How to Store Cannabis? – Everything You Need to KNOW

Figuring out how to store cannabis can be extremely challenging, especially if you’re part of the new cannabis consumers or cannabis growers community.

So, in this guide, I’ll not only teach you the best way to store marijuana buds, but I will also give you my top picks of the best weed storage products on the market.

After years of trying things out, I found that the best marijuana storage in my favor would be the Mr. Calman Large Stash Box. This is the perfect container as it will keep your cannabis products from being exposed to too much air while keeping them stored properly.

The Best Tips and Tricks to Store Weed Properly


Unless you’re a real weed connoisseur, you won’t be interested to know the proper ways of storing cannabis.

Julian Webb, Nectar Cannabis Senior Lead, says that cannabis, akin to any other perishable product, improper storage, too much moisture, and exposure to direct sunlight will cause it to dry, reducing its potency level tremendously.

So, here are the best tips for storing marijuana I can give you, so you’re sure that they’re properly cured and that their shelf-life will be stretched out.

Temperature Considerations

The best and ideal temperature to store cannabis flowers would be under 70 degrees Fahrenheit or about 21.1 degrees Celsius. Your aim is to make sure that the flower or the herb is kept fresh without indulging it in dryness and dampness.

NOTE: Extreme temperatures, both low and high temperatures, will dry the cannabinoids and terpenes of your herbs.

Humidity Considerations

Other than extreme temperatures and climate considerations, you also want to keep relative humidity levels in the place where you store your weed.

They are herbs – keeping them in humid environments will attract molds and mildew. Usually, the best relative humidity level is any exposure less than 60%.

So, what you want to do is keep them in an environment that is controlled.

NOTE: Storing your cannabis in humidity packs is one of the best things you can do to ensure that they will be in the best and proper humidity levels perfect for keeping them potent.

Air Considerations

Air is a crucial factor in storing your cannabis. Keeping them out in the open will hasten and expedite the degradation process of the cannabis flower.

What you want to do is to keep as much air out from where you’re storing cannabis as possible. This is the reason why investing in an airtight glass jar or any other type of vacuum-seal container is a good step toward proper storage of your marijuana.

Light Considerations

Last and definitely not least is light.

I’m a sucker for this because I did not know about the considerations of light when I was first starting. Similar to high and low temperatures or the extremes, exposing your medical marijuana to UV rays, direct sunlight, and too much heat won’t just dry it out; it can also make it lose its potency over time.

What you want is to keep and store them in a cool, dark place. You want to reduce exposure to extreme light as much as possible.

Do You Need a Container For Your Cannabis Flower?

While a container is not necessary, your best bet would be to invest in one, especially if you want to properly store weed.

Knowing the tricks and best practices in protecting buds is good, but investing in good quality airtight containers will be better.

So, to answer the question, yes, I would suggest using a dedicated container for the long-term storage of your cannabis.

But why? Other than enhancing your cannabis experience, why is it such a big deal to keep marijuana fresh?

Is it Bad to Smoke Old Weed?

Consuming anything that’s old is bad for the experience of doing so. If you are concerned about health issues related to smoking old and oxygenated weed, you shouldn’t because it doesn’t have any negative effects on your health.

However, if you are using marijuana for medical purposes, you will notice that it will have a huge drop in potency and efficacy.

It wouldn’t be as effective, as tasteful, and as potent as it was before.

This only happens if you are unable to store your cannabis flower properly. It dries out, and the overall texture and taste of it deteriorate.

Don’t worry; I prepared six (6) of the best marijuana storage products I have tried, tested, and used so far!

The 6 Best Storage Containers For Marijuana Buds, Flowers, and Stashes

Proper cannabis storage is necessary not only to make sure that you’ll get the best experience but also to maintain the potency of your weed.

So, to prevent buds from going bad, I would suggest investing in the following types of containers.

(HENEVOL) Mr. Calman Large Stash Box: Editor’s Choice

(HENEVOL) Mr. Calman Large Stash Box

I consider Mr. Calman’s stash box the best for storing cannabis because of how comprehensive it is. It comes with small mason jars you can use for further protection and security.

This high-quality bamboo wood container is designed in black, adding to the style and overall design and making it look more modernistic and realistic.

The kit is complete in all aspects of consuming cannabis. It comes with 2 smaller glass jars, a wood rolling tray, a steel magnate, and compartments that are best for more controlled substances.

It’s also secured as it’s equipped with a combination lock, keeping everything inside the container hidden and concealed!

Make sure that you keep it in a cool, dark place, and expect your buds stored to beat the same condition after months.

Hakuna Supply Fingerprint Lock Box: Runner-Up

Hakuna Supply Fingerprint Lock Box

What comes next is the Hakuna Supply Fingerprint Lock Box. I loved this, too, and I’m pretty sure all other techy smokers and tokers will.

This is what I consider the best because its security feature is unique – it is a fingerprint biometric lock. It can store up to a total of five (5) fingerprints for equally distributed access to your stash.

It’s the perfect marijuana storage for concentrates, and although it’s neither equipped with small mason jars nor vacuum sealers, it’s a stylish and fashionable way to keep your stash hidden from the public.

It has a 5,000mAh power bank, as well as added compartments for other accessories such as vaporizers, pens, oils, mobile phones, etc.

Chanel Red Humidor: Best Cannabis Buds Storage With Complete Accessories

Chanel Red Humidor

Xhaal’s Red cannabis humidor is the all-in-one storage that I’m pretty sure you always wanted to have. It comes with a tray, an ashtray, paper filters, ring holders, glass jars, a grinder, and many more!

It is the complete marijuana storage you never had!

The height of the container is short, which simply means that you wouldn’t be able to keep a ton of stuff inside. But, it has compartments to keep your cannabis fresh and to ensure that your long-term storage will absolutely be effective in keeping the potency of your medical marijuana at bay.

I even tried using Xhaal’s cannabis humidor as a tobacco humidor, and it was fantastic! I found it to be better and more effective than a glass jar because it blocked UV rays quite decently.

Medtainer’s Certified Child Resistant Storage With Grinder: Cheapest Weed Storage

Medtainer’s Certified Child Resistant Storage

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward airtight container that can keep relative humidity, then going with Medtainer’s storage with a grinder will be the best fit.

Made from medical-grade plastic, the product is smell proof, watertight, and airtight; it’s an ideal product if you want to store weed in the short term.

I usually bring one of these whenever I travel, and it’s able to keep the potency for a few days.

I would choose Medtainer’s child-resistant storage over glass mason jars because they won’t break and crack easily and aren’t as fragile as glass jars and containers.

Herb Guard Vacuum Sealed Container: Best Airtight Glass Container

Herb Guard Vacuum Sealed Container

Designed to restrict herbs, spices, coffee, and tea from losing potency, Herb Guard’s selection of airtight glass jars is a wonderful treat.

It is so effective that the company promises that it can keep the contents inside fresh for months. Yes, it’s a lot better than your usual plastic bags!

Made with military-grade glass that’s shatterproof, crackproof, and abrasion-resistant, you wouldn’t worry about the exterior of the product.

The product comes with a single Boveda humidity pack and is built to last and withstand the harsh circumstances that the environment gives you.

Want your stash to be stored correctly without the need for vacuum sealing? Use Herb Guard’s sealed container and indulge in long-term storage without worrying about the efficacy of your products!

KOZO Airtight Storage Jar: Best Smell Proof Sealed Container

KOZO Airtight Storage Jar

Using this was funny because I purchased it and did not intend to use it for my marijuana flower or my bud. Then, I recall when I unknowingly put my stash of weed in it, and after a few weeks, the product’s taste, smell, and potency were the same.

The brand markets it as “not just a jar,” but the best container.

It’s made with solid black glass, which helps in keeping your stash in the dark place. It’s not vacuum sealed, but it was able to keep the condition and status of my marijuana flower in check.

The product also comes with a humidity pack – the reason why I purchased it was because, at that time, there was a shortage of Boveda packs.

It’s so airtight that even in freezing temperatures, it wouldn’t easily influence the contents – you wouldn’t worry about winter!

The lid is engineered to be air-tight, and the overall structure of the body is built like a mason jar – but better.

Whether you’re looking for glass containers, vacuum sealers, or other types of cannabis containers, these six (6) are what I would highly recommend using.

For either medical marijuana or marijuana for leisure and recreational purposes, these products are products you can absolutely rely on.

Is There a Way to Rehydrate or Re-Humidify Your Marijuana?

Of course, the best method in doing this is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You know what they say, “prevention is always better than cure.”

Luckily, there are a few ways to kick up moisture to your stash without it going over the ideal humidity level. The best methods include:

Fruit Peel Method

This method will need you to utilize fruit peel to cover or put over your weed. Now, you don’t want the fruit peel to touch your weed. So, what you want to do is make sure that it doesn’t interact with each other.

Place the fruit peel on one side inside the plastic bag and your cannabis on the other.

Damp Towel Method

This method is similar to the fruit peel method, but instead of using a fruit peel, you’ll be using a damp towel.

For the damp towel, you want to damp it with lukewarm water. You don’t want it to be too hot or too cold because these extremes in temperature will tamper with the curing process of your buds.

Hot Vapor Method

Last but most definitely not least would be the hot vapor method. This is the method I like the least because it’s the riskiest and most dangerous for the dried buds stored.

Why? Because there’s the chance to overhydrate your cannabis.

How does the process work? It’s pretty simple and straightforward:

  1. Fill a pot with water, and then bring it to a boil.
  2. Once done, place on a countertop or any safe surface.
  3. Remove the pot’s cover, and then place a thin cloth on top.
  4. Place your weed on top of the cloth.
  5. Turn the buds constantly so that the moisture is distributed evenly.

Do you see where the danger is? What usually happens is that the buds become too wet and too damp to be smoked, even rolled.

I did this only a handful of times, and the times where I wasted weed was a lot more than when I was able to consume it properly.

NOTE: Don’t keep it on the cloth for more than 1 minute.


It isn’t easy to take these all in, I know. And that is why I gathered some of the questions newbie smokers and tokers have to ask about the process of storing cannabis.

Can I Store Weed in a Plastic Bag?

You can, but out of all the different storage options you can use, plastics are the worst. Get rid of plastic bags and go with containers and storage options that are air-tight.

Can You Store Weed Ground?

You can store your cannabis either in buds or ground form. The factor at play here would be how you store it. You can even store a cannabis joint the same way and keep it fresh!

Should You Freeze Weed to Keep it Fresh?

No, you can’t. Freezers and fridges sound like a good option for maintaining the freshness of your produce, right? But, that’s not the case with cannabis. The extreme coldness will break down the cannabinoids and terpenes of your weed. The moisture will consume your cannabis, and it will be deemed unconsumable.

How Long Wil Weed Last in a Ziploc?

This will depend on the situations and circumstances your weed is in. If you store them in regular Ziplocs without being mindful of the air inside, they will dry out. However, if you remove all the air before sealing it, you can expect it to last for about a month or two.

The Bottom Line

So, the important thing in learning how to store cannabis lies in how you would be using your cannabis.

And while you might think that it can easily be stored in a container, it doesn’t work that way. Remember to place it in normal temperature, place it in a cool, dark place, use a vacuum sealer if you can, and draw out humidity and air as much as you can.

Don’t let a dry and impotent cannabis ruin your smoking experience!

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