Nutracleanse Fail Safe Kit Reviews in 2024 – Is it Reliable?

You must undergo a drug test if you want a new job.

So, whether you are a daily smoker or a less frequent smoker, you must pass that test.

Even if you are under employment, still, your employer can ask for a drug test anytime!

Under which a positive test can result in getting fired from the job.

Or you can also not get hired for the job in the first case.

Therefore to pass your test, you need to wait for several months to let your system automatically detoxify, or you need detox products that can help you pass your test.

It is where Nutra Cleanse Products come into play.

With this Nutra Cleanse Products review, you will know whether these cleansing products work accurately and if you can trust them for your upcoming drug test.

Let’s find out:

What Are Cleansing Products, And How Do They Work For Weed Detox?


Before diving deep into the Nutra Cleanse Fail Safe Kit review, let’s understand how these cleansing products work.

First, you need to understand that fail-safe kits or cleansing products only help remove toxins from your body and can not 100% guarantee to make you pass your test.

When you intake a drug, weed, it gets metabolized in your system and breaks down into smaller parts.

The THC component, the main responsible factor for making you high, gets broken down into the THC-COOH, the metabolite.

Now, this ‘metabolite’ is considered whenever a drug test is conducted.

If the limit exceeds the threshold limit, you can pass your test; however, you may fail if the quantity increases above the required limit.

Generally, 50ng/ml of THC is the cut-off level for an employer whenever the drug screening is conducted.

However, depending upon your consumption of THC, the metabolites in your urine can vary between 20ng/ml to 100ng/ml.

Therefore, when you are about to give a drug test, you must stay under the cut-off range (50ng/ml in most cases).

Further, it would help if you also kept in mind that, depending upon your frequency of marijuana use, the THC compound can stay in your system for several days.

The THC metabolites or compounds can stay in your system for two months for people who smoke heavily daily.

And smokers who smoke regularly 2 to 5 times a week can expect unwanted toxins to get out of their system from 10 to 12 working days.

So, depending upon how much THC you inhale in your system every day, you can expect the same amount of days you need to detox your system, depending on your body’s natural detoxification process.

Let’s come to the detox products as you know how much THC levels can lead you to pass your test.

Most unbranded detox products or programs mask the THC-COOH levels and do not entirely remove toxins.

They may be helpful when you are in a slightly less strict test and take some hours before the drug screening.

However, Pass Your Test detox programs, and their exclusive drug cleansing products ensure you pass your drug test and remove the unwanted toxins.

What Is Pass Your Test And Their Cleansing Products?

Pass Your Test is a company owned by Veritas Sales, LLC, and the company has been in the industry for over a decade.

The company makes Nutra cleanse detox products in the FDA-certified GMP labs.

Their detox product contains compounds of herbs, vitamins, and other natural detox components, which break down the THC-COOH into ‘undetectable’ compounds.

On top of that, all Nutra cleanse products are made in FDA-approved GMP labs, ensuring you get one of the finest detoxing products.

It is why many people have satisfying experience dealing with their products.

The company has four different categories of products available as a fail-safe kit, which can help pass the drug test.

However, it would help if you decided which can suit you depending on your time for your drug test.

Can You Trust Nutra Cleanse Products For Drug Test?

Nutra Cleanse company has been in the cannabis industry for over a decade, and they have consistently made fail-safe kits for the people indulging in drug activities.

Nutra Cleanse is one of the best cleanse brands with easy-to-follow instructions, phone call support, and home test kits with the products to have 100% surety before your final drug test.

Also, you can go for various fail-safe kit programs depending on your THC consumption.

However, it is subjective regarding the trusting factor for the Nutra Cleans products.

Further, no cleansing product can 100% assure you to pass your test, as passing a drug test depends upon various factors.

Your weight, height, drug consumption habits, and how you follow the detoxifying instructions are significant factors that need to be counted in.

However, it is also true that Nutra Cleanse is one of the best brands when looking out for one of the best cleaning products.

Additionally, most people have reported a positive experience with their products mentioning passing their drug test.

On the other hand, being in the cannabis industry for more than 20 years has made Nutra Cleanse a reliable brand that you can trust to increase your chances of passing the drug test by decreasing the toxin levels in your system.

On top of that, Nutra Cleanse is so confident in the products that they have a satisfaction guarantee and a full refund assurance.

Therefore, apart from decreasing the chances of testing positive, you also have a backup plan if unsatisfied with their products.

So, in a nutshell, you can trust Nutra Cleanse products compared to the other brands in the market.

Nutra Cleanse Review – All Products Tried And Reviewed

The Pass, Your Test company has created four different categories of products for you.

Every different type of product is made differently according to your need.

If you have the test on the same day or the next day, you can go for the same-day clean shot program.

While if you have some time for your drug test, you can opt for more options like a permanent cleanse or total body cleanse.

So, let’s review each of the fail-safe kits offered by Pass Your Test:

Same Day Clean Shot

The Nutra Cleanse same-day clean shot or clean caps program helps you pass your test.

This fail-safe kit works within 90 minutes.

It is ideal for the same-day or next-day drug screening (many people report taking it 2-3 hours before the test).

Instead of thoroughly cleaning the toxins (THC-COOH compounds) from your system, it ‘masks up’ them to let you pass your test.

This fail-safe kit masks the metabolite for up to 6 hours, which can quickly help you save your job.

Many users have reported a successful test from this same-day clean shot program.

Also, it is a much better and more reliable option than just drinking a ton of water and hoping for the ‘dilution’ to do the work.

The clean shot kit comes with a 2.5oz drink, while the fast-acting clean capsules are also there. You can go at your convenience.

However, the capsules might cost a bit more than the drinkable shot.

Get the complete fail-safe kit if you are a heavy smoker or know you have been into a lot of toxin exposure.

Don’t worry; the kit comes with fail-safe detox instructions, where you can get to know how to use the kit.

Home Testing Kits

Home testing kits are a must if you are going for a drug test and have been using any cleansing product.

Home testing kits allow you to get peace of mind if your cleansing product is working or not.

The best part is that Nutra Cleans has separate home test kits for THC and nicotine. Therefore, you don’t have to buy the whole diet plan kit for this.

You can buy any home testing kits according to your need.

Pass Your Test claims that the kits show 99% accurate results.

For the THC test, their testing kit can cost $20, and it can detect any amount of THC-COOH if it goes above the threshold level, i.e., 50 ng/ml.

The result will be available within minutes to you with these kits.

Permanent Cleanse

This Nutra Cleanse Product is 100% recommended to those who have some time before their drug test.

For example, if you know your drug test will happen after 10 or 15 days, you must opt for the Nutra Cleanse permanent extreme detoxification program.

Along with the clean caps, you’ll also get a pre-supplement that you need to take. This pre-supplement is to help you completely detoxify your system from the toxins.

Depending upon how much time you have got (5 or 10 days), you can opt for these Nutra Cleanse detox programs:

(a) A 5-day extreme detox program

(b) 10 Day ultra detoxification program

Also, while considering your time, you need to keep in mind the shipping time of these products.

Further, if you are 250 lbs or more, you must need the 10-day ultra detoxification program to follow (of course, you also have to consider the time you have got before your drug test).

The permanent cleanse is a detox coach for you under which you have to follow the supplement diet and the clean shot capsules to make your test negative.

Moreover, people who have high body fat content must go for the extreme detox program by Nutra Cleanse.

Additionally, these programs are only for urine tests. For example, if you want to detox your hair and blood, you must undergo an extreme detox program.

Once you have joined the detox program, Nutra Cleanse also gives you 2 free home testing kits by which you can get the clarity before the upcoming drug test.

The 5-day detox program costs $110, and the 10-day detox program costs $150.

Whether you are extremely skeptical or your job is the only reason to pass your test, Nutra Cleanse will be worth this money once you try their product.

There have been a lot of positive reviews about their cleansing products, which you can read here.

Therefore, if you have some time before your actual drug test, you must go for the Nutra Cleanse detox program to save your job.

Doesn’t matter if you have a seven-figure job or a small salary, drug tests may even be conducted suddenly, or if you want to get a new job, you may still need to go through the test.

It is why Nutra Cleanse products help you to save your job.

Total Body Cleanse

Depending upon your organization, you can even be asked for a hair test along with urine.

Therefore, you need to detoxify your total body to avoid all the toxins, including your hair.

It is where the Nutra Cleanse extreme total body detox program comes into play.

This 5-day cleanse program comes with a cleansing shampoo and the clean shot caps or supplement.

This detoxing shampoo helps you detoxify your hair and thus helps you get prepared for even a hair test for the THC compound.

The 5-day cleanse program also has two home test kits, which help you know if your cleanse product is working.

Depending upon your consumption of THC, there is also an Ultra detox product for extreme cleaning your system.

However, that costs $220 but is worth opting for if you have a urine and hair test.

You also get three extra home test kits instead of two for your pre-confirmation before the actual test.

Most people report having a proper meal plan and the cleanse praam in which they avoid fried food.

Some people have also reported having a somewhat unusual experience, especially those with a sensitive stomach.

Therefore, you can also opt for your body’s natural detoxification process in case of if you are significantly less exposed to THC and start slow with the cleanse product.

However, if you are a heavy smoker or have extreme exposure to THC, you must opt for fail-safe kits like Nutra Cleanse.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Nutra Cleanse Products


(i) Your chances of passing the drug test will increase; in most cases, people have passed their test with the help of Nutra Cleansing products.

(ii) It will detoxify your whole system from toxin exposure, whether it is your first drug screening or nth time.

(iii) Passing your drug test can save your job.

(iv) Nutra Cleanse is a highly trustworthy brand for detoxifying programs.

(v) Various detox programs are there according to time and convenience.


(i) No cleansing products on the earth can 100% guarantee you to make you pass your test, and so does the Nutra Cleanse.

(ii) Some people have reported a very satisfying experience, while some have reported it as a complete waste as they have experienced unusual experiences due to a sensitive stomach.

Can You 100% Pass Your Drug Test With Nutra Cleanse Products?

Let’s be honest here:

No products can 100% assure you to make your drug test negative.

However, you can detoxify your system to decrease the toxin level and increase the chances of passing your test.

And with Nutra Cleanse products, most people who followed the proper instructions have passed their test.

However, at the same time, some also have given bad reviews.

Therefore, we can not be sure if it is a 100% reliable way to get your test passed because there are a lot of factors to consider (height, weight, drug consumption habit, etc.).

While looking for one of the best cleansing products for detoxing your system to pass the drug test, Nutra Cleanse is one of the highly trustworthy brands.

It has been in the industry for two decades and has helped many people pass their tests and save their jobs.

Nutra Cleanse Review: Conclusion

If you are looking for a detoxing program to clean the toxins from your system, then there is rarely a brand more trustworthy than Nutra Cleanse.

Also, their existence in the cannabis industry for two decades makes them more reliable for cleansing products.

Further, according to days and easy-to-follow instructions, their convenient detoxing programs make it easier to opt for a detox program to pass your drug test.

Always remember that many factors come to make the drug test negative, and the more factors will be done right, the more chances of happening so will be there.

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