How to Make Bubble Hash – Beginners Guide 2023

People have been discussing Bubble Hash (hashish) from a long time now, but still, we do find a lot of marijuana newbies who ask us questions like:

  • What is bubble hash?
  • Where can I find bubble hash for sale UK?
  • How to make your own bubble hash?
  • How to use bubble hashish?
  • Etc.

Although hash been around from decades, it is still not as famous as Marijuana joint, agreed? As the legalization of cannabis spreads everywhere, bubble hash is getting more and more popular amongst marijuana enthusiasts.

So, we here at 420ExpertAdvisor thought to make a FREE handbook for all the beginners. Our team of experts have penned down this post exclusively for our readers.

We have incorporated everything that we know about the bubble hash in this article.

Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy reading!

Best How To Make Bubble Hash Guide 2023


FREE Bubble Hash Beginners Guide 2019 – Ultimate Newbie Handbook

What is hash actually?

Before we start, we would like to warn that some biology is coming towards you! XD

Don’t worry!

It’s all basic stuff, and we would make it really easy to understand, give it a go!

Have you seen the little hair-like things on marijuana buds? Yeah?

Cool! They are called Trichomes. See the photo below.

If you look with the naked eye, you will see hair-like things. But, if you see it with a magnifying glass, you would see little transparent mushroom-like structures. What you see in the above photo are the Trichomes.

In these Trichomes, the marijuana plant stores stuff that makes you high, i.e., Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, and Terpenes.

On a single bud, you can get 100’s of trichomes. If you somehow take these Trichomes and remove them from the plant/bud, you would have what we called a Concentrate.

Now, if you take the buds in your hands and rub your hands together, you will notice that these sticky trichomes stick in your palms.

Keep rubbing your hands, and a sort of sticky material starts to gather in your palms, this gooey material concentrate. The basic version of this concentrate is called Hash (Hashish). People in different parts of the world also call it weed wax, kief, or marijuana wax.

Now that you know hash, let us explain the meaning of Bubble hash.

People over the years in different places have been busy in inventing new ways to extract these trichomes in order to make a pure THC concentrate, which gives one an immense high.

The different ways you can extract trichomes are:

  • Ethanol extraction
  • Alcohol extraction
  • CO2 extraction
  • Ice water extraction
  • Butane extraction

If you use the Ice water extraction technique, then you will get what we call Bubble hash. It is brown/dark brown solid material.

The name Bubble comes from the bubble bags that are used to pass the cannabis buds matter through it until the plant matter is removed and only the trichomes are left.

Another reason for naming this hash bubble hash is that when you smoke bubble hash, you will notice that there are bubbles formed.

If you would like to read everything about hashish, like its history and other things, then go the WIKI page. They have lots of information there.

Who are the people who seek the best bubble hash online?

The bubble hash is sought out by the people who need pure, potent high from marijuana plants. Smoking hash is much more potent than smoking the buds themselves.

As you can imagine, the hash is made up of only pure trichomes which are loaded with THC!

Cool and impressive stuff, isn’t it?

So, what is the difference between Regular hash and the Bubble hash?

When people rub the marijuana buds in hand and make the weed wax, we call it traditional hash. It is prevalent in middle eastern countries to make hash this way.

The amount of THC in the traditional has is up to 50%. Whereas, the regular cannabis you smoke has a THC level of somewhere around 10% to 20%.

So, you can imagine the high you re going to get from smoking the traditional hash!

On the other hand, the bubble hash is way more refined than the regular hash. Bubble wax can contain up to 60% of pure THC.

Only a third of a gram of hash is needed to give one a great high. You can either make a joint out of it, or you can use it in vaping and dabbing.

Really interesting things, eh?

How to make Medicinal Marijuana Bubble hash at home on your own?

Are you ready to make your first batch of bubble hashish?

Don’t worry!

We will layout a step by step guide for you to follow along. You won’t be needing anything other than what you already have laying around in your home.

If anything special is needed, we will call it out. All the things are guaranteed to be available in any nearby hardware store. If you don’t want to gather the things, buy the best herbal ice bubble hash machine.

What are you going to need to make herbal ice bubble hash?

  • You will need the best bubble bags. Buy good quality ones, so you don’t face any problems later on. We recommend the Bubble Bag Dude Brand as it is loved by the people. (this is a kit and will include everything you need). However, if you have bubble bags only, then check out the items you will need down below.
  • Stir Sticks.
  • About 4 ounces of marijuana. You know where to get that from, right? XD If you are interested in growing marijuana indoors.
  • 15 pounds of ice.
  • Clean water (purified).
  • Cheesecloth.

Let’s start making the best herbal ice bubble hash, yeah?

Step-By-Step Guide

  • For starters, you will have to lay your best bubble bags, probably 3 or 4 of them in the bucket. Lay them in order from smallest to the biggest.
  • Then you go to add your marijuana into it. Add about 4 ounces of marijuana, and you can’t go wrong in this process, so don’t worry about wasting the cannabis.
  • Now that the cannabis is in the best bubble bags, you have to add ICE on top of the weed.
  • Add the purified water on the ice next. Make sure that the cannabis is completely covered in water. (keep 50/50 portion of ice and water)
  • After a minute or so, you have to mix all the things. Stir it with a stick.
  • Keep stirring it for 20 minutes. Don’t let it settle; keep it moving.
  • Now after stirring it for a while, let it settle down for another 20 to 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes…

  • Next, you have to lift the first upper bubble bag and press it, shake it and squeeze it to make the water drain into the next bubble bag.
  • Keeping the bubble bag aside, repeat in the next bubble bag. Keep draining all the bubble bags one by one.
  • Now collect the sticky stuff that has been collected in each bubble bag. Easy way to do this is to turn the bubble bag inside out and scrap it with a spoon or something.
  • Once you have collected this herbal bubble hash extract from all the bags, press it gently on cheesecloth to make the excess water go away.
  • Now you have bubble hash of different color from different bubble bags. You can either mix it all, or you can keep it separate, whatever you like to do. All of them are different grade hash.
  • Lastly, you have to take the remaining mixture of water, ice and marijuana, and so the whole thing again a few times so that you don’t leave out any trichomes on buds. Generally, people do it 3 times to make sure nothing goes to waste.
  • DONE!

Congratulations! You have made your first herbal ice bubble hash!

Additional information:

  • When you filter and scrap the hash from the bubble bags, you will notice that different micron size bags have different colored hash. This is because in larger sized bags, a lot of additional plant material will be filtered along with the trichomes. One the other hand, the lesser the size of the bag, the more of a pure hash is filtered. The lightest colored hash is the purest one.
  • Making the whole environment along with the water and buds cold, will make the hashish at the end perfect.
  • Using tap water during this process is highly unadvised! Use only purified water which does not have any impurities of chemicals like chlorine or fluoride.
  • Major rule of thumb for making hash is that the highest quality buds will make the highest quality hashish.

How to use this herbal ice bubble hash at home?

Now that you have hashish in your hands, it time to smoke it! But what are the different ways you can smoke it?

Let’s look at the options here…

Making Edibles from the Bubble Hash

FREE Bubble Hash Beginners Guide 2019 – Ultimate Newbie Handbook

You can see a lot of different things to eat using the Bubble hash. You will only need a transport oil which can be anything like canola oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil or coconut oil.

People also make cannabutter with the Bubble hash.

You will have to cook the bubble hash with the recipe to activate the sleeping THC in it. Once cooked, the recipe is a live THC ground. Consuming it will give you heavenly highs.

Making edibles out of bubble hash is very famous because of its discreet nature. No one is going to suspect that the tea, brownie, or candy that you are eating contains bubble hash.

Vaping Herbal Ice Bubble hashish

As heating is necessary for the THC to activate, Vaping seems a great option as well. Vape instruments heat up the bubble hash, hence, making it great for getting quality high.

You can even get vapes that can actually let you allow temperature setting as well. Setting your own preferred temperature gives you more of a control on your bubble hash vaping experience.

Using a lot temperature on a vape will give you great flavors.

Dabbing the best medicinal bubble hash

FREE Bubble Hash Beginners Guide 2019 – Ultimate Newbie Handbook

Have you smoked marijuana in a bong?

Well, dabbing is very similar to a bong. It vaporizes the hash through an oil rig. These oil rigs are metallic, and you have to heat it up by using lighter or a mini torch.

After the metallic part is very hot, people flatten out the hash and put it on the hot part. As soon as the hash touches the hot metal, it instantly vaporizes. These vapors are inhaled by the users to get effective high.

Dabbing will give you an awesome flavor along with a rush of high.

Smoking the Bubble Hash made of medicinal marijuana

Smoking hash is one of the most common methods people use to get high from the bubble hash.

The following are the ways you can smoke the best bubble hash:

  • Blunt or Joint

As the bubble hash is very malleable, you can actually shape it and make a joint out of it. This method is really easy and perfect for beginners. You can smoke it along with tobacco or marijuana buds.

  • Bong

FREE Bubble Hash Beginners Guide 2019 – Ultimate Newbie Handbook

You can place the bubble hash or a mixture of bubble hash/tobacco/cannabis buds in the bong’s bowl and smoke it.

  • Pipe

We love smoking bubble hash in a pipe a lot because it is so easy and effective. You just have to take a tiny piece of bubble hash and roll it into a ball. After that, place this ball into the pipe and smoke it.

What are the health benefits when using Bubble hash?

We all know the ill effects of smoking chemicals, right?

For a long time, people have been making hash with solvents and chemicals. These things will go into your body when you smoke hash made with solvents.

These chemicals do affect on our body, and no major study has been done to see how long these chemicals stay inside the body after smoking the hash.

The best advantage of smoking bubble hash is that it is a solventless hash extract.

No chemicals whatsoever are used in the process of making the best bubble hash!

This is the reason people are widely adopting bubble hash instead of the other similar extracts.

Last Words

We have done our best to explain and give out new information to our beginner readers. Even so, if you left with any question or doubts, be sure to leave a comment down below.

We will surely help you out as best as we can.

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