How Much is an Ounce of Weed?

“How much is an ounce of weed” is a popular query on the internet. The reason is simple people get confused on evaluating how many buds they are going to get. Or how many joints they would be able to make, for that context.

Knowing precisely the amount of weed you get at a particular price could make your shopping much more effortless. Plus, people of different regions use various slang to address marijuana quantity. 

Let me indulge you with some fascinating terms used to measure marijuana. Explore the world of pot measurements and ease your curiosity.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Why is it Important to Know the Weed Quantity Metrics?


how much is an ounce of weed

You may have heard street dealers selling pot at some popular tourist place. When you make a deal, they use measurement slang like Ounce, Half a Zip, QuaP, Eighth, Sample, Dime Bag, Dub, Slice, and Cut.

If you are a beginner in the marijuana world, chances are less that you know all these terms. So, to avoid confusion, I prepared this guide to help you understand the most common and most used (proper and slang) phrases to measure the amount of weed.

Beyond everything, it’s all about how your dealer and you understand each other.

That’s what counts!

Before Understanding Marijuana Measurements

Before we start understanding the units and terms used to describe quantity, it’s essential to understand that: 1oz (ounce) = 28.35 grams.

The ounce is abbreviated as oz.

Whether you buy from online seed banks, retailers, wholesalers, or street peddlers, here are the popular terms they use to describe the quantity.

We mainly address the quantity of cannabis in terms of the ‘ounce‘ unit. Plus, we are also acquainted with the ‘gram‘ unit to measure weight. Now you know that, let’s move forward, shall we?

Weed Measurement- ounce half quarter eighth gram

Nickel Bag | 0.25g of weed

  • Nickle bag contains 0.25 grams of weed.

 It’s the smallest quantity of weed quantity people use to describe. 

Dime Bag | 0.5g or 1g of weed 

  • One gram is one twenty-eighth of an ounce (1g = 1/28oz).

The ‘gram‘ is the basic unit of measuring a tiny quantity of nugs. Many popular seed banks even offer a free sample of 1g when you visit their store. You can make one full-size blunt from this much amount of weed.

Slang term for a gram: Dime Bag

Furthermore, some dealers may sell you 0.5g of weed in a ziplock-style bag and refer to it as a dime bag. But in a general sense, a dime of weed is being sold for around $10.

Dub Sack | 2g of weed

  • A dub of weed is around 2 grams of buds. 

You may get around two large nuggets that can be used to make 2 to 4 blunts.

Eighth | 3.5g of weed

  • An eighth is around 3.5 grams of weed nuggets.
  • ⅛ ounce = ~3.5 grams

In other words, we can say it’s an eighth of an ounce. 

You can create about 4 to 6 full-size blunts out of this quantity.

Other slang termsSlice, Cut, Half a Quarter, Edify

Quarter | 7g of weed

  • A quarter is roughly 7 grams of marijuana buds. 
  • ¼ ounce = ~7 grams

In other words, it’s a quarter of an ounce. A quarter of weed buds can be filled in 8 to 12 blunts, depending on how big you roll.

Popular slang terms: Quad, Two Eighth

Half or Half a Zip | 14g of weed

  • The half can get you almost 14 grams of weed.
  • ½ ounce = ~14 grams 

Thus, it’s exactly half of an ounce. Besides, you can make roughly 30 to 50 cigarette-sized joints.

Other slang terms: Half-O, Half a Zip

An ounce or Zip | 28.3g of weed

  • The full ounce of cannabis buds weighs around 28 grams
  • 1 ounce = 28.3495g

Generally, it’s the highest legal limit for individuals to buy cannabis. Thus, check the laws of your state and keep your stash within the legal limit. You can make around 40 to 50 blunts from an ounce of weed.

Popular slang terms: Zip, Lid, O-zone, Oz

Industrial Cannabis Weight Measurements

The rules of marijuana legalization mostly limit the sale of up to an ounce for an individual user. On the other hand, breeders, distributors, and seed banks use denominations of larger quantities. Have a look at some of the terms used to measure a large amount of cannabis.

Quarter Pound

It’s a quarter of a pound that weighs around 113 grams of weed. Besides, QuaP and QP are short terms they occasionally use.

Half Pound

It’s exactly half of a pound that weighs around 226.5 grams of weed. Some people also refer to it as Half Pounder or Half Pack.


A full pound of weed weighs almost 453.5 grams. The most common other terms of a pound of weed are Elbow and Pack. You may need 2 to 3 wide-mouth 1-gallon mason jars to store this many buds.

That’s an extremely high quantity of weed, folks!

Quick Glance at Cannabis Weight & Price

Weed Measurement: Price Range

  • 1 ounce = 28.3g = from $90 to $320
  • half ounce = 14.1g = from $70 to $150
  • quarter ounce = 7g = from $45 to $80
  • eighth ounce = 3.5g = from $30 to $60
  • 1 dub = 2g = $15 to $30
  • 1 gram = from $5 to $15 (average $10)
  • 1 nickel bag = 0.25 grams = $5 or so

It’s worth noting that the price of different marijuana strains differs widely due to factors like potency, availability, and many others.

ALERT! Steer Clear of Contaminated Marijuana

We all want to enjoy a pure, fresh, and potent stash of weed, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case with every cannabis dealer out there. 

Why do they intentionally contaminate weed?

Many weed dealers add other substances or dip buds in some chemical to increase the weight of buds. 

Let’s say a stash of fresh buds weighs 10 grams, but when soaked in a chemical, the weight may increase to 12-13 grams after drying! 

It’s not a concern with the world’s best marijuana dispensaries, but the problem remains with street dealers who want to gain maximum profit by any means.

Fortunately, legal dispensaries test their weed inventory in a lab to ensure the buds are free from heavy metals, chemicals, mold, fungi, pesticides, and other harmful components.

Always ask your dealer for quality assurance. You do not want to consume something that can harm your health.

Fair enough!

California and Colorado: How Much Weed Costs?

As California and Colorado have fully legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, supply has clearly overtaken the overall demand.

The cannabis market in Colorado and California has seen a surge in new online and physical weed stores. While all seed banks don’t have the same source and quality, the price slightly varies as you visit different stores.  

That said, the typical price range of 1 gram of raw cannabis bud is between $10 to $15 (and $20 at the most). Rest assured that the tax is covered in this price if you shop from any legal cannabis vendors in the USA.

What to Expect When You Visit a Marijuana Dispensary

If you already know all the terminologies of weighing the stuff, you are all good to go. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, you might not get what the vendor behind the counter is trying to sell. 

Apart from that, there are some etiquettes and rules to be followed. So, here are some of the things you can expect when you visit a physical cannabis store.

  • You must be of legal age to purchase weed.
  • The vendor might ask you for an ID card.
  • The strain you want may not be available at the store.
  • The amount you can buy could depend on the available inventory.
  • Dispensaries may limit the amount of weed one can buy at a time.
  • The dispensary may offer great deals when you buy in bulk or a specific strain.
  • You may have to show your MMJ card if you are a medical marijuana patient.

Final Words on Measuring Cannabis Quantity:

There is no fixed price when you buy weed from the streets. The measure of buds you get is also not defined precisely. Above all, you don’t really know the quality of such cannabis. 

Moreover, learning and remembering these measurement metrics of marijuana could help you cut the best deal with your weed dealer.

Remember, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost!

I believe this guide eases your curiosity, and I hope you have an incredible marijuana shopping experience. 

Math is complex; weed isn’t. Enjoy!

FAQs on Cannabis Measurement:

How much does an ounce of weed cost in the USA?

One ounce of weed means 28.35 grams of weed. The price of an ounce widely ranges, starting from $150 and can go as high as $300. 

Well, $150 to $200 is the expected price range, and some high-grade exotic marijuana strains may be priced between $230 to $300. 

Overall, the cost of an ounce of weed depends upon the bud quality, potency, vendor’s supply, tax, and availability. 

What is an eighth of an ounce of cannabis?

As one ounce is 28.35 grams, an eighth (⅛ of an ounce) is almost 3.5 grams. Genuine retailers offer exactly 3.5g of buds, while some backstreet peddlers might only offer 3g in an eighth. After all, how much you will get in an eighth depends upon the seller. 

How can I tell if buds are laced with chemicals?

Many people intentionally lace marijuana with pesticides, formaldehyde, glass, sprays, and other chemicals to make the pot potent and heavy. That said, you can experiment with the following things if you suspect your stash is impure:

– Try rolling a blunt with pure weed, and you will see the trichomes stay in the roll and stick to your hands. But if the cannabis is contaminated, trichomes become powdery (like dust) that fall off during the rolling process.

– If you rub a fresh bud on a CD, it won’t leave any scratches. Buds contaminated with glass may leave scratches on the surface. 

– Another thing is to check the color and smell of weed. Pure and fresh marijuana smells earthy (Petrichor: like fresh soil after rain). Plus, the color of the weed tends to be greenish instead of black or grey.

How many joints can I make from one gram of weed?

You can make around two medium-sized blunts from a gram of weed.

How many joints can I make from an ounce of weed?

You can make around 50 full-size joints or 80 cigarette-size joints from an ounce of marijuana buds. 

How much weed does it take to feel high?

Most beginners get high by puffing just 3 to 4 tokes (i.e., 0.2g of weed). Contrarily, regular stoners smoke a full blunt (~1 gram) to get high.

Not only that, some prefer to have two full-sized rolls (~2 grams) to get full high. That said, it all depends on the weed quality, amount of THC, and personal tolerance. 

How about exotic strains of weed is it the same or what?

This totally depends, exotic strains of weed are reliable!

What are some common sizes of weed sold in?

Cannabis flower is frequently sold in increments ranging from one gramme to one ounce. An eighth is an eighth of an ounce (or three and a half grammes), a quarter ounce (or seven grammes), and a half-ounce are some typical expressions (14 grams)

How many blunts can an ounce of marijuana produce?

A “blunt” indicates that the rolled product contains around one gramme of cannabis (0.8-1.2g). This is the “average” quantity used in swishers, white owls, and other related wraps. Therefore, your gramme blunt rate would allow for up to 28 blunts per ounce at this rate (28 grammes in an ounce).

How many joints are there in a lid?

A lid has roughly 4-6 joints, each of which is an average joint. Fat joints are distinct.
An ounce (28.35 grammes) of marijuana produces around 60 marijuana cigarettes, or “joints.” However, this would vary depending on the potency of the joint: one ounce might create up to 100 joints or as little as 30.

How much is an 8th of weed in grams?

There are 28 grammes in an ounce, so when you hear expressions like “I want a half” or “I want a 16th,” you’re talking about ounce increments. a half, 14 g, a quarter, 7 g, an eighth, 3.5 g, and a sixteenth, 1.75 g.

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