7 Legit & Best Dispensaries In Victoria Reviewed [No.1 Is Best]

There’s no Victoria’s secret that marijuana lovers have quality cannabis products in the city. All thanks to the best cannabis dispensaries!

Find high-quality marijuana dispensaries in Victoria, BC, and let yourself enjoy weed now.

Get premium weed from my favorite Wccannabis dispensary, or find any other dispensary according to your budget, needs, and category from today’s list of best marijuana dispensaries in Victoria, BC.

Let’s go:

Dispensaries In Victoria Reviewed


Here are some of the most reliable dispensaries in Victoria that I trust!

#7. Pineapple Victoria – Get Happy Hours Discounts

Love to buy things like cannabis at a discount?

Visit Pineapple Victoria!

You get discounts of up to 15% off at Pineapple Victoria.

And, with a knowledgeable staff and friendly environment, get one of the most passionate and helpful groups of people helping you get the best cannabis products ever.

However, the store has not an online menu available yet.

Though you can buy flowers, capsules, vapes, oils, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, topicals, and cannabis gear through in-store shopping.


  • Happy hours discounts
  • Friendly staff
  • Premium products
  • Large product selection
  • Reputable store


  • No online purchase option

Pineapple Victoria is an overall great store to buy quality products. However, you need to visit the store offline, which may or may not be suitable for all of you.

Still, the store has a great community of friendly staff and weed lovers, making it a reputable dispensary in Victoria.

Visit Pineapple Victoria Dispensary Now!

#6. Flight Cannabis – Monthly Sale Available

If you purchase stuff on sale, Flight Cannabis is the store that will be suitable for you.

With monthly sales and happy hour discounts, get an instant 10% off on weed products. However, you can get even more discounts and benefits through monthly sales.

Further, the website of Flight Cannabis is quite impressive. It is smooth to navigate through different sections, and the interface improves the experience.


  • 10% off during happy hours
  • Monthly sales available
  • Impressive website


  • Only in-store pickup is available

Make your purchase quite budget-friendly with Flight Cannabis discounts and monthly sales. Visit the store to know the latest offers.

Visit Flight Cannabis Dispensary Now!

#5. Original Farm – Extensive Flower Selection

With a 70+ flower selection, you get multiple varieties of flowers, vapes, CBD, concentrates, and much more.

The extensive selection of products makes you buy everything that you need in one place.

The best part of buying products at the original Farm is that it has organic and quality products that make your experience with marijuana even better.

Therefore, people report the original Farm as one of the first choices when you need pure cannabis.


  • Organic and better quality products
  • Weekly sale available
  • Extensive selection


  • Limited payment option

Want a great selection of organic products with reasonable pricing?

Original Farm can do that for you!

Visit Original Farm and get organic weed products and attractive deals – all in one place.

Visit Original Farm Dispensary Now!

#4. Costa Canna – Price Match Guarantee

One of the dedicated cannabis stores with a very welcoming hospitality service, knowledgeable staff, and a commitment to providing quality products.

Costa Canna gives you a price match guarantee with its competitors.

With multiple locations around the city, you get access to top-of-the-line gummies, flowers, pre-roll, oil, beverage, accessory, concentrates, and much more.

The best part?

Access what you need by applying the filter and making it instantly available.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Great staff
  • Better Experience
  • Price match guarantee
  • Helpful blog


  • Fewer reviews about the store

You will find Costa Canna as one of the top Victoria cannabis points. Thanks to its quality service. Buy from here if you need great staff and a great line of weed products.

Visit Costa Canna Dispensary Now!

#3. Clarity Cannabis – Get Multiple Brands

Clarity Cannabis has multiple brands in its store to give you access to a wide selection of products.

Whether you need a flower, pre-roll, edible, vape, concentrate, or beverage, Clarity Cannabis has all of them from various brands.

The best part?

You can choose different flower types grown in different provinces. Just implement the filter according to your need and get the best marijuana product for yourself.

Also, the pricing at the store is quite reasonable, making it an affordable store.


  • Multiple product brands
  • High-quality products
  • Affordable pricing


  • Fewer reviews available

Summing up, Clarity Cannabis is the store where you will find affordable pricing, multiple brands, and high-quality cannabis products – all in one place.

Buy from here to have a great experience overall.

Visit Clarity Cannabis Dispensary Now!

#2. Grow House – Guaranteed Shipping

Grow House is among the most reputable names for finding the best dispensary in Victoria, BC.

Besides a great selection of products, friendly staff, and a premium shop experience, Grow House has a name for its quality experience.

Although the store has an unexpected rating on Trustpilot.

Further, the shipping service at Grow House is discreet and secure, ensuring the full privacy of its customers.

However, delivery time varies according to the location.


  • Wide range of products
  • High-quality marijuana dispensary
  • Discreet and guaranteed shipping
  • Promotions and discounts available
  • Local products


  • Average rating of the store

Overall Grow House is a great online dispensary for buying quality weed products in Victoria, BC, as the store has knowledgeable staff and a wide community of weed lovers to offer better products and services – all at one stop.

Visit The Grow House Dispensary Now!

#1. Wccannabis (Overall Best) – Editor’s Choice

The overall best dispensary in Victoria, BC, and throughout Canada – Wccannabis gives you free shipping for orders above $150.

Whether you need top AAAA+ cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, cannabis oils, vape, mushrooms, or even accessories, Wccannabis has all of them.

The best part?

Wccannabis has got deals, discounts, and offers all the time at its virtual store. The company is offering 15% off on its top twisted extracts. However, you can get an overall 20% off throughout the store products.

Get 5 pre-rolls free when you sign up for the newsletter.

Further, Wccannabis ensures 100% privacy and security; therefore, it discreetly delivers packages.

And the delivery time goes around 7 to 15 days, but it can vary according to location.


  • High-quality cannabis products
  • Premium services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free shipping for over $150 order
  • 5-star store rating from 1500+ reviews


  • Only bitcoin and E-mail transfers as payment options

Wccannabis has everything from a large selection of products to quality services that improve your online shopping experience.

That is why the store has got a 5-star rating from 1500+ reviews.

Visit Wccannabis Dispensary Now!

FAQs About Best Dispensaries In Victoria BC

What are the best dispensaries brand?

Wccannabis, Grow House, and Clarity Cannabis are some of the top dispensary brands in Victoria, BC. You can buy high-quality products from them.

What is the largest dispensary in the world?

Planet 13 is the world’s largest marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, with 1,12,000 square feet.

How much weed can I buy in Victoria, BC?

Thirty grams or approximately 1 ounce of dried weed in Victoria, BC. Amount exceeding the limit can lead to various legal issues getting caught.

Is it now legal to grow or smoke cannabis for medicinal purposes?

No medical cannabis products can only be legally accessed through the doctor. However, growing your cannabis or smoking illicit cannabis in Victoria remains illegal.

Is it legal to buy recreational marijuana in Victoria?

Throughout the provinces of British Columbia, you can buy, use, and possess marijuana under certain limitations if you are 19 years or older.


So these are Victoria’s top 7 dispensaries for cannabis products.

Wccannabis is the #1 dispensary on our list to order online and make all the difference with quality cannabis products.

However, the list includes multiple options for buying the best flowers, edibles, and accessories. Even to find local favorite cannabis stores nearest to your door.

Well, now it is your turn. Go and purchase the best edibles, accessories, and much more from your favorite shop.

Happy 4/20, Victoria!

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