5 Best Cloning Gels For Marijuana 2024

We have narrated the 5 Best Cloning Gel for marijuana guide for you. It is going to be super awesome today, and reading this review is going to greatly help you in growing best buds!

Cloning gels is an essential part of your setup. I will take you through the 5 best cloning gels out there, which are selected by voting by my team of cannabis experts.

I thought that wouldn’t be enough. So, I have added a guide to provide you extra info support, with the help of which you can learn more about these cloning gels and their utilization.

So, read it entirely and gain the maximum amount of roots and buds!

5 Best Cloning Gels for Marijuana 2024


NameWhy you should buyQuantityCheck price
Hydrodynamics Clonex clone solution Quart
Hydrodynamics Clonex clone solution Quart
Editor's choice1 Quart Check Price
Hydrodynamics Clonex clone solution Quart table.jpg
Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel
Amazon's choice100ml. Check Price
Technaflora Rootech Gel table.jpg
Technaflora Rootech Gel
Best powerful7 grams Check Price
Quick Clone Gel table.jpg
Quick Clone Gel
Best for quick results75ml. Check Price
Quick Clone Gel table.jpg
Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator
Perfect blend for gel3.52 ounce Check Price

Here are our 5 picks for best cloning gels for marijuana, which all maximized the root growth when we tested them. Have a look!

1) Hydrodynamics Clonex clone solution Quart – Editor’s choice


Hydrodynamics International is such a trusted brand, and Clonex Rooting Gel is their decent creation. It’s a champion among the U I have ever used. Here I’m offering my experience to the objective that you can pick how convincing it is.

Everything thought of it as is a water-based setting up compound gel from Clonex. This is faultless from little in-house use or for some little examination.

Why for little assignments? Since it’s a heap of only 15 ml. It’s an unfazed gel that reliably sticks around the stem in like manner seal the cut tissue and give hormones that normal to propel root cell enhancement. It’s an alcohol-free formula and danger-free too. It is a perfectionist. Results are guaranteed here!

I got it for a little examination on the cutting of pot plant. I figured I may require 2/3 groups reason its little in size. Regardless, I was flabbergasted that, my endeavor is done anyway the essential package still has 7-8 ml left. It in like manner gives high accomplishment rate.

I got pretty much 9/10 roots from each cutting. It’s a perfect choice for those who’re newbies and growing little proportion of Marijuana. Price isn’t the issue either!

  • Price is quite less.
  • High percentage of success.
  • Contains full-spectrum minerals.
  • Highly trusted brand.
  • It is less powerful than powder.
  • You need to be patient for the results, as it might take a bit long sometimes.

Hydrodynamics Clonex clone solution Quart: The verdict

It doesn’t contain any alcohol. It is highly capable of supplying hormones which are required for promoting root cell development. You have very high chances of success if you are using this one. However, you might need to be patient sometimes. I highly recommend Clonex Rooting Gel to all growers.

2) Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel – Amazon’s choice


Concerning clone gel, Clonex is the best brand according to a huge percentage of growers. I used a bit of their things, and I found it’s the best thing.

It’s not my view, practically every grower who use it have a comparable appraisal. My teammates are included! That is the reason. Here I am inspecting the essential thing from our recommendation, the Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel.

Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is extraordinarily unmistakable for its speedy and super improvement and execution. Some maker says it’s the most headstrong gel they anytime used. Why troublesome?

Since it performs resolutely. It sticks around the stem/branch and supplies all of the hormones and supplements for setting up cell enhancement and guaranteeing the enticing new root tissues. The gel similarly contains full scope of inorganic enhancements which empowers the young root in the midst of major determinative stages.

The technique takes hardly a couple of weeks. It’s optimal for you on the off chance that you’re looking for the best clone gel that can make and build up various clones. It’s available in 100,500 and 1000ml holders. In this way, in the wake of understanding your need, grab it! Great value for money!

  • Highly successful on Amazon.
  • High percentage of positive results.
  • Great value for money.
  • Suitable for only small plants.

Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel : The verdict

It is a tenacious gel that will remain in close contact around the stem and will seal the cut tissue and also supply the hormones which are required to promote root cell development and besides that, vitamins for protecting the delicate new root tissue. I highly recommend Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel.

3) Technaflora Rootech Gel –  Best powerful

Technaflora Rootech Gel.jpg
Technaflora Rootech Gel.jpg

OK prefer to try an option that is other than what’s normal and something exceptional? Here’s something we both can agree on, and that is, obviously, there’re some better decisions open.

Thusly, here is my next review of Technaflora Rootech Gel. I believe you’ll welcome it.

Regardless of anything else, Technaflora is a champion among the most conspicuous and all-around reputed brands in the market. As you unquestionably know, I need to use different sorts of things. Using one thing for a long time isn’t my kind of thing.

For a reason, I gave an endeavor on Technaflora’s thing, and after that, I acquired Technaflora Rootech Gel. When I was obtaining this thing, I saw it’s open in 7, 56, 112 and 224-gram holders.

As I don’t require unreasonably that is the reason I just picked the 7 grams compartment. It’s furthermore a water-based gel not a liquid hormone. It has been made with various ordinary hormones and fundamental supplements, so it works so reasonably.

For a reason, it’s known as a champion among the most predominant cloning gel of the market.

It furthermore gives high-point of convergence of IBA hormone at .55% which assembles the improvement of the root and strong clones’ rate. As ought to be self-evident, it gives a high and amazing proportion of hormones which makes it give the best result.

I saw the upgrade of roots from the cutting inside only a solitary week. Its best piece is, you can without quite a bit of a stretch debilitate it with water. I used the 7 grams pack on pretty much 39 cuttings.

I can see you’re thinking about, for what reason would it be a smart thought for you to trust in the brand Technaflora, isn’t that so? In fact, the Canadian brand Technaflora tests the things made by them in their private indoor garden, in their agribusiness create a house. Consequent to testing and getting extraordinary results, they release it for the move.

  • Highly effective.
  • Brings positive results most of the times.
  • 100% natural ingredients used.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Effective on just a few plants.
  • The price is a bit high.

Technaflora Rootech Gel : The verdict

Now, Rootech cloning gel is such an amazing and unique recipe that contains a powerful hormone which is formulated for promoting quick and healthy root development. The price is high though, but it does work! I highly recommend you Technaflora Rootech Gel.

4) Quick Clone Gel – Best for quick results

Quick Clone Gel
Quick Clone Gel

The three mentioned above this gel were all fantastic, but this one stands out because it provides much faster results, not than just those three, but all of the cloning gels present in the market. This one is highly powerful, plus it is cent percent natural. By using Quick clone gel, your plants will thrive healthier.

This gel is perfect for those, who are a bit eager and look forward for fast results. Only organic element came into usage while making this gel. No sort of artificial touch here. Besides that, it is good for a wide range of plants, including the mid-size plants. This gel consists of essential hormones, vitamins, and amino acids is the right amount.

However, a few of you might not feel that comfortable with the price. Never worry, the company is providing you with the quality, which is worth your money. Besides that, things are so simple, that even freshers can use this gel. You can use 75 ml on 25-30 cuttings for the best results.

  • Highly effective.
  • Made up of natural ingredients.
  • provides results much faster than other cloning gels.
  • Easy to use.
  • Price is a bit high.

Quick Clone Gel : The verdict

By using this gel, you will not have to spend money on false starts! It brings you perfection, and the results you can obtain really fast. A huge number of growers are using this gel for organically boosting their plants, and so can you! I highly recommend Quick clone gel to you.

5) Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator – Perfect blend for gel

Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator.jpg
Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator.jpg

This one is a liquid rooting hormone, which enhances the rooting process and also provides strength. This one is an exceptionally great supportive element. If you apply this gel for the first ten days on your roots, I am very sure that you can easily see positive results.

It contains all natural hormones, so you will not have to worry about any side-effects. Nothing toxic here. However, if you want to fetch out the max out of it, you need to mix it with the gel.

Public reviews are great, and a vast number of growers are appreciating. It was the second fastest to bring results while we tested, so mane root growing gels. Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator is a must buy a thing.

  • Guiding instructions comes with it.
  • No inclusion of harmful toxins.
  • Easily usable.
  • Comfortable price.
  • Following the instructions is necessary if you want results.

Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator : The verdict

There are exceptionally less gels out there, which bring so much perfection. You just need to mix it with gel, and then let the magic happen! Marijuana roots are definitely going if you provide Hydrodynamics Clonex Mist Root Stimulator and I highly recommend it.

5 Best Cloning Gel For Marijuana : The guide

So before making one clone gel, you ought to gather some learning. As I by and large express, each splendid maker amass data before purchasing anything. For a reason, I aggregated some principal realities for you. Thusly, we should start!

What is Cloning Gel all about?

Let us start from here. At first, you ought to understand what’s happening here? Everything thought of it as is an unrivaled formula which is made for your plant cutting to create roots.

You may figure, you can create without this remarkable material by just wringing the cutting in water. Really, yes you can yet it will be a mass and inconvenience level is just going to be too much high. Cloning gel and powder both contains basic enhancements and supplements for quickly creating roots with less effort. That is a modern method.

Purpose of using a clone rooting gel

Yeah, knowing the purpose is important! Such tremendous quantities of beginners and widely appealing agriculturist trust, it’s hard to use yet truly, it’s not legitimate. It’s definitely not hard to use a building up or cloning gel. How? Here is the system.

At first, you’ve to take your optimal plant cutting. (underneath you’ll find how to make cutting)

  • You’ve to dunk it in water now.
  • Take some gel in holder.
  • By and by dive it in the gel or powder. (Depends which one you’re using.)
  • Finally, plant the cutting in sodden soil.

Thusly, by and by hold up somedays and see how roots are rising. Taking everything in account, is it exceptional or basic? Directly you pick!

How do Gel works?

What is the purpose behind rooting hormone? The inspiration driving setting up hormone is, immensely strong and strong root growing.

As a general rule, it depends that How to long it takes for a plant to prosper. By and large, it takes one-two weeks to thrive but at this point and again it takes more. Along these lines, it absolutely depends upon the plant’s disposition. No rocket science needed, it is as simple. Many of these rooting gel packs already come with instructions, which you can read to understand the usage.

Benefits of Using best cloning gel and powder

Without favorable position none like to spend money, would it say it isn’t? That is the reason, here are a couple of focal points of setting up hormones, which will help you with understanding why you require the best building up hormone gel and powder for thriving.

Creates colossal root: It uses immense root. If you can use the best thing about it, you can see the result.

Central Ingredient: It’s made of every single one of those fundamental and normal parts which fulfill your plant. That is the reason. It grows brisk and immovable.

Secure and safe: It’s extraordinarily secure and safe to use. Without a doubt, even while creating it saves the plant from various sicknesses.

Quick: It takes a short proportion of time and inside this brief time allotment, it gives an enormous result.

Easy to use: It’s incredibly easy to use. No risk and not damaging by any stretch of creative energy.

Thusly, these are the supportiveness and advantages of using cloning gel and powder. These gels are awesome!

How to cut on your plant (process of making cutting)

As you unquestionably know, how to use setting up (gel and powder) hormones. Regardless, I am extremely sure some of you don’t know how to your plant. That is the reason. Here I’m giving a couple of indications which I sought after for social affair cuttings.

Things you should look after before cutting

That’s the tough part! Constantly remain focused on where you cut the clone. In such a case, to the point that you cut a segment that isn’t very much created and weak, then you’ll get never get roots. At first, find which part is best to cut.

Persistently attempt to find a branch that breaks a little when you contort it; it’s the best place to cut since it’s strong and perfect for creating a clone. Things you may require while cutting: An immaculate pair of scissors.

Since it’s ensured and unsafe infinitesimal life forms free. Remember overlook a specific something. The cutting is a particularly sensitive place even a little proportion of infinitesimal creatures can destroy it. So, buy a not too bad and sharp scissors for cutting.

 Safe cutting

The best strategy to cut are the following:

Finally, the most fundamental thing comes in.

Ceaselessly cut with a sharp and clean scissor.

Ceaselessly cut the stem at 45 degree edge.

It’s the most beneficial strategy for cutting cannabis. It’s the ideal methodology for growing more roots. I believe it helped you to cut the stem of your plant. Even if you fail to carry the task to perfection, then don’t feel low. Give a next try!

What is better? Liquid, Gel, or powder?

Now, this is a highly discussed topic among the growers, and there are big controversies as well. So, today we will be putting light upon all three one by one so that you can conveniently choose the suitable one. Study all three hormones carefully!

Ready-to-go Liquid:

It’s the scrutinized to-go liquid growing up hormone. A couple of us, for the most part, total a stumble. We, for the most part, put the cutting in its compartment anyway we shouldn’t do it. Constantly use it resulting in putting it in the other compartment, it’ll keep your cutting from sicknesses.

Focused liquid

If you’re using a drawn in the liquid by then obviously you’ve to debilitate it before using. It’s optimal for the people who are set up to take the issue of debilitating and besides for those who’re searching for something trashy in expense.

By and by you pick, which one could be your best decision!


If you’re hunting down a dynamically strong and rack stable building up hormone, the powdered one runs faultlessly with you. Some mostly, eager and capable makers are a fan of it. The reason behind it is that since it makes your hidden establishments harder and self-stable. It performs last more. It is perfect for bigger size plants.

In fact, it isn’t that difficult to do. At first, dive the cutting in water and take some powder in a bowl. By and by dive that drizzly cutting into the powder. If you fell the cutting got exorbitantly powder, basically discard it.


Thusly, it’s the perfect time to give a gel. It’s the front line and most pervasive and convincing sort of building up hormone. Its many cultivators’ first choice since it’s the most significant building up process.

To be sure, even it feels me extraordinary and fits me the most. It’s the most easy process I have ever watched.

Basically, put some gel in a bowl or plate or maybe in a holder and essentially dive the cutting on it. As it’s sticky, it’ll remain with the cutting, so you don’t have to achieve more. Just put it in wet soil or in some other medium you’re using, and you’re done now.

Our view on what’s the best

I felt it necessary to provide my personal views on what is better. Here is the perfect open door for the most captivating portion. I think now every one of you the fundamental and basic things you should consider building up hormones.

That is the reason. Here I’m recommending some best things I’ve any time used. I investigated all these three sorts of building up hormones, find your one now. Really, I used more than fifteen building up hormones, and I got both the best and most exceedingly awful experiences.

In the wake of the party all these data and experience, I’m putting forth my experience to you. Along these lines, pushing ahead with no increasingly due, just bob on it.

Promoting seeding root development

Some home cultivators will mix cloning powder with seedling getting ready mix to make it more auxin-rich. This is best with seedlings in little pots or compartments.

As the plants change to vegetative improvement real, you need to transplant to a medium with less auxins or stem headway will be restricted. Diverse cultivators will use a light response for help building up by including several ml of cloning liquid with watering, explicitly after transplant.

This is in order to propel root enhancement without stirring up such countless in the medium that will subdue stem improvement later.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions play a big role here. The ideal normal surroundings for cannabis clones is a propagator under an 18-6 light date-book. Cool white CFL, MH, or LED will do okay. Astonishing lights are too much remarkable and not required.

250W is about specifically for any light structure. Make an effort not to be tempted to run 24 hours in succession to speed things up. Clones do most of their genuine building up in the midst of the diminish cycle. So remain with a normal 18-6 cycle. Keeping up perfect environmental conditions in the midst of inciting is fundamental to clone survival.

Endeavor to keep soddenness 60%+ and temps at 24°C. You can intermittently haze plants with unadulterated water if the RH gets a bit unreasonably low. Viable setting up clones can end up routine in case you can control the environment and pro your methodology.

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