Best Online Dispensary Dehcho

Are you trying to land the best online dispensary in Dehcho? Worry not because, in this guide, we’ll let you know the best place to buy weed online, as well where you can buy weed and other cannabis products in the vicinity!

We’ll tackle everything you need to know about in an online marijuana dispensary so you don’t go out without knowledge! Whether you’ve been long in the cannabis industry or not, this guide will be of importance to you!

Bhang-Bhang has been rated to be the best marijuana dispensary in the whole of Dehcho, and other cities and towns adjacent to it. They give out free gifts, they have the best customer support system, they have premium-quality products, and the most important of all — they have the greatest and best prices you can find in the market.

What Makes A Good-Quality Online Dispensary?


There are several factors that make an online dispensary a reliable and trustworthy one. To help you, here are some of the qualities to look for from an online dispensary.

Authorization, Certification, and Licensing

Authorization, Certification, and Licensing

Before you buy weed online, it is imperative to check and see if the online dispensary you are going to purchase from is authorized and licensed to distribute and sell cannabis and its related products.

Legitimate weed dispensaries will often tell you about the legalities from where you are located in the country. So, even if you don’t fully understand your local rules, laws, and regulations about the cannabis industry, you won’t get in trouble.

Website Quality

Website Quality

The better and more structured a website is, the easier it will be to transact and purchase from them. You want to find a marijuana dispensary that has a good website because that easily reflects the kind and type of business they have.

The best online marijuana dispensaries often invest heavily on their websites because they know and understand that it is a huge reflection of how their business in the cannabis industry works.

Quality and Variety of Cannabis Products

Quality and Variety of Cannabis Products

Most people would say that product variety is not something you need to focus on, but a dispensary that has a wide selection of products is an indicator of how responsible they are as a business. How?— You will sense how they’re knowledgeable in identifying certain things about the products they’re offering.

The more variety a business has, the more chances of them giving you free gifts, providing the best customer service, and the more chances of them having great prices for the best cannabis products they have because they have a lot to offer, so, their market position will be way more lenient than other dispensaries with only a few product selections.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery (2)

Does the weed dispensary you plan to buy from only accommodate the surrounding area? Or do they serve other provinces and regions, too? Great service is usually relative, but a cannabis store that has a wide reach would often get the most customers.

The majority of weed delivery services in the country, especially in Dehcho, would have delivery schedules once or twice a week. So, for weed delivery, you want to go for a dispensary that offers fast shipping, great service, and, of course, stealth and concealed packaging.

Rates and Prices

Rates and Prices

Last and most definitely not least would be to look for the best prices and rates of products. Although most products wouldn’t actually have drastic differences, it can still be a factor, especially if you’re going to but weed online in bulk or wholesale.

Let us not be hypocrites — as much as possible, we want the lowest prices possible, right? But that doesn’t come true often. What you want to look for is an online dispensary that has great prices from weed flowers, edibles, concentrates, vape pens, and other cannabis products.

NOTE: You will also be able to find some that offer mix-and-match deals, which are typically a combination of different categories of strains, flowers, concentrates, magic mushrooms, etc.

Now that we’re aware of the qualities you need to look for in an online weed dispensary, let’s go ahead and discuss what the best online cannabis store in Dehcho is!

Bhang-Bhang: The Best Online Dispensary Dehcho

Bhang-Bhang is Dehcho’s go-to when it comes to everything about cannabis. They wouldn’t be hailed and considered as the best online dispensary in Canada — Dehcho, in particular if they didn’t live up to what people are expecting, right?

So, to discuss the best Dehcho online marijuana dispensary, let’s go and thoroughly discuss Bhang-Bhang.

Who is Bhang-Bhang?

Who is Bhang-Bhang

Bhang-Bhang Store prides itself on the “not average MoM in Canada.” They are a mail-order marijuana dispensary in Canada that’s not only focused on the recreational side of cannabis products but also in terms of how helpful and assistive, they are in terms of health and wellness.

There’s no particular information about who founded Bhang-Bhang. All we know is that you can buy weed online from them, wherever you are in the country! Since Dehcho is one of those areas and territories that aren’t reached by most businesses and services.

Bhang-Bhang does not have as much information as other marijuana dispensaries in the industry. So, for us to find out more information about them, we’ve gathered as much information we can to help you find out more information about the best online dispensary in Dehcho!

Bhang-Bhang’s Website Quality

Bhang-Bhang_s Website Quality

Out of the many online weed dispensaries in Canada, Bhang-Bhang Store is not actually “the best” when it comes to the design and the overall color selection. Upon opening the website, you’ll be welcomed with this moss green color scheme with hints of black, dank green, and a few accents of white.

The homepage is good quality as it has the contents of how the best marijuana dispensary should be, with their top-tier items being a priority.

You’ll be greeted by Bhang-Bhang Store’s top-selling products from weed edibles, flowers, concentrates, specials, and much more! Considered by Dehcho locals as the best online dispensary Canada because of their deals and specials, but other than that, they also have a promising process of shipping, delivery, customer service, and many more! We’ll tackle more of those in the latter part of this guide.

Website Navigation

Navigation is easily one of the most important features of a website. In layman’s terms, navigation is the clicking and redirecting of links within a website. Website navigation is considered good if:

  • It redirects the person to where they’re supposed to go, and;
  • If the link can easily be seen and hunted down without much effort

Bhang-Bhang Store’s website navigation is A+. Thanks to the green color scheme partnered with black and white, the links can be seen with ease. The font sizes and styles are made so that people wouldn’t have to squint to see them!

Navigation-wise, the website is a win, and it’s probably one of the reasons why a lot of enthusiasts and users consider it as a high-caliber online dispensary.

Loading Time

Imagine yourself clicking through various links within a website, and suddenly, something loads for more than five (5) seconds. Would you be enticed and thrilled to go through other content of the website?

A website’s loading time is the amount of time needed in order for the website to load the information up for the user or the consumer to see.

The faster the loading time, the better the website is. The store didn’t take more than 5 seconds to load, which is a good thing, but I have experienced other online weed dispensaries that did not take 3 seconds. Nevertheless, it was able to redirect me to the pages and links I wanted to go in a timely manner.

NOTE: There are other websites that take too long to load because of the traffic and the content of the link.

User Interface and User Experience

Last and most definitely not the least factor is the user interface and experience. When you decide to buy weed online, you want everything to be fast, efficient, and safe, right? That is where the user interface will come into play.

Both User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) encompass the activities of users and consumers for a given webpage or app. The easier the experience, the lighter and the better a webpage is.

Kudos to Bhang-Bhang for giving an extraordinary experience to their users because of fast website loading speeds, easy-on-the-eyes color scheme, large fonts, and easy-to-understand language.

Overall, their online weed shop is a definite win because of how easy and convenient the experience of a user will be.

Bhang-Bhang’s Product Quality

Product Quality

A lot of people argue that product quality is something that’s relative to the person using it. When, in fact, it shouldn’t be — the quality of cannabis products, or actually even other products should be considered by ALL USERS and CONSUMERS.

It doesn’t matter what your type is or if you’re infatuated with specific cannabis types. It should be within the range of its caliber.

Product Descriptions

The cannabis store didn’t disappoint its users regarding the overall description and distinction of its products. They were in good shape, and almost every product has a great-quality description, allowing users and customers to understand the product even more.

The description had information about the product like what strain it is, what the expected (reported) effects are, the aroma, taste, as well as the feeling you will get. By looking at the descriptions alone, you will have a better idea of the different cannabis types.

Product descriptions are the most effective when it comes to choosing marijuana flowers because you will initially know the effects of the cannabis products, whether they’re more of a strain for chronic fatigue, depression, stress, or anxiety, or if it’s categorized as medical cannabis, etc.

NOTE: The product description area will be the area you want to go to if you want to find out about the strain. You’ll see some that are great for chronic pain, mild pain, couch-lock effect, etc.

Product Information

Apart from the description of the product, you will also be able to finalize your favorite strains because it also displays the information on the product such as:

  • The quantity you can purchase it in
  • The weight you can get it for
  • Availability

The Bhang-Bhang Store is known for treating its customers as its top priority, giving them the best service possible!

It would be difficult to judge product quality if you don’t experience it yourself. But, based on a couple of reviews, feedback, and experiences from fellow cannabis enthusiasts, they said that Bhang-Bhang Store was an online dispensary that had the lowest prices — most said they got their orders for a reasonable price, without any implication of “cheapness” and “affordability” in the quality.

On the contrary, there were those who said that yes, they were able to stick to their promise of prompt delivery, but they didn’t see quality products delivered to them.

If you want the lowest price guarantee, you can consider Bhang-Bhang as your go-to online weed shop!

Customer Service of Bhang-Bhang

Customer Service

Getting to your favourite strains is one thing, but knowing about a website’s customer service is another. Bhang-Bhang is not the best when it comes to communication, based on experience, but, for sure, if you’re part of the demographic of customers who have tons of questions before purchasing, they can help you.

Bhang-Bhang’s customer service is dissected and divided into two (2) parts, the FAQs section and the contact section. Let us go ahead and discuss each of them.

FAQs Section

Just like any other online dispensary, the Bhang-Bhang Store has this specific area for FAQs or most frequently asked questions when you buy weed or any other product from them.

Their FAQ list is short, to let you know, but the questions are for what most people search the answers to. They have little-to-no areas in the FAQ that discuss about products; they’re more inclined to be answering general ordering, paying, packaging, and shipping questions so that people would already have an idea of how they work and function as a mail-order marijuana dispensary.

Contact Section

Next up is the contact section. This is where most people who have questions spend the most time in. They openly structured it to be an inquiry page for customers and clients who are either new to the industry or those who are finding it hard to order weed online.

They don’t have a live chat function, which only allows you to contact them via email. You would have to provide:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Message

Furthermore, the Bhang-Bhang Store also listed their customer support email address in the contact section so that people don’t need to go elsewhere to find their primary email!

I would say that the Bhang-Bhang Store could not be the best when it comes to live chats and urgent responses, but, they have an extensively excellent customer service department that is always ready to respond to whatever question you have with weed delivery, product quality, product delivery, and more via their FAQs page.

Strain and Product Variety

Strain and Product Variety

Before I buy weed online, I always want to double-check selection and variety of products that a dispensary is offering because I want to know how vast their product lines are.

A weed dispensary would often have a few categories of products to offer their clients, and Bhang-Bhang is no stranger to that.

Popular for their cannabis sativa and indica strains, you’ll find a lot more cannabis products under their belt!


Bhang-Bhang’s flower selection is categorized and divided into a few different types, pre-rolled, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, AAAA, AAA, AA, and bulk. For marijuana flowers, you have the option to mix and match them in order for you to be able to taste everything in just a single order.

Moreover, you can also purchase marijuana flowers in bulk or in wholesale — even in variety packs, depending on the needs you have!


As most of us know and are aware of, there are quite a few types of concentrates in the market. What the Bhang-Bhang Store has to offer, though, is an awful lot compared to other online weed dispensaries. They have:

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Distillates
  • Live Resin
  • Hash
  • Cannabis Sativa Concentrates
  • Cannabis Indica Concentrates
  • Hybrid Concentrates

The Bhang-Bhang Store has an excruciatingly long line of concentrates and tinctures in various forms. The majority of them are all quality products extracted and produced from the best and highest qualities of cannabis.


Edibles are the food products that are infused with hemp or cannabis, and are eaten — not smoked or inhaled. Their edibles are only categorized per brand that they have, and since they are an online dispensary in Canada, you can take advantage of their wide network of brands.

Some of the most popular brands they have include:

  • Baroness
  • Adorable Chocolates
  • Twister Extracts
  • And Many More!


Next up on their huge selection of cannabis products are none other than the CBDs or cannabidiol oils — also commonly referred to as hemp oil. These are oils that are infused with extracts from the hemp plant or cannabis plant, and are typically used as tinctures — sublingual use.

To use them, shake the bottle before you use it, and then fill the entire pipette via the dropper. Then, carefully squeeze the dropper to dispense the product to your tongue.

This method is considered one of the fastest-effecting ways of consuming cannabis because it directly goes into the bloodstream via your mouth.


In all honesty, I also didn’t know what microdose was before I saw it in the Bhang-Bhang Store. Upon checking, they’re doses, pills, and tablets that contain concentrated cannabis.

They’re “microdoses” because the dose of extracts is small, but it can actually have a strong effect. Taken as supplements, you’d have to swallow them like how you swallow pharmaceutical pills and tablets — often by pushing it with water.

You can get anything from capsules, teas, mushrooms, and more.

A microdose is one of those cannabis types you would never have heard of, but is always present in weed delivery shops, especially online dispensaries. They won’t affect the environment when you use it, as you will only have to swallow it.

It will take effect in a timely manner, especially if you follow the recommended timing of when to take it.


Most, if not all mail order marijuana services and businesses in Canada offer accessories to their constituents and patrons. The Bhang-Bhang Store is known for its wide array of accessories, from wraps, vape pens, chargers, bottle openers, pipes, syrups, and many more!

As of writing, there are only a few listed, but that is because their accessories are at a reasonable price, so, a lot of people get them as fast and as early as they can.

Be sure to check all these out before you proceed in buying!

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are among a few of the most common things you can order online from a Canadian dispensary. They are along the lines of capsules and edibles because you have to swallow them, but, you don’t need anything to push them down your throat.

You simply have to get a handful, and put them inside your mouth! Like flowers, Bhang-Bhang offers a mix of these shrooms for variety packs that customers are looking for. Don’t worry, the prices won’t be ridiculously high!

Bhang-Bhang frequently provides deals for their magic mushrooms, as they’re one of the few mail order marijuana dispensaries that understand the quality of shrooms and the impact it has to cannabis users.


Last but most definitely not least in product variety, would be none other than specials. These specials are the products that are often separated because it is under sale, they have deals, or they have lots of them in stock.

The specials category or menu on the homepage consists of OZ Specials, Mix & Match, SALE, Clearance, and Nicotine — they all have their roles and purposes, which is why it will be extremely beneficial for you if you try and search for the products they have there.

Under SALE would be the items that are on a HUGE DISCOUNT. This discount will most likely end in a few hours — up to a day, so, be sure to check them all out!

In case you’re wondering what stock Bhang-Bhang has in its warehouses and arsenals, here they are! You may or may not find the perfect strain to your liking, but, one thing is for certain — you will have the marijuana product you’re looking for whether it’s in the form of edibles, shrooms, CBD oil, or any other product!

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The refund policy that the Bhang-Bhang Store has is quite strict, and honestly, akin to many other online dispensaries in Canada.

As per the company, they’re not accepting refunds, returns, or exchanges unless the items that have been delivered and purchased were proven defective. Moreover, they offer no refunds on packages that have been delayed after shipping.

Since the Bhang-Bhang Store is an online dispensary in Canada, they ship only within the country and won’t honor orders overseas.

Payment Methods

Bhang-Bhang only accepts Interac E-Transfer as their form of payment. They do not accept credit cards, debit cards, or cryptocurrency payments as of the moment.

This is actually one of the things that throw the business off. Over time, though, a lot of people believe that the company will adjust and learn how to accept other methods of payment for flexibility and better customer experience.

Shipping and Delivery

One of the most concerning things when you buy weed online is the delivery and shipping. Would you rather wait for your weed to be delivered more than 5 days than just driving up to the nearest marijuana dispensary?

The typical delivery of Bhang-Bhang is done in a timely manner. Fortunately, they say that they deliver within 2 to 3 business days, but according to feedback and experiences from customers, they got their in just a day or two.

Stealth Packaging and Delivery

There’s no mention that Bhang-Bhang practices stealth packaging and delivery. What’s sure, though, is that they’re able to deliver your products with quality and great service.

Fast Delivery

Yes, unlike other mail order marijuana companies and businesses, Bhang-Bhang is dedicated to give you prompt delivery wherever you are in the area. Fast-shipping has been one of the best traits Bhang-Bhang had, and is one of the reasons why they’re considered by many as the best cannabis dispensary in Dehcho.

Their top priority is to give all their clients and customers the best service they can get — and, at the same time, the best cannabis products in the market.

Free Shipping

Like many other dispensaries, the Bhang-Bhang Store has free gifts in store for customers like you! For one, they offer free shipping for orders that would go above $150.

Orders that are below $150 would be subject to the shipping fees.

Rates and Prices (Promotions)

Rates and Prices

The rates and prices that Bhang-Bhang has to offer is something that’s extremely manageable and low compared to its competitors in the market. They always have a SALE on their selected items, and even have promos for their mix and match!

Let’s take a deeper and closer look at the sale and deals Bhang-Bhang has in store for you.

First Order Discount

As advertised in their website, they have multiple deals you can take advantage of. If it is your first time ordering from them, then you can get a 20% discount or sale off of your order by using the code BHANG20.

Yes, you read that right. It’s one of the best ongoing sale promotions the company has. No need to search for it because it’s at the footer of the website!


Other than the common sale, Bhang Bhang also has a referral program that can get you discounts if someone you know buys from them! Their referral bonus is like a sale because you can shave off $25 off of your purchase, you can gift $25, or receive it in Bhang Bhang points!

Free Gifts

The Bhang-Bhang Store actually has free gifts in store for you! You can get original logo stickers for orders that are above $200, a limited edition sticker for orders above $350, and two (2) limited edition stickers for $700 orders and up!

This promo is currently active, so, the more you get, the more and better rewards you have!

Points Rewards

The rewards points is one of the main attractions of the shop, especially if you are an old soul in the cannabis industry.

If you’re interested to know the points system for the rewards, it goes like this:

  • Reviews will earn you 100 POINTS — Leave a single review on any product and earn 100 points.
  • Instagram stores and posts will earn you 250 POINTS — Share on Instagram, tag @bhangbhang_, and earn 250 points.
  • Reddit reviews will earn you 250 POINTS — Utilize Reddit and make sure you share good experiences, you’ll accumulate 250 points.

Affiliate Program

If you’re trying to search for a cannabis dispensary in Dehcho that has an affiliate program, the Bhang-Bhang Store could be the cannabis store you’re looking for.

They’re an online dispensary in Canada that has an affiliate program where you can get up to 10% commission on sale! In the affiliates section, you’ll see a guide that teaches you how to register and apply to be an affiliate, and it wouldn’t take you more than half an hour to do!

Where Else Can You Buy Weed Online in Dehcho?

Bhang-Bhang is not only the best place to buy weed online from in Dehcho, it’s also considered a haven of products you’ll definitely find hard and challenging to find anywhere within the vicinity.

However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for from them, there are other online dispensary options to choose from! Some other popular and renowned online cannabis dispensaries include:

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis

The Grow House Online

The Grow House Online



These three (3) have been the longest-standing cannabis shops you can buy weed online from, and they continue to offer high-quality products, whether you’re on the search for a specific category or if you want mix and match!

There are other places and shops you can use to buy weed online, but I won’t actually recommend them because they either lack certain products like weed edibles, concentrates, and accessories or their quality products cost too much (higher than their competitors).


If you still have questions, inquiries, and concerns, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

What Payment Methods Do Online Weed Dispensaries Accept?

Most online cannabis dispensaries are hard-pressed in accepting Interac E-Transfer as the ONLY form of payment. Some physical stores, however, accept credit card payments, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and even checks!

What Can You Purchase From Bhang-Bhang?

Bhang-Bhang has a lineup of products that can either place you in a couch-lock effect or make you extremely energized. They have flowers, extracts, vapes and pens, concentrates, shrooms, and many more!

Does Bhang-Bhang Offer Free Gifts?

Yes! Bhang-Bhang is actually known not only for its reasonable price ranges, but also because of the free gifts they offer their clients! Oftentimes, these free gifts include stickers and other accessory you can use!

Is There WeedMaps in Dehcho?

Yes! In fact, you can use WeedMaps to have weed delivered to your location, as well as locate medical cannabis groups and companies!

The Bottom Line

Bhang-Bhang has been Dehcho’s best and most trusted online dispensary, Canada is no stranger to them, too. So, if you live in the territory of Dehcho and you’re looking to order weed online — whether you want weed edibles, weed extracts, concentrates, tinctures, flowers, vapes and vape pens, or other cannabis-related products, Bhang-Bhang will never disappoint you!

They’ve been one of the best in the cannabis industry, especially here in Canada! Get your weed delivered at the best times possible!

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