5 Best Marijuana Bud Trimmers in 2021 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

There are so many wet trimming and dry trimming machines available in the market for trimming marijuana buds. In this post, you will explore some of the best marijuana bud trimming machines in 2021.

Now after waiting for a long time, your marijuana plant is ready to be harvested. What Next?

Trimming buds IT IS!

Any bud trimming machine can save you a lot of trimming time rather than hand trimming. Trimmed buds can get you the perfect stash from your plant, but it’s time-consuming. A bud trimming machine is a must-have accessory for your cannabis plants. Various best bud trimmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and usability, they include wet trimmers, dry trimmers, manual trimmer, mini leaf trimmer, magic trimmer, industrial trimmers, leaf bowl trimmer, automatic bud trimmer, Trimpro rotor leaf trimmer, iPower leaf bowl trimmer, and so on.

If you are a commercial large-scale grower then you would need a team of professional trimmers who would use hand trim technique by shears and other bud trimming machines. (Check this Wiki guide to explore the best 3 ways to trim cannabis buds)

But what if you have a couple of plants only? Would you prefer wet trimming or dry trimming?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore as this guide helps you get the best bud trimming machines for your dry buds and wet buds.

This is a Leaf Bowl trimmer, it will help you to trim the marijuana buds with ease and precision. You can actually get a large automatic bud trimmer as well as a small handheld bud trimmer.

So, no matter the size of the job, you will have a choice.

Some of the advantages of using the Best Bud Trimmers are:
  • It will reduce the processing times a lot.
  • You will get a uniform size in buds.
  • You can get a large variety of high-quality trimmers and leaf collector tools out there, from small handheld ones to large industrial-size trimmers.
  • By removing the leaves, you will get a better THC gram-on-gram ratio.
  • Without leaves, the marijuana buds will be smoother when smoked.
  • Growers prefer trimmed buds as they look good!

Trimming wet bud and dried buds are easy with these machines, but make sure that you do not overdo the dry trimming or wet trimming!

This will over-trim the buds and you may not get higher quality buds.

There’s not only one best bud trimmer machine that can do all the work. For different techniques, there are many manual bud trimmers and trimming machines available for a unique trimming method. In this post, we have chosen the 5 best bud trimmer machines on the market in 2021 and have reviewed them. Whether you need industrial trimmers, dry trimmers, automatic trimmers, bowl trimmer machines, wet trimmer tools, human trimmer tools, or leaf collector tools, check the following review.

TOP 5 Best Bud Trimming Machines in 2021

PictureModelDimensions (inch)Weight (lbs)Link
Best Bud TrimmersClean Cut M-9000S 20 X 20 X 11 15 Check Price
Best Bud TrimmersMelonfarm 16M 17.7 X 17.3 X 11.1 13 Check Price
Best Bud TrimmersiPower (Editors Choice)16 X 14.5 X 16 5.3 Check Price
Best Bud TrimmersHFS R 17.5 X 17.2 X 10.8 11.5 Check Price
Best Bud TrimmersGrowsun 20 X 19.7 X 12.7 18.85 Check Price

Features that you should look out for wet trimming and dry trimming!

These are some of the features that you should check before buying any marijuana bud trimmer online.

The fingers

All the best handheld bud trimming machines will have fingers inside the upper bowl that push down the buds towards the blade underneath. When you buy a bud trimmer, you should look for non-stick silicon fingers, as your marijuana buds won’t stick to it when trimming.

Also, the bud trimming machines are made of rubber fingers so make sure that the fingers don’t leave the smell of rubber in your weed.


Check out with the manufacture what kind of blade they provide inside the weed bud trimmer. You get different blades in the market for dry trimming and wet trimming. Also, check if the blades are adjustable to allow the cutting of different sizes of weed buds.


Some manufacturers provide anti-slip bottoms on their bowl trimmer. Choose the ones which have some kind of footing so that it doesn’t slip.

Check out this Melonfarm 16M Dry marijuana Trimmer which has anti-slip pegs on the bottom to give the bud trimmer extra grip.


Check out if the bud trimmer collects all the waster material like twigs and leaves. You can make cannabis oils and other things using these extra materials.

Cutting power

You need to check out the cutting power of any marijuana bud trimmer. Generally, all the manufacture show this by stating the amount of scissors power it can harness.

The bigger the ratio, the bigger the power to cut marijuana buds. But be careful, beginners don’t need too many blades and power to cut marijuana buds.

This iPower bud trimmer has an insane capacity of harnessing the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit. Be sure to buy this if you looking for maximum cutting power.

Free stuff

Have a look around to see what they offer with the actual bud trimmer. Some manufacturers offer things like free scissors, extra blades, and drying nets.

This Growsun Weed bud trimmer provides you with lots of free goodies! Check it out below in the reviews now.

Clean Cut M-9000S Series Marijuana Bud Trimmer – High-End Handheld Bud Trimming Machine

This is a handheld bud trimming machine manufactured by Clean cut company. It has earned 4.1 stars on amazon by the buyers. This shows weed trimmer machine is worth including in our best bud trimmers list.

The bowl trimmer comes with one stainless serrated cutting blade and one stainless razor blade. The cutting blade cuts the buds and the razorblade enhances the trimming process finely.

The cutting blade on this best bud trimming machine is adjustable, allowing you to cut different sizes of buds easily.

Best Bud Trimmers

It is priced a little higher than most other similar products. The reason behind that is they provide an 18-month warranty on their product. Also, this is a 19-inch model, meaning you will be able to cut bigger buds as well.

Awesome, isn’t it?

The outer body of this bud trimming machine is made out of solid plastic and the gearbox is made out of metal. They have also added non-stick silicone fingers inside the bowl to help move around the buds when trimming.

The top of this dry bud trimmer has a power of 20 scissors together, it will have no problem in cutting and trimming all the weed that you put inside it!

Lastly, the bud trimmer machine also has a twig and leaves remover. This will make sure that all the extra stuff is collected in another compartment so that you can use that in making other things.

The product dimensions are 20 X 20 X 11 inches and the weight is 15 pounds.


  • Big 19 inch model
  • 18 months of warranty
  • High amazon ratings
  • Free stainless razor and cutting blades
  • Adjustable cutting blade
  • Removable handle


  • Might be a bit costly compared to other bud trimmers

If you are looking for a handheld bud trimmer machine that is proven to work, then you got to buy this one. The buyers love it and they also have given it good ratings on amazon. With an adjustable cutting blade and on stick silicon fingers, your bud cutting experience will be surely enhanced.

Melonfarm 16M Dry marijuana Trimmer – Compact Bud trimmer Machine

This Melonfarm weed bud trimmer machine is a serious competitor in this list.

Let us show you why…

Best Bud Trimmers

It is really easy to assemble and disassemble this product. it’s a 16-inch model so it is easier to store and carry around. The total weight and dimensions of this trimmer machine are 13 pounds and 17.7 X 17.3 X 11.1 inches respectively.

It features a compartment where all the trimmed twigs and leaves are collected to allow you to make other essential byproducts from them like oil and other things.

On the bottom, there are rubber pegs, which allow the marijuana bud trimmer machine to have a better grip. To be honest, we don’t see this feature in a lot of them.

The cutting blade is adjustable to allow you to have different sizes of buds at the end of the trimming process.

All the parts except the outer body are made out of strong metals, the outer body is of plastic.  The transparent plastic allows you to see the action.

What makes this one of the best bud trimmers is that it actually harnesses the power of 24 scissors in 1 unit. Which is another feature we don’t see in every bud trimmer machine.

When purchasing this product, you will receive one stainless steel razor blade, 2 wire blades, one stainless steel serrated blade, one pair of scissors, and an instruction booklet.

Best part?

The company gives you a 30 days satisfaction or money return guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty on the product itself.


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • Adjustable blades
  • Removable handle
  • Easy assembly
  • Power of 24 scissors
  • Anti-slip mat at the bottom


  • The amazon page says it has power of 24 and 30 scissors both. (different specification on amazon listing)

This is really nice product for those who want a small, compact, and portable bud trimmer. The 16-inch size makes it smaller than other bud trimmers. Although small size doesn’t negate all the other features like adjustable blades, anti-slip mat, etc. check it out on amazon to see today’s price now!

iPower bud trimmer – EDITORS CHOICE – Best Bud Trimmers 2021

People love this best bud trimmer!

More than 400 happy customers have given it a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Ipower makes some of the best marijuana growing equipment out there. They make LED grow lights, tents, and other cool stuff.

Talking about LED lights and grow tents, check this out to see the reviews of Best LED grow lights and Best small Grow tents 2021.

You know it’s a good product when you see the iPOWER tag on it.

This iPower bud trimmer is a 16-inch model, which is small enough to carry around but can handle trimming tasks like a pro.

You can easily remove its handle and the grille to clean it up. It is even easy to store as you can disassemble the whole thing.

The outer transparent acrylic plastic dome makes it easy to look at the trimming process, this way you are sure that you will not over trim your precious buds.

Best Bud Trimmers

This unit harnesses the power of 30 scissors altogether. Along with the extremely sharp blades, this unit will make sure that you will get clean and precise dry trim on your marijuana buds.

The inside of the bowl features 24 pieces of rubber silicon non-stick fingers that will move around your weed buds without damaging them.

Check the picture below to see this best bud trimmer in action:

Best Bud Trimmers

Other things that you would get with purchase are a black rubber ring, stainless mesh and basin, one stainless steel four-edged blade, 4 rubber columns, a wire blade, a straight blade, and two special elastic steel crosses.

The overall weight of this best bud trimmer is 5.3 pounds and the dimensions are 16 X 14.5 X 16 inches.

Operation Instructions
  • Remove the top from the flower trimmer’s base
  • Place the untrimmed plants on the grill
  • Place the top and handle back on the base
  • Turn the handle clockwise about 15-30 rounds
  • Remove the top and collect the plant
  • Repeat the process for more harvest


  • Best seller
  • High ratings
  • Lots of free stuff
  • Affordable
  • Precise cutting
  • Has 30 scissors power
  • Can remove twigs and leaves
  • Reputed manufacturer


  • No mention of any warranty

This is our favorite bud trimmer among all the others. The reason being, that it is tested by so many people and everyone loves it. Yes, they do not provide any warranty, but you can see it’s working well by looking at the reviews. We are sure that you will love it as much as everyone else. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit, what more can you ask from a bud trimmer. It will undoubtedly help you out!

HFS R Bowl Bud Trimmer – Cheap Marijuana Bud Trimmer

This is another one of our best bud trimmers on the market. It is manufactured by HFS, relatively a newcomer in this field.

The affordability of this marijuana bud trimmer is way more than other, it is cheap considering all the feature that it provides are a standard in this industry.

This 16-inch bowl bud trimmer has a handle on top that can be rotated to dry trim the weed buds inside the bowl. You can actually spin the handle in both directions and it will precisely cut the marijuana buds.

It features two different kinds of blades. One is wire blades for wet trimming and another one is a straight blade for dry trimming. Now, that’s a relief when you can have wet trimming as well with the same trimming machine.

Best Trimming Machine

The blue ring you see in the picture is a rubber gasket which provides a very good seal between the bowl and the dome lid.

The automatic trimmers work with the help of the silicon rubber fingers, which push the buds down for cutting. After you start rotating the handles, the built-in gearbox rotates at a much higher rate and easily chops all the leaves and twigs of marijuana.

The size of this best bud trimmer is 17.5 X 17.2 X 10.8 inches and the weight is 11.5 pounds.


  • Rubber silicon fingers
  • Can cut in both directions
  • Built in fast gear box
  • Cheap
  • Includes two types of blades
  • Rubber gasket for solid sealing


  • Non-adjustable blade height
  • No mention of warranty

Overall this product is very good considering the price. It is cheaper than others on the list but it provides more or less the same features. So, if your priority is to spend less in buying the best bud trimmer then this is the one for you.

Growsun Weed bud trimmer – FREE Drying NET

Love free stuff?

Well, this one product gives you 2 pairs of scissors and a drying net for free with this purchase.

Best Bud Trimmer Machine

You can use this dying net to dry the marijuana buds before or after cutting. The height of this detachable drying net is 2 feet and you get a total of 8 layers.

Also, you can use these scissors to precisely cut those much bigger buds that won’t go into the bowl bud trimmer.

The top dome is made out of transparent plastic to enable you to see the trimming process so that you can get precise cutting.

The whole piece of steel stamping will ensure that you have the very best, smooth, and durable bud in the market after trimming.

The trimming is really good with this one, thanks to the sharp blades which make precise and clean cuts. Also, it makes sure that there is no extra damage done to the buds in the cutting process. Intelligent, right?

The overall size is 19 inches, so it’s big enough to complete all the personal marijuana trimming.

The weight is a bit higher than other bud trimmers on the market, it is 18.85 pounds. The total dimensions are 20 X 19.7 X 12.7 inches.


  • Free 2 X scissors
  • Free detachable drying net
  • Sharp blades
  • Precise and clean cutting
  • Big enough to complete all the small scale cutting like a pro
  • Reputed manufacturer
  • Silicon non-stick fingers


  • No warranty
  • Users complain of less cutting power

This is also a nice product that you can go ahead and buy from amazon. They provide you with a free drying net and scissors. Who doesn’t like free stuff! Right? Well go ahead and check it out on Amazon now!


You might have already chosen your bud trimmer based on your preferences, but if you are still not sure….

Buy iPower bud trimmer!

It is the safest option out there. This Bud trimmer is Popular, Cheap, and does its work with perfection. It can do everything that costly best bud trimmers can do. You get really clean and price cuts on your marijuana buds and it also collects twigs and leaves to make other by-products.

Everything in a single product! Impressive right?

Well go ahead and buy it from amazon now to start cutting those sweet buds that you have worked so hard to grow.

Happy Trimming!

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