Not to mention the slow and gradual evolution of pens and vaporizers, too!

If you want high-quality, authentic Roor bongs, you can get a wide array of options from Its420Somewhere. Not only do they have a wide range of RooR bongs available, but they’re also an authorized dealer and retailer of these RooR glass bongs!

What Are RooR Bongs?


RooR bongs are water pipes that are produced and manufactured by the company, RooR. Since 1995, they’ve been producing glass products around the world. And what do they specialize in? — bongs.

Their name “RooR” actually comes from the German word “Rohr,” which means pipe.

They started in the industry by producing regular-quality bongs, but they improved and soon perfected the craft. RooR is an award-winning German manufacturer of bongs, using high-grade borosilicate glass for their products.

Who and What is RooR?

RooR is a company based in Germany, and they’ve been a dedicated brand for bongs, pipes, and other paraphernalia for cannabis and other smoking products.

Martin Birzle, an expert glassblower, and also the founder of RooR glass bongs, guarantees that all tokers would have a premium smoking experience by offering the best and highest quality of bongs.

Are RooR Bongs Worth the Money?

Yes, and the reason for this is not only because of the appealing design they have, the easy-to-remember trademark symbol or RooR logo, as well as other features you can get but also due to the fact that these are extremely long-wearing and long-lasting.

Other than enhancing your experience, RooR also produces thick glass that has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion. In layman’s terms, this means that the glass would become extremely resistant to cracks, abrasion, and friction — in other words, they’re extremely strong and resistant.

How Good Are RooR Bongs?

Understanding the level of excellence RooR glass bongs have requires looking into the different factors and characteristics of their products.

They’re Thick, Strong, and Durable

Borosilicate glass is the thickest glass RooR uses for most, if not all, of their products. Their military-grade glass units are equipped with boron trioxide, guaranteeing durability and strength across glass products.

You’ll Save a Lot of Money

With strength comes a ton of opportunity for budget and savings. It’s cool that it’s strong, and the brand is widely known for it, but the experience that it will give you? That’s priceless.

Indulge yourself in the smoothest hits you can get from a beaker bong or from whatever tube RooR offers.

They’re Long-Lasting

Every smoker has experienced a broken bong in less than a month. We’ve all gone through that phase, and that is what RooR products can guarantee you.

Whatever glass piece you plan on getting, dropping it at the height of less than a meter can guarantee safety. I can’t promise that it wouldn’t have hairline cracks and scratches, but rest assured that it will not be broken to the extent that you wouldn’t be able to use it.

These three (3) points alone are enough proof that RooR glass bubblers are extremely tough and durable.

RooR vs. Grav Bongs

One of the rivals of a RooR bong is a Grav bong, and ever since, they’ve been the top two (2) favorite brands in the cannabis industry. How are they different and the same?

Let’s take a look at some of the strengths each brand has in line with their work.

Shaping and Technology: Grav

Have you ever heard of the Helix bong shape? Yes, there’s such a thing, and that is what Grav is known for! This technology will allow you to create thicker, better taste, and more evident clouds!

This does not mean RooR sucks when it comes to technology.

Innovative Touches: RooR

Following that, RooR also has a few innovative touches up its sleeve. They’re the brainchild of certain design elements in waterpipes, such as ice notches, ice dimples, and ice pinches.

These are all additives to ensure that the smoke you’ll create is cooled down, giving you a guaranteed smooth smoking experience!

Strength and Durability: RooR

Get a typical $80 bong, drop it on the floor — what do you get? A broken bong. They are made from extremely thick glass that, when you drop them a few times, wouldn’t just break.

Martin Birzle made sure to create a bong that doesn’t only ensure a good experience and smooth hits but something that will last longer, too.

Where to Get RooR Glass Bongs?

In case you’re wondering where you can secure yourself a RooR water pipe, you can purchase it from many different stores! You can even get it from their website directly!

Its420Somewhere: Best Website For a RooR Glass Bong


If you’re looking for different RooR waterpipes that differ in features, check out #Its420Somewhere.

You’ll find a beaker bong, a cool waterpipe “Aztec” style, a bong bowl with an ice pinch, and many other products!

The great thing about #Its420Somewhere is the fact that they wouldn’t leave you out with the information you need!

Grass City: Best Website For a RooR Sista Bong

Grass City

The term “sista bong” and “little sista bong” is a term coined by RooR. It’s simply a waterpipe that has a female joint instead of the usual male joint.

Grass City is the smoke shop you can count on if you’re looking for a variety of female or sista bong products.

Don’t worry, the sista and little sista water pipes you can get from the website are authentic, complete with a splash guard that assures you that you won’t have bong water in your mouth!

The Cave Smoke Shop: Best Website For a Custom Bong

The Cave Smoke Shop

Last, and most definitely not least, is The Cave Smoke Shop. This shop is known for offering a wide range of RooR beaker bongs.

I recall a time that I purchased a water pipe from them that had a removable downstem! The transaction was easy, and I definitely had the feeling that I’ll purchase from them again.

I didn’t like the fact that the shipping time took too long. Nevertheless, it was a smooth transaction.

How to Check if Your RooR Bong is Authentic?

Identifying a counterfeit RooR bong can be difficult. Do you have to know that it has a very low coefficient or if it’s made from a specialized type of boro glass? Would you be required to be knowledgeable about these things?

No, here are a few factors to check and look for to see if your water pipes and bowls from Roor are legit.

  • All RooR bongs have a signature
  • The logo needs to have a trademark at the top of it, and the “R’s” should be facing towards the left
  • The logo shouldn’t also go past the ice notches and catchers
  • Real and exclusive RooRs have ONLY THREE (3) ice pinches


Have a few more questions about RooRs? Here are a few I thought of answering as they’re the most commonly asked!

Are RooR Bongs Unbreakable?

They’re made from the strongest and thickest types of specialized glass. They’re virtually unbreakable, but they aren’t really unbreakable — just like standard glass, they can break under extreme force and pressure, too.

What Kind of Glass Does Grav Use?

Similar to RooR, Grav also uses borosilicate for its water pipes. This is actually the favorite of manufacturers because of the fact that they’re resistant to temperature, strong, long-lasting, and does not chemically change.

The Bottom Line

If you were to ask me whether a RooR bong is worth it or not, I would say that it is. It won’t have four wins in the High Times Cannabis Cup if it is not high quality.

Don’t compromise your smoke session, and make sure you’re getting the best experience out of it — and you can do that by securing yourself with a RooR bong!

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