Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Weed Seeds From a Seed Bank

When hunting for an online marijuana seed bank, it’s essential to know their differences and understand if a specific seed bank has what you want. In the following article, you will get to know everything you need to before buying weed seeds from a seed bank.

Across the ages, cannabis has gained a reputation in the market. A lot of users have been able to alleviate their pain by using marijuana successfully.

Besides, many have started firms in the cannabis industry since legalization in many nations has taken place. Of course, it can be tricky to grow weed.

The initial step of the process is getting the right type of seeds. Sadly, it is often much more challenging to get seeds than you might initially think. After all, you may not be able to discover any seeds in the buds you’re splitting up.

This is why you’ll need to think about purchasing seeds from a seed bank. In this guide, you’re going to explore tips for picking a right seed bank.

We have included the most significant hallmarks of conventional seed banks. But first, let’s know something about cannabis seeds.

Benefits of Growing Cannabis From Seed


Although many indoor growers prefer to raise their cannabis from clones, we recommend you to begin from seed for several distinct reasons.

One primary reason is the seed’s capacity to generate a taproot that attaches the plant to the soil. Clones are not fit to create taproots (only fibrous root systems) and are hence less firm and less able to absorb nutrients.

Taproots delve deep into the soil in search of water and nutrients, which is very important in outdoor surroundings.

Compared to clones, there is also a more extensive assortment of seeds accessible, which is perfect for medical patients or anyone curious in customized cannabinoid content.

Online seed banks are appreciated to trade seeds from multiple breeders. They usually ship anyplace around the globe, but often differ in quality and always arrive at the risk of confiscation in the countries like the USA where marijuana is not legal.

For the people residing in states where it is allowed to grow cannabis, your best chance will be to buy seeds from local, legal cannabis stores.

Marijuana plants that are produced from seed also tend to encounter less stress ending in a higher yield, greater resin production, and an extended possibility of endurance.

They are also less inclined to undergo transplantation shock when transitioning from an indoor to an outdoor growing condition and better for breeding because of the possibility of a male plant.

TIP: If you are not growing it for breeding purposes, you should remove male plants from the growing space as soon as possible.

Details to Keep in Mind While Choosing Strains

Here are some measures you’ll need to consider when picking a strain:

Taste and fragrance – The terpene profile of a strain can deliver complex or intense flavors and smells. Depending on your particular choices, you can take a strain that gives that taste and fragrance at the intensity that looks pleasing to you.

Desired impacts – Everyone responds to cannabis individually, and there’s no assurance that a strain will provide any particular effect. However, you can analyze strains with a cannabinoid and terpene profile that are expected to offer your desired effect.

For example, if you want to feel intoxicating effects, it would make sense to work with something with a higher THC content. If you are searching for a more relaxing event, you can try a strain carrying linalool; a terpene inscribed to possess stress-relieving traits.

Potency – Depending on the concentration of cannabinoids, mainly THC, some strains are more effective than others. The level of power you’re searching for can help you determine which strains to try.

Are you in search of an extremely high? Attempt something more effective. If you are looking for a less intensive encounter? Try something less potent.

Growing method – Many people have a preference for cannabis that is produced in or outdoors. If you are one of those personalities, you’ll undoubtedly need to try strains that match your individual preference.

Potential therapeutic benefits – A strain could have a variety of viable medicinal qualities, depending on its cannabinoid ratio or terpene profile.

If you’re considering using cannabis to manage a medical situation, talk to a medical expert to determine which strains might be beneficial.

Budget – There are strains at every cost, from pocket-friendly to high-end. If you hold a particular budget in mind, that can surely play into which weed strains you choose to try.

Why Buy Seeds From A Seedbank

You might discover that some dispensaries are presently selling seeds if you live in a country where marijuana is legal.

Qualities of seed bank

It may look like a great idea to purchase nearby, with no chance of damage in transportation or waiting for the package, but that is not what we suggest.

Offering quality seeds is a specialized trade demanding expertise in agriculture and plant supervision. Seed banks guarantee that every seed they sell is precisely what is ordered, feminized, auto-flowering, etc.

The seller in a dispensary apparently does not have the expertise or knowledge to precisely sell you what you desire or want. You could end up with all-male seeds that don’t provide buds or a high rate of seeds that decline to sprout.

Not all seeds will deliver a healthy plant or grow. This is a truth of life, no matter where you purchase your seeds. Still, most seed banks will offer an excess over and beyond your order to subtract for this and a guarantee that if you do seize a below-average success ratio, they will send new seeds free of cost.

We also don’t suggest purchasing from colleagues for the same analyses. However, there is nothing wrong with getting as a group from a seed bank in order to get the benefit of bulk order discounts and free shipping. 

Just make sure you understand that you will be receiving the seed you want when the order comes.

Why Picking The Right Seed Bank Is Important

Qualities of seed bankIf you’re hunting for cannabis seeds, you will possibly purchase them straight from a seed bank. However, the significance of picking the right seed bank indeed cannot be emphasized highly enough.

There are numerous seed banks accessible these days for people to buy their seeds from, and deciding between these can often seem confusing. 

Yes, some people might just feel that the best solution is to purchase seeds from the cheapest seed bank directly—but this is usually not the case.

There are many distinctive factors that you should think of when selecting a seed bank. The most obvious way to make this choice is to read online seed bank reviews that will undoubtedly layout and display these various factors.

When it comes to determining how to pick an online seed bank, here are a few things we think you should know.

Types of Cannabis Seed Banks

Qualities of seed bank

Various seed banks will have a different variety of marijuana seeds available. Three significant divisions of seed banks are:

  • Cannabis Seed Breeders
  • Cannabis Seed Brands
  • Cannabis Seed Resellers

Let’s get to know them briefly!

Cannabis Seed Breeders

There are a number of seed breeders in the market. Some are much known while others not so much, with a shorter selection of seeds. They are all concentrated on growing their strains and usually work on a B2B model providing seed resellers and seed brands. However, an exclusive customer can give orders in bulk. 

If you select to buy from a seed breeder, anticipate limited customer service, fewer payment alternatives, and not many promotions as they are just not a B2C shop front.

They concentrate only on breeding their own seeds. The benefits of such a purchasing choice are lower seed prices and the satisfaction that you’re getting seeds directly from the source.

Cannabis Seed Brands

These are the most prevalent storefronts and particular favorites. They have a wide variety of seeds and guarantees on germination and transportation, usually global transportation (some are restricted), promotions, and outstanding customer cooperation.

They are B2C focused and the kind of shop you typically assume when buying seeds online.

Cannabis Seed Resellers

Resellers have the most extensive range of strains and stock thousands of species sourced from brands and breeders. However, costs can be higher than going straight to a breeder, because they add a brand.

They are not much quality-focused because the seeds are not their own, and might not give a guarantee on germination.

Parameters to Count While Buying From a Seed Bank

Qualities of seed bank

Check the below boxes before buying from a seed bank!

  • Background Check
  • Legitimate or Fraud
  • Seeds – Quality, Selection & Genetics
  • Germination Guarantee
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Payment & Promotions
  • Customer Service
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Comparing Seed banks

Background Check

First and foremost, you should allot some time to examine the website’s past. Has the firm done excellent work in the past? Have they been ready to withdraw disrepute and conflicts with clients?

One of the best methods to decide whether or not an organization is deserving of your money is by examining the testimonials of the previous customers.

This can tell you a lot. Be sure to utilize this knowledge to your account, and you’ll have little difficulty obtaining the best cannabis seed bank.

Legitimate or Fraud

With so many alternatives of seed banks to decide from, it is not always the greatest idea to choose whoever you see at the top of Google search results.

Anyone can create a friendly website and finance in marketing, so you need to make sure you purchase from a reputable seller. 

Qualities of seed bankThere are numerous seed banks because the limit to enter the business is low; some are legit, and some you may never have discovered before.

It’s essential to understand the seed bank that you make a purchase from is reliable. But how do you spot that out?

If there’s a title you know among seed sellers, that may be a safe bet. If not, you have some severe information-digging ahead of you.

Sadly, there have been instances of scammer websites and requests not being initiated after cash is taken. With the possibility of buying fake reviews, you should handle reviews with some care. 

You should look for executive, registered firms in business directories, reliable reviews, even negative reviews. If there are contradictory reviews and positive ones, that’s apparently a sign of a legitimate business, mainly if a company responds to those comments.

Verify if a seed bank has a real store. This is a great idea to know if they are trustworthy. You may also need to understand if they have a stories page on their website, whether they exhibit their goods at cannabis trade fairs, or host their own events.

Seeds – Quality, Selection & Genetics

Qualities of seed bank

The first thing you might want to consider when picking an online seed bank is the strain selection. Many seed banks offer various strains of seeds, and some will even grow some of their own seeds as well.

As such, if you have something favorite in mind—or if you just like being ready to enjoy a variety of different strains—then picking an online seed bank with a broad range of strains is essential.

Seed banks normally have an extensive range of seeds, from 10s to 100s of variations. Typically, they include the followings:

Regular Seeds

Typically, regular seeds can be both male and female, and they can be a mixture of both Sativa and Indica plants. Breeders can choose which plants they want to have once grown and then use cuttings to make clones. Growers tend to save mother plants from being able to get the same seeds in the future.

Feminized Seeds

These are the most common varieties of seeds, but you need to trust your feminized seed bank – you don’t want to end up with a male plant destroying your harvest. Feminized seeds are 99.9% possible to create female plants and produce a lot of nugs and give bigger harvests.

Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Autoflowers are rising in popularity. There are many varieties with high CBD, high THC, or something within. These plants are durable and sturdy. 

This is because, as their title says, auto-flowering feminized seeds are marijuana plants that flower automatically despite light or period — they flower after a definite amount of time has passed. 

They emerged from rugged conditions of Central Asia, Russia, and regions with shorter growing periods due to diminished daylight and colder temperatures. They are great for novice growers because of their flexibility but tend to give smaller yields on smaller plants. 

Some people claim this way of growing permits for more potent cannabis plants, and it is frequently for more seasoned growers. 

You can analyze seed banks based on their guarantees. The best seed banks will generally have a pretty awesome coverage of three types of guarantees: germination, shipping, and delivery.

Germination Guarantee

Qualities of seed bankGermination guarantees differ. Some dealers offer 80%-100% germination guarantees, while others may not offer any assurance at all. It can have an impact on the price of the seeds as well. 

When a seed bank doesn’t give a germination guarantee, it doesn’t have to ding any alarm bells. But if you desire to be on the safe side and are ready to pay extra, it might be deserving of going with a seed bank that offers this security. 

Some seed banks might not offer a guarantee, but free seeds instead, as their aim is to assure customers end up with the number of plants they paid for.

Shipping Guarantee

Qualities of seed bankIt’s a great idea to relate seed banks based on their shipping facilities. Their transmission times can alter quite a bit.

For instance, some vendors offer shipping globally within 6 business days, while others have the least shipping time of 12 business days. All internal shipping should only take up to 5 business days.

Be conscious that EU-based seed banks may restrict the number of seeds within a request. Also, some seed banks will not export to nations or regions where marijuana isn’t entirely legal.

Various seed banks use a different kind of packaging. Some craft seeds in their original packaging, while other seed banks – those that do ship to states and nations where cannabis is illegal – will use secrecy or safe transportation. Most firms will allow you to pick your packaging.

Stealth shipping is when seeds are extracted from the primary packaging and kept in casual objects, not only for legal reasons but also for stealing.

But if you’re getting seeds from a reseller, you need to make sure they utilize the original packaging. Otherwise, you have no proof that the product you acquired is the original strain of seed you bought. 

Stealth shipping may cost an additional charge on smaller orders, but it’s ordinarily free with bigger orders. Make sure it happens with tracking.

Guaranteed Delivery

Qualities of seed bankWhen you spend out on seeds, you desire to be as positive as possible because they will come promptly. Indeed, one of the common concerns about purchasing marijuana seeds online is that of the possible risks of losing your seeds completely.

There are two methods that you can act to stop this unlucky scenario from happening. For a start, wherever feasible, you should always strive to purchase seeds from a seed bank with its headquarters in the same nation as you; this will subdue the chance of the package getting captured by the officials. For instance, bypassing customs borders.

In addition to this, you should also manage to assure that the company offers reliable delivery systems. If you are worried about the package getting seized, you may want to take a stealth delivery option, and so will need to check that your elected seed bank allows this service!

It is always advised to work with a seed bank that gives a delivery guarantee. Things can get complex while shipping – some seeds may be seized by customs when exported internationally, others may be subject to robbery, etc. 

So, check the guarantee and make sure you are satisfied with it. Top seed banks regularly give free replacements if anything goes crazy, and they allow tracking. Although sometimes it may coast you extra money.

Payment & Promotions

Qualities of seed bankNot all seed banks give promotions, but if you discover one that does – great!

Offers can vary from no discount at all to up to 50% discount on specific strains and selected categories. 

You can try out the buying strategy around various seed banks to make sure you have checked out the best promotions and chose great deals on some strains you have been seeking for.

Free seeds with the order is amongst the best deals, as well as loyalty interests, if you buy with the same seed back again and again.

When it comes to spending, check what payment options are allowed. You should see your standard methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers, but also more and more seed banks are taking cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and even give a discount. 

One of the ideas that seed banks receive cryptocurrencies is because there have been problems with credit card processors and marijuana firms, due to the plant’s complicated constitutional status.

However, the vendors always find means to solve these issues – after all, it’s in everyone’s benefit to ensure the payment can be made.

Customer Service

Qualities of seed bankThe buyer is the King!

A right seed bank should always have excellent customer service assistance available to its clients.

Things can and do go crazy when buying seeds, and it is for this reason that you should always strive to make sure that you are getting through a seed bank who has helpful and supportive staff if there is a query.

Ratings and Reviews

Qualities of seed bankWhen scanning for the ideal online seed bank, you should always take your time to study online reviews. As well as acknowledging online reviews from a website such as TrustPilot, you should also study at the ratings given about the seed bank; this will support you get a clear picture of the status and authenticity of the seed bank.

Various seed banks differ considerably in their delivery systems, seed variety, customer service, and other necessary conveniences. Being able to recognize genuine and unbiased reviews from people just like you, you can this way be a big help while deciding on whether or not to go for that particular seed bank.

Eventually, you should understand that some weed seeds are not going to grow. The root may never crack out of the shell. It is appropriate to choose a seed bank with a very high success scale.

Comparing Seed Banks

Qualities of seed bankThe most obvious way to get all of the knowledge that you want to make your choice is to use websites, such as High Times or Vela, which evaluate all of the top marijuana seed banks.

By collecting all of the relevant info in one place, these websites are perfect for analyzing seed banks so that you can pick the right one.

Last Thoughts

Buying cannabis seeds is always pricey, so you need to make sure you are buying them from a vendor that isn’t going to rip you off and offer a quality product.

Strain Review
Strain Review

The above-mentioned seed banks are an excellent spot to start if you’re seeking a reputable seed supplier. You will get a vast assortment of seeds on these sites, whether you desire your cannabis to relieve medical illnesses or relax.

Among these seed bank sites, few might also have lots of data on how to grow the seeds properly if you are just a beginner. Happy Hunting!

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