Get Kush Reviews 2024: Prices, Reliability, Coupon Codes

You’ll find a ton of Get Kush reviews online, all talking about the same thing. What Get Kush is, how Get Kush got its name, what they offer, and other ordinary stuff. But our review’ll give you everything you need and want to know about Get Kush completely.

I won’t waste your time. So, here s a quick sum-up of everything we’ll discuss in this Get Kush review:

  • Brief Introduction of Who Get Kush is
  • Get Kush’s Cannabis Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, Menu
  • Get Kush Coupon Codes and Discount Codes
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Get Kush Delivery
  • Feedback and Reviews From Customers

Let’s kick it off by discussing and talking about who Get Kush is! It’s important to know who we’re dealing with before doing anything else, right?

Who is Get Kush?


What I typically do if I want to get more information from a dispensary or any other small business is visit their About Us page. I’m pretty sure you’ve done that for Get Kush, so here are some things you might not know about them.

The company started as a family business (so they claim), and the dispensary was discovered by accident. They grew the business, and Get Kush was born from then on.

Today, Get Kush is one of the longest-running, trusted, and most prominent cannabis dispensaries in Canada. They’re still active and continuing to provide top-quality cannabis to tokers and cannabis enthusiasts all over the country.

Get Kush Menu

Being an online dispensary, one of the few things you will initially look for would be their menu. Upon opening their website, you’ll see a list at the top part of the page.

Under shop, they list the types of cannabis flower they offer from the quantity to the category. In addition, it’s also straightforward because it displays everything from cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles, vapes, CBD, magic mushrooms, and many more!

Shop Menu

The shop is basically where you would spend 90% of your time. However, if you have a different agenda and you’re looking for something else, then you wouldn’t be thrilled to see what the dispensary has in store for you.

Get Kush’s shopping navigation is on point. I had no problem going around it because everything I needed was handed to me like candy. Hovering your mouse over the shop reveals the library of products you can get from them, and it’s categorized intelligently.

From simple purchases of cannabis flowers, hash, and oils to magic mushroom products, edibles, even vapes, and CBD, you can get them! I would say that Get Kush is like the Walmart of cannabis; it gives you the best shopping experience you won’t expect!

Other Menus

Besides their usual menu, they also have On Sale and Brands under their menu, which are pretty special; considering how they’re placed in the middle, we’ll get to that more a little later.

Overall, Get Kush’s menu circles around its cannabis strains, cannabis product quality, and category.

Get Kush Coupon Codes: Get Kush Promo Code Options and Discounts Codes Available

Let’s admit it, checking coupon and discount codes has been one of the first things we did when searching for Get Kush. But are they offering discount codes to their people? What discount code options do they have? Do they offer free gifts?

These are mind-boggling questions, and they’re absolutely useful, especially if you are an enthusiast trying to save money. So, here are a few of the most essential discount and coupon codes you can get from Get Kush!

Coupon Promo Codes

Hovering your pointer on Weekly Deals will open a bunch of—guess what—deals. These discount codes or coupon codes are open to everyone. As a matter of fact, Get Kush gives these sale options for people, even for new customers.

So, this is the place to go if you’re looking for Get Kush promo codes!

As of writing, the available Get Kush coupons are the following:

  • thx10 – this Get Kush coupon code gives you a $ 10 discount on your next order.
  • new5 – (only valid to new sign-ups), you’ll get 5% off on edibles (only bags)
  • youarethebest5 – this last Get Kush coupon code will shave 5% off your order

NOTE: In terms of availability and eligible orders, test them all out to see if they won’t have restrictions in using multiple Kush codes. Test a Kush code first, and then see if you’re able to add another.

Free Gifts

I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? You know you do, and Get Kush won’t leave you on a string for that. Besides Get Kush coupon code lists, discount codes, and weekly deals, you will see the free gift option under Weekly Deals, too.

Their free stuff usually revolves around the idea of cannabis, whether the freebies are for screens, grinders, joint rollers, gummies and other THC edibles, house select items, and many more!

They’re separated into three tiers:

  • 1st Tier: $80 to $348.99 spent
  • 2nd Tier: $349 to $498.99
  • 3rd Tier: $499 and above

If you’re unable to secure a Get Kush coupon code, you can take your chances with their free stuff and satisfy your feelings of being a customer!

On Sale Menu

Me personally, I didn’t believe in sales. When I go shopping, and I see items for sale, I immediately turn them down, thinking they’re not real. That changed when I saw Get Kush’s On Sale category.

It’s like a complete meltdown of their offers. From their original rates and prices, it will be shoved down to the brim! I know for a fact because I was scouting a few cannabis strains, and I saw one that has been discounted.

Head on over to the On Sale menu and check what this premium mail-order marijuana service can get you for a price you’ll be excited to pay for.

You can avail yourself of a Get Kush coupon code, free gifts, SALE, and what else? Technically, the rates of their cannabis products are cheap if we were to compare them with other cannabis dispensaries.

So, it’s a win-win for you, especially if you are looking for a dispensary that can give you your money’s worth.

Brands Menu

Going to the brand’s menu, it’s simply the list of the brands that Get Kush is offering. This is where you’ll see what cannabis brands they’re housing that you can choose and purchase from.

If you want to see their brands, just go there and check it out!

Weekly Promotions Footer

When you open specific webpages on the website, you’ll see a red highlighted footer at the bottom that says Weekly Promotions. Click that, and you’ll be redirected to Get Kush promo codes that are available for the week.

Unlike coupon codes, this wouldn’t be a list; instead, it would be a series of photos and designs with the mechanics of the promo and their expiries.

In addition, you’ll also see raffles, rewards, and other forms of discounts there!

Check it out and see what discounts you can get store-wide!

Is Get Kush’s Customer Service Good?

One of the things that made me more confident in dealing with them as a business is their customer support team. It’s not enough to say they have a good, professional team. In fact, you have access to a group of people who’ll make you feel like family.

Support Chat Bot

You’ll likely notice the chatbot that pops out on the bottom-right part of your screen when you visit the site. This bot is a program designed to help you navigate the system.

What I loved about it is that the bot follows you site-wide, meaning you wouldn’t be lost. You can ask it questions about your first order, you can inquire about shipping, as well deals available and how you can use them!

The only thing that could be better is its knowledge. I tried asking it if it knew about cannabis, and it told me to rephrase my question, which I did, but I got the same result.

Talk to a Human

If you’re more comfortable talking or chatting with an actual human, you can! There’s an option you can choose. From there, you have to type your name and your email address, and it’ll tell you that it will connect you to a real person.

Contact Form

The contact form on their website is more for industry-specific questions or if you have inquiries about similar brands, effects, or questions about what you can access from them.

To access it, type your name in, your email, phone number, and your concern. It’s one of the many services Get Kush has that is available and eligible site-wide.

I tried it and asked them for their professional opinion on certain cannabis strains. They got back to me in just a few hours with a personalized and detailed response. I was dumbfounded and amazed by how urgent, professional, and structured their response was.

Get Kush Delivery: Quality Mail Order Marijuana

When it comes to online dispensary options, one of the things that we must be sure of is delivery. If you’re more comfortable checking out what they have to say in their FAQs, feel free to do so. You can access their FAQs here.

But, we did due diligence and compiled a list of only the most important questions and answers about shipping and delivery:

How Much are the Shipping Charges?

Get Kush’s shipping charges a flat $20 for orders under $129. Customers get free shipping if their orders are north of $129. Other than that, no fees are involved when it comes to delivery.

How Are My Orders Packed/Packaged?

The dispensary prioritizes its customers’ privacy. So, all orders are packaged discreetly, using plain and generic vacuum-sealed packaging. The contents of the package aren’t indicated.

How Long Would It Be For Me To Receive My Package?

Typically, the package will arrive within two to five business days. In my case, my order arrived in just two days (not business days). Rural areas may take longer and could require additional days for the order to arrive.

How Can I Track My Package?

You can track your package after the order has been confirmed by Get Kush. You will receive your Canada Post tracking number within 24 hours of the day it was submitted and confirmed by the company. I received mine less than two hours after I received the green light from Get Kush.

What Do I Need to Receive My Package?

By default, all packages and orders will be required to have a signature upon arrival. However, if you intentionally ticked the no signature delivery option, you won’t need a signature.

Those are the typical questions customers ask about the shipping and delivery procedure of Get Kush. I’ve pasted their entire FAQ before starting this section. If you’re interested, you can check them out!

Feedback, Reactions, and Reviews

Of course, what better way to prove legitimacy and quality than asking other people who experienced Get Kush’s services? The dispensary is popular because of its promo and discount code availability! Get Kush coupon codes, discount seasons, and even weekly deals and free gifts; you can count on them!

Scam Adviser (SA), one of the best and most well-established review sites, gives Get Kush a 91% trust and legitimacy rank.

Other than SA, Upgraded Reviews also made a follow-up on Get Kush’s legitimacy. The common comment people they spoke to revolved around how the website is well-built and designed, as well as the ever-famous Get Kush coupon code and promo codes!

Heading over to the website proper, you’ll also see comments and feedback that pertain to the variety of Get Kush coupons, free gifts, and many other positive things!

We can’t deny the fact that the dispensary has shortcomings, but if we compare it to how impacting they’ve been to the industry, those are overweighed!

Earn With Get Kush

Get Kush is one of the best dispensaries out there, especially in terms of rewards and gifts. In fact, you’ll always have Get Kush coupon code options, especially if you hit the season right.

But did you know that Get Kush also has ways where you can earn? Let’s dive deeper into it so you could have the chance to earn, too!

NOTE: You can find this option in the website’s footer. Scroll down to the bottom part of whatever page you are in and look for Make Money With Us. 


Get Kush isn’t the only dispensary that offers a refer-a-friend program. As a matter of fact, they capitalize on this because they know the power of the network.

I’ve tried this personally and was given what was promised. The referral program works like this: you refer a friend via email, Facebook, or Twitter, and they’ll get a $50 credit as a welcome. Then, you, as the referrer, will get:

  • $50 in-store credits (on your own account after their first order)
  • $175+ (after discounts)

Affiliate Program

Like other businesses and websites, Get Kush also has an affiliate program and has flexible and versatile ways of participation. The different ways to participate in Get Kush’s affiliate program include:

  • Adding banners and links with your referral link to blogs and forums
  • Create blogs about cannabis benefits, linking to Get Kush
  • Make and upload a social media or a YouTube video
  • Create product reviews on communities you are part of

Of course, there are specifics on what you can get when you decide to go and take Get Kush’s affiliate program. Check it out on their affiliate page.


Getting Kush’s rewards is pretty straightforward. I didn’t have any problems understanding it the first time I read it.

For the benefit of everyone, here’s how their reward system works:

  • Upon signing up, you’ll get 250 points
  • You will get 25 points for every review you write on the website
  • You can get specific point values for every product you write (you may see them in the product description)

If you want to use your points, you’ll see the option to use it on the checkout page. Do note, though, that the point discount does not stack with other Get Kush promo codes or coupon code options.

NOTE: All these earning possibilities will only be eligible if you have an account and log in.

What do you think? Is Get Kush a dispensary you can count on? Do you feel that a coupon code or discount code availability is enough for you to say that they’re a trustworthy dispensary for your cannabis needs?


I know you could have more questions left, but don’t worry, I’m anticipating that. In fact, we prepared a few of the most asked questions you could ask about Get Kush that we’ll answer truthfully!

Is a Get Kush Coupon Code Available?

The availability of Get Kush promo codes will depend on what they’re currently offering. As I mentioned above, you can check the current Kush code offers they have under Weekly Deals > Coupon Code Promos. Other than this, you can also get discount code options and promos from rewards, product updates, and even free gifts!

What is Pick and Mix?

Pick and Mix is just one of the few programs Get Kush has. It’s not like you have a Get Kush code; instead, you’ll be able to get a

Does Get Kush Use Canada Post?

Yes, Canada Post is Get Kush’s primary shipping partner, which is why they only dispatch orders from Mondays until Fridays.

Does Get Kush Give Free Stuff?

Yes! In case you didn’t know, Get Kush offers a free gift upon your purchase. This one (1) free gift is available before checking out. To get it, you’ll see a gift menu at the bottom part (below your orders). Choose a gift and add it to your cart before you proceed to the checkout page.

What is Get Kush’s Refund Policy?

One of the things that many people disagreed with in terms of Get Kush’s business is their refund policy. As of the moment, they do not accept exchanges or returns. You can contact them if you encounter any type of issue with your orders or how it was delivered.

The Bottom Line

You won’t be disappointed doing business with Get Kush, especially since they’ve been one of the best and most prominent dispensaries in the market. Like ours, you will come across multiple Get Kush reviews. It will be challenging to find deals similar to Get Kush discount codes in today’s dispensaries deals.

Don’t waste time and order. Get Kush products and get the best discount you can!

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