Weed Smells Like Cat Pee? Here’s What To Do!

Does your weed smell like cat pee?

Don’t worry!

We have the possible reasons for those weird smells. Also, what can you do if your weed smells like cat pee?

So, for all of that and more, let’s dive straight into it.

Why Your Weed Smells Like Cat Pee: 4 Reasons


There are hundreds of marijuana strains.

And each with its specific terpene profile and potency.

For those new to the term ‘terpene,’ it is the component of marijuana bud that is responsible for the aroma characteristics of the cannabis plant.

Therefore, when you open a weed jar, you may feel a different aroma according to the marijuana strain type and its specific terpene profile.

But when your marijuana smells like cat pee, there might also be some issues, which we will discuss now.

Reason 1: Terpenes

As explained earlier, terpenes are responsible for the weed odor. Therefore, they sometimes become a reason for unusual smells like cat pee.

This is known as an entourage effect.

Terpenes give a specific flavor and aroma to weed.

But when various terpenes work together and produce a specific type of odor, this is known as the entourage effect.

It happens often when different strains are crossed with each other.

One of the stronger odor terpenes is myrcene, which, when combined with other terpenes, may produce an ammonia-like or cat pee smell.

Therefore, having such terpenes in weed buds may also result in such issues.

Reason 2: Mold & Ammonia

One of the primary reasons your weed might smell like cat pee is that it might get bad due to mold and ammonia.

Even though when a mold occurs on weed, it doesn’t have the ammonia, it may smell like that.

To observe molds on weed, you can look out for the fuzzy white patches that might not exist before.

And therefore, when your weed smells like cat pee, and you observe molds as well, it means your weed is now in bad condition.

Now, you may not want to smoke moldy weed.

Reason 3: Curing Malfunction

Most marijuana growers prefer only growing weed plants and buds.

And they prioritize high yield and put the effort in the same direction.

However, curing produced weed buds is as important as growing them for long-term storage and benefits.

The curing process is lengthy if one follows right, and it brings potency and more good terpenes in the buds, which makes it to be stored for long-term usage.

However, improper curing may also result in weed having a smell akin to ammonia or cat pee.

Sometimes, the weed buds may not be adequately cured; thus, moisture remains there, producing a weird smell like cat pee upon keeping in the jar.

Reason 4: The Strain’s Natural Terpenes

You may be surprised to know that sometimes, a weird smell of weed (like cat pee) may be because of the strain type.

Even there is one strain known as ‘Cat Piss.’

Therefore, specific strains with a terpene profile may produce a distinct smell like this.

Can Weed Smell Like Cat Pee?

As you know, there are multiple reasons for weed smelling like cat pee. Therefore, it must be clear that weed buds may smell like cat pee.

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for this is weed buds going stale or bad.

However, it is also true that not all the time this should be the main reason.

Sometimes, the strain type and terpene profile can also be the reason.

Therefore, before you throw the weed buds out in the trash, figuring out why they smell like that is essential.

For instance, when weed buds don’t have any molds or are not bad, they should be safe to consume.

However, if you find molds or any unnatural bad odor, you should consider discarding it.

Therefore, the weed buds that smell like cat urine may be safe due to the strain type, which has such terpenes, causing such odor.

It is also true that marijuana strains like Ghost Train Haze and some other strains (like Cat Piss strain) also smell like cat pee naturally.

Therefore, before you take any action for your weed buds, identify the reason for the odor.

Good Weed Vs. Bad Weed

To identify whether your weed buds are stale or good enough for smoke sessions, you must understand the difference between good and bad.

You can identify them with some specifications, such as color, odor, and taste.

A good weed bud smells fragrant and delicious!

The nugs will be green, slightly sticky, and dense.

On the other hand, bad weeds smell like dusty hay or decaying grass, which will be dry and crumbly.

When marijuana buds start decaying, the color may start turning brownish. Weed buds that are stale due to improper curing even smell like cat pee.

How To Get Rid Of Smell Of Cat Pee From Weed?

I know it’s frustrating when your weed buds smell like cat pee.

However, unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the cat pee smell from weed buds.

However, if your weed buds are not cured properly, you may want to cure it yourself to improve the quality and slightly remove the smell.

But if the marijuana buds are already there for quite a time now, it will be hard to remove the odor.

Moreover, you don’t need anything if you have a strain that produces an ammonia smell or cat pee smell.

The strain is like that and produces the smell because of its strain type.

Even if you have such weed strain, you might want to cure your buds and adequately take care of them to store them for longer periods without any issues.

However, if you find the mold accumulated on weed buds, you should not smoke that weed under any circumstances.

Therefore, the main goal is to keep marijuana buds healthy for smoking sessions.

Hence, if any issue is observed, you should try to observe and eliminate it.

Remember, only smoke the healthy weed buds and not the stale ones.

Should You Still Smoke Weed If It Smells Like Cat Pee Or Ammonia?

If your marijuana buds smell like cat pee because of the mold on them, then you should never smoke those weed buds.

The better option is to discard the bad weed buds.  

You should always smoke healthy and good weed in smell and taste.

However, another exception is that if your marijuana buds smell like cat pee because of the strain type, you should not worry about it.

It is because some marijuana strains possess terpenes that produce the odor of cat pee or ammonia-like.

So, it’s completely fine if you have purchased a weed that smells like cat pee.

How to Spot Moldy Weed?

The simplest way to observe and find moldy weed is by looking for grayish-white stringing from the buds.

You can also use a 10X magnifying lens to spot the difference between good and bad weed.

However, most novice marijuana enthusiasts find it hard to distinguish the moldy weed buds.

But by following the proper steps and knowledge, you can easily find which weed buds are good to smoke.

Apart from the white powdery appearance, you can also observe the odor of buds, which is a kind of hay in case of moldy weed buds.

Even when you dry and cure moldy weed buds, the buds worsen throughout the process.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Weed Smells

Can you get ammonia-smelling weed strains?

Many marijuana strains smell light of ammonia, and you can find that easily if you are a fan of such weed buds.

However, if your strain type is something different and does not produce ammonia odor but still produces ammonia odor, then the weed might be of bad quality.

What does moldy weed smell like?

A moldy weed usually has a musty smell or mildewy smell. Some stoners also report that its smell is a kind of hay.

What weeds smell like dog shit and cat pee?

Many marijuana strains have a cat piss smell naturally. You can find them through online stores or offline marijuana dispensaries.

Is it safe to smoke weed that smells like ammonia?

It’s safe to smoke only marijuana, which smells natural and produces good taste.

If your weed buds are from such a strain, which generally produces an ammonia-like odor, then smoking them should not be an issue.

However, on the other hand, if you have a marijuana strain that naturally doesn’t produce ammonia odor but still is producing, then the weed buds might be bad and not suitable for smoking.

But make sure to confirm and check on your own.


Finally, now you know why weed smells like cat pee.

However, we also discussed how to keep your marijuana buds healthy and store them for a long time through proper curing.

The thumb rule to smoke weed without any unusual odor is to buy from a quality source or a reputed dispensary/store.

Moreover, if you have grown weeds at home, you should also put effort into curing them properly to get the most out of them. As improperly cured weed may produce an unusual odor.

But if your weed buds have white mold/mildew, it might not be suitable for smoking, so you should discard it.

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