Best 420 Gas Mask [Top 11] Review | #1 is Crazy!

The craze of 420 gas mask bongs has been soaring among recreational marijuana users. It’s becoming a new trend among party hitters to come wearing these crazy mask bongs. Are you also looking to hit your pot with swag? Explore this guide to get your hands on the top 11 all-time best 420 gas masks!

That’s awesome; let’s get started, folks!

Almost every stoner these days wants to try something new, and gas masks with bongs attached to them have stolen the spotlight among party bangers.

Let’s shed some light on this hilarious and highly entertaining weed-smoking product, eh!

The Best Gas Mask Bongs in 2023


Not just one, but there are many good reasons why stoners are getting tempted to smoke their sesh through gas masks.

Starting of which, it’s a fancy mask that covers your face entirely that lets you inhale all the smoke that comes from a bong attached to it – that gets you higher and more euphoric than a usual pot.

Apart from that, gas mask bongs are comfortable to wear and enjoy the pot. Be they beginners or hardcore stoners, anyone can use these insane mask bongs.x

Moreover, a complete gas mask kit includes several parts that can or cannot be detachable. Most products come with separable masks and bongs.

Adjustable head straps can help you fine-tune the size that fits your head. Plus, you will find a plethora of stunning and striking face mask patterns.

Besides, a separate bong comes with a metal downstem, bud bowl, straight or bowl pipe, ventilation holes, carb, filter, and more, depending upon how feature-rich it is.

It’s like your personal fun tool for parties, eh!

On top of that, letting your head float in a hot & smoky box while pulling your favorite sweet herb from the bong feels so much lively. If you’re a novice, get ready to experience a crazy stimulation of effects.

Get really… really HIGH!

If you smoke a high-THC strain by wearing a face mask, psychedelic euphoria and extreme relaxation are just a whiff away.

Above all, it’s pretty fun and satisfying to try a new means of smoking cannabis that not only hits higher but also lets you enjoy your favorite strain’s mind-boggling effects.

Best 420 Gas Mask Bongs

Entice yourself with insane & spooky pot masks! These unique gas mask designs are sure to tempt your smoking vibes with utmost fun and satisfaction. Buy any Gas Mask Bong from the list and be ready to enjoy the next-level foggy smoke.

#11 – Camouflage Silicone Gas Mask with Acrylic Water Pipe – Budget-Friendly Silicone Gas Mask

Spotlight Features:

  • Acrylic water pipe
  • Value for money
  • Looks simple & elegant

Get your hands on this beast and smoke your bong with style! This fantastic mask comes in many eye-catching camouflage colors. Moreover, the product is crafted with acrylic water pipe and silicone construction for toughness.

On the other hand, it incorporates a threaded metal downstem and a threaded metal bowl. Besides, it also includes a threaded rubber seal. The cost of the mask is affordable, and you can find it in many reputable online stores, including SmokeTokes.

#10 – Silicone Rasta Gas Mask with Acrylic Bubble Tube – Best Straight Tube Bubble Mask

Spotlight Features:

  • Straight tube with a bubble base
  • Detachable parts
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Hotbox your face with this excellent gas mask bong that’s in high demand among lots of weed aficionados. The adjustable head strap works conveniently to fix and remove the mask.

Furthermore, the rubber grommet, removable downstem, and metal bowl are detachable so that you can clean and maintain the product effortlessly.

The Silicone Rasta Gas Mask Bong makes an excellent gift for your stoner buddies. On top of that, it’s a sturdy product and will work for years. Put your mask on and enjoy smoking your favorite herb.

#9 – Glow in Dark Gas Mask Bong Pipe – Illuminate Your Night Parties

Spotlight Features:

  • Mask and pipe glow in the dark
  • Free shipping for US orders

Are you looking for something fancy for your night pot parties? Get this detachable mask bong that illuminates in the dark! If you don’t want to put the mask on, you can also use the bong separately.

A silicone gas mask and acrylic water pipe are included in the product package. Plus, you can use the mask belt effortlessly to tighten the mask as per your comfort.

Not only the mask but parts of the water pipe also glow in the dark. Get this mask and impress your buddies when you plan to hit a house party.

#8 – White Face Boo Horror Mask with Acrylic Tube – Creepy Mask Bong With Filtered Hits

Spotlight Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Acrylic skull tube
  • Freaking cool horror-themed mask
  • Easy maintenance

Horror-themed gas mask bongs have been the talk of the town since stoner get-togethers are on the rise. The bong comes with a long acrylic water tube. Essentially, it cools down the smoke so you can have plain sailing hits.

The mask fits snugly around the face by adjusting the straps. Load your bowl with a dry herb, fill some water in the tube, secure the mask, and inhale filtered hits. Just close your eyes while pulling to avoid irritation.

Perfect for themed parties, this Face Boo mask is your go-to paraphernalia for having spooky fun.

#7 – Beach Bum Gas Mask – Get Bold Hits in Theme Parties

Spotlight Features:

  • The official Beach Bum artwork
  • Removable acrylic water pipe
  • Widely used

Enjoy smoking cannabis with this official craftsmanship of the Beach Bum mask bong. The mask comes with a random but elegant color combination that’s sure to entice your cool west coast vibes.

The product comes with a silicone mask and acrylic water pipe. Moreover, the construction is sturdy that lets you enjoy this sneaky product for years.

Apart from that, the mask and bong are user-friendly as the package includes a removable metal bowl. Just detach the parts after use and clean them without any hassle.

Are you a clumsy stoner? Well, go for this classic cult mask and have fun like never before.

#6 – Anonymous Mask with Acrylic Water Pipe – Go Incognito With Anonymous Gas Mask

Spotlight Features:

  • Acrylic Construction
  • Downstem Rubber Seal
  • Best anonymous face illustration

If you want to get in that creepy mood under that spine-chilling anonymous mask, this anonymous gas mask is your best pick. Plus, it includes a downstem rubber seal, threaded metal downstem, threaded metal bowl, and overall acrylic construction.

Rest assured that the design and construction are well planned. It fits the head perfectly, and you can adjust it with ease. It certainly looks chilling to exhale a cloud of smoke through this anonymous beast.

#5 – Black Panther Mask with Acrylic Water Pipe – Best-Selling Mask for Smoking Swag

Spotlight Features:

  • Classic Black Panther design
  • Acrylic & Silicone Constructions

Go vigilant by wearing this Marvel Superhero’s black-colored mask. Not just it looks fantastic, but it also works nicely to offer extended hits. The bong comes with a threaded metal bowl, threaded metal downstem, and rubber-sealed mouthpiece.

The bong fits nicely with the mask. Overall, construction looks sturdy and lets you maintain it comfortably. Get this fantastic mask and stand out from the rest when it comes to the party moment.

Feel that “Wakanda Forever!!” moment, eh!

#4 – Quarantine Gas Mask – Coolest Detachable Gas Mask Bong

Spotlight Features:

  • Classic retro design
  • Detachable bong
  • One size fits all
  • Single-hole perc

The retro look of this Quarantine Gas Mask looks incredible, and I highly recommend it to serious stoners. You can choose your favorite color from orange, blue, green, and more.

Moreover, the detachable bong makes it easy for you to clean and customize. The fixed Grommet style joint comes with a carb to let you enjoy smooth tokes. Get this superbly crafted mask bong and keep yourself entertained on every occasion.

#3 – White Storm Troopers Mask with Acrylic Water Pipe – Elite Acrylic Mask for Chilling Sessions

Spotlight Features:

  • Looks stunning and premium
  • High in demand

The stormtrooper-style mask bong is equipped with a threaded metal downstem, threaded metal bowl, and rubber-sealed mouthpiece. It’s one of the premium-finish mask bongs that’s in high demand for its great look.

Not just it looks like a stormtrooper, but it also offers mind-boggling smoke upon pulling. Whether it’s house gathering or rave parties, smoking your favorite herb with this shield is sure to get you those amusing goosebumps.

#2 – Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Water Pipe – Premium & Must-Have Gas Mask

Spotlight Features:

  • Perfect for all levels of users
  • comfortable fit
  • fully adjustable Downstem
  • Looks premium and snazzy

This gas mask is ranked second in this rundown for various reasons. To begin with, it’s the best stylistic yet simplistic product that can make an excellent addition to your paraphrenia assembly.

Furthermore, the straps are comfortable to work around. Besides, the mask completely covers your face so that you can enjoy a creamy cloudy smoke of your favorite marijuana.

Once you order this product, you will receive a mask and a bong of any random color. Above all, many users have given this mask high ratings for its premium design and ease of use.

#1 – Day of The Dead Gas Mask Bong – Editor’s Choice for Epic Smoking Vibes

Spotlight Features:

  • Cool and comfortable pulling
  • Provides rich and original flavor smoke
  • Perfect for parties and long smoke sessions
  • Attention grabber among potheads at raves and festivals
  • Highly ranked among

This spectacular mask with the Day of the Dead illustration on the surface resembles an insanely exquisite appearance. Impress your friends at parties as you show off your swag with this smoking accessory.

While you smoke your favorite cannabis strain, you will enjoy satisfying rips every time. Interestingly, the mask has a convenient design that fits everyone. As the weed smoke makes its way to your mouth, the snug fit ensures that the smoke doesn’t escape from the hotbox.

In a recent survey, the ay of the Dead mask has been ranked 1st on the website. Get this incredible mask, and it is sure to pump adrenaline among your buddies to take a rip from it.

How To Use a 420 Gas Mask Bong?

If you are a pot aficionado and intend to chill your mood with hard-hitting tokes, using a mask bong is the ultimate fun and can give you one heck of an experience. Rest assured that it’s pretty easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Step 1:

Detach the pipe from the gas mask and fill it with water. After that, Pack the bowl with your buds and make your bong ready to attach. It is convenient to do it before you put the mask on.

Step 2:

Loosen the head straps, wear the mask, and tighten the belts at your convenience. Do not make it too tight, as you will need room to breathe and exhale comfortably.

Step 3:

Make sure that the mouthpiece is within reach and you are ready to roll once you light up the bowl. Pull the hits slowly and exhale until smoke is removed.

That’s it!

Smoke will not go back to the bong as there will be an exhaust port that pushes the smoke out through the valve upon exhaling.

Benefits of Using a Gas Mask Bong

You will find many amusing clips on YouTube that show how and why people use gas masks and enjoy their weed bongs.

Yeah, it’s definitely gonna be fun!

Do you now feel like trying one for yourself? Great!

If you use a potent weed strain, inhaling the mask bong will give you a pleasant kick. As smoke has to pass through the mask, you will breathe more smoke than usual, ultimately get you higher.

Apart from that, there aren’t many practical benefits of cannabis gas mask bong. Still, many people have been using it to fulfill various desires. While many stoners enjoy hot box tokes, many would feel a little irritating.

Let’s check some of the perks of a gas mask bong.

  • Perfect for enjoying hot box smoke
  • It can fit anyone with adjustable straps
  • It never fails to intensify your party mood
  • An excellent piece in your paraphernalia collection
  • A fantastic item to gift a stoner
  • It makes you higher than normal wrap blunts
  • It comes at a lower price
  • To have fun with a stylish and trendy product

Drawbacks of Gas Mask Bongs

Once you strap your mask, it’s pretty simple to enjoy a hotbox sesh from an attached bong. If you are an experienced user, you’re good to go.

On the other hand, novice users might find it somewhat tangling to fill the bong, attach to the mask and adjust the straps.

As smoke directly hits your head in a mini box, it makes you inhale more smoke than usual. And due to that, it may cause coughing.

It’s for the same reason why most beginners feel suffocated at first. Apart from that, red eyes and cottonmouth are usual side effects that can be deemed a little overwhelmed with masks.

However, if you pull within your limits, you can enjoy pleasant and smooth hits.

Spice up your smoke session!

FAQs on 420 Gas Mask Bongs:

Is it safe to use a gas mask bong?

It’s completely safe to use a gas mask. So, it’s not a life-threatening tool in any way. However, remove the cover immediately if you feel suffocated.

Do gas mask bongs get you higher?

While smoking blunts and bongs are no different, getting high depends on how much and for how long you pull the puffs.

As a gas mask lets you inhale more smoke at once, it might make you feel higher after some time.

Besides, if you fill your bong with the buds of a potent marijuana strain, pulling the bong with your mask on could make you feel higher.

Do I need to put water in a face mask bong?

You can use a gas mask bong similarly to your regular bong. So, you can fill water into it to get smooth and cool tokes.

Besides, many people prefer using fresh tea or cranberry juice instead of water.

For how long should I use a gas mask bong?

It all depends on your capacity and tolerance. Bongs are pretty easy to hit, but it’s good to exhale smoke within 3 seconds, mainly when using a gas mask.

If you feel comfortable taking the next pull, you can do so with your mask on. Otherwise, remove the mask and take your time to settle if you feel exhausted.

What are the most gas mask bongs made of?

As the product comes with a mask and a bong, different parts could be made of several materials. You will mostly find masks that are made of acrylic and silicone.

Bongs are mostly furnished with glass, ceramic, or plastic. Furthermore, most brands offer an acrylic water pipe that has been popular for some time.

What makes a good 420 gas mask?

A gas mask bong design and the quality of the material is the first thing you need to check. A good mask bong has a nice bud bowl, mouthpiece, metal downstem, adjustable straps, easy-to-maintain pipes, nicely illustrated mask pattern, gorgeous colors, and many more accessories and features.

Apart from that, make sure that the company and its products are genuine with excellent customer reviews.

Are weed gas masks legal to use?

According to the Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute, possessing drug paraphernalia items is illegal. As gas mask bongs are use-specific products that fall under the drug paraphernalia category, using them for consuming weed could make it illegal.

Besides, many US states have enforced specific laws for paraphernalia products, so I recommend keeping yourself updated with the latest rules and regulations.

How long can we use a gas mask?

Most combination gas mask filters will last around 8 hours in a biological or chemical crisis. Filters designed to protect against specific chemical agents can last up to 20 hours. Toxic elements in the air might be gaseous (like chlorine or mustard gas) or particle (biological agents).

Can gas mask filters be washed?

No. The primary filtering component of active carbon (charcoal) cannot be efficiently cleaned. However, most filters are meant to be discarded as a whole unit; therefore, opening them will damage them.

What kind of strain is a gas mask?

Gas Mask, often known as Gasmask, is a strain developed by the Pacific NW Roots team in Washington. The cultivator mixes Cherry Pie with a specific phenotype of Alien Kush, which is then mixed with a Cherry Pie x Starfighter hybrid.

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