How to Grow with Organic Super Soil {Step by Step guide}

Have you ever wondered why you should Compost Organic Super Soil for Growing Cannabis? Today I am here with How to grow with organic super soil guide!

For what reason do cannabis growers fertilizer their soil to make regular “super soil” as opposed to just using “standard” soil from the store? For what reason is super soil better than various sorts of soil for growing cannabis?

Questions buzzing around, right?

“Super soil” is a term which people started using extensively after a prestigious cannabis grower known as Subcool released a specific course of action of bearings for making treated the dirt that passes on everything your cannabis plant needs, at absolutely the right time, without hoping to manage your pH or incorporate extra nutrients.

Won’t you like to dive deeper into organic super soil scene?

How to Grow with Organic Super Soil


As far back as Subcool told distinctive cannabis growers the best way to make their very own super soil, regular growers around the world have been using this “secret” to gather mind-blowing top-rack normal buds! There are heaps of inspirations to use super soil for growing cannabis.

Despite having the ability to make a totally regular growing medium, the right “equation” for treating the dirt super soil truly imitates the root conditions that impact cannabis to prosper in nature. That is the reason with super soil, your essential work as the grower is to simply water your plants and watch them grow.

How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 2
How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 2

There’s no necessity for tangled nutrients, engineered mixes, regulating pH and diverse parts that can make growing cannabis progressively troublesome or repetitive all through the growth. It is straightforward and low-effort to grow incredible quality cannabis buds in treated the dirt super soil; just water your plants and keep things under control for procuring!

With super soil, you’re re-production the condition that influences cannabis to grow like a weed in nature. Almost certainly about it “living soil” that showings an extraordinary arrangement like the most productive sorts of soil in nature. This infers considerably less work from you in the midst of your growth.

Honestly, requiring less work in the midst of the thriving is the reason various regular growers feel that thriving cannabis in super soil is more straightforward than growing cannabis some other way. Also, there are possible taste/smell/smoothness benefits!

Advantages and drawbacks of thriving with organic super soil

We should get comfortable with the upsides and drawbacks of using modified and treated the dirt super soil for growing cannabis…

Pros of Super Soil

Following are the benefits:

Can Be Easier to Grow:

Once the modified soil is dealt with the dirt, growing cannabis in super soil is less complex than basically some other sort of growing a medium. With super soil, there’s to a lesser degree a need to worry over keeping up pH or nutrients! For whatever period of time that you’re starting with a fair water source, you basically water your plants and hold up until gather.

Unfathomable for Indoors and Outdoors:

Super soil is an adaptable growing medium that can be used to grow prospering cannabis plants wherever.


Super soil can be made using simply regular fixings that have been isolated ordinarily. This eagerly reflects the best and most luxurious soil found in nature.

Better Taste, Smell, Smoothnes:

Many growers believe that growing cannabis in super soil overhauls taste and smell appeared differently in relation to other growing systems while conveying smooth buds with to a lesser degree an injection of “cold-bloodedness” from over-treatment.

No Need to Flush:

Since there are no compound salts to modify taste and smell of buds, various normal growers feel there’s no convincing motivation to flush before procure.

Cons of Super Soil

Following are the cons:

Exorbitant and Best Suited to Bigger Grows:

Can be expensive to start since you generally compost a huge amount of soil immediately – it’s hard relative the common super soil process down to more diminutive builds up that need less soil without a moment’s delay. In any case, if you do require little entireties, or if you don’t have vitality for the preparing the dirt strategy, you can truly buy pre-made super soil from pros who invest critical energy in growing cannabis.

Need to Plan Ahead:

Composting takes 30-60 days before your soil is set up to be used by your plants, which infers you have to get ready before each characteristic grow.

Mixing Soil Can Be Tiring:

The changing and preparing the dirt method incorporates some physical work of mixing the soil.

Insignificantly Slower Growth than Liquid Nutrients:

Although you don’t have to successfully make super soil work for you, cannabis plants grow to some degree faster in the vegetative stage while using liquid nutrients. Since nutrients are given in irrefutably the most available container without requiring any help from microorganisms in the soil, using liquid nutrients can shave a little while off your grow appeared differently in relation to super soil.

You can grow using characteristic soil with common liquid nutrients to get a bit of the upside of both. Thriving with super soil is an absolutely remarkable trial stood out from most unique sorts of growing cannabis.

As opposed to using unnatural substance salts made in a lab to outfit your plants with nutrients in the most easy to-ingest container possible, you are re-production a perfect variation of how cannabis grow in nature.

Using natural sources

How to Grow with Organic Super Soil
How to Grow with Organic Super Soil

Today a lot of growers use non-regular, liquid-based cannabis supplements. While using liquid nutrients, you ought to go about as the “middle man” who manages your plant roots.

That infers you’re accountable for keeping up the soil pH and giving express nutrients extents all through your plant’s life to achieve perfect advancement. While using redressed and treated the dirt super soil (like this equation by Subcool), you are making an entire soil organic network that removes normal nutrients in their trademark container and makes them available in a container that your plants can without quite a bit of a stretch use.

Basically using common treated the dirt super soil suggests your soil is going about as the “inside man” instead of you. The microorganisms, parasites and other minor living creatures in the soil which have been grew in the midst of the treating the dirt technique will manage your plant roots, passing on sustenance clearly to your plant in the container it needs.

When you’ve brought home the bacon super soil through preparing the dirt, you for all intents and purposes basically need to water your plants and sit tight for gather!

For some cannabis growers, regular and treated the dirt is the most trademark choice. For other growers, treating the dirt technique may take a great deal of time or space. However, there are choices!

Don’t want mixing up your self composted super soil?

How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 1
How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 1

Like any growing style, there are a million distinctive approaches to get your cannabis to grow. At whatever point treated the dirt super soil isn’t the right choice for you, there are characteristic decisions that take less arranging.

Buy Pre-Made Super Soil

There are some spots that offer pre-made Subcool Super Soil, similar to the soil made in this instructional exercise. There are in like manner various nurseries that sell incredible treated the dirt which will work outstandingly for cannabis (anyway perhaps not similarly as something exceptionally made like Subcool Super Soil).

These may be incredible amidst choices for the people who need the benefits of super soil, yet aren’t willing to encounter the preparing the dirt system. With KindSoil, you basically simply need to water your plants, much equivalent to with the equation in the present article!

It absolutely costs more per pound than doing it without anybody’s assistance, yet if you basically need a bit of soil, or if time is a premium for you (time is money!) than you may be increasingly cheerful giving someone else a chance to do the preparing the dirt for you!

Get Organic Nutrients!

Another customary strategy for growing pot normally is in any case quality characteristic soil and pair it with a showed common nutrients line like the GO box.

For growers who need more control over the precise nutrients and improvements passed on to the plants, than this can be an unprecedented option. Another colossal great position of using liquid nutrients is your plants will by and large grow snappier in the vegetative stage than when they’re created in simply treated the dirt, which can shave a large portion of a month off your yield.

Liquid nutrients are rapidly available to roots, while with super soil you need the microorganisms in the soil to change over nutrients into a usable container.

Nevertheless, while using liquid nutrients for growing cannabis (even regular ones like the ones fused into the General Organics GO Box), it transforms into much progressively crucial to test and administer pH basically like some other non-super soil grow. It’s needy upon you to pick what works for you!

Composting Your Own Super Soil

  • Huge mixing container capable of holding ~110 pounds of soil.

  • Tarp or large trash cans for holding soil while it’s “cooking”
  • Rak

Composted Super Soil Ingredient

  • 35 lbs (2 bags x 50L ) Biobizz Light-Mix soil (Total of 70lbs)
  • 6 bags of 10-gallon Roots Organic Soil (For 60 gallons or 210lbs of soil)
  • 6 bags of 10-gallon Roots Organic Soil (For  60 gallons or 210lbs of soil)
  • 1 box of 6 lbs Fish Bone Meal (3-16-0)
  • 2 bags of 30 lbs Organic Earthworm Castings (Total 60lbs)
  • ½ cup Azomite (0-0-0.2)
  • 1 cup Dolomite Lime (“prilled” if possible)
  •  4 lbs bag of Happy Frog Bat Guano (0-5-0)
  • 1 box 5 lbs of Blood Meal (12-0-0)
  • (Optional) Up to 25% Perlite (for extra drainage
  • ¾ cup Epsom Salt

Mixing & Amending Soil

1. ) To your mixing spot, add 4 bags of Roots Organic Soil (there should be 2 bags of Roots Organic Soil left).

2.) Add Fish Bone Meal (you want to cover it up first since it’s smelly ).

3.) Add a bag of Biobizz Light-Mix.

4.) Rake it out so that the your Fish Bone Meal is mixed in.

5.) Sprinkle Dolomite Lime over the entire pile.

6.) Sprinkle Granular Azomite over the entire pile.

7.) Add the remaining bag of Biobizz Light-Mix.

8.) Add 1st bag of worm castings.

9.) Add a bag of Roots Organic soil.

10.) Rake it in lightly.

11.) If you’re using perlite, add it now.

12.) Add another bag of worm castings.

13.) Add last remaining bag of Roots Organic Soil.

14.) Rake entire pile slowly, so it’s all mixed up.

15.) Add Blood Meal.

16.) Add Bat Guano.

17.) Add Epsom Salt.

18.) Final stir – mix thoroughly.

Start Composting

More than seven days from now, continue mixing store routinely (for example moving the load to the opposite side then the other) until and unless you don’t see any spots of shading anymore.

After the mix has been inside and out mixed more than seven days, wrap up super soil in a canvas, or store in an extensive holder, for instance, a junk can (this mix takes around 4 gigantic decline containers)

Add water to cannabis super soil load to start the microbial processes. Add water to mix and blend it in to begin the microbial methodology. Super soil should be moist yet not splashed while treating the dirt. The musing is to keep the mix both wet and tolerably contained.

Your super soil mix isn’t set in a holder or wrapped up, it will dry out, which stops the whole methodology. Guarantee you wrap up your soil if in a covering, or put a best on your refuse containers. You need for keeping the mix in a respectably encased condition.

Further more….

Keep your treating the dirt mix in a brilliant spot and grant the super soil mix to “cook” for 30-60 days. In the midst of this technique, your fundamental duty is to keep the soil wet yet not drenched, and for the most part, keep the load verified/encased to trap warmth and air.

The microbial techniques in the soil will truly cause the treating the dirt stack to end up hot to the touch – this is common! That is a bit of why it’s assigned “cooking.” As the soil cooks, it will isolate the fixings you included in a container that your plants can without quite a bit of a stretch use.

Be watchful for bugs, especially if the mix isn’t completely encased! You simply made a perfect area for bugs to live. Additional centers: if you add live worms to this mix it will help course air through and discharge up your mix. Worms can even be used in pruned holders – they do no devilishness to your plants and will help keep up strong soil.

Worms will make your characteristic super soil incredibly better for your cannabis plants. Mix one last time before you start thriving!

Start thriving with Composted Super Soil!

How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 4
How to Grow with Organic Super Soil 4

Since you have your treated the dirt super soil, it’s an incredible chance to start! Luckily for you, this fragment is totally short because there’s next to no that you need to do other than water your plants! When growing cannabis with treated the dirt super soil, you have to use an immaculate wellspring of water.

You would favor not to use refined water, as it can annoy the soil organic network, yet most wellsprings of water should be okay as long as the pH isn’t low or high. If the pH of your water is far outside the 6-7 range, it definitely can irritate your soil cycle.

So if you have hard water or the pH is off, you either need to use a substitute wellspring of water basically be attentive for nutrient needs. If you continue running into nutrients inadequacies with super soil, it suggests typically you need to address the pH when you water.

What You Will Need?

  • A place for growing.
  • A good grow light.
  • Super soil.
  • Coco coir potting mix of the eqaul amount.
  • Solo cups for seedlings.

1) Choose your container

I most definitely am a huge aficionado of wise pots, which are holders made out of the surface. Plants turn out to be speedier in adroit pots than customary hard-side compartments since roots prosper with oxygen and they let air in from the sides.

The air from the sides in like manner keeps the roots from “choking” themselves or collapsing over the edges of the pot, so a plant grew in a sharp pot won’t get rootbound! Another cool thing is you use a sharp pot absolutely proportionate to a common pot and still get those favorable circumstances.

The guideline differentiate is they dry out snappier than standard pots, so you have to get a compartment that is about twofold the ordinary recommended measure, so you don’t wrap up watering your plants all when they get huge!

2.) Fill your compartment with 1/2 super soil

You will require your super soil just as Coco Loco (or other coco or typical normal soil) to empower your young plants to change into the “hot” super soil. Fill the last 1/2 of your pot with your treated the dirt Super Soil mix, by then fill the straggling leftovers of your holder with Coco Loco.

You can in like manner start with normal soil or another growing vehicle of your choice, as long as it’s not exceptionally “hot” (rectified with clusters of nutrients) for energetic plants. At the point when everything is done, you need around 1 pound of KindSoil for every 1 gallon of pot gauge. So for example for a 3-gallon pot, one would use three pounds of KindSoil, by then fill the rest with Coco Loco.

The Coco Loco is organized at the most elevated purpose of the compartment, so you don’t devour young plants or clones with too a lot of nutrients. Nevertheless, when their roots reach down to the super soil, the plants will grow enough to use the rich wellspring of nutrients without worrying over nutrients devour.

Despite whether young plants do get little nutrients devour, they will after a short time grow out of it so don’t stress as long as your plants are growing brisk and strong! It just strategies you gave them unnecessarily rich of a “diet” before they were readied.

3.) Germinate your seeds

Clearly guarantee your greenery walled in the area is arranged first! You’ve picked a spot to grow, you have your pots and soil, and your grow light is set up, isn’t that so? Okay! Time to put your seeds into their new homes! In any case, where to get seeds?

You may be stunned to find that because of the customs laws in America, it is extremely strong and safe to buy your cannabis seeds online from a decent seed bank abroad or in Canada. Influence a point to transplant seedlings to more prominent compartments when their leaves to accomplish the edges of the holder!

4.) Water your Plants

Give simply enough water to wet the medium, yet attempt to stop just before you get much overflow. Hold up until best feels dry to the touch before watering once more.

In contrast to some other growing mediums, in super soil, your plants will grow best if you abstain from getting overflow. Overflow will divert a portion of the supplements in the dirt, and since you do not include any additional, you need to ration the supplements you do have in the dirt.

Ensure roots remain warm and shield them from sitting straightforwardly on the ground. This is vital for the province of creatures at the roots to flourish, and cannabis likewise will, in general, grow better with warm (yet not hot) roots

Keep up the pH for the best outcomes, and particularly on the off chance that you see any supplement insufficiencies or different issues. When growing cannabis outside, plants will normally begin blooming in the fall. When growing cannabis inside, you should switch your grow lights onto another light calendar to begin making buds.

For indoor growers, when your plant is a large portion of the last wanted stature, it’s a great opportunity to start blooming by putting your lights on a 12/12 plan, so they’re receiving 12 hours of light, & 12 hours of continuous dimness consistently. By then they’ll begin making buds, and you’re simply holding up until gather time!

What about my pH?

While utilizing fluid cannabis supplements, it’s essential to manage and keep up the pH at the root area to ensure that supplements are accessible enough to plant roots. Fluid improvement frameworks pass on upgrades in their most essential container, yet along these lines, you have to deal with the root area to ensure plants can get to these nutrients in the dirt.

While utilizing treated the soil super soil, you by and large don’t have to stress over coordinating pH. Now you’ve made a living a “living soil” which will pass on upgrades unequivocally to your plant roots.

Try not to encounter PH or PH DOWN while making cannabis in trademark super soil, or you may hurt the gainful life outlines in your soil! When growing ordinarily, the conspicuous saying “in the event that it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is an OK saying to journey by. On the off chance that your plants look sound, don’t do anything!

On the off chance that you see improvement issues and you find the root pH is confounded, it’s conceivable you may need to change the pH utilizing a trademark hotspot for pH the board.

Nonetheless, it’s fundamental to avoid utilizing synthetics that could hurt your soil natural system that is basic to misusing super soil. By what method may I change the pH securely when growing ordinarily? In any case, supplement issues accomplished by pH are uncommon in treated the soil super soil beside in case you’ve begun with an awful water source that is throwing the pH off by a great deal.

Reasons for pH problems in organic super soil

There’s some sort of issue in the midst of the treating the dirt technique (for example if lacking water was added to empower favorable insects to colonize the soil)

Your water has a lot of contaminants impacting your water pH (for example if the pH of your water is outside the 5-8 region, or has a PPM more than 400).

In characteristic growing you are making “living soil” which infers you manage the soil as opposed to the plant. You need to consider the microorganisms, parasites and other beneficial insects in the soil so they can isolate supplements and pass on them to your plant roots, much equivalent to in nature.

These living things fill in as the “middle man” to consider the total of your plant root’s needs. For whatever period of time that you manage the soil’s organic network, you will never need to worry over pH in your super soil grow.

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