Best Weed Grinders in 2023

Breaking down buds with hand could impure terpenes and cannabinoids present in the strain. So, you need a high-quality grinder that can do it for you. Explore the top 15 world’s best weed grinders in this guide and get to know the brands, usage, and quality parameters of cannabis crushers.

Grinders (or crushers) are essential parts of cannabis accessories. Smoking top-quality cannabis strain provides fantastic effects if you grind your buds and fill a blunt well.

Grinders are an easy-to-use and effective way of breaking down the buds of your favorite marijuana strains so that you can easily roll the best blunt wraps and joints.

When flowers come into contact with our hands, the potency of weed becomes contaminated. The more you touch and crush it with your hands, the less potent the effects will be.

So, it’s time for an upgrade!

If you are still not using weed grinders in 2023, have a glance at this guide and pick your favorite weed crusher right now. Experts have revealed the best marijuana grinders on the internet to help you make an informed decision.

Marijuana Grinders 2023


Bud crushers are essential to make a powdered form of pot. Smoking a joint gives the next level effects when you fill your joints with crushed bud powder.

Whether you want to make edibles, smoke blunts, or vape, grinding weed buds is an efficient way to get a more enjoyable and pleasing experience.

Not only do crushers grind buds, but some modern grinders also come with storage for kief catcher. Kief or trichomes are potent components of marijuana plants that you don’t want to waste. Thus, weed crushers are your best bet to store them for you.

Besides, manual and electric grinders are also there in the market. Whether you like woody craft or need a robust tool made with aircraft-grade aluminum or stainless steel, you will be surprised to explore the world of cannabis grinders.

All kinds of crushers are there in the market. Whether it’s grinder materials, build quality, working techniques, features, sizes, or colors, you will find a wide range of different grinders out there.

It seems like someone’s ready to grind the herb!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 15 Best Weed Grinders Review

I have personally used some of the below-reviewed grinders and talked to experts to find the best grinders available in the market. After evaluating build quality, brand, features, and price, I have picked the top 15 best weed crushers to review. Have a look!

#15 – Santa Cruz Hemp 4pc Shredder – Made from Natural Hemp

Santa Cruz Hemp Shredder is a unique grinder as it is made from biodegradable hemp. The natural hemp material makes this piece durable that can last long.

When you use this Santa Cruz shredder, you will be amazed to see fluffy and even grind every time. As it’s an advanced engineered product, you won’t be disappointed at all.

This Santa Cruz shredder comes with four pieces- cap, screen, weed chamber, and bottom chamber. Besides, it’s just 2-inch in height, making it a portable crusher that you can carry in your pocket easily.

Moreover, the price of this Santa Cruz shredder leans towards the cheapest range. Thus, this high-quality and durable is also an affordable option on the market.

Santa Cruz is known to craft high-quality and feature-rich accessories. In addition, if you are looking for cheaper grinders with durability, it’s one of the best herb grinders on the market.

#14 – Space Case 4-Piece Grinder – Longlasting Grinder Made in the USA

The Space case grinders offer the highest-quality grinding, and it is another top pick in this rundown. This black 4-piece grinder offers a fluffy grind and smooth sliding of caps to give you amazing crushed buds.

American milled aircraft grade aluminum is the primary material used to make this Space Case grinder durable. Interestingly, it also includes Nylon O-rings to offer smooth rotations.

That’s amazing, right?

Moreover, the diamond-shaped teeth design looks great and works like a charm to give you a fine grind. Surprisingly, the Space Case grinder also includes a rare Neodymium magnet for excellent cap closing.

This weed grinder has earned positive reviews and top ratings from many cannabis connoisseurs. As Space Case grinders are made in the USA, you can rest assured about their quality and durability.

#13 – HØJ KLIP Mini Premium Grinder – Award-Winning Innovative Functionality

Have you seen such a beautiful grinder design that you just want to gaze at that eye-catching beauty? HOJ KLIP Mini is that premium weed crusher that will astonish you with not only its zigzag beauty but also with its innovative features.

It is made with a high-quality anodized aluminum construction that enables you to use it for the long run. It has a slicing chamber that slices your buds instead of crushing them.

The crushed buds you are going to get with this crusher will be fluffier and evenly sliced. Besides, the tool also preserves terpene-rich crystals that are present on the buds.

The zigzag parts of this marijuana crusher are tightly coupled with high-strength magnets. It consists of many parts but still, you can use, clean, and maintain it without any fuss.

It’s one of the finest cannabis grinders out there. Many users have given high ratings and praiseworthy responses. If your budget is above $100, you can definitely go with this grinder.

#12 – Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder – Hand-made & Portable Wooden Grinder

If you love simple, hand-made wooden grinders that are on a cheaper side but can give you extraordinary grind, Magic Flight Launch Box is your go-to travel-friendly grinder.

You will have three different color options— Maple, Walnut, and Cherry Wood.

First of all, this Magic Flight finishing grinder uses the maceration method that can break down your cannabis nugs in the same way you grate cheese with a grater.

Furthermore, the blades of this launch box grinder are sharp so that you will receive a micro-fine grind upon each use. Take this compact grinder anywhere you go and enjoy crushing and puffing on the go.

#11 – Banana Bros Otto Grinder – Best Electric Grinder

If you are looking for a top-quality electric grinder, Otto Banana Bros electric grinder is the only grinder that comes to my mind. This sleekly designed grinder features smart grinding technology.

As you might have known, the OTTO™ by banana bros.™ has created the first automatic rolling machine of its kind. Interestingly, you can charge this device and grind up to 30 joints worth of cannabis nugs.

This OTTO grinder uses a spring to deliver a hand-like crushing operation. Besides, you can even fill your cones without any issue. The wider lips can fill your wraps up to the tip.

It does not only grind but also offers roll filling, making it an all-in-one device with innovative features. Moreover, you can charge this device with a USB.

Interesting, right?

You can simply load the herb chamber with your marijuana and press the power button. The grinder will ensure to provide even grind and fill pre-rolled joints for your enjoyment.

#10 – Chromium Crusher 63mm Grinder (4 part) – The Most Affordable Premium Crusher

Chromium crusher has consistently been the most popular pick among users who want a high-quality fine grind at an affordable cost. The 63mm grinder consists of 4 parts— cap, grinding chamber, pollen screen, and pollen catch section.

The excellent construction and eye-catching design have really allured thousands of users to go for this model. As the company claims, it’s the only grinder that has precisely surfaced CNC aluminum and heavy-duty zinc.

It’s on the affordable side but works for a lifetime. You can rest assured that you will receive fine ground herb upon use as the 48 diamond-shaped grinding teeth work like a charm.

#9 – The Ripper Classic Herb Grinder – Stainless Steel Grinder with Impeccable Reviews

The classic Herb Ripper grinder is one of my favorite grinders on the market. You can select a 3-piece or 4-piece grinder upon buying it.

Moreover, the brand also offers three types of grinding options: coarse, medium, and fine. Plus, it is completely made up of stainless steel. Customers have been praising this robust and powerful crusher for its durability and sharp grind.

Furthermore, the sharp teeth work magically with a custom thread layout. Plus, the strong magnetic lid ensures the cap remains intact in place.

The improved design also allows you to fill more buds than usual. Along with that, it also features a pollen scrapper or kief catcher to collect some potent trichomes for you.

Have a look at the accessories that you can buy from the company’s web store.

It absolutely feels like a premium brand!

Besides, it also includes stainless steel ball agitator on top of the screen that helps to agitate pollen through the pores.

Amazing stuff from the manufacturer!

You can choose one of the three sizes: 1.5-inch (M), 2-inch (L), and 2.5-inch (XL). The classic Herb Ripper is one of the best herb grinders out there.

#8 – Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5″ Cleartop – CNC Machined Grinder With Aerospace Aluminum

The classic O.G. Cali Crusher has been consistently demanded among USA customers. The reason is simple: affordable, robust, and easy-to-use.

If you need a “no-drama high-quality grind,” this Cali Crusher can make you more than just happy. As the company claims, CNC machine-crafted aerospace aluminum is used to furnish this beauty.

Moreover, the sharp teeth have a diamond-cut design to get you fluffy weed. Plus, this 2.5-inch tool also features a textured design to provide easy grip. And yes, the kief catcher is also there to collect pollen.

This Cali Crusher is one of the best herb grinders when it comes to simplicity and performance. Go on and get yours now!

#7 – Grinder Card – Grate Your Stash Like Cheese

If you want to use something different than a regular grinder, this grinding card can make your work so much easy. As you can see, instead of teeth grinding, it works by grating your buds on the grater.

Don’t take this card lightly!

The grinder card design is so convenient to keep in your wallet. Rest assured that it’s a high-quality grinding card that is made with heavy-duty metal.

Overall, it provides an easy way to crush your buds on the go. If you prefer a grinder card, this high-grade crusher from GreenGoddessSupply is your best bet.

#6 – Aluminum Herb 4-Part Grinder with Pollen Screen – Fantastic Pick for Everyday Use

Here comes a 4-piece metal grinder that is different from other grinders in some ways. Well, the grinding technique is the same as every other, but the metal construction really caught my eyes.

First of all, it comes with a magnetic lid to provide superior closure. Plus, it features a Nylon friction ring to help you rotate it smoothly.

Moreover, diamond-sharp teeth work nicely to offer a fine herb powder every time. On top of that, you will also get a pollen scraper to catch trichomes.

Add a touch of flavors to your smoking experience!

Interestingly, the brand also offers a spatula to collect your stash. It is one of the finest grinders on the market that provides top-quality ground material.

#5 – Aluminum Grinder 4-Piece Green Goddess Supply – For Super Smooth Grinding

This 2.5-inch aluminum grinder is the best grinder with an innovative design. It is made from aluminum material. It features a Teflon ring to help you glide tirelessly.

The perfect balance of teeth and balanced holes collect ground herbs without any wastage. Apart from that, the natural grinding is impressive with this tool.

On the design part, this grinder comes with four parts:

  • magnetized lid
  • grinding deck
  • micron sifting screen
  • pollen catch chamber

The assembly is so smooth with precisely milled threading, and you will enjoy smooth operations every time you use it.

#4 – Marley Natural 60mm Small Wood Grinder – Anodized Aluminum Teeth for Fine Grind

If you love the color of natural wood, you will be amazed to see the beauty of this eye-catching product. The authentic Marley Natural wooden grinder is crafted with North American black walnut wood.

This model of Marley Natural is a 4-piece grinder. Furthermore, it features a magnetic top for perfect fitting. Plus, it also has a removable screen to catch fallen trichomes.

The embossed logo on top of the cap looks premium on the wooden material! Apart from that, it has a secured twist-off base.

The look and design are great, but the grind quality is even more fantastic! This 4-piece grinder is really convenient to use. In addition, it’s very travel-friendly due to its small size of just 2.4 inches.

#3 – Death Star 2.5-Inch Grinder – Star Wars Inspired Design

Death Star offers a Star Wars-themed metal grinder that has been appreciated by many users out there. Not only does it looks cool, but it also grinds very well.

Death star features a reliable screen, a large bottom chamber, and is made with durable metal. The quality of the grind is even more fantastic.

The design itself is almost scratch-resistant. Break down all the weed you have with this superweapon and enjoy smoking smooth and even hits.

Overall, it’s a great grinder with top-notch grinding quality, and you can go for it if you add some charisma to your cannabis accessory kit.

#2 – Black Out 50mm Grinder – Sleek, Sexy, & Durable Herb Grinder

This sleek 4-piece grinder is one of my favorite crushers among all. I have used it for many years, and guess what? There’s not a single instance of disappointment!

Buy it without hesitation.

The Black Out grinder is made from durable aluminum material. Moreover, it weighs just 5 oz and is 50 mm in size. Plus, the glossy black exterior looks stunning, and you can even choose the pop of color of your choice. The pop ring color options are red, blue, green, and gold.

On top of that, you can get the best out of your weed as sharp teeth grind evenly and kief catcher collects your potent trichomes.

Overall, it’s one of the best grinders I have ever used, and you will definitely get the best results every time you use it.

#1 – Groove Aerospaced 4-Piece GrinderEditor’s Choice for Durability, Style, & Craftsmanship

All the grinders mentioned above are great, but this one wins my heart as it features innovative coaxial turbine technology.

Not only does it grind more herb at a time, but it also offers the perfect grind.

Best for the daily grind!

The use, maintenance, and cleaning are easy. Rubbing alcohol can also help you clean it quickly and efficiently. Besides, the mesh screen is also there that many grinders have these days.

Moreover, while many grinders are made from high-quality metal and zinc alloy, the Groove is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, which is further anodized for a smooth finish.

Rest assured that it offers smooth movement and effortless operations. Plus, some cheap grinders may frustrate you with low-grade kief catchers, but the pollen catcher in Groove works great.

Overall, it’s one of the best grinders in the world that won’t disappoint you at all. Go for it!

Ultimate Guide to Find The Best Weed Grinder

There are just so many details about grinders that you might get fumbled while exploring every tiny detail of the tool.

To make things easy and quick for you, I have made this easy-to-understand weed crusher guide that will solve any of your doubts in just a matter of minutes.

If you are confused about using the grinder or want to dig deep into the benefits and reliable brands of grinders, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Use a Marijuana Grinder?

Believe me; it’s easier than crushing weed with hands!

A cannabis grinder may contain several pieces that can be joined together to use the tool. Normally, these are the most common components assembled in a herb grinder:

  • Cap/Lid: to close and lock the grinder, and may come with a magnetic feature.
  • Grinding unit: the place where you put your buds to crush
  • Ground weed collector: to collect the ground herb
  • Kief catcher: a screen to collect trichomes

As there are so many different manufacturers out there, grinding techniques might differ. However, that’s not the concern as the fundamental principle is the same. In any case, here’s a brief but step-by-step guide on how most grinders work:


First, you need to remove the cap from the grinder. After that, you can fill the grinding unit with your buds. Make sure to chunk your buds into small pieces before filling the chamber.


Close the lid by turning or sliding it. Now, your buds start getting crushed when you twist the cap side by side for some time. There might encounter some resistance at first, but the cap will smoothly turn as you go on.


When you feel like there is no resistance, it’s a sign that your buds are pulverized. Before opening the lid, make sure to shake the whole unit so trichomes can make their way into the kief catcher through the screen. Then, you can open the cap.


Upon opening the lid, you will see your ground buds in the chamber, all crushed and spliced. You can remove your stash and then open the kief catcher to collect your trichome powder.

That’s how easy & effective it is!

Types of Weed Grinders

While the cannabis grinder market is bustling with so many models, you can get different types and features in a specific price range. Depending upon the features and quality of the material, here are some of the grinders that you can buy from the online market.

  • Material: aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, metal, wood, acrylic, plastic
  • Type: manual, electric, grinding cards
  • Features: bud crusher only, kief catcher, handle, control disc, collection ring, levitation blade
  • Size: small, medium, large
  • Main pieces: 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece
  • Design: simple, fancy objects, and more
  • Usage: vaping, joints, blunts, edibles

Now that you know all the essential things about weed grinders, it will be easy to purchase the best model according to your needs.

There’s one more thing, though!

It is also essential to choose the top-rated brand when you hunt for any cannabis-related accessory. For that reason, I have also mentioned some of the reputable and top brands in the marijuana grinder market.

Features of Weed Grinders


In general, you will find three sizes on the website of many grinder brands— small, medium, and large. If you prefer to keep it with you while you travel, go for pocket-friendly small grinders that can crush one of two nugs at a time.

Moreover, you can buy medium and large grinders if you wish to grind more buds at a time.

Build material:

From steel to acrylic and aluminum to plastic, grinders come in all materials. You just need to make sure that the material does not contaminate the quality of the buds.

Furthermore, users have reported that cheaper plastic crushers do not last long. The teeth of grinders may break down if buds are somewhat hard. So, make sure what you buy is durable and robust.

Even you can find grinders with a stainless steel screen! In my verdict, it’s best to use crushers made with high-quality aluminum, anodized metals, or steel that has passed the food-grade parameters.

Different pieces that make the grinder:

When you look deeper, you will come to know that most grinders come with 2, 3, or 4 different pieces. Premium Sharpstone grinder features even five pieces. Sharpstone grinders are also known for making top-notch grinding products.

Two-piece grinders have a simple pack and grind mechanism. On the other hand, multi-layer crushers involve kief catcher and pollen in between.

Quality of grind:

All you need is a very fine grind of buds after using crushers. A proper grinder can turn your fluffy weed into a fine powdery herb that makes rolling joints so much easier. On top of that, your throat will thank you for even hits and smooth smoke.


Well, you can’t overlook maintenance when you buy something that has many pieces. Although marijuana grinders are easy to assemble and use, choose something that has fewer curves and corners.

The herb ripper, pollen collector, knurled grip, rolling trays, and grinding teeth should be easily assembled for dissembled for cleaning.


While cannabis grinders come with so many innovative features, the price range varies widely. Some simple and classy grinders could cost only $15, while featureful and modern grinders could cost $150.

Nevertheless, it’s not the price you should be worried about; it’s about how much value it provides for your money.

If the brand is the best in the industry that offers premium quality grinders with innovative features and durability, even the higher cost is worth every penny.

Benefits of a Herb Grinder

Extract resin-rich crushed buds:

Breaking down marijuana buds with hands could degrade the quality and potency of buds. Also, it takes time to crush all buds manually. However, if you use a grinder, you can extract resin-rich buds in a powdered form quickly.

Better smoking effects:

As crushers grind all buds evenly, you will get more pleasurable and even smoke on each puff. Non-pulverized nugs do not get full exposure to flames, so the hits are not so uniform.

Burn more quickly and evenly:

As mentioned earlier, grinder-crushed weed nugs produce better smoke. The bud powder in the roll burns so smooth that you will enjoy a constant and smooth smoke that won’t be harsh on your throat.

Crushed marijuana makes better edibles:

As the world of weed edibles is endless, the recipes for making the same edible could also vary. Most modern grinders come with a kief catcher that extracts trichomes in a chamber while you crush your buds.

Finely ground weed buds with trichomes get absorbed nicely into oil and butter. These trichomes are healthier and potent components that can be used to make delicious THC-heavy drinks and foods.

Best Brands of Cannabis Grinders

As the cannabis industry is bustling with thousands of online and physical stores, only a few trustworthy brands exist. Here are some of the top-rated brands that are known to manufacture high-quality cannabis grinders. Have a glance at the list.

All the brands mentioned above offer the highest quality marijuana crushers. You can never go wrong if you buy from one of these manufacturers.

Final Verdict On Best Cannabis Grinders:

How often do you enjoy a pot party? How much weed do you consume daily? If your answer is somewhere in the range of “every weekend” to “almost every day,” then you need a herb grinder more than anything.

The reason is simple!

You smoke marijuana to get high. But you can only enjoy its potency only if your weed is strong enough. You can only enjoy its wet aroma and mouthwatering flavors if enough crystals and terpenes are present on buds.

That’s why you need a grinder!

A grinder is a fantastic tool to grind your cannabis nugs without affecting their flavonoids and cannabinoids. Above all, a grinder makes your work easy to crush your buds quickly.

However, steer clear of those low-quality “no-brand” grinders that are painted with fancy colors. It’s because those colors may get mixed up with your herb when you use it for a long time. You don’t want to consume something that can harm your health, obviously.

Apart from that, it’s also essential to pick the right material. Some plastic grinders may work for some time. But hard buds could damage or break the teeth of your grinder.

I have exclusively made this guide to avoid this agitation. If you go for a standard grinder, like those mentioned in this guide, it can make your leisure canna-life so much comfortable.

I hope you find this weed grinder guide informative and useful. Order your favorite weed crusher now and enjoy working through your buds like never before.

Grind now; shine later! 

FAQs on Marijuana Grinders:

From where can I buy a weed grinder?

You can shop any high-quality weed grinder in many smoke stores, online sites, or marijuana dispensaries. Just check the best price of each grinder in the review section and add your favorite one to the cart without hesitation.

What are the best brands of cannabis grinders?

Some top-rated and reliable brands that sell marijuana grinders are Cali CrusherCloudious 9The RipperGrooveGrasscitySmoke CartelMarley NaturalKannastor, and Space Case.

Are grinders legal?

As grinders are used to break and slice up weed, cooking herbs, cheese, and even tobacco, you can buy them without any restrictions. However, it’s important to check the local laws of your state, as using the grinder for cannabis could put the accessory under drug paraphernalia, and that may not be legal.

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