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Are you looking for cheap ounces in Canada and don’t know where to go? I was as lost as you were when I was first starting to become a cannabis enthusiast, but I learned where to get the best weed deals, budget grams and ounces, and on a good day — premium ones.

The best online dispensary listing that has not only cheap ounces but also AAA quality and AAAA weed is none other than BudLyft. They’re one of the cheapest online dispensaries that match ounces that are less than $100. If these aren’t the lowest prices, I don’t know what is!

Are Cheap Weed Deals Worth It?


Yes, in fact, there are a lot of cheap bulk ounces online in Canada, and they are typically the rarest and most unique to find. AAAA weed quality is often judged as costly or expensive, but what many people don’t know is that there are bulk weed deals that can actually get their prices lower.

A seasoned marijuana enthusiast usually has this misconception that cheap, inexpensive weed always equates to low and bad quality. This is why the majority of AAAA-grade cannabis is more expensive than AA or AAA strains. The best, rarest, and highest quality strains prove that their price range is not meek.

Online dispensaries offer all different types of cheap deals, from low-price bud categories to best-budget buds, best-budget ounces, and even discount code offers and coupon codes for half pounds, too!

So, whether you’re looking for free weed or just cheap ounces online, the list of the cheapest online dispensaries in Canada below is absolutely perfect!

9 Best Cheap Ounces Canada Area 2023

You’ll find a lot of online dispensaries offering every day, good value to their clients.

So, we’ve listed the top cannabis dispensaries that provide budget ounces online!

BudLyft: Editor’s Choice


If cheap ounces are what you’re looking for, then cheap ounces you will get!

BudLyft is a team of cannabis enthusiasts, smokers, and medical marijuana experts with a combined experience of 40+ years. With all their knowledge, it’s hard not to like them.

They’re known for their excellent product distribution and fulfilment process, as well as their expansive library of products from your typical flowers, cannabis oils, edibles, concentrates, and more!

Another reason why a lot of people love them is because of their cheap weed ounces. They have a complete lineup of cheap ounces that go from popular strains to rarer and more exotic ones.

BudLyft wouldn’t be one of the shops that offer the best cheap ounces if their low-price bud is lousy quality, right? Take it from us, who have exerted all our energy and efforts in finding the best craft weed deals today!

Check their website for the best cheap ounces you can get in the market today!

The Grow House Online Dispensary: Runner-Up

Grow House

Next up, we have The Grow House Online. This shop actually had discrepancies because of traffic, but they came back stronger. Marketing its free gift to customers who subscribe, getting their highest quality strains proves that they aren’t just your next-door dispensary.

For a cheap ounce, you can already get a hold of a high-quality strain that you will definitely keep on coming back to.

They’re one of the best not only because of their cheap ounces but also because of the wide variety of cannabis products they have and offer! Get AAAA-grade weed, cannabis oil categories, edibles, concentrates, and even other cannabis products for mental and physical relaxation cheaply and affordably!

You can buy your marijuana by the gram from the Grow House, so you have a more controlled environment for paying!

Crystal Cloud 9: Best Cannabis Shop That Offers Free Gifts/Free Weed

Crystal Cloud 9

Have you been looking for a strain, but it’s ridiculously expensive? If you have been, then Crystal Cloud 9 could just be the perfect cannabis shop for you.

They are this online dispensary that sells per ounce (converted to grams), even for high-quality buds. And if you’re worried that you won’t be delivered simply because you are in British Columbia, then fret not — Crystal Cloud 9 delivers to the entirety of Canada!

So, if you are looking for a strain that has this fruity aroma, an excruciatingly strong and potent strain, or if you have other products in mind, browse their shop, and you will discover the versatility and diversity of their cannabis offers.

Get a cheap ounce from them, and you’ll definitely come back wanting more!

Canna Society: Best Customer Service Best Budget Selections

Canna Society

Canna Society has been one of the most overlooked online dispensaries in Canada. People are actually under the impression that it is not a good weed shop because of the small selection of buds and flowers they have.

But hey, we’re here to get the most out of our buck, right? We’re not after which online dispensary has the most number of flowers and strains.

Just as you open their website, you’ll see a bulk option, and that explains itself to the users because when you click on that, you will see the strain selection that they offer per pound.

Even if this is the case, you can also purchase these strains per pound — the kicker here, though, would be the half-pound, the quarter-pound, and the one (1) pound options.

In my professional opinion and searching, the best cheap ounces Canada are typically those that offer quarter pounds, and they are absolutely one of those.

Enjoy those small buds and be ready for repeat orders because not only do they sell cheap ounces — they also have extremely great customer service!

Haute Health: Cannabis Dispensary With an Impressively Large Selection

Haute Health

Are you on the market to find a strain that gives its own therapeutic experience? Well, Haute Health is one of those online dispensaries that actually “walks the talk.”

All in all, the total products they have are 700+, whether they’re small buds, exotic strain categories, regular flowers and edibles, live resin, mushrooms, and so on. This large selection of marijuana products they have continues to amaze me to this day.

One of the things many people loved and continue to do about Haute Health is the fact that they sell cheap cannabis per ounce. Yes, you read that right — you can skip the by-the-gram BS and go straight to buying your weed per ounce.

They have this colossal strain selection that will absolutely astound you!

Green Society: Go-To Place For Flash Sales and Large Volume Discounts

Green Society

If you are on the hunt for a cannabis shop that regularly releases a coupon code, you are not alone. Other than the lowest prices of weed, it’s also important to find a business that wants to make its customers happier — and how do they regularly do that? — By releasing a discount code or a coupon code.

Green Society is this dispensary that is so organized that almost all their products are categorized depending on how you can purchase them. From AAA-quality weed to AAAA weed, they never failed.

Looking for a specific strain and you want to know if you can buy cheap ounces or per ounce? Check Green Society’s shop, and you’ll likely find high-quality buds with an amazing price to top it off.

They have good deals from their per-ounce specials, their quarter pounds, to their half-pound offers, too!

Green Leaf Express: Best Craft Cannabis Store For An Ounce Online

Green Leaf Express

Craft Cannabis or premium cannabis has been one of the most-searched type of marijuana in the past months — actually, in the past year. So, with that, Green Leaf Express put up to the task.

On their homepage, you will immediately see flash sales of a coupon code that they’ve been running. You can get as much as 30% off your order if the discount is proper, and if your orders are eligible.

They are so diversified that you can get whatever strain you wish to get from them. Just take note, though, that during peak hours, Green Leaf Express’s site could load a bit slower due to the traffic that’s brought on to their site.

Shop for large and small buds, as well as common and exotic strains, and get them at the best cheap ounces they can be in!

Browse their store for amazing deals, high-quality products, and strains you will rarely see in other online cannabis dispensaries.

Hoot Supply Co: Best to Buy Cheap Ounces Online in Canada Fast

Hoot supply

Speed is the name of the game, and if you’re already itching to get your hands on a particular strain, Hoot Supply Co., is just around the corner.

The usual timeframe that most of these dispensaries have when delivering orders is around five business days. They usually say 2 to 4 business days, but it actually extends up to five (5). No biggie, right?

But what if an online dispensary can deliver the said strain within 2 business days? Yes, Hoot Supply usually does that!

They actually claim to deliver your package or order within 2 to 5 business days, but the most days people got was 2.

How’s that for a marketing strategy?

And if you’re thinking that they’re actually taking this positive path because of other bad factors, think again. The shop also has AAAA-grade weed, high-quality concentrates, great deals, and many other things its fellow dispensaries have.

The Herb Centre: Best Cheap Ounces With Amazing Price Offers and Best Service


Last but most definitely not least, in this list of the dispensaries that offer the best cheap ounces online is none other than The Herb Centre. Their site is outlined and structured in such a way that even beginners will be able to understand what they’re buying and purchasing.

Originally, they were known to have cheap ounces regardless of the strain. In addition, they also have a mix-and-match option where people can take a strain and match it with others, so they get the most out of their purchase!

From flowers, CBD, dried mushrooms, and concentrates to edibles, vapes, and even other accessories, you know they have the best of the best products and services!

Being one of the dispensaries that provide budget ounces online, you would really order from them again and again! Get high weed quality per ounce and enjoy AAAA-grade cannabis as you’ve never before!

Make sure your hard-earned money is spent and maximized as much as possible! Bathe in great deals and get AAAA-quality weed at the best rates possible!


We’ve gathered some of the questions that are asked by the majority of people who are looking for budget ounces like you. So, here they are!

Can You Get Bulk Cheap Ounces?

Yes! In fact, a lot of online marijuana dispensaries today focus more on giving an amazing price per ounce! They capitalize on cheap ounces because the more their clients buy and purchase, the more profit and sales they get! So you’ll find dispensaries that have an impressively large selection, offering them per ounce!

Would Weed Quality Be the Same For These Cheap Ounces?

Yes, they would. A good online dispensary would not try to get rid of bad quality weed by offering them as a low-price bud. It is actually the other way around. They’ll try to sell good ones as budget buds so that people will be more enticed to purchase them more often.

What Is a Good Bulk Weed Shop?

All shops we listed above are extremely good bulk weed stores. They have the most alluring weed deals, and they offer them for highly great value. If you’re asking about the go-to place of many enthusiasts, it would be BudLyft.

Does a Cheap Ounce Really Make a Difference?

Definitely. Inexpensive weed ounces account for cheaper pounds, which, in layman’s terms, are the best value for your buck!

The Bottom Line

Finding cheap ounces Canada, to be completely frank with you, is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of factors in play, from the weed quality, the level of customer service, the dankness, freshness, and all those good stuff.

We did due diligence and researched all this stuff, so you don’t have to! Get bulk weed deals without sacrificing quality by buying your weed from any of these online dispensaries!

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