How to Smoke Live Resin? Preparation, Usage, Effects, & Benefits

Live resin is a sticky and waxy marijuana concentrate that you can easily consume by many methods. If you wonder how to smoke live resin, you’ve come to the right place. Explore this brief guide to learn other popular methods of consuming this waxy herb.

Cannabis is a multi-purpose plant that can get us hemp for manufacturing products and flowers for medication and recreation. As our curiosity rises, we have found many byproducts and preparations that we can use to get chill.

From raw buds to stem liquids and hashish to concentrates and oils, marijuana has been widely utilized for making various extractions.

The recent talk of the town substance is cannabis live resin, which is derived from the butane extraction process.

Let’s understand what it is and how it can be beneficial in so many ways.

What is Live Resin?


Live resin is a yellowish waxy substance that’s derived from fresh cannabis through a butane extraction process. When it comes to flavor, resin renders delightful zest and fragrance due to preserved terpenes.

In terms of usage, it can be consumed with many techniques- edibles, smoking, sprinkling, dabbing, hot knives, or bong. (More on this below)

Moreover, concentrates and wax are worthy products for vaping and dabbing, but live resin has really outperformed every other preparation as it is rich with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Preparing Live Resin

Preparing live resin is normally done under the observation of cannabis professionals as it involves some tricky processes. 

First of all, the extraction process of live resin starts with fresh cannabis buds that are picked right out of the plant. The drying and curing processes are not involved here as the temperature fluctuations could reduce the quality, affecting the potency and terpene’s purity.

Besides, experts use the flash-freeze method to pick and store cannabis in a super cool environment. As freezing helps preserve terpenes and cannabinoids in intact conditions, derived resin holds all-natural and effective components.

Moreover, flash-freezing is done by putting cannabis plant material into a liquid nitrogen cylinder. Note that the ideal temperature of freezing is -40 degrees celsius.

Apart from that, experts also use liquefied petroleum gas such as butane as solvents. Not only that, ethanol or carbon dioxide is also a less popular solvent that some companies use. 

After freezing the material and putting it into a solvent, you will get a solution that needs to be heated slowly at a minimal temperature. Ultimately, this process will intensify solvent vaporization. 

Once the vaporization is complete, the solution needs to be cooled down for further use. And now you are ready to make good use of your live resin. Note that it can have as much as 50-80% THC content! 

That’s pretty high!

How to Smoke Live Resin?

If you wonder how to smoke live resin, explore this short guide to know the different consuming methods of this sticky cannabis concentrate. 


Dab rigs are popular these days that you can use to smoke not only your flowers but also live resins. As dab rigs withstand higher temperatures, they are quite outperforming regular glass bowls. 

Moreover, a dab rig with a spoon-shaped tip is ideal for smoking live resin. Just put your resin in a bowl, preheat your torch, and enjoy your delicious weed resins. 

However, it’s important to keep the temperature in an optimal setting. Too hot could burn the flavonoids, and too cool may not activate cannabinoids, so 330 to 390° Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for dabbing live resins.


If you would like to vape your resin, dab pens are your best bet. Besides, you just need a dabber tool to fill the resin in the coil, activate heating, and enjoy a flavorful kick with each whiff. 

Live Resin Cartridges

Most users prefer to enjoy live resins with cartridges. Furthermore, resin carts are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of use and ready-to-go smoking experience. 

It’s an oil cartridge that you need to fill with resins instead of concentrates. Just connect your cartridge with the battery, start heating, and use the mouthpiece to puff potent smoke.

Blunt Wrapping 

It’s a relatively new method. To wrap your live resin around the blunt, you need to stretch your resin material to make a thin thread. After that, it will be easy to roll the resin string over your joint or blunt. 


If you have your stash ready to fill in your blunt wraps, just sprinkle some resins on your crushed buds before rolling. Hence, it will give you a heightened sense of euphoria and relaxation with an increased level of THC. 

Whether you use a glass pipe, bong, cigars, or gravity, mixing some live resin with cured flowers can let you enjoy more potent smoke. 

Some brands even sell strain-specific edibles that are infused with all-natural live resins. Have a look at some of the best resin-infused edibles in the market.

Note that resin sauce is generally be made by cured buds of cannabis, while pure and fresh marijuana nugs get us the live resin if we skip drying and curing. Another high-THC substance made with cured buds is kief, which can be used further to make hash with pollen press.

The Effects of Consuming Live Resin

The extraction process of live resin neutralizes the moisture content. Subsequently, you will get a mind-boggling high that could lead to psychoactive episodes.

Apart from that, it’s a potent concentrate that can get you super relief from bodily pains or aches if you have any.

Moreover, the terpenes and cannabinoids are higher in resin than dried buds, giving you a pleasant smoking experience. Ultimately, you won’t breathe any undesired smell. Therefore, nauseous people can use it to be on the safe side.

With pure elements of THC, CBD, and terpenes, you will feel intensified effects. Live resin is a fan favorite for rendering euphoric, intense, and refreshing high thanks to entourage effects.

The Benefits of Consuming Live Resin

As live resin is one of the purest forms of marijuana, rest assured that it is also one of the least harmful cannabis substances. While smoking raw flowers could somehow damage your lungs, live resin provides many safer ways of consumption.

Apart from that, being pure and full of terpenes and flavonoids, you will enjoy an authentic taste of your favorite marijuana strains. 

That said, as the live resin is a super flavorful concentrate, consuming it with your favorite methods can offer a pleasurable experience. 

Not only that, the THC level in live resin could go as high as 70%! Consequently, you will experience utter relaxation and sheer euphoria after some time. 

It’s a multi-purpose substance, so you can use it to pour in your edibles, mix with your blunt sesh, or simply vape it using your dab rigs.

So yes, it’s simply flavorful, powerful, and aromatic!

FAQs on Live Resin:

How is live resin made?

Live resin is made by the butane extraction process that’s applied to the freshly picked marijuana buds. The drying and curing processes are skipped to preserve natural terpenes and flavors.

How do I smoke live resin?

You can enjoy live resin with dab rigs, water pipes, wax pens, or vaporizers. Besides, you can also put it in your bowl of weed edibles to enjoy the effects. Otherwise, you can simply sprinkle it in your blunts and smoke it.

Can I vape live resin?

Yes, you can enjoy vaping live resin. Just make sure to keep the temperature low to get the best taste and smell, as high temperature could degrade the quality of terpenes, resulting in diluted flavor.

What is a live resin cartridge?

A live resin cartridge is a device that you can use to vape your weed resin. It works excellently to offer you a natural smell and taste.

How should I store live resin?

Keep it cool! Because live resin carries pure, terpene-rich particles, storing it in a cool place, away from sunlight, can help you preserve it longer, guaranteeing original flavor and effects whenever you use it.

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