7 Best & Cheapest Shatter Online in Canada This 2024

Cheapest Shatter Online in Canada: In my experience, the cheapest shatter products aren’t usually the ones with the worst qualities. If you find it challenging and long enough, you can buy affordable yet high-quality shatter online! And yes, they’re not short of what you expect them to be! 

So, if you’re buying shatter online in Canada and looking for the cheapest ones, you’re in the right guide. Since Canada’s allowance of cannabis concentrate, dispensaries across the country hoarded and offered different types of cheap shatter ranging from the usual Girl Scout Cookie shatter, Green Crack shatter, and even different variants of trim-run shatter and nug-run shatter, too!

The core of our content today will be focused on:

  • What is Shatter? How is Shatter Made?
  • Best Shatter Online in Canada
  • Cheap Shatter: Online Dispensaries to Choose From
  • Best Prices of Shatter Per Gram
  • Best Bulk Shatter

What is Shatter?


In a nutshell, shatter is a type of highly potent cannabis extract produced from extracting hashish or cannabis itself either through a solvent-extraction process.

The reason why many tokers and cannabis enthusiasts love it is because of its high potency, thanks to the conspiration of terpenes and resins. Unlike buds or the typical cannabis, we’re used to seeing, this concentrated form is typically translucent, with a glass-like texture, and can give you an intense high with euphoric effects here and there.

How is Shatter Made?

Like other cannabis concentrates, shatter is made via extracting, which reflects its high THC level. However, it’s somehow different in terms of the process after extraction.

According to Weed Maps, here’s a quick overview of how shatter is made.

  1. Prepare all the materials needed, including the cannabis plant material or variant of choice.
  2. Then, put the cannabis material into the tank in the closed-loop system. It’s what holds the nugs or trims it.
  3. Chill or cool the solvent that’ll be used. This will be the primary component that will extract all active ingredients.
  4. To release the trichomes, slowly pass the solvent over the cannabis.
  5. Then, using heat, vaporize the solvent to remove it from the mixture.
  6. Lastly, chill the solvent tank to recapture and condense the solvent vapors.

Different dispensaries have their own ways of creating and generating shatter. But have you ever wondered how the best online dispensaries have the best prices while maintaining high-quality shatter?

Let’s take a look at some of the best shatter on the internet!

Best Shatter Online in Canada

This guide isn’t only to show you an excellent-quality shatter menu but also to give you the best prices for it! Whether you’re looking for your favourite strain, the best-quality shatter, or if you want wholesale shatter, we got you covered!

Cheap Shatter: Cheapest Shatter From Online Dispensaries

Now that we can make something out of the best and cheapest shatter in Canada, let’s dive deep into knowing and understanding where to get high-quality shatter in the country, too!

Here’s the list of the top choices you can run to if you are trying to look for cheap shatter that can still give you a serious high! Experience shatter like how you would get the ultimate cannabis experience from these dispensaries!

West Coast Cannabis (wccannabis.co): Editor’s Choice and Highest-Quality Shatter

West Coast Cannabis is the dispensary you can go to if you’re looking for one that offers the highest-quality shatter in Canada. Offering premium shatter by grams or in bulk, you can never go wrong in choosing West Coast Cannabis.

The dispensary offers Indica-dominant hybrid strains, Sativa-dominant hybrid strains, or whatever potent strain you can think of! I’ve never had a problem choosing from their shop because of their variety.

Not to mention the fact that they offer a mix & match of 7g, 14g, 28g, up to 1 lb of this concentrated form of cannabis, too! They have house blends, and they resell So High Extracts as well.

Check out West Coast Cannabis’ concentrate and flower offers today!

Low Price Bud (lowpricebud.co): Low Price Buds Even With Popular Strains

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the name “Low Price Bud,” I automatically think of them as a place where I can get bulk items for extremely low rates. Partly, it’s true, considering the fact that they have nug-run shatter in almost all variants, but that’s not the only thing you can get from them.

Like others, Low Price Bud offers a program called Build Your Own Concentrate, where you can select specific strains and get them for yourself. This runs from 7g, 14g, up to 16 x 1 ounce!

Low Price Bud also has 11g of shatter for only $195, which is priced at $17.7 per gram. Get your favourite strains!

The Canna Society (thecannasociety.biz): Dispensary With Good Sale Items and Discounts

I’ve been in the industry for years and have encountered multiple dispensaries with specific specializations. The Canna Society has been my go-to if I want a specific strain (that I know they have) because it’ll most likely be available and on sale.

They have almost everything a toker would look for in a dispensary. From standard flowers and cannabis edibles to THCa diamonds and cannabis concentrate selections, too!

The Canna Society has pre-packaged shatter, live resin, and THCa sugar diamonds, too! Apart from that, my experience with them was surreal; they have a library of wholesale shatter you can choose from, too!

Check out their cannabis shatter selection! It might be few at the moment, but they restock fast and urgently!

Haute Health (hautehealth.live): Best Bulk Shatter

In my years of being a cannabis enthusiast and a toker, Haute Health has been one of the best when it comes to presentation, as well as offering bulk and wholesale shatter. I say presentation because they provide their products with complete information—say, for example, if you need something for chronic pain, or for stress, appetite stimulation, stuff to doze you off, or everything else, they got you covered.

The store itself takes pride in the 75+ shatter options they have. You can get anything from the simplest of their Green Crack shatter to the highly-concentrated shatter they have.

If you want to get wholesale shatter and you want to make sure you know everything in and around it, don’t hesitate and give Haute Health the green light for it.

Speed Greens (speedgreens.co): Best Cheap Shatter That’s Easily Accessible

If accessibility is an issue for you, then going with Speed Greens won’t be. I know what you’re thinking; since their name is Speed Greens, you expect Green Crack variants, but no, that’s not the case.

Although they have Green Crack shatter as part of their menu at times, they don’t always have it. Don’t worry, though, because, unlike others, they’ll most likely tell you that they either have nug-run shatter or trim-run shatter! They even have the resources for it, too!

The dispensary also carries and resells Everest Extracts and Galaxy Extracts alongside their house blends, so make your picks! Check their shatter menu out!

Get Kush (getkush.cc): Most Organized Dispensary

Get Kush has been and is still considered one of the market’s best and most organized dispensaries. I say organized because of how they structured their website. It’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for, and every category has a sub-category you can access.

When you’re in the concentrates tab, you can jump from one type of concentrated form to another and make your selections through that.

I include Get Kush in the cheapest shatter in Canada category because of how cheap their premium shatters are. For instance, they have Girl Scout Cookies shatter (GSC) for only $21.99 per gram, not to mention their Pineapple Express shatter, Blue Dream shatter, and even Purple Candy—how good is that?

If you want to take a peek at what Get Kush has in store for you, check out their shatter selection!

BC Weed Edible Direct (bcweededible.net): Best Cheap Shatter in Different Variants

Last but most definitely not least is BC Weed Edible. Being one of the first few dispensaries in the British Columbian province, they’ve made their name and have established a sense of trust from the people within and around BC.

The dispensary boasts of its $10-house shatter, its caviar THC concentrate, THCa diamonds, as well as the mix-and-match pound shatter they have. From their famous Strawberry Cough shatter, their super powerful Gorilla Glue 4 shatter to White Widow shatter, and Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll find the variant you’re looking for.

They took it up a notch and added TERP sauce into their offers, giving tokers the kick they’re looking for in a high-quality product like shatter.

Don’t miss out on checking the BC Weed Edible shatter menu; you might just find the exact shatter and amount you’re looking for. Look into their “per gram” offer and their “per pound.”

Best and Lowest Prices of Shatter Per Gram

If you buy shatter, then you would know that some dispensaries and shops offer it per gram. This means you can try out those glass-like appearance strains in little divisions—as little as a single gram.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have before you buy cheap shatter online by the gram.

$30 Shatter Menu

$30 shatter in Canada seems a bit pricey, and it’s true on most occasions. But hey, what price are you willing to pay for if you want a high-quality product, right? Here are the top 3 places where you can get $30 shatter in Canada without going out of your homes!

  1. West Coast Cannabis — I mean, they have Girl Scout Cookies Shatter available for only $20 per gram; how good is that? Let me tell you, you won’t be able to consume shatter the way you do after trying their stuff out.
  2. Low Price Bud — Low Price Bud is also a contender in the $30 to $20 range. They offer high-quality shatter for as little as $20 per gram! What’s even better is that you’re sure their prices are low. Let’s talk about their $15-gram Green Crack shatter.
  3. The Canna Society — Lastly, The Canna Society. Known for its creative approach and highly-concentrated form of in-house blends, the dispensary takes pride in its variety of shatter. From your favorite Northern Lights shatter to the rarest of White Death shatter, you can get them for under $30 per gram! They even have a sale now and you can get a gram for just $20 to $25!

$10 Shatter

I know what you’re thinking, $10 shatter? What kind of a joke is that? But hey, I assure you that even if you buy cheap shatter in this price range, you’ll get intense effects, potent effects you might not get from other shops.

And where is the best place to get these? BC Weed Edible is a shop you can count on. Like others, they offer an indica strain (Bubba Kush) and a sativa strain (Super Lemon Haze) that you can get for just $10 for every gram.

Get this potent concentrate for a price you will never regret paying!

Best Bulk Shatter: Best Cheap Ounces

If you’re looking to buy shatter online and you want to do it in bulk, then here are the best options you have!

  • Speed Greens -If you are looking for a highly-concentrated form of cannabis in bulk, Speed Greens might just have what you need. Packed with Galaxy Extract cannabis shatter, you can get what you’re looking for wholesale!
  • Low Price Bud – Low Price Bud lives up to its name as they offer multiple high-quality shatter variants and strains in retail and wholesale! Get an ounce for as low as $375!
  • West Coast Cannabis – West Coast Cannabis is probably the option many people go to. Besides their cannabis extract selections, you can also get bulk shatter! They offer various options from mix & match, So High Extracts, and even house blends!

Wholesale shatter may seem hard to find, especially in the current terrain of cannabis in Canada today. But try checking out where you can get cheap ounces and get them for prices you never would’ve expected!


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Canada’s cheapest sativa and indica-dominant hybrid shatter menus.

Is Shatter Legal in Canada?

Yes, according to the CBC, cannabis edibles, cannabis concentrates, and topicals are considered legal in the country.

Is Shatter Worth the Money?

Yes, most tokers say that shatter, especially when appropriately preserved in an airtight container, is worth the money because it lasts longer. Its intense effects will stay as long as they’re kept, stored, and treated appropriately.

Are Dabs Less Expensive?

No, dabs being cheaper than weed or flowers is a myth. In fact, it’s the other way around. Flowers per gram can run at $15 to $25, $30 would be a premium. On the other hand, concentrates can cost you $15 at the minimum for mediocre strains and potency. The best ones will be around $60 to $90.

Nug-Run Shatter vs. Trim-Run Shatter

The difference between trim-run and nug-run shatter is the plant material. Trim-run shatter is the type of concentrate produced using different materials and leaves harvested from cannabis. They capitalize on the sugary dots (trichomes) or content.

Nug-run shatter is a type of concentrate where the material is only taken from the flower bud. Everything else, including stems and leaves, needs to be included. They share the same extraction methods; they just differ in content.

What is Butane Hash Oil (BHO)?

Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s extracted via butane oil. It’s one of the more formal terms of “shatter” because it is a street term used to convey messages more efficiently and faster.

What is Caviar THC Concentrate?

If you haven’t tried caviar yet, then that’s the reason you don’t know what caviar THC concentrate is. In a nutshell, they are cannabis buds that are rolled in hash oil, prolonging the intensity and making the buds have more robust and more potent effects. They’re among the cannabis products with strong effects due to their structure and composition.

Final Verdict

Don’t you think it’s a bit counterintuitive to find cheap shatter when people think it’s better than smoking flowers? While we’re not sure what the better option is, one thing is for certain; you have multiple options where you can purchase the cheap to the cheapest shatter in Canada.

Don’t worry, and you’ll get your hands on those butane hash oils soon!

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