Bulk Buddy Review In 2024

In my years as a cannabis enthusiast, I’ve encountered Bulk Buddy more than once. And to summarize my experience my overall experience with them, I give it a clean 5.

Why a 5? Well, it is for a variety of reasons.

In this Bulk Buddy review, we’ll go over complete and thorough details about Bulk Buddy and whether they’re worth working with!

Who is Bulk Buddy Online Dispensary?


Who is Bulk Buddy Online Dispensary

Bulk Buddy online dispensary is considered by many as their go-to cannabis dispensary in Canada. Claiming to be the best and the number one store for AAA and AAAA weed, they’ve truly mastered their craft!

They have exceptionally-qualified staff members who have the knowledge, skill, and experience to act as support if you need help and assistance with products.

Currently, the delivery areas of Bulk Buddy is precisely defined, but as time goes on, we — or everybody, in that sense, hope that they extend and widen their delivery and shipping locations and spots more.

Bulk Buddy Review 2024

In this review, we will be full-on discussing Bulk Buddy, from how their website is structured and made down to shipping and delivery. Unlike other reviews you’ll see online, ours will be as transparent as possible to help you understand further if Bulk Buddy is an excellent match for you and what you’re looking for.

Website Quality

Website Quality

A good site is one of the main strengths of an online cannabis store. You can see and treat it like a storefront; the more people are attracted to it, the better, more creative, and catchier it is.

There are a few elements that make up the overall quality of websites.

Website Navigation

Navigation simply dictates the ease and complexity of jumping from one page to another. Frequently, good-quality websites would have easy-to-read links that are color-coded — Bulk Buddy has this exceptionally easy navigation right when you access their homepage.

Everything is lined up and structured to be easily understood, regardless of the experience and knowledge of the user.

Site Design

The design is neat. Updates and discounts are often displayed at the top, which kind of throws it off. It can, however, account for easy navigation and presentation of information to users.

Loading Speed

Websites that load faster often get visited by more people and more users frequently. I mean, who would want to go on a site that loads slowly? The speed of Bulk Buddy is actually above average, considering the number of elements present per page.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Support is like the backbone of each company. Without good-quality customer service, your patrons and customers will feel lost at times, especially if they have questions AFTER they made the purchase or the order.

The majority of online weed dispensaries would have sections about this, and Bulk Buddy is no stranger to that!


This is the section I mentioned above, and they have this FAQs section where almost all questions that customers need are answered.

Take note, though, that these aren’t everything. But, of course, there would always still be questions that need to be covered by the FAQ.

Nevertheless, you wouldn’t need to wait for answers to general or basic concerns and inquiries.

Contact Information

Bulk Buddy’s contact information is readily displayed on the menu part. They made it like this, so customers like you don’t have to scroll through the entire page just to get a hold of the contact information.

Upon accessing that, you’ll be able to compose the message for a question you want an answer to. Moreover, they have their socials displayed to be able to reach them faster and more urgently.

Strain and Product Selection

Strain and Product Selection

How vast a dispensary’s strain selection is kind of gives the narrative of the experience and the knowledge they have of the industry.

Have you ever seen or encountered an online weed dispensary equipped with just a handful of strains?

Bulk Buddy is here to save the day! They have numerous strains you can choose from, and you’ll definitely be left in a buzz when you see their collection. The three (3) primary categories of flowers they have are indica, sativa, and hybrid.

Indica Strain Selection

Indica Strain Selection

They have over 110+ different strains of indica, from the most common of the Cali Bubba Kush, Death Bubba, and Granddaddy Purple to the rarest ones like Do-Si Punch, Master Pink Kush, and White Octane OG.

Sativa Strain Selection

Sativa Strain Selection

They also have a sativa strain selection, but, as of writing, only eight (8) strains populate the stock. To be frank, this one was kind of underwhelming, considering the fact that they offer AAA weed.

Hybrid Strain Selection

Hybrid Strain Selection

Their hybrid strain is fine; quite frankly, you would say you expected more. Bulk Buddy did their research and only offered strains within the range of standard to popular.

They have your favorites like the Butterscotch, Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter Runtz, Ice Wreck, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and more.

Other than those, you can also choose from different types of weed they have, from AA, AAA, to AAAA weed!

Shake and/or trim flowers are also available, and the flowers? — you can buy them per gram, per ounce, or per pound!

In addition to that, you can also mix and match different weed categories! So just make sure that you mix those that would have appealing effects so that your orders won’t miss what you’re looking for!

NOTE: Be sure to keep a keen eye on their strain selection because most of the time, Chunky Monkey, GSC, Gelato Pebbles, and other most popular strains are sold out!


Bulky Buddy Online Dispensary also has a selection of concentrates up its sleeve. They have distillates, hash, kief, shatter, budder, diamonds, and even live resin! Hash and live resin are among the most popular concentrates they have.

For hash, they have 40+ different products and around 100+ for live resin and diamond.


Cannabis edibles, unlike other dispensaries, are actually among what most of their customers are excited about. For example, bulk Buddy offers edibles like candies, capsules, tinctures, oils, chocolates, and baked goods!

Based on personal experience, these are the good things! They’re actually legitimately sourced from popular brands like Twisted Extracts, KEO, Boost, and many more!

Product Quality (Bag Appeal)

Product Quality

In case you’re not sure what bag appeal is, it would be the first look at the merchandise while they’re still in a bag. But, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t include the taste of the buds.

Instead, it is the aroma or smell, the look, and the dryness. Overall, the smell of all my orders from Bulk Buddy has been definitely satisfying. The moment I open the bag, the smell envelops the entire vicinity, and the smell I’m talking about isn’t the smell of the items in stock but the smell and aroma of freshness and passion in cannabis.

Furthermore, the product burns clean, the package and its contents are free of contaminants, and all have been made with the spellbinding, perfect craft of culture and cultivation.

Price Range

Price Range

When it comes to the price, there’s actually little-to-no difference, especially if we’re talking about the same types of products across different dispensaries and shops.

80% of the time, the rates would be the same. However, Bulk Buddy has this type of mix-match (mix & match) deals where you can purchase a bud and have a different one in the same bag.

The price will typically be the same, but you get two (2) different products, and you only spend money once.

Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Code Options

Discounts, Deals, and Coupon Code Options

Like many other weed shops, Bulk Buddy has a ton of different ways of making their customers feel like they’re getting the best prices possible. Whether it’s from a coupon code, a free gift, or an extremely worthwhile package they got because of a sale or a promo, it’s a steal.

Coupon code availability is always available. You can actually check the homepage of their shop and see multiple discounts that refresh every week!

You will definitely start feeling that Bulk Buddy is cheap and a lot more affordable compared to other dispensaries, regardless of reviews and feedback from other people.

Shipping and Delivery

Tell me, would you want to work with a company that’s actually able to get you the delivery wherever you are in Canada? Well, that’s actually Bulk Buddy! They are popular in the scene because of reviews about them being able to deliver and ship items out anywhere in Canada.

Shipping usually takes about 2 to 3 business days, but hey, that is a guarantee!

I think I’ve experienced a bit of a delay after I paid, and the most delay I got was two business days — that’s it. It was an order for a few ounces, along with a couple of oils for stock, so I didn’t mind.

This timeframe is actually perfect, especially compared to other shops — you know why? There are a lot of shops that take around one (1) and a half weeks to deliver their goods. Imagine ordering it on a Monday, and you get it on Wednesday after the week.



Last and most definitely not least, in seeing whether Bulk Buddy is the perfect cannabis shop for you would be by checking its reviews.

Now, reviews are a fun way to decide the fate of a business, but it’s actually also the most effective. So, here are a few of the most recent reviews people have to say about them.

“I should have said, everything I got is soooo smooth damn lol. They have the good things, very nice.”

  • From Canugg

“Nice gassy weed! Extremely nice smoke! Love the buzz, the taste, the smell. It’s perfect and I’ve truly enjoyed it.”

-From Gazzer

“Ordered the second time! Will definitely try out a hash next time! Also extremely cheap considering the quality. I really enjoyed it.”

-From Anonymous

Overall, Bulk Buddy is an online dispensary that lives up to its promise. They have tremendous bag appeal, and their promise of good things has never been a disappointment.

If you are looking for the best value for your money, this could be a sign! Bulk Buddy, in my opinion, will be one of the best you will ever see that hit the market forward! They’ve set the tone, and the positive feedback they’ve accumulated about everything — from coupon availability, detail and information to stock, prices, and business — is insane!

Bulk Buddy mastered the craft of providing quality cannabis without actually compromising quality. Get craft or premium-quality weed without the need to browse for hours over the internet!


Wondering what other people ask about Bulk Buddy? Don’t worry; we did due diligence and looked for the most frequently asked questions by consumers and users like you!

Is Bulk Buddy Legal?

Yes, you don’t need to worry about transacting with them because the business is legitimate and has been a trusted source of cannabis by tons of people.

Does Bulk Buddy Use Canada Post?

Yes, Bulk Buddy Online Dispensary uses Canada Post for the security and safety of the products. This is a sure guarantee that your orders will be right at your doorstep! When the status of your order is marked as processing, you should receive a tracking number you can use to trace the order. If you don’t, reach out to customer service and let them know.

What Payment Methods Does Bulk Buddy Accept?

They’re able to do Interac E-Transfers and Cryptocurrency as forms of payment for your purchase. Unfortunately, they don’t allow the use of credit cards or debit cards when purchasing.

AAAA vs. AAA Weed

AAAA weed is known as the best quality of cannabis and is superior to AAA weed. AAA weed or trips typically has poorer bud density and bag appeal than AAAA or quads. Quads are well-structured and well-groomed, but they would also be more expensive and costlier than trips.

Final Words

So, what do you think of Bulk Buddy? Is it the right dispensary for you? Would it be the cannabis stock haven that you can consider your go-to for quality strains, flowers, extracts, concentrates, and other cannabis products?

Give their site a thorough look and see if they are the perfect business you can roll with!

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