9 Best Cannabis Storage Containers Of 2024

Finding the best cannabis storage containers can be a headache, but when you do so, it’s extremely rewarding. You’ll find a heap of weed containers, jars, stash boxes, and other types of cannabis storage, but how can you land on the best one?

Being a full-blown smoker and a personally proclaimed cannabis connoisseur, I can say that I have used the worst and best weed canisters on the market.

If you want the best smell-proof stash jar, I suggest using the EVAK airtight stash jar. You might think that it’s just similar to a standard jar with an airtight lid, but no, it’s better.

I’ll dig deep into that a little bit later!

Best Ways to Keep Cannabis Fresh?


Over time, the potency of cannabis, akin to other types of herbs, decreases if they’re not stored and kept correctly.

Even if you have the best of the best and top-shelf cannabis, storing it improperly and incorrectly will be bad.

And who would want to use cannabis that’s not effective?

So, here are the best pointers and factors to consider for storing weed properly.

  • Store it in a glass jar with a lid (preferably an airtight seal)
  • Refrain from freezing it or placing it in the fridge
  • Always store it in a dark, damp place (avoid sunlight as much as possible)
  • Use a Boveda pack or a humidity pack

With all these factors combined, would it still be good to use exclusive cannabis containers? In the easiest and simplest ways, it is! Whether you’re looking for short- or long-term storage, using cannabis storage containers will be great for you and your stash!

9 Best Cannabis Storage Containers of 2024

In my years of experience of being a cannabis enthusiast, I’ll list down the best cannabis storage containers I’ve used!

I’ll give you the best cannabis storage container you can use, no matter how cheap or expensive your herbs are!

EVAK Airtight Stash Jar: Editor’s Choice

EVAK Airtight Stash Jar

Out of the hundreds, if not thousands of cannabis storage containers you can purchase, I will 100% suggest getting the EVAK airtight stash jar.

It’s one of the best weed containers out there because it’s smell-proof, leak proof, and has an airtight seal!

Compared to traditional airtight lid canisters and plastic bags, this is better because traditional airtight containers will still trap air. The EVAK airtight jar will give you proper humidity levels.

This is the best storage solution you’ll find out there!

HEMPER The Keeper: Runner-Up: Most Flexible Weed Storage Container

HEMPER The Keeper

HEMPER’s The Keeper system is the all-in-one solution for your weekend trip. It’s small that you can place it inside a bag, inside your pockets, or you can carry it!

This completely airtight proper storage for weed and cannabis is water-resistant, flexible, and shatter resistant.

In addition to this, it also has a grinder that can help break down your herbs and buds! It’s a compact grinder that you will never worry about because it will be part of the main device!

GnarJars Mini Stash Jar: Best Multipurpose Dark Glass Jar

GnarJars Mini Stash Jar

This will be the best if you’re looking for multipurpose or multifunctional stash jars out of the many boxes you can find.

It has a dual-use silicone lid that can guarantee the freshness of your cannabis. It’s a good stash jar, if you ask me, as it is made from high-grade borosilicate glass.

Unlike standard mason jars, the GnarJars mini stash jar has extra storage for other stuff such as glass tips, wicks, crutches, and more!

With this, you’ll no longer need to find containers that can prevent your buds and flowers from becoming dull brown! Instead, keep them fresh and extremely potent!

CVault Storage Container: Best Stainless Steel Jar

CVault Storage Container

Durability and strength are two (2) things you need to look for when it comes to cannabis storage containers.

It works simply like a smell-proof bag because you won’t even notice! This stash box has a pressurized seal, and its exterior is stainless steel. That being said, you really would have no issues when it comes to strength and durability.

In addition, the CVault cannabis storage also comes with a Boveda or a humidity pack that further seals your products.

Say goodbye to direct sunlight, oxygen exposure, and too much air affecting the potency of your weed!

MasonBrite Kit v2.0: Best Mason Jar Storage

MasonBrite Kit v2.0

Keeping the discussion out of glass and stainless steel, the MasonBrite Kit v2.0 is the modernistic mason jar recommended by weed growers.

You won’t have trouble seeing through it as it has powerful magnifying lenses that are perfect for product viewing. So you don’t need to open the container to see the product!

It contains a set of 3 powerful LED lights, giving you a brand new experience for cannabis storage containers.

When I used it, I was not surprised at how it was able to block odors and is capable of storing more than a quarter ounce of your dank!

Re-Stash Stylish Wide Mouth Lids Jar: Best and Simplest Cannabis Storage Container

Re-Stash Stylish Wide Mouth Lids Jar

The Stylish jar offered by Re-stash is definitely one of the best cannabis storage containers and stash jars that are not only a great storage container but also safe!

This jar has a wide mouth and is perfectly safe! It has a child-proof polypropylene lid that would almost always keep children out of your stash!

It’s definitely better than your regular glass mason jar, it’s odor proof, and the lid guarantees an air-tight seal.

NOTE: If you’re an advocate of the environment, the products are made from FDA polypropylene, where 30% of it is reused. This also means that the jars offered are BPA-free!

These child-safe jars and containers will absolutely change the game with neutrally charged glass.

They really are the simplest, easiest, and best containers you will ever find!

Piranha Storage Jar with Bamboo Lid: Best Smell-Proof Jar

Piranha Storage Jar with Bamboo Lid

In case you’re looking for overly effective smell-proof jars and those offered in varying sizes, the Piranha storage jar is the perfect weed container for you.

Offered in sizes from extra small (100 ml) to extra large (550 ml), you’ll never need another set of smell-proof containers any longer.

Piranha’s storage containers, regardless of the size you choose, will all have a wide mouth that can fit your whole stash, a few accessories, and many more!

I had a large one, and it was so big that I was able to fit vape pens in! These jars are the real deal, and it’s a no-brainer to get them.

QUELEYA Large Wooden Stash Box: Safest Container For Cannabis

QUELEYA Large Wooden Stash Box

In case you’re not into using glass mason jars as a cannabis storage container or a weed container, or if you constantly think about other people seeing what’s “inside the box,” I would suggest going for this large wooden stash box.

For me, this is one of the best cannabis storage containers because of its sleek, simple, and secure design.

Equipped with a key and a lock (not a combination lock), it will need a key to be opened.

The construction of the box, overall, is decent. You’ll be able to keep your stash in a dark place, you can place small jars inside, and it has ample space for all other accessories you might have.

Infinity Jars 250 ml: Best Herb Guard Against UV Rays and Light Protection

Infinity Jars

If you’re looking to save money, invest in the line of Infinity jars. These jars have the best price points in the market, considering their efficacy in deflecting UV rays, sunlight, and even air from penetrating!

In line with odor protection, you’ll never notice what’s inside because the glass material is not see-through.

With Infinity jars, you will never worry about potency and efficacy!

Throw out your plastic bag, forget the idea of freezing or refrigerating your cannabis, and make sure to remove them from the rolling tray to ensure that you’ll be able to extend its shelf life!

If you can’t find the best cannabis storage container for your products, these are the ones I recommend!

Whether you’re into glass and ceramic jars, stainless steel jars, boxes, and other types of containers scour these nine (9) cannabis storage containers and try finding the perfect one for you!

Cannabis Storage Glass Jars vs. Plastic Bags as Weed Containers

The argument on where the best place is to store your cannabis will forever be updated because of new products and innovations in the market.

But what really is the best path to go to? Would it be better to use a cannabis glass jar as a container, or would bags or plastics be a more sensible option?

The answer to that depends on your overall goal. So, to help you with that, here’s a list of the pros and cons of each!

Pros of Using Glass Jars 

These are the positives and advantages of using storage glass jars to store and keep your cannabis!

  • It’s long-lasting, and you don’t need to purchase it every single time
  • Truly airtight (for airtight containers)
  • Easy and simple to maintain
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Does not have impacting health risks
  • The humidity will be at the optimal level

Cons of Using Glass Jars

On the contrary, the following are the cons and disadvantages of using them:

  • They can break when dropped
  • Typically more expensive and more costly upfront
  • Regular or standard sizes are small

Pros of Using Plastics and Bags

In the case of using plastics and plastic bags, you’ll find these as the benefits and advantages:

  • Cheap and easy to purchase (easily accessible)
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Strong and durable
  • You’ll be able to access it easily

Cons of Using Plastics and Bags

If there are positives, there should also be negatives, too! Here are the downsides and cons of using plastics and bags!

  • Has a chance to leak chemicals
  • There’s a low chance of plastics and bags being airtight and smell-proof
  • More complex and more difficult to protect from oxygen, moisture, and humidity
  • Can produce static cling, which can break the flowers down

NOTE: In the market today, you’ll find a lot of smell-proof bags. Personally, I haven’t tried those yet because I am haunted by the idea of it being detectable. Some customers and reviews say they work, but I always like to be better than to be sorry.


In case you’re lost, and you still have questions, here are some of the most asked questions about it:

What is the Best Container For Cannabis?

The best container for cannabis, in my personal opinion, would be glass. There’s actually no better option for a cannabis container than glass because it doesn’t influence the smell, taste, and efficacy of your buds.

How Do I Lessen the Smell of My Stash?

There are a few ways to lessen the odor or smell of your stash. The best ones include:

Baking soda
Airtight jars
Coffee beans and coffee jars
Sealed Bags
Odor Absorbers

NOTE: These items should NEVER go inside the storage where you pack and keep your cannabis. But you can place them in the vicinity where the stash is, like bags, for example.

Can Dogs Smell Through Mason Jars?

Yes and no – let me explain.

Naturally, dogs will be able to smell through even the slightest and smallest cracks. So, yes, dogs can smell through mason jars and other types of glass.

However, if the glass mason jar has an airtight seal, even dogs wouldn’t be able to sniff through it.

Does Airtight Mean Smell-Proof?

A container that’s equipped with an air tight seal does not necessarily mean that it’s smell-proof, but the majority of these products block odor. Air won’t be able to escape or go in!

Is Vacuum Sealing Good For Cannabis?

Investing in a vacuum-seal jar is imperative as it will extremely help in keeping your cannabis fresh. In this context, though, you need to make sure that you avoid using plastic because it can destroy and weaken the flower of your marijuana.

Final Words

The best cannabis storage containers aren’t always the costliest and most expensive ones. Sometimes, the only problem lies in the fact that you’re unable to look in the right places.

Consider these pieces of storage and never worry about keeping your weed fresh!

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