9 Best Online Dispensary Alberta 2024

There’s this never-ending argument about who the best online dispensary in Alberta is, so, to end all the hearsay, we’ll list the best places where you can buy weed online — of course, for a price you will never be disappointed to pay!

Get cheap weed deals and high-quality cannabis products, and find out who the best cannabis stores are in Canada!

West Coast Cannabis continues to be the best weed online store in Alberta. Because of the overwhelming number of positive reviews and feedback, the variety of weed strains, and the customer service they have, you will not have any doubts about how they run the show!

What Makes a Great Online Dispensary?


What Makes a Great Online Dispensary

Have you ever wondered what separates good dispensaries from great ones? Are there any differences between them? People often only look at the prices and rates of products from a store without considering other factors.

So, we did due diligence and found out the traits and characteristics of excellent mail-order marijuana or online dispensaries, so you don’t have to!

Creative and Informational Storefronts (Homepages)

Just like a physical store, when buying weed online, most, if not all, clients want to be greeted by a colorful, well-put, and beautifully-structured website. And where does this all start? On the homepage.

You need to make sure that your homepage is catchy, flavorful, and educational all at the same time. This will not only entice customers and clients, but they can rate you as the best weed delivery service because they learned a thing or two!

Easy Navigation

With websites, navigation is everything. The easier you get to where you need to be, the better the experience is. So one of the best things to look for when you’re juggling through different online dispensaries would be the ease of their website navigation.

Make sure that the loading time of the pages is fast and that they’re connected and relevant in terms of adjacency.

Customer Service

Who would want to deal with a shop or store with terrible customer service? No matter how great and high-quality your products are if the customer service is awful, then your experience will most likely be bad.

Try to look for a store that has great customer service because it will go a long way, especially if you’re buying weed or cannabis products. So you’ll really need a solid support system to help and guide you all the way through.

Product Quality

Buying weed online is something that requires experience, especially if you’re looking to have a fun time! The only way to find the actual quality of products when buying weed is by checking for feedback and reviews.

It is no joke to order online, especially since it’s not cannabis culture to do so. So be sure of the quality of all the cannabis products you’ll be purchasing, whether they’re flowers, concentrates, topicals, oils, edibles — even accessories!

Product Variety

Quality is one thing, but variety is another. One of the main points of importance of having many different products is that a shop will seem and look like a legit business. Having a few products under their belt can be an indicator that a store could possibly be a fraud.

Safety and Security

Did you know that online dispensaries are actually safer, more secure, and more protected compared to physical stores? We’re talking about safety from people that could possibly cause trouble just because you purchased from a dispensary.

Mail-order marijuana stores almost always have stealth and discreet weed delivery as some type of protection for their customers and clients.

Delivery and Shipping

Following safety and security, of course, would be the shipping and delivery of the cannabis products. Most online dispensaries we have tried working with make the delivery within three days.

However, you’ll find those that are local to Alberta cities to deliver it in just a few hours! For instance, you will find online dispensaries in Manitoba that have guaranteed delivery of 90 minutes!

Rates and Prices (Discounts and Promos)

Last and probably one of the most critical factors affecting cannabis consumers’ decision when choosing a weed dispensary would be the price. While most dispensaries have a centralized price because most of them get it from a single supplier, others have certain deals when selling their cannabis products.

You will find an awful lot of cheap weed deals, exclusive access to specific websites and shops, and many more!

These are the constituents that make up a great online dispensary. It’s not about having all the products, formulating the best deals, having the best rates and being affordable.

Why Opt For Mail Order Marijuana in Alberta?

Why Opt For Mail Order Marijuana

The internet world is so creative that you can get almost everything if you know where to find them. Since cannabis and all other cannabis products have been legal in Alberta since 2017, mail-order marijuana businesses sprouted, creating direct interactions and transactions without requiring customers to set foot outside their homes.

Choosing an online cannabis dispensary has its benefits, and for the most part, it’s a convenience. Nevertheless, here are some of the advantages of opting for online cannabis dispensaries:

You’re More Protected and Secured

Did you know that purchasing cannabis online is better, more secure, and keeps you more protected from any type of danger or trouble? For example, buying weed through a physical store will require you to walk into that store and face whoever is there, as well as outside, whereas buying weed online, you don’t need to set foot outside your home!

You’ll Have Easier and Faster Access to Cannabis

Another primary benefit of you ordering cannabis from online dispensaries is that you have multiple options and choices when it comes to different types of cannabis products.

You’ll have a chance to get and purchase edibles, concentrates, topicals, vapes, and the usual pure weed online! Many great options are available, and they will be delivered directly to your door!

Bigger Chances of Getting Deals and Promotions

Did you know that if you buy weed online, there are bigger chances of you getting deals and promotions for your orders? The majority of online dispensaries in and out of Alberta always use discounts and promotional offers to attract customers. There are many different kinds and categories of deals and promos, be sure to check that:

  • The store is legit
  • The promotions are worth the value that you’re paying for

NOTE: Sometimes, there are deals and promos that are “too good to be true” and appear as scams or fraudulent websites.

You Don’t Need to Set Foot Outside Your Home!

Weed delivery is one of the best and most convenient things you could ever experience because of the fact that you don’t have to leave your home! Consume cannabis products without the fear of walking or driving down the street with those goods in your hands!

You Have More and Bigger Options to Choose From

Last and most definitely not least is the advantage or benefit of being able to see more cannabis products than you would inside a physical dispensary. This is because physical dispensaries have limits on the stocks they place inside their stores.

Since it’s online, shops and dispensaries can display all the products they have, even if some are just on the way to them! There are many great products to choose from when dealing with an online dispensary.

Now that you know all the bits about online dispensaries let us now go through the list of the best online dispensary stores you can reach and transact with in Alberta!

Alberta Laws About Cannabis

The Canadian cannabis culture is somewhat more open and more accepted than most countries, even the United States, as cannabis has been deemed legal in the country. Moreover, there are province-specific laws, rules, and regulations about the use, cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis.

Alberta, Canada, one of the most prominent provinces in the country, settled and emphasized some of its rules when it comes to selling, distributing, and consuming cannabis. Here are a few points to remember about Alberta, Canada’s cannabis order and laws:

  • If you consume cannabis, you need to be at least 18 years old
  • You can only consume cannabis (or purchase) from licensed retailers and legalized websites
  • In terms of carrying, only 30 grams or less is legal
  • You can’t consume cannabis in public places
  • Per household, only a total of four (4) plants can be grown
  • Driving high is illegal
  • Inside a vehicle, it can’t be within reach of anyone
  • Children are restricted from entering cannabis stores

9 Best Online Dispensary Alberta 2024

Being part of the three (3) prairie provinces in Canada, it could be a challenge to buy weed online and expect excellent service. So, we listed nine (9) of the best mail-order marijuana businesses to work with this year!

We also added a bonus cannabis dispensary at the end so that you can see competitive prices across the board!

West Coast Cannabis: Editor’s Choice

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is what we consider as the best weed delivery service in the province. Besides the fact that they sell weed online, they’d also never fall short in giving you all the relevant information you need!

If you’re looking for the best prices, high-quality cannabis products and weed online — all those good stuff, West Coast Cannabis can be the dispensary you’re looking for.

They’re popular in several cities in Alberta, like Edmonton, Red Deer, and Medicine Hat, as well as other significant provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and many other places!

They have a massive lineup of the best cannabis products you will find complex and challenging to find in other mail-order marijuana services. You can get anything from edibles, concentrates, vapes and vape pens, flowers, extracts, and many more!

Be greeted by their knowledgeable and friendly staff, and you’ll understand why we consider them the best and fittest weed online delivery service in the province.


  • They have a 20% discount on your first order.
  • Being a member of their company can open a lot of benefits to you in the future and for your future orders.
  • They have a lovely website that is easy to understand
  • They have a vast range of edibles, hash, flowers, extracts, and other products
  • West Coast Cannabis follows weed laws in Alberta


  • They often run out of stocks on their website because of how booming they are in the industry.
  • Your cannabis order can have a slight delay, especially if it is your first order online.

BudLyft: Runner-Up


Coming second is BudLyft, and it is the marijuana online dispensary that’s known for the wide variety of strains they have. BudLyft is a great place to be in, especially if you happen to be a newbie or an inexperienced cannabis user.

They have tons of enjoyable strains, hash products, as well as affordable vapes, tinctures, accessories, and more! So if you plan to purchase wholesale, they can also accommodate you!

Get your dose of indica and sativa strains for rates and prices you will never regret paying for. Their prices are not fair, to be honest — they are a total steal!

It is in our best interest, though, that they continue delivering quality cannabis products to people because they are flexible in terms of delivery (they reach anywhere from Red Deer to Medicine Hat!

Purchase your next strains from BudLyft and prepare yourself to experience high-quality customer service and a continuous flow of strains!


  • They have pre-rolls for FREE on your first order.
  • Premium-quality cannabis with the best prices and rates
  • Fast and urgent shipping times and delivery
  • Many different weed strains to choose from


  • Free delivery is high; it sits at $149 at the minimum
  • Website is often slow due to traffic and high demand

Chronic Farms: Best Store With Multiple Feedback and Reviews

Chronic Farms

Chronic Farms is one of those newcomers in the cannabis scene, but it can definitely support its claim of being one of the best because of its reviews and feedback. Many experienced tokers, smokers, and cannabis enthusiasts switched dispensaries when they found out about Chronic Farms.

They have affordable rates and prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff, they’re extremely well-built and structured, and to top it all off, their website is minimalistic and easy to understand.

Here are some of the feedback they’ve received!

“I made my first order arrive fast! The product was excellent 5 stars for sure can’t wait to order again!

– C. Campbell

“Great place, great dispensary. They have great products all across the board, and they’re actually one of the best prices around. My orders arrived in 2 days, even if I was on the other side of the country. Can’t say enough good things about Chronic Farms, a definite A+.”

– Guy Sty

“Delivery was super fast!! They gave me a free gift with my order too! Definitely would recommend this business. Ordered a bunch of things as gifts for friends and for myself for chronic pains :)))

Sophia Nguyen

Visit their website to see what strains you can get from them!


  • They have competitive prices even for other types of cannabis products
  • Your cannabis order will arrive in the best condition possible
  • You can deliberately order weed online and experience no hassle
  • Buying weed from Chronic Farms won’t take you 5 minutes!
  • They can deliver in Alberta, as well as other specific parts of Canada


  • Their customer service does not respond fast and urgently
  • They have a cheap lineup of products, but the variety is not that large

Get Kush: Best Dispensary With Friendly Staff and Great Customer Service

Get Kush

From their name alone, you could already sense their passion for what they do. For example, Get Kush is a venture started by Nancy with the goal of making all cannabis users happy and content without the actual need to leave their homes.

They are most known because they advertise giving “free gifts with all orders,” as well as their team of superbly friendly staff and customer support department.

They care most about their clients! Get Kush is a company that can either be in or out of the city and still is able to deliver right to your door.

In case you were wondering, yes, they have decent rates and prices for all the marijuana and cannabis products, too.

The company offers weekly deals, promotions, discounts, and other specials! Be sure to visit their page every now and then to get anything from flowers, hash concentrates, and extracts to vape pens, accessories, capsules, edibles, topicals, and more!

Get Kush is the store you want to bank on to if you wish to purchase premium-quality cannabis products, whether you’re in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, or any other province in the country!


  • The signup and registration process is easy and won’t take you a lot of time.
  • A free gram is given to first-time buyers, and we hope they expand this deal!
  • Free shipping for orders that are just $149, even if they receive discounts
  • The website is set up well and is structured with neatness


  • Delivery is not that fast
  • Their lineup of products is not that cheap, considering edibles and other rare cannabis products.

Green Society: Best Online Dispensary With Competitive Prices

Green Society

If you’re Canadian and you consume cannabis, then you probably know of Green Society. But, for the benefit of everyone, though, Green Society is this place where you can buy weed online for excruciatingly low rates and prices — and yes, even for AAAA cannabis products, too!

Known for absolutely cheap products, Green Society is a great place to start with if you’re looking for the best prices in the market without actually compromising quality.

They operate and deliver all over Alberta (including Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Red Deer), as well as other provinces in Canada. Some people even reported them crossing the Columbia Icefield just to provide customers with the goods they were looking for!

Green Society, in itself, already provides low prices, but, they have what they call “Society Deals,” where members and registered users have access to even lower and more affordable cannabis.

Buy weed online from a dispensary that has stood the test of time and the market! Consume cannabis without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket, as Green Society has a lot in store for you!


  • Ordering from them regularly will open a lot of benefits and advantages
  • They have tons of enjoyable products
  • Their packaging is legit; it won’t cause any trouble or fuss
  • They also deliver to other stores, making them more reliable and trustworthy
  • You can get staff recommendations if you ask them


  • Their free shipping eligibility is relatively high at $149, considering the items they’re selling for are cheap
  • Green Society is an excellent place for cannabis users, but it might not have enough cannabis products you can choose from

Bulk Buddy: Online Dispensary With the Best AAAA Cheap Weed Deals

Bulk Buddy

Get your weed online from Bulk Buddy, your number-one friend if you want to consume cannabis, if you’re looking for a wide variety of strains, and if you’re window-shopping for weed online!

Bulk Buddy is the online dispensary best known for the mix-and-match they offer. Stretching from Calgary to Edmonton — even to the deepest parts of Alberta, they’ll definitely deliver whatever cannabis products you’re looking for.

They have almost everything from live resin, vape pens, flowers, cartridges, extracts, flowers, edibles, and even your regular weed.

Have you ever seen a store with so many edibles, hash, concentrates, and extracts that they’re rated as the best-selling products? That’s what Bulk Buddy is!

Get your weed from them and never worry about when to pay a visit to the nearest dispensary from your location!


  • Ordering from their website is easy
  • They have friendly staff members
  • Prices and rates they have are cheap and inexpensive
  • They have multiple strains to offer, as well as a variety of cannabis products


  • Even if you’re in Alberta, you can only purchase from Bulk Buddy if you are 19+ years old
  • They only take Cryptocurrency and E-Transfers as payment

Grass Life: Best Shop With Health and Wellness Section

Grass Life

Are you short on your sativa or indica strains, and you want to purchase a new set but don’t want to leave your home? Grass Life is one of the best mail-order marijuana services in Alberta — particularly in Edmonton, Red Deer, and even Medicine Hat (also others in the vicinity).

They are popular because of their top-shelf cannabis flowers and extracts, as well as the variation of the cannabis products they have in their arsenal.

Not to mention the fact that they promote medicinal or medical weed!

Grass Life has been one of the best choices in Alberta, whether you’re looking for your daily dose of weed, medical cannabis, even live resin, cannabis edibles, and all the cannabis-derived products!

The best part about that? They’re not restricted to delivering in Calgary, Edmonton, or any other city or town in Alberta! You can have yours delivered even if you are in a different province, too!


  • They’re true to their word, and your package will arrive within two working days.
  • The package they put it on is appealing and high-quality
  • Overall product quality is decent and premium
  • You can purchase sets of different products from them


  • They accept cryptocurrency and E-transfers only
  • You’ll only be able to purchase a minimum of 3.5 grams; you can’t get a single gram.

Just Cannabis: Great Place With a Huge Selection of Cannabis Products

Just Cannabis

When it comes to the laws of weed and cannabis in Canada, you can rely on Just Cannabis if you’re not that familiar with it! Just Cannabis is one of the most-trusted weed delivery stores in Alberta, as they have a wide array of products to offer their consumers.

Popular because of their diversity and versatility when it comes to their cannabis products, buying weed has never been this easy!

They operate nationwide and have been rated by many enthusiasts and consumers as their go-to when they buy weed online. Just Cannabis has weed or cannabis flowers, edibles, vapes, CBD, hash, live resin, and many other cannabis-derived products you can think of!

Find even the strangest and most exotic of cannabis strains from Just Cannabis, whether you are in Alberta or if you are not!


  • Depending on the situation of where you live, you can expect your package to arrive in about two working days
  • You can choose from a wide array of cannabis products they’re offering
  • They have premium-quality marijuana in the form of a flower, concentrates, extracts, or edibles


  • The FAQ page is not fully done; there are certain questions without answers.
  • The loading page of the website is not that fast compared to other MoMs in Canada.
  • No returns, exchanges, or refunds

The Grow House Online: Best Dispensary With a Large Variety of Edibles

Grow House

Last but most definitely not least, in this category of the best weed delivery services in Alberta is none other than The Grow House Online. The Grow House Online, just like many other dispensaries, are aware of the laws in which they operate in.

For instance, in Calgary, Alberta, cannabis is legal, and that’s why you’ll find many cannabis stores in cities and districts. So when it comes to provinces that have limitations, though, they are aware of it and limit orders.

Nevertheless, Grow House has contributed hugely to the cannabis industry. They have a variety of cannabis strains to choose from, new and fun edibles, topicals, mushrooms, and other weed stuff you can purchase!

If you’re going to buy weed online, consider The Grow House whether you are in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Toronto, or in any other part of Canada!


  • It’s a great place if you’re looking for deals, great prices, and affordability without compromising quality.
  • They’re accepting ideas for what they will offer
  • Buying weed from them is like a 3-step process!
  • You can order wherever you are! We tried ordering from Edmonton and several cities in Ontario, and it came pretty fast.


  • Their website is often down because of heavy traffic and redirection.

BONUS: Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana

As a bonus, we’ve included Canna Cabana in this list! It’s not an online dispensary, but they have multiple locations and places all over Alberta! There’s one in Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton, Banff — even in Airdrie!

And while Canna Cabana is not an online dispensary, you can definitely buy weed online from them! They have Delivery On Demand or DOD, which allows you to purchase cannabis products from them directly!

It doesn’t really matter where you are in Alberta, Canada — Canna Cabana can give you the weed delivery you’re looking for!

Shop from one of the Canna Cabana stores and order online without experiencing any hassle!


If you’re left with a lot of questions about Alberta’s mail-order marijuana service, we’ve gathered the most common and frequent inquiries about them.

What Are the Common Payment Methods Accepted by Alberta Dispensaries?

Usually, physical dispensaries in Alberta, as well as in other provinces (that also have an online presence), allow the use of credit cards like Mastercard, VISA, Discovery, etc. However, online dispensaries only allow Interac E-Transfers and Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Can You Buy Weed Online in Calgary?

Yes, Calgary is a city in the province of Alberta, and Alberta, as a province, declared cannabis to be legal.

What is the Best Dispensary Brand?

In Alberta, there are tons of dispensary brands that are distributed and sold publicly. The most famous ones — also deemed as the best ones are:

Cresco Cannabis
Leaves By Snoop

Is There WeedMaps in Canada?

Yes, Canada has WeedMaps, and it’s a resource that you can use to find a great place to purchase weed from.

Final Verdict

If you’re still undecided on who the best online dispensary Alberta is, you can buy weed online from the list that we gave! Mail-order marijuana is becoming a booming market because of all the benefits and advantages it has.

Get cheap weed deals and have your cannabis order delivered straight to your door!

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