Is weed legal in Botswana? Everything you need to KNOW

Is weed legal in Botswana? Cannabis growing has a long history in European countries. Marijuana was first introduced to Botswana 500 years ago and is grown today as a traditional crop. Due to the country’s difficult economic times, many farmers rely heavily on Cannabis. But Is weed legal in Botswana? is a major question.

Unemployment rates in many neighboring nations are as high as 80%. Cannabis plants in Botswana are hardy, allowing them to be cultivated in locations where other crops cannot.

Cannabis is much of the time traded for cocaine, LSD, bliss, and amphetamines.

Although a minor pro-legalization movement is gaining traction in the United States, most citizens’ perceptions about marijuana are outdated. For example, in most southern African countries, the assumption is that marijuana usage causes mental illness.

Legalized marijuana in Botswana


Cannabis has been the most extensively used substance in Botswana since first introduced to the Christian country. 

Other narcotics have become more prevalent up to five years but are seldom used. The majority of authorities are anti-cannabis, yet they often let tourists off with a warning.

Offering possession to the country’s police service will ensure that they release you. Users caught with less than 60 grams of marijuana might face heavy fines and three years in prison.

Anyone caught with more than 60 grams of medical marijuana might face steep fines and five years in prison.

Cultivation, sale, production, importing, exporting, and transportation are punishable by fines and prison penalties ranging from five to ten years.

A large part of the weed-filled in Botswana stays in the nation, as it is traded to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the African states, among other Southern African nations. Plantations are typically small, but more extensive plantations have recently appeared due to increased demand. 

Botswana’s cannabis market price

Because marijuana is readily available and easy to obtain in the area, costs in Botswana are inexpensive.

For roughly $200, you can get an ounce of medium-quality marijuana. Contingent upon the quality, five to ten grams can be sold for $5 in certain spots.

High-quality Botswana’s Cannabis

Cannabis grown in the United States is of medium quality. Botswana is used to transport higher-quality legalizing marijuana to Europe and the Americas.

Unfortunately, only half of it is still available for purchase. Cannabis grown in the country is cheaper and harder to find.

Cannabis strains in Botswana

Cannabis has developed hardy landraces since it was introduced 500 years ago. They’ve adapted well to the hot heat of Southern Africa and can thrive where other crops can’t. Moreover, because demand is growing, reliable cannabis crops can be a source of revenue.

The buds of these hardy Sativa plants are generally purple. The user gets a typical Sativa high that is energetic and cerebral when smoked.

Botswana’s Recreational Marijuana

Botswana prohibits the cultivation, sale, and possession of Cannabis for recreational reasons.

Botswana residents consume Cannabis even though it is outlawed. However, if you possess any amount of Cannabis, you can receive severe punishment, including jail time.

According to sources, this only happens with large sums of money, and cops are easy to bribe.


We advise caution when using Cannabis and attempting to pay cops since you do not want to end yourself in years of imprisonment.

We are not aware of any potential legislative changes in Botswana regarding medical and recreational Cannabis in the foreseeable future. 


Is it legal in Botswana to use marijuana?

This makes sense of why medical marijuana is unlawful in many countries. For example, Botswana has traditionally strictly enforced its marijuana regulations and has recently done so. 

Is it legal to grow hemp in Botswana?

Dr. Edwin Dikoloti, Minister of Agriculture Development and Food Security, has stated that cultivating Industrial Hemp, popularly known as Cannabis, is illegal in Botswana.

What is the legalization of CBD oil in Botswana?

As of September 2016, the Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority became aware that cannabis-derived items, primarily hemp and hemp oil products, were circulating locally.

Is medical weed lawful in Botswana?

The High Court in Botswana has maintained Fresh Standard Limited’s selective privileges to create hemp and marijuana in the country for modern and recreational purposes.

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