7 Best Online Dispensary Saskatchewan In 2024

Do you want to know what the best online dispensary in Saskatchewan is? Can’t you find a mail-order marijuana service you can trust? Fret not, because, in this guide, we will not only help you find where you can buy weed online, but we will also present other options you can choose from!

Right now, the best place you can buy weed online is West Coast Cannabis. West Coast Cannabis has a wide range of weed strains, edibles, concentrates, extracts, mushrooms, and other cannabis products you can freely choose from.

Buy weed online from them now!

Cannabis Legalization in Saskatchewan


Cannabis Legalization in Saskatchewan

The use, possession, cultivation, and consumption of weed have been accepted due to the federal government’s decision. However, territories and provinces have their own rules and regulation processes regarding cannabis use.

To answer some of the questions you have, particularly in the Saskatchewan region, here are the rules set by the Saskatchewan government regarding marijuana:

  • The legal age to purchase, grow, and consume cannabis in Saskatchewan is 19 years of age.
  • According to the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, only authorized and licensed retailers and vendors can sell weed and other cannabis products.
  • Adults can possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in a public area.
  • You can grow and culture up to four (4) cannabis plants in a single household. Going over it even by just a single plant is considered an offense.
  • Cannabis consumption in public places and areas is only allowed for medical cannabis. Recreational use of the product in public areas is considered illegal.
  • Before traveling, you need to double-check the rules and regulations of the provinces, territories, and cities you’ll be visiting. Traveling outside Canada with cannabis is illegal.

NOTE: Weed is not a socially-accepted product by the general population in Saskatchewan, compared to other provinces and territories. For that reason, these rules and laws have been strictly implemented.

Online Dispensary Saskatchewan in 2024

Being one of the three (3) prairie provinces, you’ll find it challenging to get the best quality products without knowing where to get them.

If you’re buying weed online in Saskatchewan, which mail-order marijuana service do you get? We get that in our times now; you can almost buy weed online anywhere.

But what if I tell you that you can actually purchase the best deals possible from several online dispensaries? We did due diligence and listed the best online cannabis services you can patronize in the province!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis has been one of the best and most reliable mail-order marijuana services in Saskatchewan. Their popularity emerged when they started to widen their reach — their market.

They figured that weed online was not as accessible, so they went and delivered high-quality products (cannabis products) to the consumers without them leaving their homes.

West Coast Cannabis operates in the entirety of the country, including Saskatchewan. From the emptiness of the Grasslands National Park to the busyness of Moose Jaw, you can expect them to secure your buds for you.

They have a vast library of products; no matter how exotic and rare a particular strain is, they would have it or some type of variation to it.

Visit West Coast Cannabis’s site now and browse your favorite products!

BudLyft: Runner-Up


Saskatchewan is one of the three (3) prairie provinces, and therefore, it’s kind of a no-brainer to think that the shipping or delivery process could be a bit hectic — not with BudLyft, no.

BudLyft has been one of Canada’s best choices and options when it comes to marijuana. Whether you’re looking for different strains, edibles, concentrates, flowers, CBD oil, or whatever marijuana product in the market, they would have it.

You can buy weed online through BudLyft without setting foot outside your home! The best part? They are available all throughout Canada!

Get Kush: Best Saskatchewan Online Dispensary With Free Gifts

Get Kush

In Canada, it’s important to receive gifts from a store or a business. It gives the impression that the entity is interested in keeping you as a business. And which other online dispensary is better than offering free gifts than Get Kush?

If you’re attempting to buy weed online in Saskatchewan and you can’t seem to find a site you can truly bank on and rely on, Get Kush will be your best choice.

Canada considers it as one of the best, especially since it can reach whichever province you are in, and they will deliver right to your doorstep.

Are you looking for a specific flower, hash, or THC product? Do you yearn to get that unique indica strain, or do you prefer a special kind of sativa?

Whatever that is, Get Kush can actually get you the smoke, edibles, or concentrates you’re looking for, along with free stuff!

High Club: Online Dispensary in Saskatchewan With the Cheapest Prices

High Club

The best way to a customer’s heart is by giving them the best and lowest prices. High Club, one of the best places to get marijuana in Saskatchewan, is known not only for its online presence but also because of the huge discounts and cheap prices they have for its products.

High Club has a huge selection of cannabis goods, from CBD, hash, THC, edibles, concentrates, and even oils and accessories!

Their rates are already low, but upon registration, you can get more deals you would never have imagined! Of course, buying weed online has never been this easy — or should I say, cheap and affordable!

Grass Life: Best Hand-Packaged Weed Online Service

Grass Life

In whatever industry, handcrafting a product means that they’ve put in the effort, thought, and care to the item, so it gets to you in its best shape and that it has been thoroughly inspected and assessed by quality to be safe and secure.

Grass Life is all about that life. Equipped with all the flowers, strains, THC, edibles, and other products you can think of, they’ve grown to be a hit in Saskatchewan.

A lot of people thought that they weren’t able to service the whole of Canada, but those people were wrong. In fact, they’ve scoured the entire country, servicing and delivering weed to people who need it.

Whether for leisurely or medically-inclined reasons, you won’t have a hard time with them because they sell in ounces! Get the exact weed you need online, and never worry about being over what you carry!

Green Society: Best Saskatchewan Online Dispensary With Protected Delivery

Green Society

An excellent sign that an online dispensary is good is when they take care of the customers. Green Society is a household name in Canada if you are to buy weed online.

They’ve been known to be one of the best in packaging, shipping, and delivering weed in a discreet manner. Fortunately, this online dispensary has never failed its constituents by providing value and assuring them of their quality, legalization, and overall reliability in the cannabis industry.

Were you looking for oils, THC, vapes, edibles, and even beauty products that are cannabis-infused? Green Society has all the types of weed you need!

Ganja Grams: Best Customer Service Mail Order Marijuana in Saskatchewan

Ganja Grams

Most of the time, cannabis users (especially those who use it for medical purposes) would need a hand selecting the weed they get. In Saskatchewan, where the use of this product is not socially-accepted, it will definitely be a challenge because people wouldn’t be open to helping you, not with Ganja Grams, though!

Ganja Grams has been considered by many as the best when it comes to customer service! Their support is lively and knowledgeable you can ask them what the best marijuana strains are for chronic pain, back pain, anxiety, stress, etc., and they will answer!

Buy weed online while you’re enjoying the snow in Saskatchewan — never leave your home to buy weed ever again!

BONUS: Cannawholesalers: Saskatchewan Online Dispensary That Offers Bulk or Wholesale Orders


This bonus is directed to people who are interested not only to buy weed online, but also in terms of getting large volumes of it — in bulk or in wholesale. So from the company name alone, you’d already know what’s up.

Cannawholesalers is one of the most prominent stores in Saskatchewan that is offering bulk or wholesale cannabis. They are a legal company in Canada, and they’ve been operating in the vicinity of the Great White North for years now.

Saskatchewan, being one of the provinces less frequented by residents, might find it a bit difficult to buy weed online. So, Cannawholesalers decided to offer wholesale cannabis to residents and citizens in Saskatchewan!

They’ve kept the culture of cannabis intact, offering all types of weed from sativa, indica, and hybrid, and their offers can be in ounces, grams — even per pound! There is no better way of smoking, using, or consuming cannabis than having more than what you need ready!

Both medical and recreational cannabis has seen a massive demand in the past years. Whether it’s more on CBD or THC, people see its impact on their lives and how it can improve their health, mood, and overall condition.


Have questions about the process or about the CBD products of these marijuana dispensaries? Here are some of the questions and inquiries often asked!

What is the Best Way to Buy Weed Online in Saskatchewan?

The best, easiest, and most convenient way to buy weed online in Saskatchewan is by contacting an online dispensary with fast delivery and discreet shipping. Most weed online shops would have a timeframe of 1 to 2 days, while there are others that offer same-day delivery!

Is Discreet Packaging Available in All Cannabis Stores?

Unfortunately, not all places you can buy weed online from guarantee discreet packaging. However, if the delivery rider or vehicle is from the same company, then I can’t see where the problem is!

How Long Does Shipping Marijuana in Saskatchewan Usually Take?

The typical time an online dispensary has in Saskatchewan is anywhere between 1 to 3 business days. Note that this is regardless of your order — whether it’s just the regular CBD topical or if it is an exotic strain, it will be the same.

What Payment Methods Do Mail Order Marijuana Services in Saskatchewan Accept?

Commonly, payments accepted by the common online dispensary would be via Interac E-Transfer. A few dispensaries accept credit cards and bank transfers — Spirit Leaf CA, located in Moose Jaw, among others.

The Bottom Line

If you can’t find an online dispensary that you can fully trust and bank on in Saskatchewan, well, you’re in for a treat! There aren’t a lot of weed online services in the province itself, but luckily, we were able to find online dispensary businesses that deliver there.

Who do you think is the best online dispensary Saskatchewan? Make your picks and get the best quality marijuana strains you will ever find in the market today!

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