Why Isn’t My Cart Hitting? Here’s The Fix!

I know it’s frustrating when the vape cart isn’t hitting.

However, there could be several reasons a vape cart does not hit.

And therefore, today, we’ll discuss all those possible reasons why your new or old vape cart may not be hitting.

Also, we’ll be finding the solution for the same as well so that you can get the most out of your vape pen and enjoy a satisfying experience.

So, for all of that and more, let’s begin.

What Is A Vape Cart?


A vape cart is a short form for a vape cartridge.

It refers to a disposable or refillable cartridge.

An Example Image Of Vape Cart

The cartridge is designed to be attached to the end of a rechargeable battery or vape pen.

It is commonly used for vaporizing various extracts, including cannabis or hemp concentrates.

The purpose of cartridges is to work as a tank that will hold the extract and have a mouthpiece for inhalation.

A typical cartridge is made of glass or transparent plastic so that you can see the remaining extract inside it.

The cartridge is sealed to preserve the content while it is designed from the bottom to be attached to the compatible battery or vape pen.

How Does A Vape Cart Work?

The vape cart has a heating element known as an atomizer or coil.

The coil or atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the cartridge’s extract.

When you attach the cart to the vape pen and push the on button on it.

The battery provides power to the atomizer (heating element), which heats up and converts the concentrate into vapor.

And the produced vapor is then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

The vape carts and vape pens combined are popular methods of consuming cannabis or hemp extracts.

These provide a quick and portable solution for consuming cannabis extracts.

However, vape cartridges come in standard sizes and thread types.

But, the 510-thread carts are compatible with various vape devices.

Content Of Vape Carts

The content of vape carts can vary.

It may contain THC-rich extracts that provide psychoactive effects upon vaporizing and inhaling.

However, some vape carts also contain CBD or other non-intoxicating extracts.

Moreover, flavored cartridges are available to enhance the vaping experience.

Now that you know about the basic functionality of vape carts, it is time to dive further and understand why vape carts are not hitting anymore.

Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting? 5 Reasons Explained

One of the possible reasons for vape cart not hitting is due to clogging. It is so common that removing the clogging can fix most new vape carts.

However, you must first identify the issue, which we’ll discuss further.

Therefore, many new and old vape carts get clogged and do not produce vape when attached to a vape pen.

It happens when a vape cart contains thick extracts and may be on the shelf for a long time.

Hence, it may lead to clogging of the vape cart.

Therefore, here are the five reasons why vape carts may clog and do not hit when attached to a vape pen:

1. Viscous Extract

As I’ve described in the basic overview of vape carts, vape oil in the cartridge contains extracts of cannabis.

Sometimes, the extracts are thick or dense, resulting in cart clogging.

Once the vape cart is clogged, it will produce less vapor, or you will have to draw hard to get enough smoke.

The extract may appear slow to flow due to its viscosity, making it hard to draw smoke from it.

2. Residue Buildup

The residue buildup is another possible reason for a new vape cart not hitting.

Let me explain:

There may be heavy cannabis extracts in the cart that are viscous as well.

However, when you attach them to the battery, it may work for some time, but later on, the airflow decreases.

If it happens, it is probably due to the residue buildup in the cart.

The extracted residue in the cart can accumulate and clog it.

However, this buildup residue may be due to unvaporized material or impurities in the extract.

One of the common signs of residue buildup is when you feel decreased airflow, reduced vapor production, or a burnt taste after a while.

3. Airflow Blockage

An airflow blockage in the vape cart can lead to restricted airflow or a whistle-like sound when inhaling.

Airflow blockage could occur if you get these signs with your vape cart.

It may occur because of cart debris or particles blocking the airflow.

One of the reasons for this is because of improper handling or storage. However, once you find the issue accurately, you can even fix it.

4. Low-Temperature Settings

This happens with most of the newbie vape pen users.

Vaping at low temperatures can result in clogs.

When the temperature is too low, the extract may not wholly vaporize, leading to residue buildup and clogging.

The sign for low-temperature settings is when you experience weak vapor production or lack of flavor.

5. Faulty Coil

As explained earlier, the coil (atomizer – the heating element) produces vape in the pen.

Therefore, the vape pen malfunctions when the coil is at fault and does not produce vape.

The heating element doesn’t reach the required temperature and may lead to residue buildup and clogging.

This issue is primarily seen when you experience weak vapor production or inconsistent performance.

How To Avoid Common Cart Issues?

Now you know about the typical cart issues and why the vape cart does not hit when attached to the battery due to clogging.

Repairing A Vape Cart

Therefore, let’s understand the common fixes that can help you eliminate these problems.

1. Storage Habit

Store your vape cart in a dry place and at room temperature.

Try to keep it away from the direct sunlight. Also, do not store it upside down, leading to leakage or clogging.

This is one of the habits that can prevent you from various other problems.

2. Check Viscosity

You already know how the thickness of the cart’s content can hamper the smoke production quality if the residues build up.

Therefore, if you find out that the cart’s content is too thick, you can change it with a slightly less thick cart.

Another option is that you can consider thinning the solution by yourself with a compatible diluent.

However, if you find the content of the vape cart thick, you can even set the vaping device temperature to higher temperature settings.

It should solve the issue.

3. Inspect Coil

If you have already tried all the essential inspections but cannot fix the issue, then you have to check the coil of the cart.

Sometimes, the coil inside (heating element or atomizer) is faulty, and thus, you don’t get the vapors out of it.

Therefore, check the coil inside the cart. Ensure to perform this task carefully, as you will not want to do any damage to your cart any more.

You can even take help from a YouTube video like this one:

If you find your vape cart’s coil damaged, you can replace the coil if needed by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Clean The Cart

Another good practice to avoid standard cart issues is to keep your vape cart clean.

You can use a cotton swab or a small brush to inspect and clean the residue or blockages.

Moreover, you can also pick the practice of cleaning the mouthpiece of the cart, as it is essential for optimal airflow.

If you find the mouthpiece clogged, you can use a safety pin to remove debris.

By keeping clean, you can avoid the simple issues with your vape pen.

5. Buying Quality Carts

Let me be honest here:

There are hundreds of brands that claim to be of the best quality. But we all know that some of them are not.

Therefore, buying quality ones is the best way to ensure a smooth experience with your vape cart to b

Even if it requires a few extra bucks, you should go for it if it is worth investing and has a better quality.

Another good habit is asking your local smoke shop for the best cannabis cart available.

The goal is to get a high-quality cart for the vape pen, providing a better smoke experience.

Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting, But It Has Airflow And Isn’t Clogged?

Okay, now let’s move to slightly more complex issues with vape carts.

Maybe your vape cart is not clogged but still not hitting, so there could be other reasons.

For example, maybe the coil is malfunctioning (the heating element) in your vape pen cart.

So, let’s find out why a vape cart is not hitting even if you have already tried the steps above.

1. Physical Damage

When your vape pen is not hitting and it is not clogged, it might be due to physical damage.

You can evaluate the vape pen’s hardware and find the signs of physical damage.

You can check out, especially for the coil inside the cart, broken charging contact points, or residue on the connection points.

If there are residues on the connection point, the vape pen will not work as there will be resistance between the cart and the battery.

2. Battery Issues

Look out for the battery issues in a vape pen.

A fully depleted battery may cause your vape cart to stop hitting.

Therefore, you can charge the vape pen battery and monitor the vape battery power level.

Sometimes, the battery causes the vape pen not to hit the issue.

3. Wrong Temperature Settings

If you can draw vapors through the vape pen, but it is not smooth, and you are also sure that the vape pen is not clogged, it might be due to the wrong temperature settings.

Sometimes, the vape cart content is thick and requires higher temperature settings to provide smooth vapors.

Therefore, you can check for the temperature settings once if you cannot get smooth vapors from the vape pen.

For more help, you can even take help of YouTube video like this one:

How To Optimize Vape Pen AirFlow?

If you get a smooth airflow from a vape pen, you are already getting the most out of the vape pen.

But if you find drawing air through a vape pen hard, you may need to optimize the airflow.

Here are the tips that can help you do that:

Smaller Puffs

Maybe you want to hit a blinker, but do you know you can have much fun even with smaller puffs?

Taking smaller, slow, and steady puffs ensures you get an even vapor with smooth flavors.

Also, it avoids the risk of overheating the device, like in case of hitting a blinker.

And if you are new to cannabis and vaping, you should start with smaller puffs to get the most out of your sessions.

Dry Hits

You can avoid the dry hits by ensuring the coil is evenly saturated with the liquid.

To do so, you can use a hair dryer to heat the coil and help the liquid to saturate the wick.

Note: Do it carefully, as the vape carts are glass and plastic. And ensure that they do not melt by exposing them to extreme heat.

Warm Up The Cart Slightly To Get The Oil Flowing

As explained earlier, warming up a little of the vape cart does the work by flowing oil smoothly through the atomizer.

It is beneficial in cases where the cart content is thick or dense.

Also, when you leave your cart in a cold place, the oil might get too dense to burn.

Therefore, if that is the case with your cart, make sure to heat a little bit through a lighter so that the content in the cart gets a smooth flow.

However, be careful not to crack or damage the cart while heating.  

How To Check Your Vape Cart Battery?

Here are some of the methods by which you can check the vape cart battery condition.

1. Check And Repair The Battery Connection

One of the most common battery issues is not having a proper connection with the cart.

Therefore, you can start by examining the battery connection on the vape cart.

You can check for any visible damage, dirt, or debris affecting the connection.

2. Check For LED Indicators

Some vape cart batteries have LED indicators and display the battery charge level.

Therefore, you can check out the LED indicators and accordingly charge your battery.

Also, sometimes, misinterpreting LED indicators results in not understanding the battery status in vape carts.

The best way is to refer to the instructions or manual.

3. Change The Voltage Settings

To get the most out of your vape pen, you must know the best voltage for the cart.

However, it is also true that some batteries have a fixed voltage, but this setting is adjustable in some batteries.

Therefore, you can experiment with different battery and voltage settings when taking a new one.

According to many stoners, the sweet spot for most weed oils is 3.0 volts.

The best way to find is to start with a small voltage setting and carefully increase the power until you get the hit you like.

Most vape cart oils fit for 2.2 to up to 4.0 volts to provide a better experience.

FAQs About Cart Not Hitting

How long do vape carts stay good?

However, it solely depends on the quality of cartridges, but usually, a good vape cart should last for at least six months to a year, depending upon many other things.

With that said, there should not be any loss of potency or flavors in the vape carts.

My brand-new cart is still not hitting; what else can I try?

If your brand-new vape cart is not hitting, you can try to check out the issues with the battery or coil in the cart, which might be an issue.

Why do vape carts get clogged?

The vape carts get clogged because of the content in them. The residue buildup is also another common reason why vape carts get clogged.

How do you fix a clogged disposable cart?

One of the ways to unclog a clogged disposable cart is by applying increased sucking pressure on the mouthpiece.

Another common way to unclog is by applying low heat to your vape cart or cleaning it with a thin object.

Why isn’t my cart hitting, will my cart pull but not hit?

There may be several reasons for a few dry hits and cart pulling but not hitting.

You can check out if the content in the cart is available, clogging issues, or coil-related issues.

However, there can also be more reasons for a vape cart pulling but not hitting.

Why is my cart not pulling air?

It might be clogged with residue buildup or due to other reasons such as vape batteries issues. Therefore, you can try checking for clogging or any further physical damage.


When a vape cart isn’t hitting, it hampers your vaping experience.

However, in this post, you have gone through the common issues and other possible solutions that you can apply to fix them.

Hopefully, you are better prepared for a fantastic vaping experience with your device.

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