Orange Juice and Weed = Mind-Blowing High? Unveiling the Truth!

There are many answers for if drinking orange juice while smoking marijuana increases the high.

Some are yes-answers, while some are no!

So, what’s the correct and actual answer?

Does orange juice make you high? Or is it just a fake rumor?

Let’s find out everything is clear and crisp in today’s post!

Terpenes – The Missing Puzzle Piece


Before we dive into knowing if orange juice can make you higher, you need to understand the role of terpenes.

Terpenes are a group of organic compounds known in citrus fruits such as oranges and in marijuana itself.  

These compounds produce a zesty fragrance in the oranges and an earthy, psychoactive odor in the marijuana plant.

If you are wondering why it is essential to understand the terpene function for knowing if the combination of orange juice and weed gets you higher, then here it is:

The terpenes are the component in cannabis after THC and CBD that help you feel the sensation of “high” or “stoned.”

But remember that terpenes alone are insufficient to get you high like cannabis.

So, Do Terpenes In Orange Juice Will Make You High?

As I said, if consumed alone, no quantity of terpenes can help you get psychoactive effects like weed.

Even if you can whiff a concentrated form of terpenes at best, you can still feel only dizzy. That’s it!

A study in 2019 tested the effects of terpenes with or without cannabinoids of weed.

The research concluded that cannabinoid receptors (CB1) are unaffected when terpenes are added to the mix.

That means there is no direct relation between terpenes and getting the sensation of being stoned.

However, there is another theory as well – The Entourage Effect.

Let me explain:

There is a known synergy that exists between terpenes and cannabinoids.

That means the chemicals in cannabis are complemented by terpenes, and they work better together.

Here, “complemented” is important and should not be confused with something else.

So, the interaction between terpenes and cannabinoids (THC and CBD) is called the “entourage effect.”

And this entourage effect helps your body with neuroprotective effects, such as a balance between THC and CBD, to make your “high” more enjoyable.

Weed And Orange Juice: Does It Make You Higher?

No study yet proves weed combined with orange juice can make you higher.

So, there is no direct relation to high with orange juice and weed combined.

However, as explained earlier, the entourage effect can make you feel better when you are high and take orange juice as supplemental.

The entourage effect assists CBD in working as a psychoactive ceiling and mitigating the undesirable effects of CBD.

And it can help relax muscles and reduce paranoia or anxiety, ultimately making you feel relaxed and more sedated.

Therefore, for this reason, it is not unusual that people may report a better-stoned experience if they combine orange juice after smoking cannabis.

However, remember that the entourage effect does not produce its own psychoactive effects.

Do All Types Of Orange Juice Contain Terpenes?

Now as you already know that orange fruit contains terpenes that can complement your high on cannabis.

However, at the same time, you should remember that different orange juice types will have different terpene levels.

Here is why:

You need freshly squeezed and pasteurized orange juice to get those healthy natural terpenes.

And those natural terpenes are not available in market juice bottles with flavored orange juices or the least amount of natural orange as an ingredient.

So even if you want to complement your high with orange juice, you still need fresh juice.

The reason is that, unlike mangoes, the most natural terpenes of orange fruit are in its peel which leaks into the rest of the fruit.

However, on the other hand, the multiple processes, including thermal pasteurization or centrifugation to remove air and other storage practices, cause orange and its peel to have much lower terpene content.

So, fresh tree-to-glass orange juice will have a higher level of terpenes than pasteurized orange juice.

But surely, there will be some levels of terpenes in the pasteurized juice as well.

Is Your Orange Juice Fresh And Hand-Squeezed Or Processed?

Until now, you might have understood the relationship between terpenes and weed to improve your overall experience.

Also, you might have understood the terpenes level difference in freshly prepared juice vs processed one.

So, the next time you want a better experience, you can consider freshly prepared juice rather than processed one.

Do Any Other Fruits Enhance Your High?

Definitely! Some fruits can complement your high (not to be confused with higher).

The main category of such fruits is citrus fruits, as they are the ones that contain a higher level of terpenes.

So, the list includes:

  • Oranges
  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Grapefruits
  • Tangerines

And other citrus fruit varieties.

Apart from fruits, there are many other food items reported by cannabis connoisseurs that can help enhance your “stoned” experience.

These are:

  • Chocolates
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea

Should You Go For More High?

There has been enough talking about using other things to have a better experience while using cannabis.

But now, let’s talk about some consequences of it.

When searching for high-enhancers, you should also know to what extent doing so is safe or what it can result.

First, beginners using cannabis for the first time must understand that going slow is the key.

Never take another hit in the peer pressure or for looking cool.

You should know your tolerance level and start slowly, especially when new to cannabis.

And for experienced stoners, complementing high with snacks or fruit juices will not harm.

But it is not recommended if you seek to get higher, whether through anyway.  

High levels of cannabis or highness can cause anxiety as well, and it can even lead to panic attacks.

However, the good thing is that the effects will go away after some time (but in extreme cases, when the effects are not going away even after some time, seek a doctor immediately).

In a nutshell, you should not push your limits under peer pressure or look cool.


What are the effects of Orange Juice weed?

Orange juice with weed can complement your overall experience, but there is no clear proof yet that it can make you more high.

How does orange juice help when you are high?

Orange juice and other citrusy fruits contain terpenes; when combined with weed, they produce a “better” feeling under the entourage effect.

Therefore, some people report having a better high having orange juice after smoking cannabis.

If I drink orange juice before smoking weed, would I still get high?

Weed combined with orange can only complement the overall high taste.
And as there is no clear study about the effect of orange juice before and after smoking cannabis, one cannot answer that for all other people.
However, some have reported that drinking orange juice before smoking weed can lead to a less powerful high. But again, different body types react differently.
For example, a single hit of cannabis can be nothing for one person, while it can be overwhelming for another.

What are some popular orange strains?

Many, including the Orange Juice strain, a cross between legendary OG Kush and California orange, and Joseph, bred by Gage Green genetics.

Orange Juice With Weed – Final Words

There is no study as of now to prove if using orange juice after smoking weed can increase your high.

Orange juice after smoking weed can only complement your experience, and this post has already explained the possible reasons.

Hopefully, now you are clearer about using orange juice with weed smoke and its effect on your being “stoned” experience.

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