FairCannaCare Reviews In 2024

Let’s cut through the haze and talk about FairCannaCare. You know how it is with online reviews – a mixed bag where you’re never sure what’s legit and what’s just smoke. I’ve been there, digging through heaps of FairCannaCare reviews, and let me tell you, it’s like a detective story with a twist at every turn.

But here’s the deal: I’m about to lay it all out for you, no filters, no fluff. As someone who’s been around the block with FairCannaCare, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m talking real talk, based on what actual customers, including yours truly, have experienced.

This isn’t just another generic guide; it’s a crystal-clear, unfiltered look into the world of FairCannaCare. From the whispers in the alleys to the shouts in the forums, I’ll share the real scoop. So, if you’re ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of FairCannaCare and separate fact from fiction, stick with me. We’re about to embark on a journey into the heart of one of the most talked-about names in the cannabis game.

Who is FairCannaCare?


Who is FairCannaCare

FairCannaCare is not your typical dispensary. They were formed a couple of years ago by compassionate growers who all have the same mission — to be able to provide safe and quality cannabis products in Canada.

They believe that people — regardless of whether they’ll use it for recreational or medical needs — should have equal access and be able to purchase quality bud selections.

Before, they were a reputable company that other online dispensaries loathe for the loyal customers and clients they have. Now, let’s take a closer and deeper look at this online dispensary and see if you’ll have a positive experience dealing with them.

FairCannaCare Reviews: Are These Feedback Even Real?

Our goal is to be able to give people the juice about certain cannabis products and dispensaries, not make everything look good. If only we’re allowed to curse, we will! So kidding aside, let’s take a closer and deeper look at FairCannaCare and what people have to say about them.

Website Quality

Website Quality

What is the first thing you see when you access an online dispensary? —their website. It’s like the front façade of their shop, and it sets the impression of how their business runs.

Now, we’ll go ahead and check every corner of FairCannaCare’s website to get a better sense of their overall service.

Website Structure and Design

The design is decent, and it actually looks like the site of Herb Approach, another popular cannabis dispensary. From the outline of the page, how the products are presented, etc.

Structure-wise, you’ll see the resemblance, but the colorway and the positioning of menus and links are different.

We actually give the design an 8 out of 10 simply because of how easy it is on the eyes.

Loading Speed

The loading speed is actually decent. It’s not the fastest, but not the slowest, either. So you might want to save a bit of patience in your tank because it can get slow as you browse through the site, like how other sites behave.

It’s also worth noting that their previous website (a dot.com) is now replaced as (dot.to). While this is a familiar feat among online dispensaries and weed shops, you would want to consider it.

This could be due to an error or a mistake they’ve made, which could or could not be a big deal. Mistakes happen, whether it’s with orders, shipping, delivery, or even packaging.

Overall, the structure and design of the store are left on a positive note.

Product Quality and Product Variety

Product Quality_Variety

Next up would be by looking at whether they offer ranges of quality products or not, as well as the different categories and varieties they have. Do they offer the same strain as anyone else?

Cannabis Product Variety

To start off, let’s take a careful look at the variety of cannabis products they have. In all fairness, their offers look like what other dispensaries founded by “compassionate growers” are offering.

They have flowers, shrooms, vapes, edibles, concentrates, CBD — they even have pre-rolls in their arsenal. This is the typical view you will encounter when you work with an online cannabis dispensary.

People will find it easy because those who use cannabis for medical needs will see the effects of the products when they click on it or select it.

Quality of Product

It’s difficult to determine the quality of the product by relying on photos. But, in all honesty, the only legitimate way to find out if a product is of good quality is by checking what other people say about them.

When it came to FairCannaCare’s clients, most of them have negative feedback about succeeding packages after the first order. However, some think that grade and quality are just right for the money you will be spending.

Our experience was unpleasant. There has been a delay in the orders; we got mostly moldy weed. We weren’t surprised, though, given the fact that we paid less than $50 for an ounce.

Wholesale Option

The next big thing or factor that FairCannaCare has is with its wholesale option. Yes, you read that right — you can purchase cannabis from FairCannaCare per pound.

It will give you a chance to save in ways you would never even expect. The company has this type of goal to help their clients save a few dollars while they’re getting the amount of cannabis they want and they’re looking for.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Now, let’s talk about their courier and sending approach. In most places, delivery can take anywhere between 1 to 2 business days — some even have same-day delivery in particular areas.

But how long will it take for your FairCannaCare order to arrive?

Well, the answer to that actually depends on the situation and where you’re located in Canada.

Shipping Time

Being an online dispensary that claims to operate and function all across Canada, you would expect them to have prompt delivery, right? Well, that’s not always the case.

Some customers said that for their first order, they were able to receive it in just a day or two, but for the second one, they didn’t receive it.

As per the company, shipping is done after one (1) business day when the order is processed, and they use Canada Post to process and send orders out.

Issues With Delivery

We’ve seen tons of negative feedback about missing orders, Canada Post taking as much as ten days, and even orders not arriving.

In their defense, the company says that packages that don’t arrive after two (2) days of their order being marked complete are already out of their control and that even if they contact customer service, it would mean little-to-no help.

Nevertheless, the majority of people were still able to receive their orders from Fair Canna Care — just not what they expect from a “reputable company.”

Price Range/Price Points

The next thing that’s quintessential to talk about would be none other than the prices of their goods. But, like any other type of business, customers and clients would consider the price of the products as one of the most substantial factors involved.

Let’s talk about how much money you need to prepare and if you’ll be able to save when you make your purchase!

Prices and Rates

When you look at it, Fair Canna Care is one of the cheapest and most valuable online weed shops — in comparison — in the market. They market the same quality of products as other high-end, reliable companies.

They have pretty flexible offers from $2.50 grams, $3 grams, to $10 grams of weed! It’s literally budget marijuana, regardless of what strain you’re looking for.

If you are the types of people who consume cannabis only for the sake of doing so, FairCannaCare’s buds will be perfect for you. Don’t you care about the taste of your buds? Don’t actually consider the smell when you open the package? If so, FairCannaCare is actually going to be good for you.

Not only will you be able to save money, but you will also heighten up your social status in the world of cannabis! Get anything from half pound, one pound, or one ounce to satisfy the cravings you have in your cannabis life!

FairCannaCare Coupon Code Options

Coupon Code

You’ll see a bunch of FairCannaCare reviews out there that have tons of bad reviews and they try to level it out by providing a FairCannaCare coupon code to ease the tension.

What’s good about it, though, is that these FairCannaCare reviews are legitimate about their offers of coupon codes. But, as they claim that they are a reputable company, let’s take a look at some of the offers available, as well as the loyalty program they undertake.

Loyalty Programs and Offers

On a regular basis, they have this Fire Sale Flower Blowout offer. In case you need to become more familiar with it, it’s the type of offer where customers can get and purchase a high-quality product without a FairCannaCare coupon code necessary.

They simply go to the shop, choose from the Fire Sale Flower Blowout options, and they’ll be able to get the weed they want. Over time, you will be able to earn points that you can use and convert for in-app purchases.

Several reports from clients have said that they got moldy weed from this Fire Sale Flower Blowout. But, of course, we do hope these reviews are exaggerated in order to save this mail-order marijuana dispensary from being ruined.

Customer Service

Probably one of the most annoying things you can experience is to get something from a store or a shop without having any type of support system. So what I mean is, for instance, you received the wrong order; there was an unusual smell from your buds; you got half a pound whereas you ordered a full pound — or any type of problem and you don’t have someone to contact for it.

No customer service to save the business. And that’s frankly one of the things bad about FairCannaCare. One user said that they already have bad products but they have an even worse customer service.

The only outlets they have are their social media platforms. They don’t have a number to contact, an email to send out to.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t happy with this, and I hope they try and improve this system of theirs to attract more clients.

Payment Methods/Processes

Next up is one of the biggest concerns clients have when ordering from shops and stores like this.

We all know that most, if not all, people use credit cards for their purchases. Unfortunately, FairCannaCare, like how other dispensaries, only accept Interac E-Transfers.

As of the moment, they don’t accept Mastercard, VISA, or even AMEX, which is pretty fair for the most part because other mail-order marijuana dispensaries do it that way, too.

Reviews (From Real People)

Customers from their website, online forums, and Reddit have different feedback and reviews about their FairCannaCare order. And we know that the worst thing could happen if this goes out of hand.

So, we gathered several reviews and feedback from real people who purchased from them. There were those who were furious about the bad experience they’ve got:

FairCannaCare products are absolute garbage. Their AAAA weed is brittle and dry and has little-to-no flavor. They smell similar to something that’s been sprayed with a vinegar solution, and that is not the good skunk stink people are looking for.

My initial order was missing gummy and has been running “missing” for almost four weeks today. They said they would give a refund, but, until now, they haven’t. They say they’re running low margins and that they won’t be able to ship out missing items unless you use your money for it.

Their budget weed has a horrible smell and even worse customer service. They say that they have “quality cannabis,” even what came was a moldy weed that had the vinegar stink, like that of pickle juice.

This will be my last and final order.

Allison Alloro: Absolute Terrible Products

Let me start by saying how terrible products are. What I received were mostly small nugs stuffed into small bags in an envelope. The first order was great, with fast shipping, good-quality products, and great prices, but the second order was absolute garbage —it never arrived.

I continuously tried to get a refund, but not once did they respond. I’ve read this story more than 50 times now, more than half of the people who I’ve seen reviews from said to expect the same thing.



On the flip side, there were guys who thought that the weed wasn’t great, given that the prices were low and cheap.

I tried the 3-buck gram, and that budget weed was not the greatest, but it wasn’t the worst either. It had a weird smell. I would never re-order that again, though. Maybe, I’ll try going for edibles or something to see if it’s the same quality? So I guess we really get the quality we pay the price for, eh?

If you want to save money, you would want to go for dispensaries like this.


I usually buy from FairCannaCare, and I am satisfied with what I’m able to save. The first order was excellent, and the second order was better, but after that, maybe the positive experience ran out. Recently, things got out of hand. So my order got delayed, and they told me that it’d take ten days to receive my order.

It’s just unacceptable, and because of this bad experience, I’m thinking twice about re-ordering from them again.


Mixed reviews are here and there where customers say that all their orders are bad, while some say that there are some that are good. So if you consume cannabis regularly, then you would most likely get the thought about how their products smell and how their buds taste by reading these reviews.

Overall Verdict

To cut things short, is Fair Canna Care an online weed shop where you can purchase quality bud for low prices? That depends on whether or not you’ll follow what the positive and negative reviews say.

Overall, if you want to save money when you buy your next set of buds and you’re not that of a critic when it comes to quality, try out the buds offered by Fair Canna Care and see for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: We would never be liable for the stuff you’ll experience when you get in business with them. It’s your money and your decision.


We’ve garnered some of the most frequently asked questions about FairCannaCare, so you don’t have to search for it separately!

Is FairCannaCare Legit?

To be fair, yes, Fair Canna Care is a legitimate company. However, big groups of people said that they would never get their buds from this “crap” company again because of the foul smell of the buds, the ridiculously low price ranges that are too good to be true, and even the daily coupon code offers they have.

Can You Purchase Quality Bud From FairCannaCare?

According to reviews, FairCannaCare was able to offer premium bud to clients who were looking for them, but, as we all know, people never share the same crop. So there were those who condemned and cursed the site because of their bad weed purchase, because of x amount of delays, and because they’ve experienced the worst from this cannabis store.

What are Alternatives to FairCannaCare?

Apart from FairCannaCare, there are other dispensaries you can try out, like Crystal Cloud 9, Herb Approach, West Coast Cannabis, The Grow House, and many others more.

Out of all these, I would say Herb Approach and West Coast Cannabis have been the best. They have top-quality cannabis products, they have experienced staff and budtenders, they have recreational and medical weed available, and the price they ask for is just right.

The Bottom Line

From the time they went and have been with the market, a lot of people told their bad experiences through their FairCannaCare reviews. However, we do hope that this discrepancy will be ironed out soon, especially since a lot of people have violet reactions about the recreational or medical cannabis they’ve ordered from the shop.

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