8 Best Dispensary in Calgary 2024

Locating the best dispensary in Calgary is a tedious task, so we made this guide for you! So, we’ll be detailing what you need to look for in a cannabis dispensary, what you need to consider, and, of course, a list of some of their best!

We’ve found numerous dispensaries in Calgary where you can order online, but some entirely operate over the internet and don’t have a physical store!

So, the best weed dispensary near you for this year is none other than Calgary Weed Delivery Co. They have a ton of cannabis-derived products to offer! From your typical flowers and concentrates to edibles, tinctures, vapes, pre-rolls, diamonds and many more!

What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary in Calgary?


What Makes a Good Cannabis Dispensary in Calgary

Before we jump into the best dispensaries in Calgary, let us first try to identify the traits, characteristics, and factors that make a weed dispensary in Calgary good and reliable.

Factor #1: Check The Weed Shop

The first thing you want to look at when dealing with cannabis stores is how they present their products. For example, you’ll find tons of cannabis stores and shops with little-to-no consideration regarding their customers.

I’m talking about how good their website or shop is, how they categorize the items if there are descriptions, etc. A high-quality cannabis dispensary will always treat its clients and customers like 5-year-olds in a good way.

In addition to that, their shop needs to offer great prices. Yes, there will be times when high prices are going to be inevitable, but for good business, they need to come up with great deals in order to reel clients in.

Factor #2: How’s Their Customer Service?

When it comes to progressing in your cannabis journey, it is essential to receive guidance and overall direction when choosing your purchases and getting recommended doses, too.

One of the best traits and characteristics of a cannabis store (physical or online) would be how they manage and handle its clients and customers. Excellent service is as good as high-quality products, especially when it comes to cannabis!

Factor #3: Do They Have Knowledgeable Staff?

Their staff members, or as many call it, the budtenders, are the ones who will be fronting the store. Frequently, these people are trained and must have communication skills and abilities as they’ll be dealing with a mix of people who are familiar with cannabis and, of course, people who are not.

They could have a great selection of cannabis products, but without bud tenders who can tell you more about them, it’s good as none.

Try asking questions to budtenders and see if they’re knowledgeable. You got yourself an amazing service and an exceptionally good weed dispensary if they are.

Factor #4: Their Delivery Service

Calgary is one of the most popular cities in Alberta, but that does not mean that all its locations are easily accessible. One of the considerations you always need to take note of would be the location and placement of businesses. A great location can make a big difference in this type of business.

You want to make your purchase from a dispensary near your location, so you don’t have to wait long for delivery.

For most online dispensaries, though, they’ll typically say delivering within 3 to 5 business days if you are in the city. So, expect that timeframe when you’re dealing with a cannabis dispensary online.

Factor #5: Check Customer Reviews

Last but most definitely not least would be to check what other tokers, smokers, and enthusiasts like you have to say about the dispensary. Reddit and Trust Pilot are two (2) of the best and most reliable avenues you can go to in checking the quality of weed dispensaries, cannabis edibles, concentrates, and others related to cannabis.

Sometimes, not all high-quality cannabis products are everyone’s cup of tea. Expect to see several negative comments and bad feedback on the product or dispensary in question. But, of course, if the majority of their reviews end on a good or positive note, then that easily explains itself.

These five (5) factors can tell you a lot before you order online. If you have other ways that you think are also effective, be sure to drop them in the comments section below!

8 Best Dispensaries in Calgary 2024

Now that we know the characteristics of a good cannabis dispensary, let’s go ahead and discuss the best Calgary dispensary categories you have. This list will be for Calgary, so wherever you are in the city, this is applicable to you!

Calgary Weed Delivery Co: Editor’s Choice

We rate it the best Calgary cannabis dispensary because it sounds like it. Kidding aside, Calgary Weed Delivery Co. has been an excellent source of cannabis products, reasonable prices, delivery, as well as customer service — they have a skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly staff!

Their website is light on the eyes, and their website navigation is super convenient. Calgary Cannabis Delivery Co. is a dispensary that can offer extremely versatile and flexible products, from different types of CBD oil, concentrates, and flowers to edibles, shatter, pre-rolls, vapes, diamonds, and many more!

They have a guaranteed 90-minute delivery on orders above $50 and a $25-discount on orders over $250 and above.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Central Calgary, SW Calgary, NW Calgary, or if you’re in the busy streets of the inner city, this Calgary cannabis dispensary will deliver the goods you need!

Pros of Calgary Weed Delivery Co

  • Their website is light on the eyes and easy to understand
  • They regularly update their offers, deals, and coupons
  • Cash On Delivery (COD) is accepted as a form of payment
  • Delivery is fast, and the timeframe is just 1 to 2 hours

Cons of Calgary Weed Delivery Co

  • For COD payments, they would not honor any change because of their safety protocols.
  • Addresses need to be verified before you can order online
  • Pre-orders for the day after are available, but more than a day would not be accepted

SupHerbs: Runner-Up

Next on our list is SupHerbs. The cannabis store is a super friendly company as they treat the majority of their clients as buddies. They have extremely knowledgeable staff and budtenders in their roster who can help and assist you with your order.

Product-wise, they have a vast library of CBD products available, from pre-rolls, cannabis edibles, and mushrooms to concentrates, CBD, vapes, and many more!

SupHerbs is an extremely trustworthy cannabis store to get whatever cannabis product you’re looking for. They have great service and great prices for the quality and caliber of the products they have!

Are you looking for top-shelf buds? Do you want to buy from a cannabis store that can deliver in NW and SW Calgary? Are you trying to find a cannabis store with a friendly staff? SupHerbs will definitely be your go-to if you want all these!

Pros of SupHerbs

  • They have a wide selection of cannabis products (oils, live resin, vapes, concentrates, etc.)
  • Their delivery stretches from the inner city to NW, NE, SE, and SW Calgary
  • They offer great prices for the majority of their products
  • Most customers leave positive reviews about the fantastic and amazing service
  • Overall, they have a great staff that can give you an unforgettable experience

Cons of SupHerbs

  • Your first order can take the maximum number of hours, especially if the location is new.
  • They usually don’t have shrooms available.
  • There have been a few online order instances that said their staff was rude.

Gas Dank Cannabis: Best Calgary Dispensary With Great Deals (ALMOST DAILY)

Gas Dank Cannabis

Great deals, promos, and discounts are a few of the things that attract customers — and that is the plain reason why Gas Dank dedicated their services by providing amazing deals to their customers. I mean, where else can you find premium-quality cannabis at low costs?

That being said, it’s safe to say that all the products you can purchase from Gas Dank Cannabis are at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price. Add that to the fact that they have super-friendly staff members that offer amazing service, knowledge, and experience when it comes to handling cannabis.

Gas Dank operates from 8 AM to 2 AM EST, Sundays ’til Wednesdays, and 8 AM to 3 AM from Thursdays to Saturdays.

Browse their wide selection of edibles, resin, shatter, cartridges, disposables, and many more! They even have categories for baths and lotions too!

It’s easy to transact with a dispensary near you, but what if there’s an online weed dispensary that is not only near you but also speaks your language fluently? Yes, you can translate the entire website to French if that’s where you’re more comfortable!

Pros of Gas Dank CAnnabis

  • They have a wide selection of strains and other amazing products
  • Their operating hours are comprehensive, and they’re open late hours!
  • They have a great staff; customers love coming back to the site to purchase
  • Overall, they give their customers a great experience when they’re trying to transact

Cons of Gas Dank Cannabis

  • Their prices are typically higher than other standard dispensaries in Calgary
  • They have no live chat, but they have a fantastic customer service area via email
  • You’ll find no free delivery promos from Gas Dank

YYC Weed Delivery: Best Weed Dispensary With Competitive Prices

YYC Weed Delivery is a shop that offers a multitude of amazing cannabis products, from your typical strains, pre-rolls, and edibles to vapes, shatters, concentrates, and even moon rocks!

They have amazing, friendly staff who know what they are doing as they have been trained and educated with a passion for cannabis. This cannabis dispensary is a helpful store as they’re able to deliver to many different locations both inside and outside Calgary.

Locally owned, this Calgary cannabis dispensary will leave you in awe about what it can offer. The prices of their products are ALMOST ALWAYS below the line, but without compromising the quality.

They have a great selection of cannabis categories to choose from, and their website is easy-to-navigate and understand.

Overall, the shop is amazing and will make you consider it your go-to cannabis store, too — like how others did.

Pros of YYC

  • They offer 1-hour delivery, which is fast considering the number of orders they have daily
  • You can sense that the entire store has passion for what they’re doing
  • They have the best selection of pre-rolls from A to AAAA+ cannabis
  • Their fastest contact would be by dialing their hotline, which is open from 10 AM to 9 PM daily
  • They have a newsletter to let people know about a deal or promotion that will be available

Cons of YYC

  • Their website is down most of the time because of heavy traffic
  • In line with the first disadvantage, you’ll find most of their products sold out
  • They do not promise delivery to the whole of Canada, just within Calgary

Just Cannabis: Best Cannabis Dispensary With Your Favourite Strains

As simple as it gets, Just Cannabis is one of those stores that would always have what the people love or what’s trending. This store is famous for the best selection of strains, from typical strains to strains you rarely find in Canada; they have it!

Looking through their website has been a great experience because they have almost everything organized and arranged so that everyone can understand it easily; the creator of the website poured passion and skill into it!

One of the best things about this dispensary is that they aren’t restricted just to Calgary. They’re also able to service other areas in Alberta (even in other provinces) too!

Just Cannabis has been top-rated as one of the best. They have great service and friendly staff and they’re knowledgeable when it comes to their products. The knowledgeable staff has been extremely helpful in directing clients and customers to what they need exactly.

Get your CBD oils, vapes, shrooms, and edibles from Just Cannabis today! They also hold special deals quite often, so be sure not to miss out on that!

Honestly, I have yet to find opportunities for improvement in the store. So, whether you are in SW Calgary, NW Calgary, or any other part of the city, you can rely on Just Cannabis for your cannabis-derived products!

Pros of Just Cannabis

  • Their customer satisfaction rate has been one of the highest on this list. They respond urgently to the needs and concerns of their customers
  • They have 100+ strains you can choose from
  • They’re the best weed dispensary if you want versatility with your orders in terms of strain selection
  • You can get coupon codes, promotional offers, discounts, and amazing deals regularly
  • Cancelation of orders is possible, but that will require you to recreate or re-place an order

Cons of Just Cannabis

  • They’re only accepting Interac E-Transfer as their form of payment
  • They don’t accept refunds, returns, and exchanges — what you see is what you get
  • Their weed shop is not as flexible and as vast as others, they have many strains, but other products are limited

My 28 Grams: Fastest Calgary Store Delivery Service

My 28 Grams

In every industry, speed is the name of the game. My 28 Grams is a Calgary cannabis shop that offers full-blown, top-shelf cannabis you probably haven’t seen or heard of to be in Canada yet.

They are most known to have an evidently fast and urgent delivery, regardless of where you are in the city! A lot of cannabis enthusiasts and smokers in NW, NE, SE, and SW Calgary reported having received their orders in less than an hour!

This cannabis store is able to service even outside Calgary, too! They are very helpful as they’re able to provide all the cannabis needs of enthusiasts, smokers, and consumers even outside the city! So whether you’re just chilling down in Quarry Park or if you’re anywhere in SW Calgary, this weed shop can be extremely helpful!

Just like other dispensaries, they have friendly staff, an overwhelmingly great selection of goods, and the quality of their cannabis is exemplary.

They offer free delivery for orders that are above $100 within Calgary, so you can’t undermine the value that they give their clients and customers! They’re truly one of the greatest in Canada, and they’re getting stronger and stronger as the days go by!

Pros of My 28 Grams

  • They have a great selection of goods to choose from
  • Great prices, regular promos and discounts, and they give freebies, too!
  • Their 0 – 90-minute guarantee everywhere in the city is legit, and they truly have great service
  • They often list the best selection of weed and strains they carry to let customers know what they can get

Cons of My 28 Grams

  • They have a great selection of products, but they’re not the widest
  • You’ll find no CBD products, only concentrates and shatter
  • They offer cannabis per ounce, and they rarely stray from that

The Grow House: Best Cannabis Dispensary With Great Service

The Grow House Online

If you are after safety and security, The Grow House is the perfect cannabis store. They’ve been on and off for the past six months, but that is due to the large number of orders and requests they’re getting.

The reason for that is none other than the broad and great selection of weed they’re offering. You can get almost everything from them; they have flowers, edibles, CBD, topicals, concentrates, mushrooms, and many more!

They have a great staff and budtenders roster who are ready to be helpful in almost any way they can. Unlike other shops, they are not location-specific; they can deliver almost anywhere in Calgary. So many people from the farthest point of NW and SW Calgary tried them out, and they delivered in style.

The Grow House can easily accommodate the whole of Canada when it comes to cannabis, and they can grant you a deal you have never even tried or heard of before!

Pros of The Grow House

  • They’ve been rated as a trustworthy dispensary in Calgary and have a rating of 4
  • Deals of the week are refreshed regularly, giving customers a chance to grab a deal!
  • All the products they have on the website are of a high quality
  • Their delivery is fast, and they offer stealth or discreet shipping

Cons of The Grow House

  • Most of the time, premium items and products they have are out of stock
  • They’re subtly more expensive and costlier than other dispensaries
  • Free shipping is only applicable for orders above $150

Haute Health: Best Weed Store With a Loyalty Program

Haute Health

Last but most definitely not least is Haute Health. Haute Health is a medical cannabis-type website promoting the health benefits and advantages of using cannabis or marijuana for patients.

They have a decent website that’s very helpful, especially if you are new to the scene. As of writing, they ship nationwide, and no matter what or where your location is in Calgary, you will be accommodated.

One of the few things Haute Health is known for would be its loyalty program. They’re a great store when it comes to their loyal customers.

You can choose from the vast library of products they have. From cannabis edibles, flowers, concentrates, and vapes to CBD oils, topicals, capsules and even mushrooms, they got what you need!

Besides their loyalty program, they also hold raffles and many other events! This weed store is one-of-a-kind, and they’re more than glad to let their customers know about that!

Customer service-wise, they respond pretty quickly. I tried contacting them a few days ago, and in less than 6 hours, they were able to respond! It will be conducive for people who have questions, inquiries, concerns, and feedback about their products and their services.

Pros of Haute Health

  • They offer free shipping for almost all orders that are eligible
  • You can order from there regardless of your location in Canada
  • Their website and menu are easy to use and understand
  • They have super friendly staff and knowledgeable budtenders
  • They have a great selection of products

Cons of Haute Health

  • Free shipping will take days, but free express shipping must be for orders above $200
  • Payment method is limited to Interac E-Transfers, no cryptocurrency, Mastercard, or VISA
  • Their website will usually load slower because of heavy traffic
  • One of the most common issues they have is their stock; they always run out quickly


Do you have more questions about locally-owned weed dispensaries you can work with that have delivery service in Alberta? Don’t worry; we gathered some of the best and most common questions that revolve around the best cannabis shops in Calgary.

Can You Buy THC Products in Calgary?

Yes, purchasing THC products from a Calgary dispensary is possible and legal. This is, of course, given the fact that the store is certified and authorized to distribute and sell cannabis.

What Are the Payments Accepted By a Calgary Cannabis Store?

The most common form of payment cannabis shops accept is Interac E-Transfer. A handful of them accepts cryptocurrency, while very few allow Mastercard and VISA to be used for payment.

Can Calgary Cannabis Dispensaries Deliver to Other Parts of Canada?

Yes and no — let me explain.

In your cannabis journey, you will encounter physical shops, online shops, and a combination of both. Technically, physical cannabis stores in Calgary will find it difficult to deliver to other parts of Canada; within the province, yes, it is possible, but it is not always guaranteed.

However, there are Calgary cannabis shops based in the city that can deliver the products you’re looking for straight to your doorstep!

What Can You Purchase From Calgary Cannabis Stores?

A cannabis store is defined as a retail entity that’s capable of selling cannabis and other cannabis-related goods and products. You can buy your usual stash of weed, concentrates, shatter, edibles, shrooms, accessories, and many others!

Be sure to check out the shop first before purchasing so you know what you’re up against!

Final Verdict

Have you decided on who the best dispensary in Calgary is yet? There are many options to choose from, which may depend on where you are in the city. So no matter what the situation is, always make sure that you get amazing service from a weed dispensary that you can trust, bank on, and rely on in times of need!

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