BudLyft Review 2024: Worth It?

Have you read at least one BudLyft review before, and whether it ended on a negative or positive note, did the review give you what you’re looking for? For this BudLyft review, you will determine if the dispensary is worth it!

While you sip your coffee and contemplate where you can get the highest-quality cannabis products, this guide might just be what you’re looking for. This immersive review will be focused on the following points:

  • Who is BudLyft Online Dispensary?
  • Complete Review of the Brand’s Cannabis Products, Prices, Coupon Codes, Etc.
  • BudLyft Reviews from other customers and consumers

Who is BudLyft Online Dispensary?


BudLyft establishes itself as one of the best players in the cannabis industry. Known for providing a wide range of goods and services, they’ve been trusted by tens of thousands of Canadian customers and consumers for their combined experience in Canada’s cannabis game.

Based on the information I’ve gathered, they came up with the name in terms of how they want their customers to feel when they buy weed online. They want to make everyone think and feel that they’re talking to a friend, a “buddy,” and for them not to be pressured.

Per their customer support team, they’re dedicated to providing the best and most affordable prices without breaking the quality they’ve been known for. Now, let’s get on and check out the comprehensive online dispensary review I took about BudLyft.

Operating from the west coast of Canada, you can consider BudLyft, your actual “buddy.” You can relax knowing that you can trust them if you need cannabis for medical or recreational use.

BudLyft Review 2024: Complete Online Dispensary Review

Before we start, let me tell you how this will be a brutal review. I say brutal because there will be no filters. This will be a wholly unfiltered and unbiased review; we’ll discuss everything from what they’re offering, and how much their rates are to the quality of their products and delivery.

Pros of BudLyft

  • BudLyft offers a wide array of products that are carefully curated with what products are in the trend.
  • They have unbeatable prices when it comes to some of their CBD products.
  • BudLyft customers come back and purchase more.
  • Their product line is not as common as what other dispensaries are offering.
  • They offer free gifts to their customers and clients.

Cons of BudLyft

  • Payment options are limited; only through Interac E-Transfers.
  • They have a wide library of products, but other strains usually need more stock.
  • Shipping fees apply unless the order is $149 and above.
  • You can’t edit your order; you need to reorder and then cancel the current one.
  • Store policy is one coupon code per order.

That’s one way to start this review! Now, let’s dive deep and understand more about what BudLyft Online Dispensary can offer.

Cannabis Product Versatility

Like most cannabis online dispensaries, BudLyft has a vast library of products that are wanted or looked for in the market. Their shop is filled with cannabis products in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

They got just what you need, from the usual BC bud, indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to magic mushrooms and CBD products!

Cannabis Flower Strains

BudLyft makes its money off its flowers. Well, in fact, the site was created to offer marijuana flowers and buds. They added one strain at a time and masterfully delivered to their customers’ needs.

They also offer pre-rolls in the strains of Pink Panties, White Death, Sunset Sherbet, Pink Gas, and many more, as well as powerful strains like Lemon Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, etc.

Check their complete flower strains menu out!

Cannabis Concentrates

Following flowers, their second cash cow would be their concentrates. Their concentrates range from bubble hash, live resin and rosin, oils and distillates, premium shatter, and even HTHCFSE sauce.

You’ll be amazed at the flexibility of their concentrates menu and their deals!


I always live by what I believe when it comes to edibles. The more edibles an online dispensary has, the more reliable they are. BudLyft didn’t let us down on that. Taking pride in its 106 total number of edibles on its website, you can find the product you want to specify.

Whether you need cannabis for medicinal purposes or if you’re using it recreationally, they’ll most likely deliver value for your money. Check their edibles out!


BudLyft online dispensary is also on the trend as they managed to offer multiple brands and types of vape pens in their shop as well. They have a lot of flavors and variants in stock, and you won’t be tired of looking at their vapes menu all day!

They’re offering various kinds of vapes, from your typical cartridge pen type to the likes of disposable vapes!

Tinctures and Topicals

These topicals have been one of the newest additions BudLyft had in their shop/category. Most of these are purposely engineered to treat anything from mild to chronic pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, and sometimes even pain!

CBD Products

One of the many things I can say about BudLyft is their hassle-free system when it comes to their CBD products. You’ll mostly see the majority of their CBD products as sold or out of stock, but they actually restock almost every few days.

They offer the fundamentals of CBD, such as CBD capsules, CBD gummies, pet CBD products, and others! Interested to see more? Check their menu out!

Rates and Prices

Now that we’ve finalized the “what,” let’s get onto the discussion of the “how much.” Based on what I experienced, their pricing is one of the best. They’re not the cheapest and most affordable, don’t get me wrong, but in terms of value; you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Please take this as an example: the Hindu Kush, which is one of the strongest, most potent, and most important strains of all time, they’re offering 112 grams or a quarter pound for only $260. Other shops and dispensaries would price it at $350+.

Another would be their $99 and lower cannabis deals. Yes, you read that right. BudLyft is offering some of the best weed you can get for under $99.

Coupon Code Availability and Free Gifts

I know that most of you are sitting there asking, would I qualify for free gifts? Well, yes, if you can get to the minimum purchase! Like any other dispensary, BudLyft offers free shipping to orders north of $149! It’s quite high compared to other shops, but it’s actually workable.

To get the latest and newest deals, you can head over to BudLyft’s SALE menu, as well as Combos & Packs under Shop. This is the area where they list the majority of their discounts and promos!

Here is where you’ll be able to see deals like 20% off, 51% off, and many more!

For their coupon and discounts they’re typically sent through emails of users. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy discounted weed online if you go through their website and get the pop-ups and the prompts about it.

Shipping and Delivery

Most customers don’t do due diligence and read FAQs before asking questions or being stressed about it. But, hey, I told you I’d prepare everything for you, so here are a few tidbits about BudLyft’s shipping and delivery:

  • All payments received by 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST) will be shipped the same day. Payments made after will be shipped the following business day.
  • The average receipt of orders is one to two days; it will get in front of your door quickly. However, the timeframe is between one and three business days, as a general rule.
  • The shipping fee sits at $25 for orders south of $149.
  • All deliveries are guaranteed in Canada (except for Northern Quebec and Nunavut, especially for incomplete information)
  • The signature requirement only applies to orders above $400, which will be sent via UPS or Canada Post.


Behind the scenes, I know you still have a lot of questions unanswered about BudLyft. So, I prepared a couple of the most asked questions about them (and their reviews) in the industry.

Is BudLyft Online Legit?

Yes, BudLyft Online Dispensary is a legitimate company or brand that sells marijuana flowers and other forms of cannabis. Whether you aim to get cannabis flowers for medicinal purposes or recreational use, you’ll be able to find what you need from the vast array of products they have!

Do They Showcase Real Product Images?

Yes, BudLyft claims that their designs and images are from their authentic products. They invest heavily in photography for better, more formal, and higher-quality presentation of their products.

Does BudLyft Offer Affordable Prices?

BudLyft’s rates and prices are somewhat below the equator of the cannabis industry. They’re not as cheap as others, but they’re less expensive than well. I suggest refraining from comparing what they offer with other dispensaries because it will be different.

Would My Orders Be Secure?

Yes, all orders are packaged discreetly and confidentially. It comes with a smell-proof container, everything’s placed inside a vacuum-sealed food-grade pouch, and it comes with a generic Canada Post envelope and a generic box.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re trying to find out if they are legit or want to take a peek into their inner realm of quality, this BubdLyft review will always be the best for you. Speaking from experience, I know how tedious it can be to look for further details about information from certain dispensaries.

So, for all of us, don’t hesitate to go back to this if ever you’re planning to buy flowers, concentrates, cannabis edibles, or even vape pens from BudLyft!

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