How To Smoke Moon Rocks? Preparation, Usage, Effects, Pros, Cons

Are you looking to get extremely high that your regular blunts and fancy bongs do not offer? Well, weed moon rock is your go-to option to experience that out-of-the-world high. Are you wondering how to smoke moon rocks? Chill! This guide will traverse you through everything about moon rocks. 

There are many methods by which you can consume marijuana. Some enjoy smoking, while some prefer brewing stem tea out of it. On the other hand, there’s a whole bunch of users who loves cannabis-infused edibles.

That said, hardcore recreational users always tend to look for something that can provide them with utter high and sheer experience. Well, for that, smoking moon rocks is the way to go!

Great! Let’s understand what moon rock is.

So, what are moon rocks?


In simple words, moon rocks are marijuana buds dipped into a cannabis concentrate. Hence, you will see your buds completely covered with sticky crystals. 

Though the origin of moon rocks is still unknown, most people believe that it was first developed by Starbudz760 dispensary. Nothing concrete, though! 

If you are a THC lover, you will certainly love consuming this stuff. As hash is a popular substance for enjoying ecstatic effects, know that the moon rocks are no different or even potent if prepared with terpene-rich, high THC cannabis strains.

That’s amazing, right?

Upon smoking, you might be overwhelmed by its extreme effects, so make sure to pull within your limits. 

On the other hand, the aromatic, cloudy, and thick smoke that comes out of your puff is really a sight to behold.

At first, you will feel like your head is getting relaxed by eliminating daily tensions. Further, the high will reverberate through your whole body.

Initially, it’s clear and manageable, but you will be lured into a pool of euphoria once it takes over your sensations.

Just two words to describe the high— next level!

How to Make Moon Rocks?

Making moon rocks is relatively easy compared to making hash or live resin. It’s the best part of moon rocks that even beginners can try to make it and they will, most probably, get the best substance. 

To make moon rocks, you’ll need the following things:

  • Fresh cannabis buds
  • Kief powder
  • Concentrate
  • Bowl
  • Grabber
  • Butter knife

Now, let’s get started to make knockout moon rocks.

Step 1:

Take some fresh cannabis buds that are not too dry. Do not grind them or crumble them. 

Step 2:

Apply hash oil or concentrate on your butter knife and start heating it on both sides. Make sure to prevent burning as you only need to give slight heating for melting.

Step 3:

Now, pick up your fresh nug with a grabber; then, use your butter knife to apply the hash oil evenly. You will see that the buds soak the concentrate as you continue this process. 

Step 4:

In this step, you need to cover your oil-soaked weed nugs with kief powder that you have accumulated after grinding your stash. Make sure to coat thick such that it covers the entire bud.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to wait and watch your hash-soaked flowers getting ready as they become dry. And thus, you have your moon rocks, ready to smoke and whiff in the air.

How quick & convenient!

How To Smoke Moon Rocks?

There are many ways by which you can smoke moon rocks. Not all methods are convenient due to the sticky nature of moon rocks, but you can be an expert with trial and error.


You can simply take the tobacco out of your cigarettes and fill the wrap with your moon rocks. However, smoking moon rocks in joints is annoying as the oil-soaked buds will not stay lit constantly. Still, you can add some dried flowers along with moon rocks and make it perfect. 

Plus, ensure that the roll is not too tight to pull puffs. Rolling a tight joint makes it harder to pull whiffs, so just press it from all sides to create air gaps and let it loose a bit.

Blunt Wraps:

Like joints, blunt wraps can be filled with moon rocks and dried buds mixed into one. But, the problem here is the same as the gluey nature of moon rocks might make it difficult for you to puff keep it lit.

However, if you use high-quality blunt wraps and roll them nicely, you can get rid of this dilemma. Further, you can also use any top-class cigar wraps to get the knockout high.


Mix your moon rocks with some grounded marijuana flowers, and put them into the bowl of your bong. Consequently, all stuff will catch heat evenly, and moon rocks will burn well.

Rest assured that even bongs can get you hard-hitting effects. Moreover, modern bongs include many innovative features like ice-cooling and a percolator system, so you will even enjoy smooth, filtered, and constant hits.


There’s a whole lot of stoners who only prefer pipe to smoke weed. While dried buds burn faster and better with weed pipes, moon rocks also burn amazingly well.

Still, mixing some grounded nugs with moon rocks ensures that the mixture will catch constant and smooth burning. 


Yeah, you can also make edibles from moon rocks! You will find many moon-rock-infused edibles that will literally take your taste buds to a deliciously new level.

You can make chocolates, cookies, brownies, donuts, and much more with moon rocks. Have a look at some of the best-selling edibles infused with moon rocks.

Pro Tips to Enjoy Moonrocks in The Best Way Possible

Here are some factors to consider before smoking moon rocks to help you enjoy your potent stuff the best way possible. 

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the key to remain clear and energetic while smoking weed. As moon rocks are so stubborn, you don’t want to feel dizzy after pulling just a single puff. Keep your water bottles nearby and enjoy your hash-soaked buds.

Bongs, pipes, or blunts?

As discussed earlier, moon rocks are thick and sticky, so filling those nugs in joints and blunts may be a little fuzzy. Therefore, bongs and pipes are the best tools to enjoy moon rocks.

Filling dried buds at the top of blunt

Moon rocks are somewhat greasy and sticky, so hard to ignite instantly. So, you need to put some dried cannabis kief or crushed nugs on top of your blunts. Therefore, the light will catch up nicely, and your moon rock-filled roll will then burn at a constant pace.

Set the right mood

Yes, smoking moon rocks in different conditions may affect you differently. It’s important to have a comfy surrounding and the right mood to smoke weed. If your cravings are so much, you will enjoy the constant high and positive vibes that moon rocks offer.

Solo or with friends?

Well, it’s an individual perspective. If you prefer to smoke weed alone and pass your time in tranquility, it’s up to you. Otherwise, enjoying moon rocks is so much fun when you do it with your stoner friends. You will love those extraterrestrial talks and afterlife convos that only a fellow stoner can understand and feel you!

Use it at night

Once you complete running all your errands at the end of the day, your mind feels relaxed and leisurely. That said, moon rocks are excellent when smoked at night as you can enjoy the high with peace. It’s like you don’t care about anything in the world and just want to tempt yourself in the heavenly smoke of marijuana moon rock.

Final Thoughts:

If you have ever watched the interview of Snoop Dogg, a renowned American rapper, he has treasured the potency of moon rocks and said, “Moon Rock is too much, dog!”

If moon rocks are too much for hardcore stoners, imagine what it does to occasional users. In a nutshell, it’s one of the strongest marijuana preparation out there. You do not want to take it lightly, so go slow with each puff. 

That’s what this thing is! Highly potent and mind-boggling. In my experience, I have never experience as potent substances as moon rocks. The effects will remain for a couple of hours. 

FAQs on Moon Rocks:

What makes moon rocks different?

Unlike other cannabis preparations, moon rocks are absolutely potent that can lure you into a mind-numbing state of euphoria. In short, you will get to enjoy a remarkable experience that’s truly out of this world.

Are moon rocks legal?

As cannabis is legal in most US states, cannabis-derived products are not banned from use. There are various rules for possessing, growing, distributing, and using marijuana, so I recommend you make yourself aware of the latest law in your region.

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