Top 10 Canadian MoMs List In 2024

You’ll not find a good, reliable Canadian MoMs list every day. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, it’s easy for us to know a good MoM (mail-order marijuana) service very quickly.

The best online dispensary we think of in Canada is none other than West Coast Cannabis. Other than their spectacular online customer service, West Coast Cannabis (Wccannabis) is also known to carry high-quality brands and have very affordable prices through the roof!

What Makes a Good Mail Order Marijuana (MoM) Dispensary?


With our experience and overall passion for cannabis, it’s pretty clear and evident that we’re skilled and knowledgeable in identifying a good mail-order marijuana dispensary or service. So, the following are the criteria to be eligible to be a part of our Canadian MoM list:

Excellent and Easy Website Structure

Firstly, the style and beauty of a Canadian MoMs website will dictate the quality of its products. While many people don’t believe in website beauty, it has been proven by many business owners. A good-looking, fast-responding website reciprocates the type and quality of business that a cannabis dispensary has.

Legitimacy and Trustworthiness

Let us not be naïve — today, dozens of fake and illegitimate cannabis dispensaries are storming the market. Some of them even try imitating other legitimate dispensaries so they can reel people in! So make sure to check forums first before going with one!

NOTE: We check reviews, Reddit posts, and forums to ensure that what we’re posting is legitimate and trustworthy.

High-Quality Cannabis Products and Variety

The next thing that separates the “good” mail-order marijuana dispensaries from the “great” is the variety of their offers. Only a few dispensaries in the current market have the resources to offer a wide array of different products. So, if you’re working with an MoM service with a vast library of products, you’re in for a treat. Their varieties could range from different cannabis products to various weed grades (AA to AAAA) marijuana.

Amazing Online Customer Service/Customer Experience

Akin to shipping and delivery, customer service or customer experience is another significant factor in categorizing dispensaries. Try to find one that has excellent customer service to the extent that they respond fast, have different channels you can use, and if they’re able to answer common queries and questions.

Security of Order and Buyer

Last but most definitely not least is the security and safety of you (as a consumer) and your orders. In this industry, it wouldn’t hurt you if you’re prepared and secured, especially if you are dealing with high-quality bulk cannabis products.

These are the primary factors we look for in a mail-order marijuana dispensary before we tag and label them as reasonable. If you were to ask, these are just some of the primary ones — we haven’t gotten to the secondary and complementary ones yet!

Top 10 Canadian MoMs List This 2024

In this list, we will be enumerating some of Canada’s online dispensaries that offer very competitive prices and rates, as well as those that carry fresh produce all the way! So, here’s our list of the top and updated Canadian MoM list for this year!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

In Canada, nothing beats the simplicity and the “customer-first” attitude. Since the business was founded, they’ve had this customer-centric business strategy, offering recreational cannabis and medical marijuana to people who need it.

West Coast Cannabis has been in business for over a year, and it did not disappoint its clients. Being one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, they always make it to a point where they give their clients what they’re looking for.

Website Structure and Navigation

West Coast Cannabis is labeled and known as one of the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries because of its overall website quality. Their website is easy on the eyes, has an excellent color scheme, and, most importantly, loads fast!

Navigation is also easy because the menu is readily available, and it has no dead links. Overall, the structure of West Coast Cannabis’ website is out of the ordinary — in a good way!

Product Quality and Variety

Of course, West Coast Cannabis wouldn’t actually be a part of this list if they had low-quality cannabis, right? West Coast Cannabis takes pride in its vast product library and variety and its premium-grade cannabis products.

Quality-wise, they have better products compared to other mail-order marijuana dispensaries simply because of how formal and how careful they are when delivering and packaging. So you’ll see it from the package alone; it’s carefully done and well-thought-of.

They have a ton of products to choose from your usual recreational marijuana, medical marijuana to cannabis edibles, concentrates, accessories, and many more too!

If you’re looking for a mail-order marijuana online dispensary that has almost everything, West Coast Cannabis will be up to your expectations, and that’s a guarantee.

Rates and Promos

To be frank, one of the things West Coast Cannabis lack is low prices. If you make a comparison, you’ll find many other mail-order marijuana dispensaries that have lower prices. Yet, they place an affordable price on almost all products they have, but if you compare them further, they’re not the cheapest.

Nevertheless, they still do their best to provide very competitive pricing for the high-quality products and merchandise they offer as well as free pre-roll promos, mix and match, and many more.

Before, they held free shipping Fridays, where all orders done during Fridays had no shipping! We’re just not sure if they still have that now, but we hope that they bring it back!

Feedback and Review

They’re rated 4.8 on TrustPilot, and that alone says it all. A lot of people commend West Coast Cannabis for its overall service. They are an online dispensary with excellent service levels, and, from their words alone, “all our own products are tested and licensed,” they won’t leave you empty-handed.

Get the highest-quality marijuana products wherever you are in the country, and never worry about weed online in Canada ever again.

BudLyft: Runner-Up


BudLyft has been the “buddy” of most enthusiasts and tokers in and around the country. They’re known for their prompt customer service and the expertise of most of their budtenders. So now, let’s take a good look at some of the factors involved in determining whether BudLyft is a high-quality cannabis online dispensary.

Website Structure and Navigation

At first glance, you’ll immediately see and notice the structure of BudLyft’s website. It’s been engineered to cater even to those who are newbies in the industry.

That’s a positive note because they care about their clients’ experience. The navigation they’ve set and programmed is an absolute winner, too, given that almost everything can be accessed and seen on the homepage.

It’s a 10 out of 10 for us because of how thoughtful customer service is when it comes to leading clients when they decide to buy marijuana online.

Product Quality and Variety

Now, this is where things can take a big turn. As one of the best Canadian MoMs, as claimed by its frequenters, BudLyft’s product roster and the lineup is something you wouldn’t argue about.

They have a clean slate of high-quality, naturally cultured, and grown cannabis. They’re known to have everything from having a vast product variety for selling high-quality clones to AAAA-grade cannabis flowers, premium concentrates, edibles, and many more.

You’ll be drowned in the number of cannabis products you will see when you browse their website. Not to mention the fact that almost all the products in their online dispensary are duly checked, assessed, and certified by long-time cannabis experts and farmers — you’ll see it from the reviews and feedback alone!

Rates and Promos

BudLyft’s popularity rose when customers found out about their subsequent and recurring promos, especially for customers who frequent their shop. They are equipped with some of the industry’s highest-quality cannabis products, but the pricing? — They’re cheaper than what you’d expect.

They have products that aren’t too cheap, but their rates are not expensive overall. So you will be thrilled to see several mix & match deals, bundles, and even wholesale prices are so low that you won’t expect rates like that to come up.

Feedback and Review

To be honest, we weren’t surprised by the reviews people had with BudLyft. There was nothing but praise and amazement at how consistent they are in delivering high-quality cannabis, prompt personal customer service, fast shipping and delivery, and all those good things to all their clients without miss.

They have multiple 5-star ratings from client reviews and testimonials, and you will definitely leave one, too, when you get the chance to purchase from them.

The Grow House Online: Canada Dispensary With High-Quality Cannabis Goods

The Grow House Online

The Grow House Online dispensary has been one — if not Canada’s most trusted and reliable dispensary for ages. They’ve rebranded and redirected their website a few times, but from what we’ve known, they’re the same set of people, people that have been trusted by thousands of cannabis enthusiasts and experts in the continent.

Website Structure and Navigation

The company’s website is not totally overwhelming, like how it’s not underwhelming, too. In all fairness, the website is properly structured, the colors are well-blending, and the overall atmosphere is great.

It’s not the fastest, to be honest with you. There’s a bit of a delay with the loading time, as it took me around 5 to 10 seconds to load each page. It could be due to the graphics? We don’t really know.

Other than that, the website is pretty fair and is something that wouldn’t give you a headache.

Navigation-wise, the font style is easy to see, the font color is decent, and the arrangement of buttons and links is neatly placed and organized.

Product Quality and Variety

Now that we’re all done with the website let’s look at Grow House’s product quality and variety. Overall, The Grow House Online’s products are labeled and tagged as high-quality by most of their patrons and customers.

Different from what many of you might think, only some of their products are premium. Apart from their top-quality marijuana categories and high-grade flower options, they also have low-grade or those that are not as potent as premium ones.

In addition, they have concentrates, edibles, hash, and other types of accessories, too. Check their store up to see if they have what you’re looking for and if you don’t see it; you can try contacting their team and ask them a direct question!

Rates and Promos

The Grow House Online has flourished and has been a part of the best Canadian MooMs list because of many things — and one of those is their thought for providing affordable prices and rates for their products.

You don’t have to worry about where to buy weed online because The Grow House Online is here for you! Get free shipping for orders that are above $150 and enjoy country-wide Xpresspost Shipping!

Feedback and Review

The majority of people have nothing but praise and good words for The Grow House Online. A lot of them are scattered through online forums, Reddit, and all those other websites, but there are those that are just situated on their website.

You’ll find a mix of good and bad, but having a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 1600+ reviews, it’s clear and evident that they are a legitimate and trustworthy mail-order marijuana service.

Haute Health: Online Dispensary Canada With Daily Deals and Promos

Haute Health

In almost all Canadian MoM list posts and articles, you’ll find online, and you will always see Haute Health in those. Apart from being a trusted mail-order marijuana dispensary, Haute Health is also prominent for their prompt shipping, high-quality flowers, concentrates, edibles, and many other products you might want. So let’s dive deep right in and discuss how this exceptional online dispensary came to be.

Website Structure and Navigation

In all honesty, Haute Health’s website is probably one of the best, most elegant-looking, and most advanced in this Canadian MoM list. So right when you access their website, you’ll see the display, the color combination, and the presentability of their options.

It’s pleasant-looking in both the mobile and desktop view, and the loading speed is spectacular. We tried accessing it via different connections, and the results were all regular.

Unlike other mail-order marijuana dispensaries, though, they don’t have a menu right out front. Instead, you’ll have to scroll down to see the shop categories that differentiate the products they have in stock.

Overall, Haute Health was able to invest heavily in the look and feel of its website, making clients, customers, and investors feel warmly welcomed.

Product Quality and Variety

Scrolling down, we’ll see the different products they offer. Akin to most online dispensary businesses you will find, they have everything from your typical recreational and medical marijuana, concentrates, edibles, vapes, CBD, and mushrooms.

Quality flower options are what they take pride in, and it is something you’ll want to purchase because that is what they’re known for!

Upon choosing a product category, you will be welcomed by a list of products that they have in stock, as well as those that they’re refilling. Haute Health has both its quality and variety checked!

Rates and Promos

Haute Health is one of those dispensaries that feel expensive and luxurious, but, in reality, they are actually affordable quality products. They have an exceptional price (retail and bulk), and you will not be disappointed by what they have in store for their patrons and frequenters.

If an affordable price is what you’re looking for, Haute Health is no stranger to that. You’ll get low prices guaranteed, partnered with all the discounts and promos they have that go against other online dispensaries!

NOTE: They promote the discounts and promos that they have displayed on the homepage! Try accessing their website and see for yourself!

Feedback and Review

Now, when it came to what people had to say about Haute Health, it’s filled with A LOT of good things. Medical marijuana users have hailed Haute Health as their go-to because of how their products are presented.

Recreational cannabis users, on the other hand, say that they have the lowest prices guaranteed. So whatever it is, or whichever angle they want to look at it, Haute Health truly is a gem you never want to miss out on.

Canna Society: Online Dispensary Canada With the Best Customer Service

Canna Society

The Canna Society is one of those online dispensaries you’ll praise for its simple, minimalistic, yet lavish and luxurious look. They are an appraised online dispensary for having amazing customer service, and they’re part of this Canadian Moms list because of other factors, too.

Website Structure and Navigation

The Canna Society is such a minimalistic mail-order marijuana dispensary that opening its website won’t give off that signal that they distribute cannabis. Upon opening, you’ll see some of their good claims, like secure packaging, a satisfaction guarantee, and a loyalty program that they have.

However, they have a menu that, when you hover your mouse over it, will reveal the contents they are offering.

You will immediately see a menu on the homepage with all the goods The Canna Society has in store for us. The color scheme is simple, the navigation part is convenient, and it is, overall, a great website to begin with.

Product Quality and Variety

Moving down to the variety and quality of the products, The Canna Society is just filled with tons of surprises. Upon opening one of their products, you’ll see their high-quality craft.

Every product is knitted and delivered in such a way that you will find it easy to understand even if you are a beginner in the cannabis industry.

Product variety-wise, you can see all of what they have to offer in their shop menu. You’ll see options for concentrates, edibles, shrooms, cannabis, and many more! They also have top-shelf cannabis that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Rates and Promos

In all fairness, The Canna Society’s rates and prices are exceptionally decent. They’re at par with most mail-order marijuana dispensaries out there, even for high-quality flower selections.

On the homepage itself, you’ll see that they offer free shipping for orders that are $200 and above, and apart from that, they have a ton of discounts and promos that they give out to customers, too.

Whether it’s the season or just the regular week, you’ll enjoy scouring through the different deals they have! Unfortunately, not all Canadian MoMs have these types of offers!

Feedback and Review

Redditors have a lot of good words about The Canna Society, as well as users on other platforms. They talk about how The Canna Society’s bulk weed bursts of quality, they talk about how they’re offering wholesale prices at the minimum, and many more!

If top-quality weed is what you’re looking for, you will not have a problem when you choose The Canna Society as your dispensary.

Crystal Cloud 9: Online Dispensary With Same-Day Delivery in GTA

Crystal Cloud 9

One of the OGs in the scene, Crystal Cloud 9, is the mail-order marijuana dispensary; that’s part of the reasons why the service is accepted and welcomed by a lot of cannabis enthusiasts and experts.

From high-quality bud to extravagantly quality flowers, Crystal Cloud 9 has a lot of stuff in store for you especially if you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Website Structure and Navigation

Being someone who has known Crystal Cloud 9 since the beginning, it’s safe to say that their website is something that has evolved through the years. During their first few months, their website was all over the place.

Today, it’s honestly one of the best, easiest, and fastest mail-order marijuana websites we’ve used. The loading time is extremely convenient, and the placement of products is accurate — almost everything is perfect. The presentation of their products is highly recognized, and it’s something you want to take note of, too.

Product Quality and Variety

Just like their website, the product variety and quality they have also evolved through the years. They’re now offering high-quality flowers, fresh concentrates, edibles, shrooms, and many other common cannabis products other dispensaries in this Canadian MoM list have.

If you plan to buy weed online to get the best and highest quality of products, you’ll never regret going for Crystal Cloud 9! They might not have bulk weed offers, but this premium online dispensary Canada has ultra-high-quality flower selections and other products, too!

Rates and Promos

We won’t say that Crystal Cloud 9 has the lowest prices guaranteed, but what we’ll say is that they have decent and affordable pricing across the board. Purchasing directly from physical dispensaries will allow you to feel the difference between buying from mail-order marijuana dispensaries.

Feedback and Review

Being a premium online dispensary, almost all reviews about Crystal Cloud 9 are positive. People talk about how delightful their products are, how their medical and recreational cannabis is kept fresh and new, and all those good stuff.

A part of those reviews, though, talk about the secure delivery Canada-wide shipping they have. They’re one of the few mail-order marijuana dispensaries in this Canadian MoM list that provide nationwide delivery, not to mention that in some locations that they have, they’re offering same-day delivery, more discounts, promos, and more affordable pricing!

Bulk Buddy: Mail Order Marijuana With Great Individual and Bulk Pricing

Bulk Buddy

For a mail-order marijuana online dispensary, it’s rare to find one that offers bulk, quality marijuana right off the bat. Not with Bulk Buddy, though, as they’ve been the go-to of bulk weed buyers all throughout the country — even in the US, too!

They are an online dispensary that dove more into providing bulk weed to people without sacrificing overall quality! So let us now go over Bulk Buddy’s overall structure to see whether or not they are a mail-order marijuana online dispensary you can go for.

Website Structure and Navigation

Bulk Buddy is probably one of the lightest, neatest, and cleanest websites you can visit if you’re trying to get bulk weed (or any type of weed, in that sense). They have this light green touch to a white background, with all the links completely visible.

From the homepage alone, you can already see the extensive rewards program designed to get their clients what they’re looking for. The website’s speed is decent — fast, actually, and the overall feel of the website is something else. You’ll feel comfortable and convenient while scrolling and browsing through their page.

Product Quality and Variety

If you’re going to buy weed online, the problem you’re going to have is knowing whether or not you’re dealing with quality flowers. It’s difficult — almost impossible to know the quality of cannabis without seeing them personally.

In that sense, we’ll be able to see quality from a mail-order marijuana online dispensary by checking what other people have to say about it. Overall, Bulk Buddy is an overly reliable online dispensary Canada. They were able to formulate a structure to help Canadians in the country safely access and get their bulk weed.

Rates and Promos

Since they’re offering bulk weed, it’s safe to say that Bulk Buddy is a mail-order marijuana that has one of the best and most affordable pricing. They have the lowest prices guaranteed (for bulk weed), and they’re one of the few online dispensaries that offer quality and budget flowers, concentrates, edibles, and many other products off the shelves.

Feedback and Review

Most of the feedback and reviews are from people who are growers, licensed and certified distributors, sellers, and those who use it for medical purposes. Many of these Canadian MoMs list articles tag them as a mail-order marijuana online dispensary that’s just good in offering bulk weed; little did they know that they have excellent prices, too. Overall, Bulk Buddy is a force not to be reckoned with as they are indeed an exceptional online dispensary in Canada.

Green Society: Cannabis Dispensary With Odorless Fast Free Shipping

Green Society

In this Canadian Mom list, we won’t just subjugate bad online dispensaries. We try and promote those that have the best intentions, too. Green Society has been one of the mail-order marijuana dispensaries in the market that has their focus on one thing — their customers.

They are a mail-order marijuana online dispensary that offers quality cannabis without that hefty price tag. So let’s cut to the chase and find out what they have against these other online dispensaries today.

Website Structure and Navigation

The website structure is modern, and it has a color scheme that would definitely attract first-time visitors. But, as you’ll see in most Canada Mom list posts, Green Society would often have this reputation of being too informal and too playful, when, in fact, that is what gets customers rolling.

They’re one of those exclusively amazing mail-order marijuana dispensaries that provide high-quality strains, flowers, concentrates, edibles, shrooms, and other top-quality weed that you will never regret to pay for — and you’ll immediately know that once you access their website.

Product Quality and Variety

Before you buy weed online, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with mail-order marijuana dispensaries that are not just legit but also open to delivering what they are supposed to — excellent product variety.

You can always buy marijuana online, but can you get quality flower like when you do business with physical dispensaries? A mail-order marijuana online dispensary is different, and Green Society never failed on that factor. Take it from reviews, feedback, and comments by people who were able to get their products, and you’ll see why they’re tagged as the best online dispensary in several areas.

Rates and Promos

When you buy weed online, what is the first thing you try to look for? Cheap rates, right? Unfortunately, Green Society is not the cheapest mail-order marijuana online dispensary you can go for.

Yes, they have premium-quality buds, concentrates, edibles, and other top-shelf stuff, but they won’t be as cheap as you would imagine. Instead, they often offer promos, deals, and discounts, giving their customers and clients a positive payback for their support and overall trust in their business.

Feedback and Review

This mail-order marijuana online dispensary Canada is one of those that you’ll definitely long for whether you want retail or bulk weed. A lot of their customers hail them for prompt shipping, but the majority of their clients talk about how they’ve become one of the best Canadian MoMs over the years because of the overall quality of their products.

Hoot Supply Co: Cannabis Dispensary With Top-Shelf Quality

Hoot Supply Co

Canadian MoM list posts wouldn’t be complete if Hoot Supply Co., isn’t a part of it! Just like West Coast Cannabis, this mail-order marijuana online dispensary is hailed for its exclusive marijuana. They have top-shelf, king products, and they have fantastic customer support as well.

Now, let’s dive right into discussing Hoot Supply Co., and whether they are a safe place to buy weed online from.

Website Structure and Navigation

The website is convenient, simple, and easy to look at. It’s not really the fastest of the bunch, but out of all other Canadian MoMs list posts you can find, they’re one of those that are almost always up.

The Color combination is alluring. They have high-quality products like how every online dispensary should, and the redirections in each of the pages are on-point. There’s really nothing else to say about how Hoot Supply Co. pulled it off in terms of their website and presentation.

Product Quality and Variety

Being one of the best mail-order marijuana dispensaries in Canada, you really won’t have a problem when it comes to the quality of products and variety. To be totally frank with you, they don’t have the highest number of products available, but the options you have, from tinctures, concentrates, edibles, flowers, and even mushrooms, will astound you.

They are carrying tons of reputable brands and strain families that you can buy bulk weed online from them at costs you would never imagine.

Rates and Promos

They had same-day delivery promos and events before, but right now, they’re kind of short in that sense. Unlike other mail-order marijuana dispensaries, Hoot Supply Co. does not give out regular promos simply because of how they made almost all their products have affordable prices.

Feedback and Review

Most of the feedback and comments people have about Hoot Supply Co. are positive. There are those; however, that wish they bring same-day delivery back for regular customers and clients. It’s not impossible, though, so let’s wait and hope that they bring this type of shipping and delivery services back.

SupHerbs: Premium Online Dispensary With Super High-Quality Flower


To wrap the list up, we have SupHerbs, which is one of the most amazing mail-order marijuana dispensaries that offered same-day delivery, as well as extremely high-quality customer service. So there was a time last year when they literally were the best online dispensary, so, let’s jump right in!

Website Structure and Navigation

Let’s take off by discussing the website SupHerbs has. The website has a ton of elements, which make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, but for some, it can be extremely annoying.

The color branding and the style is modern, which will capture every smoker’s eyes, and the way they present their products — from bulk weed, and retail flowers to topicals, CBD, concentrates, edibles, and even mix & match products, they’re a definite hit.

Product Quality and Variety

They’re one of those mail-order marijuana dispensaries that have been known for distributing high-quality clones, but over the years, they focused on top-shelf marijuana products, as well as variations of them.

SupHerbs has been one of those mail-order marijuana dispensaries that stuck to their craft. They did their best to offer amazing deals to clients, but as the demand went up, they had to rectify the goodness of their merchandise by increasing the price a bit, too.

Taking from that, you might be asking, what are their rates and prices?

Rates and Promos

In all honesty, the price range that SupHerbs has when it comes to its merchandise is very reasonable and affordable. So from affordable prices to extremely low, discounted rates, you will definitely feel like you always get a good deal when you purchase from them.

They have promos and offers every now and then, but they don’t do it like how other mail-order marijuana businesses do because they know that there will be a time when they’ll need to readjust.

Feedback and Review

SupHerbs has earned its reputation from being an incredible mail-order marijuana online dispensary in the country. They offer same-day delivery to people in Calgary, and they have a set of knowledgeable budtenders as well.

Their overall conduct in the Canadian MoMs list is 9 out of 10, simply because wherever you go, there will seldom come a perfect mail-order marijuana online dispensary.

That’s it for our best Canadian MoM list. After careful thought and deliberation, we found that these mail-order marijuana dispensaries are the best, and therefore, should be who you do business with.

Canadian MoM List (Honorable Mentions)

Those are the best and most trusted Canadian mail-order marijuana dispensaries for us. Apart from them, though, we have honorable mentions that you can also consider, especially if they operate in the region where you reside.

  • Cheeba’s — Excellent BC-grown weed, cultured and cultivated with love.
  • Just Cannabis — Not “Just” a cannabis store with a ton of offers up its sleeve.
  • Chronic Farms — Online dispensary with an excellent selection and promotional offers.
  • Grass Life — Mail-order marijuana online dispensary with new cannabis products.
  • CannabisMo — Excellent source of information for news about cannabis.
  • Weed Post — Offering wholesale pricing for premium quality flowers.


In case you still have questions about which reliable online dispensary in Canada you can purchase quality and budget flowers from, here are some of the frequently asked questions about them!

What Products Can You Purchase From Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries?

Mail-order marijuana dispensaries offer high-quality, premium cannabis products from flowers, topicals, vapes, concentrates, edibles, CBD oil, and many more. Do note, though, that in our Canadian MoMs list, not all mail-order marijuana businesses have those — be sure to check each one out before you buy weed online from them.

Do Canadian Online Dispensaries Offer Quality Cannabis?

Yes and no — let me explain.

Just like how physical weed shops are, not all mail-order marijuana dispensaries have this commitment to providing top-shelf marijuana tcanao their customers. As an online dispensary, they will do their best to give you high-quality products, but they can’t always guarantee that.

Is Same-Day Delivery Possible For Mail Order Marijuana Dispensaries?

Yes, in fact, in this Canadian MoMs list, we featured a few mail-order marijuana dispensaries that offer same-day delivery. Most of which, though, offer same-day for a particular area or region in Canada.

Final Verdict

If you’re trying to get a hold of high-quality strains, bulk weed, and even high-quality craft from Canadian mail-order marijuana dispensaries, we got just what you need.

This Canadian MoMs list is just one of the many out there, but after thorough checking and experience, we know that these all offer high-quality cannabis products at very reasonable prices. Do you have one that you can say fits this Canadian MoM list for offering premium marijuana?

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