9 Best E-Nails for Dabbing in 2024

Dabbers around the world must have been pleased to enjoy the latest dabbing innovation called e-nails. Whether you’re looking for rechargeable enails, plugged enails, smaller, or larger or larger ones, explore some of the best enails in the market.

You can’t go wrong with e-nails as you can customize your dabbing experience as per your needs. This guide will dig deep into the quality parameters of the finest enails, followed by the best and widely preferred enails among users.

Let’s begin!

Best E-Nails for Earth Shattering Experience!


E-nail is a device that you can connect with the controller box of dab rigs. You can simply use the controller box to set your desired temperature to take complete control over your dabbing.

If you love consuming high-THC weed concentrates, having enails can get you the next-level dabbing experience. First of all, attaching an enail to your dab rig can let you keep the temperature at your preferred level. Consequently, you can have safer and smooth hits every time.

Furthermore, enails come in two types- with rechargeable battery and wall plug adapter.

Generally, you place your marijuana concentrates in a nail of the dab rig. On the other hand, an enail can be plugged directly on a nail or the dab rig.

Truly, the next-level vaping experience!

When an enail heats up electronically, your dab concentrates will receive constant heat, and you will have an amazing dabbing experience.

As the market is bustling with various enails of different shapes, sizes, features, and techniques, you might get tangled about choosing the best one for your needs.

Well, explore this amazing guide and get your hands on the modern and feature-rich enails to intensify your dabbing sessions.

Top 9 Best E-Nails on the Market

With firsthand experience and expert talks, I have managed to pick the best e-nail models out there. Buy your favorite enail now and get ready to entice yourself with the most satisfactory dabbing experience.

#9 – Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Dr. Dabber SWITCH has made an excellent enail for beginners as well as experienced dabbers. With this product, you can enjoy your herb flowers and vapes without any hassle.

Whether you want a portable solution or a desktop vaporizer, Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the go-to enail for versatility.

Interestingly, it comes with 25 different settings for temperature control. Consequently, you can vape at your preferred heat and enjoy the best effects and flavors.

That’s great!

Besides, the machine is equipped with an induction heating mechanism. The mechanism works perfectly to let you regulate the induction by using the switch.

You can use this device for well over a week as the battery is excellent. Moreover, you can charge the enail in just 60 minutes and get ready to dab. According to my experience, I would say Dr. Dabber is one of the finest enails out there for exquisite dabbing.

#8 – Galaxy E-Nails “Mini” Ceramic Electronic Nail With Titanium Coil

Galaxy enail is one of the best dabbing devices with excellent features. The package includes a ceramic electronic nail, a power charger, a titanium coil, and a temperature control unit. Rest assured that it will give you amazing heat options.

The Galaxy enail kit includes a dabber tool, carb cap, a Galaxy mat, and all the essential tools that make your dabbing experience easy and enjoyable. Thus, you don’t need to use a butane torch anymore to vape your concentrates.

Isn’t it revolutionary?

Surprisingly, you can use it to fit this enail onto any of your regular dab rig or pipe! To do that, all you need to do is attach either 14.5mm or 18.8mm ceramic adapters to your device.

If you love consuming weed concentrates, Galaxy enail is the best product to pick.

#7 – High Five LCD E-Nail Quartz E-Banger Kit – Great Value For Money

It’s the enail with flat-screen LCD for ease of use. High Five enail has so many features that can make your dabbing experience so much enticing.

Whatever temperature you set, it can be seen easily via the display panel. So, you can accumulate your cannabis concentrate temperature as you need.

The pre-calibrated is also there that keeps the set temperature accurate. You will see the temperature of the vaporizer surface instead of the coil. This feature sets this device apart from other models out there.

Interestingly, the enail is powered by a microprocessor. And so, it also keeps track of the last set temperature!

A fantastic feature for frequent use!

Moreover, it consumes low energy, which is something appreciable. Plus, the self-cleaning mode in this tool impressed me greatly.

Apart from that, it comes with built-in feet for stability and still makes the device compact and convenient to use.

Dab Ninja is a high-end and top-rated enail kit in the market. The solid and beautiful construction is made from grade-2 titanium material! 

First of all, it’s an above-average product that comes with a 20mm heating coil. You can use any water tool attachment with this device. Plus, you can bring temperatures as high as 990 degrees Fahrenheit.

Truly a bang for your buck!

On top of that, the Dab Ninja offers a budget-friendly enail kit. Rest assured that it will work with most dab rig attachments.

The Dab Ninja is even portable and easy to carry. I recommend using Dab Ninja for some serious dabbers. 

#5 – MiniNail™ Custom Micro Enail – Build A Perfect Enail Your Way

Are you looking for a high-quality custom enail kit? Look no further other than MiniNail Enail Setup. It’s a small and effective enail that looks like a card. Moreover, it weighs only 5oz!

Furthermore, you will get a box full of accessories. In that context, customizing your enail has never been easier. Whether it’s nail type, quartz hybrid accessories, dab tool, or even color, you can tailor-make your enail easily.

Besides, the powerful enail works with 89W of power and 120/240V. On the design front, the simplicity and customization have really impressed me. It offers a stunning dabbing experience. Apart from that, if you love dabbing daily, MiniNail is your go-to kit.

#4 – Cloud V Electro Portable E-Nail – Slim & Powerful

CloudV Electro offers a premium and portable enail that suits best for your on-the-go fun dabbing. The slim and sturdy device works greatly with exciting and functional features.

Unlike traditional setups, working with CloudV is much easier. Besides, it comes with a faster heat-up mechanism and a powerful battery. Plus, the quartz nail comes with a 14mm Ti Nail

Apart from that, the Cloud Electro Aqua Bubbler has a 1.6″ diameter and an 11″ height. Besides, you can set the temperature in two different settings- Blue Setting: (800F) and Red Setting (1000F).

After each use, let the nail cool down, then you can clean the Aqua Bubbler with alcohol. Once you charge the battery, just tighten the glass, press the power button, set the temperature, wait for heat up, and you are ready to enjoy the smoothest hits

#3 – Pulsar Mini 6-in-1 E-Nail – Top Electric Enail

Make your vaping easier and portable with 6-in-1 Pulsar Mini enail. In fact, it’s one of the best electric enail out there. The temperature controller efficiently provides constant heat to your herb.

Moreover, 10/14/19mm universal Ti nails are included in this package. Besides, the portable enail works on 150W power. Apart from that, you can set the temperature up to 1200 degrees F.

That’s fascinating!

Upon purchasing, you will also get a carb cap that is crafted with grade 2 titanium. Other than that, you will also get a 5-feet removable locking power cord. Plus, the 20mm heating coil and digital display are also there to make your usage convenient.

Get everything you need for dabbing with this kit. It comes at an affordable price, making it a complete package that offers value for money for a snazzy vaping experience.

#2 – Ispire The Wand – E-nail Dab Kit – Best Modern Pick

Ispire The Wand is a trendy and modern enail dab kit for your fun sessions. Bid adieu to your traditional heating coils and get this e-nail that works on induction heating.

The induction heating works smartly to let you set your desired temperature. Apart from that, the Wand offers great flexibility to dab without fire whenever you want.

The perfect dabbing experience!

Moreover, the enail kit comes with a replaceable dual 18650 battery that a USB C charging cable can charge. Besides, you can set the temperature from 250 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.  

On top of that, the switch between auto mode and manual mode provides excellent flexibility to dab conveniently. Rest assured that you can use this enail with most bongs in the market. The Ispire The Wand is undoubtedly one of the best enail kits out there.

#1 – Freeze Pipe E-NailEditor’s Choice

Freeze Pipe E-Nail is my favorite and a clear winner in this rundown of the best enails in 2024. Freeze enail works best with a 14.5mm and 18.8mm bowl. Moreover, this electronic nail can be used with any recycler bongs and Freeze pipes.

Reinvent your dabbing sessions!

On the temperature front, you can heat the nail between 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t need to hassle with blow torch or lighters as you can safely play around with this device.

I find the Freeze enail easiest to attach, control, and maintain. Upon using, you will enjoy the mouthwatering and original zest of your cannabis concentrates. Interestingly, the enail also features an auto shut-off mechanism that turns off the device after it reaches the set temperature.

Furthermore, this chrome finish Freeze enail comes with an LED display, airflow carb, and one-button control. Additionally, it is sold on a Grasscity online shop, so easy returns and excellent customer service are assured.

Benefits of Using E-nails

As enails are easy-to-use and effective devices, most hardcore dabbers always prefer to attach an enail on their dab rigs.

The benefits are not limited to that, as using an enail can offer many more advantages than a traditional torch. Let’s dig deep into the advantages of using an enail with your traditional smoking devices.

Enhanced Temperature Control:

Whether it’s a blunt, joint, or wrap cigars, temperatures are always irregular. Besides, it takes some trial and error to master the temperature of the butane torch.

On the contrary, an enail lets you set the temperature as you please. If you don’t like to dab on high temperatures, attaching an enail can give you a customization facility.


Thanks to the enails, you don’t need to keep heating the nail frequently. Once you set the desired temperature, the enail will take care of the rest to offer a steady vape every time.

As you might struggle to set up the torch for dabbing, an enail can give you the convenience to use it effortlessly with low maintenance.

You don’t need to worry about butane as the only things you need are a power source, concentrates, and a rig.


As many dabbing methods require open flames and gas, using an enail can put your leisure fun on a more safe side. So, you can enjoy your high in peace without concerning about safety.

Value for Money:

Yeah, you need to pay the upfront cost. But when you buy an enail, it will last for years. Plus, when you compare the cost of all butane over the years, you will see that you got to save so much money.

Besides, the dabbing features and effects you get with an enail are superior. Of course, there’s great value for money.

Final Words on E-nails:

As enail range from $100 to $800, it all depends on what features you need in the device. Normally, you can get a nice enail around $200 to $300. 

First of all, look for the power source of an enail. If you love enjoying dab while traveling, it’s better to get an enail with a rechargeable battery. Otherwise, home party dabbing can be best enjoyed with desktop-like full-size enails that come with a wall plug adapter.

Furthermore, you can also get an enail with self-cleaning mode, in-built cooldown cycle mechanism, and custom heating time setting. 

Apart from that, you also need to look for a brand warranty. If a brand is genuine, you will get a decent warranty on your device. Are you bothering about the defects and quality issues? For that matter, it’s best to buy from the brands that offer a moneyback guarantee.

Now that you understand the top enail models and the quality parameters of enails, I hope you get the best one for your pot.

FAQs about E-nails:

How to use enails?

Enail is one of the most sought-after devices among users for dabbing. It’s a device that you can plug with your dab rigs. After that, you can fill your marijuana concentrate into the enail, set the temperature, and dab with ease. Besides, you can easily clean it with alcohol after usage.

How do you set the temperature of an enail?

An e-nail has a temperature control unit on which you will see up and down arrows to manage the temperature. Once you set a specific value, you can see it on a digital screen of your enail.

What kind of an e-nail dab rig is best?

Best Silicone Rig, Best Compact Dab Rig, Best Compact Dab Rig are the best for an e-nail.

Is a dab rig a vape?

Vaporizers use convective heating, but classic dab rigs use conduction heating. Convective heat vaporizes cannabis oil or flower by using heated air. Ceramic coils are used in the finest vape pens to avoid direct contact

Is a dab rig illegal?

Almost every country allows the usage of a dab rig. While utilizing it, it is vital to remember that it may be used jointly. However, we all know that most individuals utilize this technique with CBD cannabis oil.

Which eNail is the best?

Freeze Pipe E-Nail, Inspire The Wand, Pulsar Mini enail, CloudV Electro are the best eNail.

How do I choose an e-nail?

A crucial consideration in selecting the finest e-nail is how simple it is to use. For example, a good e-mail should come with a comprehensive usage handbook. Depending on pricing, customization, durability, and portability, you may also select.

What is a suitable e-nail temperature?

You should set your e-nail or vaporizer to a temperature between 500°F and 800°F, but as this tutorial will demonstrate, plenty of leeways to determine your liking. For example, the Bee-Nail v2 E-Nail is pre-set to 710°F to provide consumers with a good starting point for dialing their preferred temperature.

What is the coil size on the enail?

Usually, eNail coil is available in 16, 20, 25, 30mm sizes with a 4-foot long cable. It may be available as a flat with a 3-foot cable. Generally speaking, All coils work at 150w.

Can you use an Enail on any dab rig?

E-nails work with the majority of classic dabber alternatives. Whether you choose glass, titanium, or quartz dabbers, you may use them with your nail. Once your dabber has reached your preferred temperature for dabbing, apply wax on the e-nail.

How do Enail coils work?

The heating coil will heat the titanium nail, transmitting heat to the banger via conduction. The gadget allows the user to choose the desired temperature and maintain it at that degree to deliver the most delectable and fresh flavor possible.

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