Top 7 Best Spray For Weed Smokers In 2024

Are you trying to find the best spray for weed smokers to eliminate unwanted smells?

Getting caught with cannabis odours or even the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke can be a doorway to many different issues.

So, I’ll give you the best smoke odour eliminator spray items I’ve tried to keep that fresh scent running all day!

I crown Refresh It’s All-Natural Odor Eliminator Spray the best. It’s a comprehensive product that can serve as an air fresher that deteriorates lingering odour and can effectively exterminate smells in a given space.

What is A Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray?


A smoke odor eliminator spray is a product you can use to eliminate pesky and unwanted smells lingering in your room.

Although labeled as a “smoke” odor eliminator, they can act as an air freshener spray to eliminate food smells, unwanted odors, pet odors, and many unpleasant odors.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of tobacco odor and weed smells or want your space to have fresh fragrance, a smoke odor eliminator would help.

420 Odor Eliminator Candle vs. Spray

The never-ending argument between candles and sprays is at hand. Today, let’s dive deep into the depths of this argument.

What can eliminate smoke odors better? A candle or a spray?

Using an Odor Eliminator Candle

Steve Horenziak, an expert from Procter & Gamble (P&G), says that candles and waxes are favored by people looking for a better “scent experience.”

By scent experience, it is meant that the smoke odor will not just be eliminated and covered by a pleasant smell but allow the good stuff to linger and change the entire ambiance of the area.

The best thing about candles is that it does not stay in the spot where you place them. Instead, it will travel across your home, improving the air you breathe!

Using an Odor Eliminator Spray

On the other hand, choosing to use sprays is the fastest, most urgent, and most proven solution. They usually have higher concentrates of natural or synthetic perfumes and can cover a large area in the best and fastest manner possible.

These are the solutions sought after by many people in the cannabis industry simply because of how effective they are.

Whether you go for aerosol sprays, plant oils-based sprays with natural ingredients, or plain neutralizers, they act quickly and urgently.

Top 7 Smoke Odor Eliminator Sprays Today!

Stop wasting time by ventilating the room! A dank smoke odor exists where you smoke!

So, here are the best seven (7) air freshener sprays I have used that can get rid of that unwanted marijuana funk you have in your room!

Refresh It All-Natural Odor Eliminator: Editor’s Choice

Refresh It All-Natural

I consider this the best odor eliminator spray because of its composition. It’s made from natural ingredients, a good mix of essential oils, and is safe for people of all ages.

Refresh It’s all-natural odor eliminator spray’s essential oils include peppermint oil, lavender oil, and tea tree oil that are perfectly formulated to combat pesky scents, masking and replacing them with a nice, warm, and pleasant scent.

This product virtually eliminates funk, pungent, and musty odors in your house, car, or linen! Get this air freshener filled with natural ingredients and plant oils, and never worry about smoke odors and nasty dank stank residue!

420hhh! 420 Odor Eliminator: Runner-Up


As a runner-up, I would consider the 420 odor spray. Let me give you a short 420 odor eliminator spray review.

This cannabis odor remover is designed to mask, cover-up, and exterminate the distinguishable scents that cannabis produces. It doesn’t just cover up the ordinary smoke smell but also eliminates the smell of cannabis and musk.

The company’s primary purpose behind it is to help you be discreet. As they say, “leave no traces behind!”

This brand is available at any online store or headshop, but it is always available in Smoke Cartel, so check them out!

Genius Fresh Odor Spray: Best Multifunctional Spray

Genius Fresh Odor

Why did I say it’s multifunctional? Well, it’s simply because when I used it, it completely eliminated the smell of smoke and cannabis and unpleasant odors like rotten or spoiled food, pets, pungent food smells, and many more!

The great thing about the Genius fresh odor spray is the fact that it does not simply mask the smell; it eliminates it at the molecular level, giving you the 100% guarantee that the unpleasant scent does not linger.

It’s capable of removing deeply rooted odor molecules, leaving you with a fresh, natural scent! Take care of the most unwanted odors you never want in your home, clothes, or in the space that you live in!

NOTE: It deteriorates the scent when you spray it as fast as 15 to 20 seconds! You don’t need to ventilate it to take effect!

You can buy it in various sizes, from 2 fl oz or 60ml or 1 fl oz or 30ml.

Smoke Odor Exterminator and Freshener: Best Spray With Multiple Sprays & Scents

Smoke Odor Exterminator

Do you want a specially engineered formula that not only mask smells but removes them entirely? Are you looking for smoke odor sprays that have multiple scents for covered fragrance?

If so, then Smoke Odor’s aid freshener is perfect for you! Being cannabis users, we never want the smell to linger inside the room. Personally, I apply multiple sprays to make sure that the smell wouldn’t come up when the scent wears off.

With this product, I only sprayed a few times, and the scent enveloped the entire room. Smoke Odor is formulated to blend with enzymes, harmlessly breaking off molecules of smoke in the air.

Eliminate cannabis scent, as well as other tobacco related products using this non toxic spray!

Ouid Masq In-Car Smell Neutralizer: Best Smoke Eater For the Car

Ouid Masq In-Car

We sometimes love smoking in the car, and to be honest, there are times that it can be irresistible. The only dilemma you’ll be thinking of would be how you can get away with it!

Whether it’s your car or not, it’s never pleasant to sense the smell of cannabis or smoke inside a vehicle.

The Ouid Masq is one, if not the best, smoke eater you can use for your car. It’s a one-button operating product that, when activated, produces a fine mist, dispersing into the air.

It breaks up smoke on a molecular level. It’s what I consider the secret agent in eliminating smoke inside a car, a commuter bus, a train, or even a coaster!

You can buy the product in 30 ml or about 1 fl oz!

Hemper Tech Odor Eliminator Spray: Easiest and Simplest Spray

Hemper Tech Odor

This probably is the simplest and easiest product on the market. You can use this for your home or for when you are on the go!

It’s a cheap and affordable but effective product. This air freshener is small in size, and it can place doubts in your mind about how effective it is. But, let me tell you how exemplary this product is.

This air freshener has been an effective terminator of cannabis odor not only in a room but also in linen, clothes, and the environment overall!

Smoke Smell Be Gone Odor Spray: Best Non Aerosol Spray

Smoke Smell Be Gone Odor

Last but most definitely not least is the famous brand, Smoke Smell Be Gone!

This non aerosol smoke odor eliminator spray is perfect not only for destroying molecules that promote cannabis odor but also for other unpleasant smells such as dog or cat odors, undried linen and clothes, and many more!

You get a total of two (2) 1.1 fl oz or 33ml bottles per order, and it is available in the lemon scent! It’s non toxic and can be used for all occasions!

This state-of-the-art spray is ideal if you’re looking for a safe and secure product. You’ll find other brands that offer the same scent, but I guarantee that you wouldn’t be able to find a product as good as this.

BONUS PRODUCT: Cannabolish’s Odor Removing Candle

Cannabolish’s Odor

This bonus product is neither a spray nor an air freshener. It’s a candle, yes, you read that right. I’ve tried this a few times, and it worked like magic.

Within a few minutes, the smell of weed was gone, and I was able to do so without exerting a ton of effort.

It has a 30-hour burn time, it’s made from the most natural of ingredients, and it is safe! You have to make sure that you keep it out of reach from children because, like all candles, it has a flame.

It can increase and improve the ambiance in your home, and you wouldn’t need to worry about the smell of herbs or tobacco lingering in your room.

NOTE: I added this as a bonus for supplemental purposes because, in the cannabis industry, candles are not the best and the most sought-after.

How Do You Stop Unwanted Smells From Spreading?

As cannabis users, it’s important to prevent the smoke odors from spreading or lingering in your area.

Apart from the fact that no type of smoke is healthy, it can place you in a lot of trouble!

Some of the effects that unwanted aroma from smoke can include:

  • Heart problems and health conditions
  • Second-hand smoking
  • Staining of linen, pillowcases, and blankets
  • Staining of ceilings and walls

The harsh chemicals of smoke can negatively transform the look of your room for the worse! This is the reason why you need to make sure that your musty rooms remain and smell fresh even after smoking.


I know that you could still be in a daze after reading all these, but don’t worry, I got you!

Here are some other questions you might have that could help you in your journey of removing cannabis and other tobacco related products smell in your room!

Can Febreze Cover Weed Smell? Can Febreze Cover Weed Smell? How Long Does the Smell of Weed Last? 

The smell of weed can linger inside a room differently. For instance, smoking using a bong or bowl produces less odor because it produces less smoke compared to smoking a joint where you burn paper and the herbs are burned directly.

Generally, the smell of weed can be gone for a few hours up to an entire day, again, depending on how you did the smoking session.

What’s In the 420 Odor Eliminator?

Currently, there are many different types of 420 or cannabis odor eliminators sprouting in the market. However, the original product contains a mix of artificial and natural ingredients, delivering superior elimination of unwanted odors.

What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of the Smell of Marijuana?

The best and fastest way to get rid of the odor of weed or cannabis is by using an odor eliminator. In the cannabis industry, there are a few go-to products that smokers consider. You can choose an eliminator with the scent of essential oils, pina colada scent, or any other type of spray or air freshener that can either mask or eliminate smoke odors on a deeper and molecular level.

Can Febreze Cover Weed Smell?

Yes and no – let me explain. Febreze is a product that’s used for its scent, yes, but what it’s made of is not enough to cover the smell of weed. Instead, you might consider using a spray or a Smoke Buddy personal air filter to lessen somehow the aroma brought about by weed or marijuana.

Final Words

Finding the best spray for weed smokers could be challenging at first. But, once you can rummage through the products that work versus those that don’t, your journey will be smooth-sailing.

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