Cheapweed.IO: Is it Worth It?

You will find tons of reviews online, but the majority of them actually don’t make any sense. What’s funny is the fact that they all condone even the negatives of some weed dispensaries!

This post can promise total transparency, both good and bad so that when you order weed, you won’t have a hard time deciding if they are for you!

Can This Online Dispensary Help You Save Money?


Now, let’s head onto the fun part! Let’s try and digress into finding out who Cheap Weed is and go forth and check whether this online dispensary is really a place you can buy weed online from!

So people here is everything you have to know about Cheap Weed!

Website Quality

Website Quality

Website quality is everything when it comes to an online dispensary. If the website hasn’t been structured well or has limited access, it will already be a no-no.

One thing I noticed is that the website is inaccessible to people outside Canada and the US. So, to open it successfully, you would have to use a VPN service to bypass geographical restrictions.

But hey, who would want to get through to Cheap Weed if they only deliver within Canada, right?

Color-Coding and Website Design

In all fairness, the website is designed and color-coded well, and it’s actually a decent one. The website structure is great, and it looks premium if you access it via the computer.

A lot of thought has been put into the website because of the gradient, as well as the fact that everything is welcoming when you access it.

10 out of 10 in terms of design, font style, font size, and readability.

Website Navigation

Site navigation is also a win. When you get to the homepage, you’ll be welcomed by their products out of the box! Of course, you don’t need to go through irrelevant stuff or fluff that are just wholly annoying!

You won’t have any problems accessing different links inside the site because they’re streamlined and optimized the way they should be!

Website Loading Speed

The loading speed is exceptionally well-programmed. It wouldn’t take you more than 5 seconds to load each page within site, which is highly convenient!

This online dispensary’s site owner invested heavily to ensure that their website is at the top of the game!

NOTE: The only issue I encountered was initial access. Without a VPN, people from outside the country (outside the US, too) can’t open it.

Products Offered

Products Offered

This Canadian online dispensary does not take its shop as a joke. Instead, they have a vast selection of cannabis products, from your typical marijuana flowers to other products, too!

And yes, they have a mix & match option, too!

Weed Strain Selection

Their weed selection is over-the-top, as they have a little over 200+ different strains, which consist of indica, sativa, and hybrid strains! As customers, we can choose the particular strain we want because they’ve categorized it in such a way that you can see its price per pound.

Other Cannabis Products

Other than offering cheap weed, they also have other marijuana products, too! However, the only other marijuana product they have are edibles.

They don’t offer hash, concentrates, or even other products, which can be a problem if you are a person of variety.

This was one of the things that threw me off. I wanted to partner my dank with some edibles or even a few concentrates, but I wasn’t able to source it out from them.

Quality of Cannabis Products

Product Quality

Quality-wise, I can say that before, there has been nothing but praise to them, especially when it came to the strength and potency of their products. They always made it a point to ensure that their customers get their respective products and shower and bathe with quality.

Today, and in recent months, a lot of clients left reviews about how bad the products are. They say that they’ve gotten multiple incorrect orders and that what was delivered was different from what they ordered.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Regarding shipping, it is clear on their website that they offer express shipping within Canada, and it would take anywhere between 2 to 3 business days. This was the least and maximum time that you could get your delivery.

Discreet Packaging

Discreet packaging is actually a familiar feat with an online dispensary. They would usually package it up in such a way that it would not be easily seen and identified from the outside.

However, if you are really looking for stealth or discreet packaging, Cheap Weed mentions nothing about it.

Reviews said that the package was covered and concealed, but it was not discreet at all.

Same-Day Shipping

Cheap Weed doesn’t do same-day shipping. Instead, all shipments and delivery schedules come at around 2 to 3 business days — in some cases, in the most rural areas, it’s about four business days.


Prices and Offers

Their name wouldn’t be CheapWeed if they didn’t offer cheap weed, right? Well, to tell you, they really do offer the best prices when it comes to weed. This online dispensary is one of the few that has cheap weed deals, discounts, and promos for wholesale or bulk orders.

Get a discount when you go heavy shopping from Cheap Weed!

Customer Service or Support

Customer Service or Support

One of the most crucial things in Canada when it comes to businesses like this is customer service. An online dispensary is expected to have someone on the other end for inquiries, questions, and concerns.

For CheapWeed.IO, people said that it was decent. Responses came within a few hours during business hours, and they weren’t able to get what they needed in time, but it was okay.

There were others, though, who said that contacting them would just leave you frustrated.

For support, though, they’ve usually divided it into two (2) parts: the FAQs section and the contact page.


Their FAQs are decent. They have stuff about shopping, ordering, delivery, and safety, and it’s also an avenue where you can find out about some of your questions.

Contact Page

This page is where their email address is displayed. This is the only point of communication you have with them, nothing else.

Discount Offers, Deals, and Coupons

Discount Offers, Deals, and Coupons

Upon opening the website, you will see the available deals, discount promos, and other stuff they have so that you can have cheap weed. Oftentimes, it’s smaller, but some promos gave a considerable discount for your shopping spree.

Deal Availability

We’re not sure about the availability of deals, but, to tell you honestly, they’ve had pretty good deals in the past years. So their name, Cheap Weed, really was coming into play.

Today, though, their deals have become less and less constant; it becomes seldom.

Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and Reviews

Feedback and reviews from clients are a mix of bad, the worst, good, and the best ones. Checking Trust Pilot, you’ll see that almost all reviews there for this year have been bad. It could be because of safety, product delivery, wrong box, wrong address, no customer service, and so on.

However, if you go ahead and look at their website, it’s the exact opposite. You’ll see a lot of positive feedback about how their orders went in and that Cheap Weed’s weed was the best.

Half of the customers who encountered and experienced Cheapweed said that they knew the store or site owner and that he’s legit, while others said that it’s a scam. People say that the delivery pushes through all right, but they either get the wrong product or they don’t get the ones that are advertised or marketed.

Nevertheless, Cheap Weed has been one of the longest-standing recreational and medical marijuana sellers in the country for years, but most recent checkout reviews and feedback say that the company has gone downhill.

If you plan to pay and order from them, do it at your own risk! In my opinion, though, don’t. They have an excellent website, and they could have the BEST DEALS, but security and peace of mind are a few of the things you never want to go.


You won’t get it all the first time — at least, not for me. So, I’ve prepared and garnered some of the most common questions that were asked about Cheap Weed!

Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis From Cheap Weed?

Honestly, no. They’ve had issues in the past years, and Tony, the owner of the website, has been reported by loads of clients, bulk orders or not.

Is Cheap Weed Legal?

They used to be, but now, a handful of reviews on Reddit, Trust Pilot, and other sites say that they aren’t and that they are robbers. Learn from these people’s mistakes and make sure you don’t enter the trap.

Are There Other Cheap Weed Alternatives?

If you really want cheap weed, there are tons of alternatives like Green Leaf Express, West Coast Cannabis, BudLyft, and others available. So don’t make the mistake of others; do your research and verify one first!

Final Verdict

So, would Cheap Weed be an online dispensary you would trust? I say that they can be, but you do it at your own risk. I have a friend who claims that they are robbers. He never got the product that he actually paid for it. I have another friend who said that he was able to get some weed, yes, but not the type he ordered.

They’re a single internet shop catering to those who want to get cheap and affordable weed. But if you are after quality and pure legitimacy, they might not be the best.

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