Top 10 Best Cleaner For Bongs In 2023

If you’re on the hunt for the best bong cleaners in the market, don’t worry, more than half of your fellow smoke session buddies are running through the same dilemma.

So, I checked and reviewed all sorts of bong cleaning solutions that would transform your dirty bong into a nice, clean bong you can use multiple times!

My personal choice goes to Orange Chronic and their 710 Cleaner. It can clear grime, oil, and other types of dirt that can hinder you from enjoying smoke sessions!

Before diving deep into the wide selection of cleaning solutions, you can purchase, let us first discuss the proper way of cleaning your bongs.

How Do You Properly Clean Your Bong?


Let’s forget about high-tech and advanced bong cleaners and focus on traditional methods of cleaning bongs.

Canada-based cannabis lifestyle brand Burb budtender Ivanna Navarro says that a salt mixture with the ever-famous rubbing alcohol would be enough to keep your glass water pipe clean.

Those are things that people have in their homes already. So let’s keep our community inclusive by using accessible products.”

So, how do you clean it? What’s the correct cleaning process for your glass bongs?

  • Remove all removable pieces to gain access to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Then, pour isopropyl alcohol into the bong.
  • When done, shake it up, and then add coarse salt.
  • Continue to shake the bong with this cleaning solution for about five (5) to seven (7) minutes.
  • After that, rinse the bong with warm water.
  • For the parts you removed, do the same but instead of shaking, wipe them using a damp cloth with the solution you have.

Apart from the alcohol and salt combination, you can also use rice and vinegar. However, cannabis connoisseurs and veteran smokers prefer the alcohol and salt mixture.

If you trust formulated bong cleaners more than this DIY bong cleaner solution, that’s not a problem. Whatever you use that’s effective will be fine — as long as you clean your bong!

I prepared ten (10) of the best environmentally friendly bong cleaners I found that have seen success in the market.

Top 10 Best Bong Cleaning Solutions in 2023

Get ready to clean your bong using a solution that can remove mold, mildew, stuck-up dirt, and even dried herbs in your water pipe!

Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner: Editor’s Choice

Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner

Make your bong sparkly, shiny, and clean without the need to rigorously scrub, wipe, and force your solution to the surface!

The Orange Chronic 710 Cleaner is to the rescue! It’s healthy and safe for the environment, and it works as one of the best-formulated pipe cleaners on the market.

It can take care of acrylic bongs, glass bongs, ceramic bongs, and even quartz ones!

To use it, you must pour it down your water pipe, shake it, and gently rinse it with warm water.

Use the same for the components, and if you want, you can wipe it with a damp cloth, too.

NOTE: No need to use hot water as the Orange Chronic solution can easily come off!

User-submitted reviews found that three (3) to four (4) drops or about half a cup of the solution is more than enough to get rid of that stubborn dirt!

Mile High Cleaner: Runner-Up

Mile High Cleaner

Mile High Cleaner is your heavy-duty cleaner that is plant-based and can clean a bong that’s glass, silicone, ceramic — even plastic!

It’s a multi-purpose cleaning solution that is a mixture of safe chemicals and purified water, making it safe for children and for all types of people.

I tried this with a plastic bong, and I barely needed to exert effort. It was able to slide the dirt off the bong, and I was able to rinse it easily, too!

NOTE: Just because they’re organic and natural doesn’t mean they can be consumed. Please consult with a licensed health care provider first, but I would suggest still keeping it out of reach of children to be 100% sure.

KLEAR Kryptonite Cleaner: Fast-Acting Bong Cleaner

KLEAR Kryptonite Cleaner

KLEAR’s Kryptonite bong cleaner is one of the fastest-acting cleaning solutions you can get on the market.

The functionality is arguably common, too. You need to fill your bong with the cleaner, shake it, and in just a few seconds, you’ll see the buildup of grime, dust, and dirt melt away.

One of the great things about the Kryptonite cleaner is that you don’t need to add coarse salt or hot water to make it work. It will work how it should, even if you’re using a plastic bong, silicone, metal, and even ceramic!

Nucleus IPA Clear 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol: For Bacteria

Nucleus IPA Clear

This probably is the neatest and cleanest type of pipe cleaner you can get on the market. It can help you eliminate grimy, oily, grubby bongs and pipes.

To use this, you need to add and pour coarse salt down the bong or pipe and then add the IPA Clear alcohol. Then, the next thing you need to do is plug and close all openings of your bong and then shake.

Shake it gently, and you’ll see all the stubborn dirt falling off one by one as you do the shaking.

When done, pour the salt and isopropyl alcohol mixture and rinse it with clean lukewarm water. Your pipes will definitely be good as new!

Pink Formula Glass and Pipe Cleaner: Flexibility

Pink Formula Glass and Pipe Cleaner

You might think of it as weird, but the Pink Formula cleaner has been an effective cleaner for some smokers. Akin to all other bong cleaners you can find, this is efficient in cleaning metal, ceramic, glass, and even Pyrex!

This flexibility is the answer to whatever dirty bong you have. No need to use dish soap, rock salt, or any other complementary product to clean your bong.

Just pour it down the bong, shake it, and then rinse it with standard tap water, and you should be good.

Don’t worry — the pinkish color won’t stain your glass! It was one of my concerns before, and it didn’t do anything, so don’t stress out about it!

Grand Master Smoke: With Deodorizer

Grand Master Smoke

If you want a pipe cleaner that can serve as an excellent alternative to your usual isopropyl alcohol, this is it!

The cleaning power of the Grand Master Smoke has been proven by tens of thousands of smokers and tokers around the world. Its effects will be like a mixture of salt and baking soda!

Don’t worry; the product is non-toxic and is free from harsh chemicals. You can expect that it’ll completely clean your bongs, rigs, pipes, dab rigs, and other parts and components of your smoke session.

If the dirt is too stuck-up, pour the solution down the bong and let it soak overnight. In the morning, you’ll see the bong water as black as soil!

Bong Blaster: Best Powdered Bong Cleaner

Bong Blaster

Let’s stray from the regular and standard liquid bong cleaning products and discuss a powdered substance cleaner.

The Bong Blaster cleaner is one of the best, if not the best of all, powdered cleaning accessories you can use.

It eliminates the same bacteria as isopropyl alcohol and can be used to clean bongs, rigs, pipes, and even several components of your water pipe.

And if you thought you’d need to scrub and brush, think again! You have to put one (1) to three (3) teaspoons of powder down your bong and then add hot water to it.

Shake it until all stubborn and stuck-up dirt is removed from your bong.

Whether you have nasty tar, dust, dry herb, or resin buildup, you wouldn’t need to scrub and brush them all away! You’ll have your bong clean in as fast as 5 minutes just by shaking it!

Formula 710 Rig Cleaner: Best Rig Cleaning Solution

Formula 710 Rig Cleaner

For your overused rigs, you can absolutely bank and count on Formula 710’s rig cleaner. I think — no, I know that this is one of the best bong cleaners out there because it’s good for the environment, it also deodorizes surfaces, and you don’t need filler salts to use it.

It’s safe to be used on ceramics, glass, and metal bongs. Disassemble your product, pour in the cleaner, and then close all openings. Shake it for a total of one (1) minute, and you’ll see how your bong is clean — it’ll be as good as new!

It can necessarily eliminate the buildup of resin, dried-up legal dry herb, dust, and even get rid of the nasty smell of stagnant bong water.

Crud Bud Reusable Glass Cleaner: Easiest Bong Cleaner

Crud Bud Reusable Glass Cleaner

Grass City’s glass bong cleaner is straightforward, and you wouldn’t have problems using it. Pour it into your disassembled metal, ceramic, or glass bong, and then close all openings. Shake it for 15 to 20 seconds, and then leave the solution soaked.

Soak it for about 1 to 2 hours — overnight, if possible, and you’ll be surprised at how clean it is.

When done, rinse all parts and components you washed with warm water, and your glass bong will be good as new!

EYCE Silicone Bong Cleaner: Silicone Bong Cleaner

EYCE Silicone Bong Cleaner

Silicone is one of the most challenging products and materials — but not for a bong. They’re long-lasting, strong, durable, and they won’t break upon impact!

One simple problem is that it’s also challenging to clean. With EYCE’s silicone bong cleaner, you won’t have that problem.

Unlike other cleaners, the EYCE silicone bong cleaner is made from plant matter. It’s non-toxic, earth-friendly, and it cleans deep.

You won’t have any residual odor in your silicone bongs, and you won’t need to brush and scrub them. It’s the perfect solution to have if you’re looking for a clean bong.

420 Science Smoke Soap: BONUS Bong Cleaning Solution

420 Science Smoke Soap

Last but most definitely not least is the 420 Science Smoke Soap. Unlike a couple of your usual cleaners, the 420 Science Smoke Soap does not have isopropyl alcohol.

It is an organic bong cleaner and is guaranteed to have 0% after-taste. It’s the perfect cleaner for paraphernalia with vaporized substances or bongs intended for tobacco use.

You can use it for glass, plastic, and metal!

This concentrated solution will leave your bong shiny, glowing, and looking brand new!

These are the ten (10) best products you can use to clean a bong, rig, or pipe! Pick your remedy and say goodbye to a gruesome, grimy, oily bong!

Isopropyl Alcohol vs. Rubbing Alcohol: Are They the Same?

Knowing and understanding the differences between the two (2) is important if you want to clean your bong.

If you’re not comfortable with the alcohol and salt, this would be your next option if you don’t have a concentrated or dedicated cleaner. So, what are their differences?

One Word — Concentration.

This is the primary and only difference between isopropyl and rubbing alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol is the type of alcohol that has a staggering 100% concentration while rubbing alcohol’s concentration is a lot less because of added water.

To clean a bong, experts suggest going for isopropyl alcohol because it can eliminate germs and bacteria because of its high concentration. You can use rubbing alcohol too, but you need to use complementary products such as salt, vinegar, or any other cleaner to help with the disinfection.


In case you have a few other bong cleaning questions, here are some of the most asked questions about it!

Is Dish Soap Good For Cleaning Bongs?

Yes, you can use dish soap to clean your bong, but it might not be as effective as how you think it is. Usually, smokers use dish soap and warm water with vinegar and baking soda to get rid of germs, bacteria, and odors that could have lingered in their bongs.

Does Vinegar Clean Your Bong Well?

Yes! Due to the high acidity levels of vinegar, it can help you clean your bong. However, using vinegar alone will not be as effective — it needs to be in effect with another product, usually baking soda or rice. You can use cotton swabs for areas that are hard to reach.

How Do You Get Rid of Bong Water Smell?

The smell of stale and stagnant bong water is the last thing you want to smell while you’re in a smoke session. This smell lingers even after you clean your bong without using the right products and ingredients. To get rid of this nasty odor, fill your bong with lukewarm water. Then, follow it up with one (1) to two (2) tablespoons of vinegar. Shake it and soak it for about an hour.

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Good For Cleaning Bongs?

Just like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide is also an effective product you can use to clean your bongs. It can clean and disinfect your bongs, but it might not be an effective tool to deodorize it, though. This is why in cleaning and deodorizing it, you need products that can eliminate the lingering smell of your previous smoke session.

Would You Now Clean Your Bong?

A lot of people think that regular rinsing and soaping of the bong is enough for it to be used again. This is cool if you can stand the session from the previous night — and it’ll be at your own risk to use it again.

Be sure to invest in a bong cleaner for you and your buddies to have an ultra-quality smoke experience with your bong!

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