Where to buy Bulk Concentrates In Canada 2023

Bulk Concentrates In Canada: There are tons of different bulk concentrates in Canada you can choose from, but which one is the best?

How do I choose from all the different cannabis concentrates? Which online dispensary in Canada can I trust?

If you’re on the hunt for either retail or wholesale concentrates and you can’t seem to find the perfect one for you, this guide is perfect for you!

In my experience, I can confidently say that West Coast Cannabis is the best cannabis online dispensary to purchase wholesale extracts in Canada. You’ll be able to get the wholesale price, you have the chance to mix and match, and there are multiple product categories to choose from!

Before we get to that, do you know what concentrates are, and do you know that there are different types of them? Let me give you a brief lesson about it first!

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?


A lot of people, especially beginner smokers, think that they know what concentrates are, but, in reality, they don’t.

In a nutshell, cannabis concentrates are products derived from the cannabis plant (of course), which are more potent and have higher efficacy and effectivity.

Technically speaking, the term “CBD concentrates” in Canada — and even in other corners of the globe is vague and broad. Why? Because these types and categories of products refer to those that have undergone the extraction process. In other words, it could mean anything from caviar or moon rocks, edibles, essential oils, crystalline, and many other products.

Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Yes, I couldn’t believe it myself, too, when I first found out. In fact, there are quite a few different types of cannabis concentrates that you can purchase in the market — there are tons of them to choose from!

So you don’t need to juggle through different products and categories to find them!

The world of cannabis is so grand that a lot of people — even experts sometimes get lost in it. So, here are the primary types of cannabis concentrates you need to know about and lay your eyes on!

Cannabis Oils

Probably the most common and most used type of cannabis concentrate, cannabis oils are usually runner and thinner than the majority of concentrates. These concentrates are typically used in vape cartridges, dabs, and rigs — generally, they’re CBD or THC distillate oils.


Also commonly referred to as glass, shatter is a concentrate that is brittle, thin, and often translucent in color. Shatters are typically dabbed and are one of the most common additives used by medical marijuana patients as it enhances flavor, gives fresh aroma, and improves overall efficacy.


Wax is almost the same as oil, but during the extraction process, the air is incorporated in order for the viscosity and consistency to become more malleable and softer, guaranteeing a strong flavour.


Many people know crumble as “honeycomb,” and the reason why is because of the fact that they easily fall apart. Unlike other concentrates, crumble can be smoked on its own, but it can also be an additive to joints, blunts, vapes, and edibles.


Sauce, or “terp sauce,” is a type of concentrate that’s wet and is typically used by being added to crystalline or crystals for a heightened and improved experience and efficacy.


Hash is usually categorized as a primary type of concentrate, but it’s actually also known as “hash oil.” It’s a type of concentrate in oil form and usually appears in solid form. Under hash, there are quite a few different types, including bubble hash and dry sift hash, which are two (2) of the most common.


Last but most definitely not least would be crystalline. Also referred to by enthusiasts as wizard stone, crystalline is one of the independent types of concentrate you can use as you can smoke it on its own. Furthermore, you can also melt it, dab it on your marijuana buds, or add it to an edible recipe.

These are the primary types of cannabis concentrates recognized by cannabis experts, enthusiasts, and even those that are just starting out in the industry.

How Are Concentrates Produced?

To cut the long story short, the process of producing concentrates also involves the cannabis flower and buds of the plant.

What’s done is that the main psychoactive component present in cannabis, which is the cannabinoid, is extracted. And while many people think that the extraction process is just one (1), there are actually different ways how they excel and improve the potent form of these plants.

The two (2) most popular ways and methods of extraction are solventless or mechanical extraction and solvent-based extraction. 

Of course, the former is a type of extraction process where there’s no solvent used, while the latter is an extraction procedure where a solvent is used.

NOTE: Different solvents used include hydrocarbons, CO2, and Alcohol.

How Are Concentrates Used?

This is where most newbie enthusiasts fall apart. They fail to recognize how they need to use concentrates. Well, I am here to tell you that concentrates are flexible in their ways — you can use them in a wide range of applications!

Typically, the best concentrates (and those that have been proven and tested) can be inhaled, vaped, smoked, dabbed, and applied to your skin.

For the most intense effects, they’re added to a dab, rig, pipe, or even a blunt that already has a premium flower ready to be smoked.

NOTE: There are a few select strains that you can use in treating chronic pain, eczema, and other mishaps you’re experiencing on your skin.

6 Best Online Dispensaries to Get Bulk Concentrates Canada

Getting to the best online dispensary in Canada that offers bulk orders can be extremely challenging — but not if you know what to look for and where to find them!

Check this list out because this might also be your list of the best mail-order marijuana (MoM) you get your weed from!

Don’t worry; I’ll also let you know the best concentrates to get — whether you’re looking for retail or bulk orders!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is what I consider the best when it comes to bulk online dispensaries if you are looking for concentrates and other things of the like. The reasons why I consider the site the best vary, but mostly it is because of the vast options of mix-match packs and products to choose from.

You can purchase everything cannabis related you are looking for in West Coast Cannabis! I’m talking about retail and pure cannabis flowers, concentrates, CBD products, THC diamonds and concentrates, bulk concentrates, and many more!

What captured my attention the most is the fact that they ALMOST ALWAYS have a gold seal hash readily available in their arsenal!

West Coast Cannabis can be your one-stop shop whether you are a traditional smoker of weed, THC distillate oils for vape cartridges, and many more!

What Should You Get From West Coast Cannabis?

West Coast Cannabis is known for many things, but one of the most prominent products they have would be the variety of gold seal hash they have that you can purchase in bulk orders.

This hash can be the key to your deep and peaceful sleep as it promotes a relaxing and calm state, which can help you sleep. Furthermore, its intense effects have been known to help users who have experienced appetite loss, frequent mood swings, and even stress and anxiety.


  • You can mix and match your orders, even those you will purchase in bulk.
  • The website’s age verification is not a hassle — it’s there, but it won’t take you more than 10 seconds.
  • You can freely purchase retail or bulk concentrates online with the strains and types of your choice.
  • You have the flexibility and versatility to purchase mix-and-match packs that, of course, fit in with one another.


  • If you don’t shop fast enough, you’ll find that most products will be out of stock — even those they offer in bulk.
  • There are times when the website is down due to a wide variety of reasons.
  • There’s no mention that they accept credit cards; they only accept e-transfers and Bitcoin.

The Grow House Online: Runner-Up

Grow House

You would already get a sense of what they’re all about from what they call their website and their business.

The Grow House Online is a subtle yet performing online dispensary that can be your source for both retail and wholesale concentrates. Besides these products, The Grow House Online Dispensary is also one of the best online weed shops you can access.

Why? — Simply because of the huge selection of products you can get from them.

You can get anything from THC distillate pods and cartridges, live resin, THC diamond cartridges and disposables, sticky hash (and other cannabinoids and types of hash), premium buds, and many more!

The registration process is easy, and from there, you can shop ’til you drop! Just like with West Coast Cannabis, you can mix and match the weed, your CBD or THC flowers, and even the concentrates you can purchase without any problems!

What Should You Get From The Grow House Online?

I always love their white widow shatter products, but those are only sold per ounce. In terms of bulk orders, I would recommend going for their Premium Shake strain. This strain is directly derived from a mix match of Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, and Black Diamond.

It’s a perfect 3A-Grade strain with 15 to 18% THC and 1.00% CBD guaranteed.


  • The Grow House Online Dispensary will respond fast to all your inquiries and concerns.
  • Most of their operators and customer service personnel are knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Your bulk orders can be mix match packs or similar categories of products.


  • They do not accept credit cards; the payment options and terms are often limited.
  • If you’re looking for bulk orders of hash, you need to consider checking the website regularly because they’re always the first to run out.

Green Leaf Express: Best Wholesale Concentrates Canada With the Best Deals

Green Leaf Express

What’s your first impression when you hear Green Leaf Express? I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear, read, and think about it — all I can think of is the best online dispensary for weed, hash, as well as other CBD products.

Well, that’s not wrong because Green Leaf Express is one of the Canadian-based dispensaries I consider the best when it comes to concentrates, both in bulk and retail.

Mostly, they’re popular because of their Daily Deals and Same-Day Express Shipping, but what most people forget to consider is their bulk concentrates. This online dispensary is like a walking farm, able to give you wholesale concentrates in Canada — wherever you are in the country.

Their menu is so vast that you can purchase balanced hybrid you won’t see in other online dispensaries, THC diamonds, gold seal hash, and many other hemp and cannabis-derived products you’ll surely want to get your hands on.

Take advantage of the best deals while you mix and match your concentrates online with Green Leaf Express!

What Should You Get From Green Leaf Express?

The store is one-of-a-kind and is truly the dispensary you want to buy bulk orders from if you’re looking for the best rates and deals. I always consider them my first options when I am going to purchase a 4A Gorilla Glue strain, either in bulk or in wholesale.

Their Gorilla Glue strain contains extremely balanced levels of THC, sitting just at 20 to 24%. No other place in Canada will you be able to get Gorilla Glue as relaxing and calming as this.

NOTE: Because of this, a lot of smokers in and outside Canada consider this strain the perfect strain for solving and curing chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.


  • There’s literally an entire book of THC products to choose from. You’ll never run out.
  • You’ll be able to find everything cannabis-related from their shop literally. Whether you need a THC distillate product, live resin, concentrate, edible, anything you can think of!
  • They have an excellently-designed website, better than most online dispensaries.


  • Their customer service is only available from Mondays to Fridays.
  • The FAQ page they have does not contain the necessary information.
  • It’s unclear whether they service the whole of Canada or not.

Green Society: Best Online Dispensary Offering Best Prices and Deals

Green Society

Green Society is one of the most reliable and dependable online dispensaries you will come across online. I don’t know, but whenever I feel the need to purchase bulk concentrates in Canada, and I want to get the best prices and deals, Green Society is the dispensary of my choice.

Their product menu is so compact and versatile to the extent that you can purchase products from them regardless of the way you use cannabis. Medical or recreational; traditional blunt smoking or using a vape pen, or if you use dabs and rigs, you can get items cheaply and more affordably!

Green Society’s popularity grew even further as they started offering red Lebanese hash in bulk, as well as other concentrates.

For an online dispensary where you can purchase in increments of ounces, quarter pounds, 1/2 ounces, and even bulk, Green Society can be your go-to shop.

What Should You Get From Green Society?

Out of the many dispensaries I purchased from in Canada, I consider Green Society the best when it comes to the Red Lebanese hash (for bulk orders) and the Lebanese Playboy hash (for retail).

These products have concentrated THC, guaranteeing potency and efficacy at the maximum. You won’t be able to find any other dispensary that offers the same quality of Lebanese hash in Canada!


  • The way they set their menu up is incredible. It’s easy to read, they’re categorized properly, and there are a lot of options to choose from.
  • Their sales, discounts, and promotional offers are through the roof! You won’t experience a shortage in deals.
  • All products undergo a rotation of sale and discounts.


  • Their website is always down due to the influx of users on the server.
  • There are times when their customer service responds late.

Ganja Express: Best in Most Discreet Shipping

Ganja Express

Nothing beats Ganja Express when it comes to discreet and hidden shipping — sometimes, they make it seem like even you won’t be able to know what the delivery is!

Labeling itself as the number one online dispensary offering bulk concentrates, Ganja Express is a haven of cannabis products. You can purchase marijuana flowers, vape cartridges and pens, concentrates, edibles, accessories, and even marijuana products for your domestic pets!

Their bulk concentrates span from the simplest and most basic concentrates and strains to those you won’t expect to find in an online dispensary in Canada!

You can select a whole lot of concentrates such as Death Bubba, Girl Scout Cookies, as well as other THC or CBD strains either in retail or in bulk! You’ll find no trouble with the mix-match packs and categories of weed and other types of products you plan on getting.

What Should You Get From Ganja Express?

Ganja Express is the shop to be in if you want live resin or bulk marijuana concentrates. In terms of bulk orders, though, I would recommend their Tropical Thunder strain.

This strain has a power of 30 to 32% THC, which is perfect for giving you a mellow buzz. I’m not sure about the other cannabinoids present, but what I’m sure of is that this helped me with overthinking and anxiety.


  • In Canada, they’re one of the websites that intensely clarify that they are legal.
  • You’ll find descriptions about their products, and they’re honest.
  • There are reviews present on major products they have.


  • Payment methods are not flexible, they only accept Interac E-transfer.
  • Incorrect orders need to be reordered again.

Haute Health: Best Price Offers For Half Ounce Orders

Haute Health

The social atmosphere that Haute Health is promoting is unlike any other dispensary offering concentrates online. Why? — Because Haute Health is able to offer daily sales, which stretch from 20 to 50% discounts for all your orders!

They started out in the industry offering the simplest and most usual weed you get from walk-in dispensaries. Over time, they saw they needed to evolve. From there, they started offering a wide variety of products to accommodate all types of smokers.

So, if you own a vape pen, if you use a pipe, dab, or rig, or if you are the traditional blunt roller, you can consider Haute Health as an option for your cannabis enthusiasm.

Upon opening the shop, you will immediately see that they’re offering a wide array of products from edibles, mushrooms, vapes, concentrates, THC, also bulk or wholesale concentrates! Several popular products they have include the ever-famous white widow shatter, girl scout cookies, THCA diamonds, and many others!

Get this – their concentrates are categorized, too! So, pick whatever product captures your heart, whether you want it to have more CBD, more THC, or if you just want to slowly sink and calm your mind for the rest of the day.

What Should You Get From Haute Health?

Haute Health is a haven of wholesale concentrates from Bubba Kush, Lindsay OG, Pink Kush Shatter to THC distillate, 2A Sugar Wax, and many more!

For this, I would suggest going for their AA Kief because it’s cheaper compared to the offers of other dispensaries, and it will last a long time, especially if you are going to use it alone.


  • You can purchase bulk products from them, whether you’re looking for THC distillates, concentrates, or even wholesale marijuana flowers!
  • They have new products almost every week!
  • Out of all dispensaries, I found them to have the most number of edible options. They have chocolates, CBD capsules, giant gummies, THC capsules, and many more!


  • Wholesale or bulk concentrates are typically costlier and more expensive.
  • There are cheap products, but the quality isn’t always guaranteed.
  • Akin to other online dispensaries, the payment method is via Interac E-transfer only.


If you’re trying to get high-quality cannabis flower concentrates but you still think you need to work on a few angles, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

Are Concentrates in Canada Illegal?

No, concentrates have been tagged as legal in Canada. In fact, the Department of Justice of Canada announced back in 2019 that all cannabis edible products are legal for sale.

What is More Potent Wax or Shatter?

Shatter is considered stronger, especially when heated or smoked. On the other hand, wax releases a stronger aroma than shatter. So, it depends on how you will use it.

Are Cannabis Edibles Considered Concentrates?

Yes and no — let me explain. Cannabis edibles are consumables that contain primary cannabinoids, as well as other cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. They’re not considered concentrates because they are not in the potent form like how concentrates are. On the contrary, they can be tagged as concentrates when liquid concentrate (or any other type of concentrate) is dabbed and mixed with edibles.

Final Words

Don’t worry; I was worse during the first few weeks of my shopping for the best bulk concentrates Canada. You’re actually lucky because you have everything you need to know and be wary about before you decide to purchase from an online dispensary!

Canada is safe, and don’t worry; most of these shops will have their own strategies for delivering and distributing your bulk concentrates!

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