Top 10+Best Hydroponic System For Weed In 2024

A hydroponic system has multiple benefits like:

  • Huge yield
  • Faster plant growth
  • And saves a lot of water

However, there are many other benefits as well.

But to get them all, you need one of the best hydroponic systems like the Gorilla Grow hydroponic system.

And finding a reputable and original hydroponic system that can be worth investing a lot of money in is hard.

Especially when you are a newbie, it is even harder.

You cannot trust any random brand on the web that promises to be the best.

Therefore, today, I will tell you those professional and the best hydroponic systems of 2024 that expert indoor growers and professionals are using.

Let’s get started:

What Is A Hydroponic System?


In a hydroponic system, plants have a nutrient solution as a growing medium instead of soil.

Therefore, cultivation with a hydroponics system is dependent on nutrient-rich water. Therefore, there is no need for soil anymore.

Plant roots are kept inside the nutrient solution, making them grow faster and yield better than the traditional soil.

The growing medium in a hydroponics system can be Rockwool, coco, clay pebbles, and grow stones as well. You can choose any of them as per your need.

Also, there are no normal pots used in a hydroponic system.

Instead, there are net pots and net cups that are used. These net pots allow the plant roots to grow and nutrient solutions to get in.

The plants in a hydroponic system are continuously kept with a nutrient solution with continuous flow systems.

Therefore, compared to the traditional soil method, plants don’t have to work hard to find the nutrient from the soil and absorb them in a hydroponic system.

They easily get all the growth nutrients from the nutrient solution they are dipped in.

It is the reason why plants grow at a faster rate in the case of a hydroponic system.

Different Types Of Hydroponics Systems For Growing Cannabis

The main principle of the hydroponic system is the same, but growing plants with these hydroponic systems have evolved in multiple ways.

Therefore, we have various types of hydroponic growing systems today.

Let’s have a look at what types of hydroponic systems are now available:

Deep Water Culture Systems

DWC hydroponic system or Deep Water Culture system is one of the most popular hydroponic methods of growing cannabis plants.

In this system, the plant roots are permanently in direct contact with the nutrient solution, and there is no flood and drain cycle.

However, one air pump and air stones are kept under the nutrient solution to provide oxygen to the roots.

DWC hydroponic system is a very simple way to grow many plants faster and get a high yield.

However, you need a good budget to set up and maintain the garden built on this growing method.

Aeroponic System

The aeroponic system is one of the new methods but works fantastically.

In this method, the roots of the plants are kept in the air under a nutrient-filled reservoir.

The roots are exposed to oxygen while the nutrient solution is sprayed on the roots periodically with the help of a mist system.

It keeps the roots wet with the nutrient solution, and thus it keeps them feeding the nutrients and oxygen.

Therefore, it helps the plant grow faster.

The aeroponic system does not take up much space. Therefore, it can work as an indoor hydroponic system for small growers.

Ebb And Flow System

It is also known as a flood and drain system.

Compared to the Deep Water Culture DWC system or Aeroponic System, the Ebb and Flow system is a bit complicated.

In an ebb and flow system, you typically need a growing medium. The nutrient solution periodically floods the root zone before draining back into the reservoir.

Depending on the timer you set, the solution will drain back out after a few minutes.

There are also sub-types of ebb and flow systems:

  • Drain to waste
  • Recirculating

As the name suggests, you must continuously fill with the new nutrient solution in drain-to-waste hydroponic systems.

On the other hand, recirculating hydro system `allows you to re-use the nutrient solution until the nutrients don’t get completely diluted and needs to be removed.

Therefore, it saves you money and nutrient water as well.

Drip System

The hydroponic system involves a drip system that continuously drips the nutrient solution into the growing medium.

It is done with the help of drip emitters.

Also, a drip system is one of the most efficient ways to give the right amount of nutrient solution to the growth medium.

It is because you can fine-tune the exact amount of nutrient solution that you want to give to your plants till the last drop.

Therefore, the efficiency of this hydroponic system increases drastically.

With that being said, a drip system is ideal for growers with a limited budget and for those who want minimum maintenance.

Which Hydroponic System Is The Best For Growing Marijuana?

In short, the DWC or aeroponics systems are some of the most popular hydroponic systems for growing hydroponic cannabis.

However, you can also go with the other available options.

But I suggest you consider some factors before deciding on a particular hydroponic system for yourself.

It would be best if you considered the factors:

  • Your growing skills/experience
  • Budget

Suppose you are a newbie and want to experiment with hydroponic systems.

In that case, you must start with a simple hydroponic system because a hydroponic system like an ebb and flow system requires a lot of maintenance and care due to the complexity of its system.

It will not only save a lot of money to you but will also prevent you from getting frustrated or exhausted with the maintenance of the system when you are new and don’t know what to do.

However, if you have a bit of experience in growing marijuana plants with a hydro system, then you can go with any hydroponic system method.

Whether a deep water culture system or any other hydroponic system, you can go with any of the options depending on your budget.

10 Best Hydroponic Systems For Cannabis In 2024

Growing marijuana plants with a hydroponic system are easy and fast if you have the right hydroponic kit or system.

So, let’s find out the top and the best hydroponic systems of 2024 from where you can get the best results.

#10. Vivosun Wall Mounted – Best Entry Level Hydroponic Kit

Are you just starting indoor gardening and want a perfect entry-level hydroponic kit?

Buy Vivosun Wall Mounted hydroponic system!

Double your indoor garden yield by growing weeds with Nutrient Film Technique or NFT with this perfect hydro kit.

The hydroponic system comes with 1.3 meters of PVC pipe and is 2.5 inches in diameter, giving ample space for your plants to thrive and produce heavy buds.

Whether you want to cultivate in your office, room, or backyard, be ready to get the most out of this system.

Thanks to the easy setup and assembly, you can prepare this system anywhere to get the best results.

The water pump works for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to reach the nutrient film technique.

The best part?

You can set the circulation mode automatically accordingly to your need.

Therefore, you can provide as many nutrients as your plants need resulting in an efficient usage of nutrient solution and faster growth of the plants.  


  • 1 Year after-sale service
  • Free return within 7 days if any issues occur
  • Easy to setup
  • Efficient pump
  • Environment friendly
  • 36-sites cultivation
  • One of the most reputed brand


  • More suitable for NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

If you want to invest less and still want to get the most out of your hydroponic system, then Vivosun is the brand you should look for.

Its 36-site wall-mounted hydroponic kit is all you need to double up the yield of your garden.

At such a low price, you are getting more than you invest!

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#9. The Atwater – Best Deep-Water Culture Hydroponic System For Beginners

Apart from the general equipment for growing hydroponically, the Atwater hydroponic kit involves all the testing and adjusting kits that make it stand out.

However, the kit has all the basic tools like a 5-gallon bubble bucket, air pump, nutrients and pH testing kit, and everything you may need to begin gardening indoors.

The Atwater hydroponic kit is one of the most popular kits among beginners and newbies.

If you follow the right steps, the kit can make you achieve 3x faster growth for your plants.

Kick start your cultivation journey with the Atwater hydroponic kit now!


  • Efficient system
  • Easy to use DWC hydroponic system
  • Can provide up to 3x faster growth


  • Basket quality can be improved

Just buy this hydroponic system if you want to start your indoor gardening journey in the best way as a hydroponic grower.

This grow kit has everything you need, from high-quality equipment to the best reviews!

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#8. Viagrow – Hydroponic System For 4-Plants

Deep water culture is one of the most popular hydroponic systems, and Viagrow’s hydroponic kit is a complete package of DWC cultivation tools.

The kit allows you to grow up to 4 plants with the DWC method, and it has everything on a low budget for the perfect cultivation session.

The kit is great for even growing outdoors if you want though it is mostly suitable for the indoor space.


  • Best for indoor growers
  • Grow 4-plants with ease
  • No additional tools are required for assembly


  • Requires basic skills to grow
  • Not easy to manage

If you want to level up your gardening skills or as an indoor grower, don’t miss this US-made hydroponic kit.

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#7. LAPOND – Grow Large With Hydro Kit

With 3 layers of growing system and up to 108 plant sites, LAPOND hydroponic system is one of the best tools for large-scale cultivation.

Despite the large capacity of the system, it is completely beginner friendly to help them achieve maximum gardening results.

The system delivers nutrients and oxygen directly to the roots for better plant yield.

Further, the kit involves a water pump with a timer that allows you to set the time according to your need.

The best part is it’s easy to use and assemble, making it a beginner-friendly system.


  • Grow up to 108 plants
  • Automatic timer for the pump
  • Extremely beginner friendly
  • 1-year warranty on kit and accessories
  • Value for money deal


  • Pump requires improvement

Go for the LAPOND hydroponic kit if you want to grow on a large scale but within a budget range.

This kit will ensure you get what you are looking for!

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#6. Vivosun – Best For Small Level Indoor Gardening

Vivosun is one of the most reputed brands, and its smart indoor gardening kit is best for small-level indoor growers.

Grow up to 10 plants at a time without any trouble. Thanks to its easy maintenance and simple design.

The 20W LED grow lights emit different spectrums to ensure your plants get ample lighting and promote photosynthesis.

Also, you get two modes of operation with the kit, i.e., for veg and flower. Therefore, it automatically helps you achieve the desired gardening results according to the growth stage.

Its simple-to-use advantage and powerful tools make it the perfect investment for any newbie grower or small-level growing enthusiast.


  • Adjustable height for extra space
  • 20W LED grow light
  • Grow up to 10 plants


  • Small water tank

This kit is the perfect companion if you are about to start your cultivation journey as an indoor grower.

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#5. Super Flow – Best 32-Site Ebb & Flow Grow System

Commercial or large-scale growers need a compact yet best hydroponic system to help them grow large and fast.

And the Super Flow hydroponic grow system with a 32-site Ebb & Flow method allows you to achieve that big goal easily.

Also, this hydroponic grow system is mixed with the Ebb & Flow and NFT, giving the best of both worlds to produce very big yields.

If you follow the right steps, you can grow your plants up to 5x faster with this growing system.

Apart from 32-site grow capacity, the system involves a 35-gallon huge reservoir for all the plants you put in and other premium equipment.

The SuperPonic plant trays are made of heavy-duty plastic, while the snap cap lids allow easy cleaning and maintenance of the root systems.


  • Best hydroponic system for large-scale growers
  • Big reservoir
  • Heavy duty components
  • Combination of Ebb & Flow and NFT
  • Highly rated hydroponic system


  • Not for beginners or newbies

The SuperFlow Hydroponic grow system is one of the best hydro kits for large-scale growers that ensure quality and results.

No doubt, with this one-time investment, you can achieve the maximum capacity of your gardening results in no time.

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#4. iDoo 12 Pods – Best Hydroponic System Under $100

Low on budget?

But, still, want to get the best deal?

Buy the iDoo hydroponic growing system!

iDoo hydroponic system comes with a 4.5L water tank that gives your plants 20% faster growth than soil planting.

The integrated low-noise pump with a capacitive water tank provides the perfect nutrients to your plants and helps them to grow faster and better.

Also, the system is very easy to install and set up to begin indoor gardening.

The 22-Watt LED light of the hydroponic growing system works automatically to promote photosynthesis in the growing mode.

However, the vegetable mode of operation makes the LED grow lights emit a specific spectrum to help the plants produce better and large yields.

The best part?

You can adjust the height of the lighting part according to the different growth stages.


  • The best hydroponic system under $100
  • 2 Growing modes
  • Faster plant growth and better yield
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Adjustable height of the lighting part


  • Suitable for smaller plants

iDoo hydroponic system is a small and integrated system for smaller plants to grow inside your room.

It is suitable for hobby growers or newbies.

The kit has an inbuilt fan, LEDs, and a water tank to provide the perfect environment for the plants to thrive and produce a better yield.

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#3. 6-Site Bubble Flow – Best Hydroponic System For High Yield

Want an all-balanced hydroponic system?

Get this 6-site bubble flow hydroponic kit today!

The kit comes with a 6-site capacity to allow you to grow in a limited space easily, while the combined DWC and constant current technology make this whole system fully automated.

No doubt why customers have got massive yields with this system.

The kit involves six 10″ large diameter net pots, a premium air pump, a water pump (185 GPH), and other tools to help you get the most out of your gardening effort.

The best part?

You get a food-grade heavy-duty reservoir with a capacity of 35 gallons, allowing all 6 plants to grow happily and produce the biggest yield.


  • High yield hydroponic system
  • Premium air and water pump
  • Large reservoir
  • Best quality tools
  • Best investment for a professional grower


  • Requires managing skills

6-Site Bubble Flow hydroponic system is a complete setup for a medium-level indoor grower.

With up to 6 plants in this system, you can get enough yield of weed to enjoy several weeks.

The top quality of tools and materials for the equipment used ensure every penny of the investment is worth it.

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#2. SuperPonics – Hydro Kit For Faster Plant Growth

SuperPoincs hydroponic system is one of the best tools for faster success in hydroponic gardening.

The system is the combined technology of automated top feeding, deep water culture, bubble, and AeroPonics.

Therefore, you can expect up to 5x faster plant growth in this system.

No doubt why professionals prefer growing weed with this SuperPonics hydroponic grow system.

The kit involves top feed watering and bottom feed oxygenation, making your plants grow fast and produce huge yields.

The additional benefit of this system is that even if one system fails at any time, your plants will thrive until you recover them from the damage.

You get 3″ net cups to nest up to 16 plants while the air pump and air stones work quietly not to disturb you even if you are planting this system in your bedroom.

On top of that, the 185 GPH water pump quenches your plants’ thirst easily.


  • Get up to 5x faster plant growth with this system
  • Grow up to 16 plants
  • Best investment for a professional grower
  • Premium equipment
  • 5-star rated hydroponic system


  • It may be expensive for some growers

Check The Latest Price!

#1. Gorilla Grow Complete Hydro Kit – Editor’s Choice

Gorilla Grow is the #1 brand of grow tents and hydroponic systems.

Even it is my favorite brand.

The Gorilla Grow 2′ x 4′ hydroponic grow tent kit has a complete package for all your hydroponic needs.

The kit is equipped with the industry’s top and premium tools for making your hydroponic garden successful every time.

The Gorilla Grow hydroponic kit comes with a perfect-sized grow tent that can easily fit even in less space.

The tent is sturdy, built with 1680D thick fabric and steel poles to give the tent a strong structure.

It is why the Gorilla Grow tent lasts longer.

Further, the kit has premium LED grow lights with an optimized spectrum for better plant growth.

On top of that, the premium air pump operates quietly but results loudly. It provides ample oxygen to the roots of your plants to make them thrive easily.

Also, it operates without oil.

The 185 GPH (Gallon Per Hour) water pump operates with a high magnetic rotor and works quietly, just like the air pump.

You will also get a premium carbon filter to block odor, circulation fans, inline fans, and other tools within the kit.

Hence, you can get the best indoor gardening results every time with Gorilla Grow hydroponic system.


  • Best brand in the market
  • Premium grow equipment
  • One-time investment for long-time service
  • 1-month warranty
  • Lifetime customer service


  • None

If you are one of the serious growers who want to grow huge weeds for real, then Gorilla Grow hydroponic system is all you need.

The Gorilla Grow kit has everything you need for the perfect cultivation every time.

Just invest once and watch your gardening results shooting into the sky by yourself!

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Pros And Cons Of Hydroponic Systems to Grow Cannabis


  • Your plants will grow faster.
  • Larger plants for bigger yield.
  • You can get more harvests per year.
  • No requirement for soil or any other growing medium in some hydroponic systems.
  • Best for indoor growers.
  • Hydroponic systems save a lot of water.
  • Hydroponic systems require less space to cover.
  • Higher efficient use of nutrients
  • Higher quality cannabis flowers.


  • Requires learning before using it in the right way.
  • Requires a good budget for growing large plants.

FAQs About Hydroponic Systems:

Can you grow weed in a hydroponic growing system?

Yes, of course, you can grow weeds or any crop in a hydroponic system if you know how to grow in a hydroponic system.

Which hydroponic system is the best?

Gorilla Glow hydroponic system is the best as per our list.

How long does it take to grow a weed plant hydroponically?

The flowering stage can take up to 6 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on various factors like your chosen hydroponic system method, nutrient solution, and skills.

Is hydroponic weed better than soil?

As there is no soil involved, therefore, hydroponic systems growers deal with fewer pests and diseases. Therefore, one can consider hydroponic weeds better than the soil.
However, considering the quality, taste, effects, and THC content, there should not be any difference at all.

What yields more hydro or soil?

Hydroponic systems have been proven to be the more productive method of growing crops of cannabis in terms of yield.
Also, with efficient usage of nutrients and other resources, you get a higher yield in the hydroponic growing systems.

Get Your Best Hydroponic System Now!

Several hydroponic growing systems exist, but we chose only the best for you.

Now, it’s your turn; go and start growing with these top hydro systems of 2024. Gorilla Grow being the topper on our list, Vivosun remains our second favorite brand of all time.

For the best quality marijuana seeds for these systems, check out the top 50 marijuana strains list here.

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