23 Coolest Easy Trippy Painting Ideas For 2024

With these easy trippy painting ideas, explore your creative side.

Being a stoner is fun, while tripping painting is way more fun as it is one of the most prevalent visual trends in design, popular culture, and media advertising.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

How To Make Trippy Art?


Before we explore the easy trippy painting ideas, let’s understand how you can make your first trippy art.

First, you want to get the supplies for your trippy art. You can purchase them from Walmart, Amazon, or eBay.

The essential supplies for trippy art include:

  • Canvas
  • Paint (Acrylic will be good)
  • Brushes
  • Water

Once you have the supplies, you can start with the step 0.

Step 0: Start With Art Classes

You can join art classes if you are entirely new to trippy paintings but curious to explore this creative side.

There are two ways to find the art classes. One is online with various online lectures and courses.

The second is to find it offline around your location.

However, I recommend you begin with free online lectures and videos such as on YouTube.

Those are free and can help you find if you want to invest in offline classes.

You can easily follow the painting ideas below once you get comfortable with the art-making process.

23 Easy Trippy Painting Ideas That Are Trending In 2024

Here are the 23 easy trippy painting ideas that will help you get more ideas and get started with your creative side.

23. Tippy Stoner Hand Painting

Even though this art might initially look complex, it is one of the most beautiful arts one can start with.

The art involves one hand holding the joint, the other holding a lighter, and labeled as ‘best buds.’

As the first art, you’ll learn a lot in this trippy painting idea that will make you understand different angles, positions of fingers, and a lot more while the background is easy to draw.

You can start with having supplies and create as the tutorial continues. To follow along, you can pick a step-by-step guide.

If you make this art, as a newbie or first-timer, it will be one of the beautiful arts.

22. Rick And Morty Trippy Painting Idea

Remember one of the favorite adult comedy shows that make everyone laugh?

This fan-favorite cartoon art is one of the easy trippy painting ideas you can follow.

Once you get your hands on a few paintings and learn how to start drawing, Rick and Morty’s painting idea is something that you can follow.

However, if you are a fan of this show, it is one of the popular trippy painting ideas you can draw.

21. Drawing A Pot Leaf

Are you a beginner looking for one of the easiest trippy painting ideas?

You may begin by drawing a pot leaf.

However, this might not be super trippy per se, but it will ensure you get an excellent hands-on experience of stoner painting.

You can watch an online tutorial or follow your creative idea to best practice, especially as a beginner.

With minimal effort, you can start with drawing this trippy painting idea.

Even if you find it slightly challenging, go for online tutorials, but try it yourself first, as it will get you a good amount of practice.

20. Show Your Hand

Show your hand is one of the easiest trippy painting ideas on canvas, allowing you to put your creativity with deep meanings.

A hamsa is a traditional symbol that consists of a wide eye gazing from the center of an open palm.

You can implement this in your art by using vivid blue and gold hues for trippy paintings on canvas to make them more impactful.

Also, you can take your creative freedom to explore more hues and play with the background or surroundings.

On top of that, the simple shapes and straightforward lines of the hamsa make this idea one of the easiest trippy painting ideas to follow.

19. Trippy Rainbow Lips

With slightly advanced skill requirements, trippy rainbow lips are one of the most beautiful trippy painting ideas on which one can build their skills.

Test and learn your artistic skills by drawing big and luscious lips using rainbow colors.

The colors drip down to make it more appealing.

Even though this trippy painting idea might not be easy, it is one of the most beautiful to follow if you want to take your artistic journey to the next level.

Try it yourself or follow the tutorial. You are going to learn a lot through this piece of art.

18. Tap Into Tie-Dye

Okay! Now we have an easy one for you.

If you love to smash paint onto the canvas, then tie-dye is one of the easy painting ideas for a simple background and easy for beginners.

To start with, you can draw a colorful backdrop first.

Again, you’ll be free to add and play with the hues, but using rainbow colors will make it more appealing.

You can also put a smiley face or play with your creative idea to make it more trippy and classier.

However, you can make it as per your own ideas as well.

This is one of the best parts about paintings: once you are involved in this artistic journey, you can always play with your ideas and make something unique and fantastic.

17. Aim For The Stars

This is one of the favorite and most amazing trippy acrylic painting ideas beginner painters can follow to learn a lot.

The starry night skies with dark foreground make this idea one of the highly workable subjects for beginners.

Implement your creative and artistic skills to make this powerful trippy painting.

The art creates a dynamic sense of motion with a full spectrum of small strokes spinning across the canvas.

Additionally, putting a dark foreground will help you set off the light swirling sky and create an ultimate beautiful piece of art.

16. Drawing A One-Eyed Gangster

Want to draw something goofy yet simple and trippy?

Learn how to draw this one-eyed gangster with a massive eye, blue-hued clothes, and funky looks holding spray.

This trippy painting idea is fun, simple, and easy to complete quickly.

To try something different and unique, this trippy painting idea can easily make you start with your skills and put it on canvas in no time.

Try it today and find out how much fun it is!

15. A Fluid Art Tutorial

Are you a fan of colorful, trippy paintings?


Are you into abstract art?

And if you want your trippy painting to be colorful, flowing, and melding into each other, then here is an excellent trippy paint idea.

Even though it might seem slightly tricky initially, once you learn this art, you’ll have multiple more creative ideas to explore.

And the best part about this trippy painting idea is that the colorful mixtures and flow make the art more appealing.

14. The Tie Dye Swirl

If you like making spirals, you’ll love this fantastic, trippy painting idea.

In this idea, you’ll be drawing a dye swirl that is colorful and amazingly trippy that you are going to love.

The best part about this idea is that you will learn much about blending colors to make a paint trippy.

Don’t worry! If this idea is intimidating, you can easily pick it up with the tutorial.

Also, the main idea is that it will cover a lot of colors and blend them, so you’ll learn a lot throughout the painting journey.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can follow this to polish your skills and make something trippy, cool and epic.

13. Doodle With Me

Love creating doodles?

You are going to love this!

Just blend doodles with your trippy ideas, and that’s it. You just created a super fantastic trippy doodle.

The tutorial involves creating trippy doodles such as skulls, horns, multiple shapes, colors, and more.

It is easy to follow and a lot to explore when creating this. Practice your skills and make something unique by following the easy tutorials.

12. The Galaxy

An outer space is one of the best ways to expand your trippy painting ideas.

And therefore, in this idea, you will draw stars, moon, planets, and anything you want to explore in outer space.

Play with your creative thoughts and start making a trippy outer space painting.

Here is one tutorial for the same that you’ll love to follow.

Also, you’ll learn a lot throughout this painting journey as it involves multiple areas where you might be polishing your skills (such as drawing planets and stars).

However, drawing the background as outer space should be easy, and beginners should find this easy.

11. A Trippy Mural

Want to take your painting art to the next level?

Then how about a trippy mural?

If you find yourself skilled enough to bring your skills to the big picture, you can take this idea as an inspiration to make a trippy mural.

In this idea, the trippy mural is a landscape of mushrooms with various colors, while the color scheme follows a rainbow pattern.

And once it is painted and completed, it is one of the coolest-looking murals we have seen.

For inspiration, have a look at this trippy mural that you’ll love for sure.

10. Drawing A Stoned Weed Leaf

What happens when a weed leaf gets too high on its own supply – a stoned leaf!

A unique idea to showcase your painting skills and yet make your trippy painting skills stand out by practicing this easy trippy painting idea.

One of the easiest and quickest to practice, this painting idea is something that almost every beginner painter must try.

Also, here’s the tutorial of the idea that you can follow along or take inspiration to start with your concept.

9. Draw A Mushroom

Those who love trippy paintings might love this idea.

To start with a simple yet impressive and dope trippy painting, you can learn how to draw mushrooms and involve texts to make the psychedelic art impactful.

With the tutorial below, you can learn quickly and start with your trippy painting ideas to come out on the canvas.

8. Bob Ross Gray Mountain

Painting is an art; to master it, one must practice well.

And to possess skill and practice, Bob Ross Gray Mountain is one of the best ways to get started.

The idea is to draw a beautiful landscape with colorful appearances like mountains, trees, a lake, and more.

Even though the painting itself may not be that trippy, it will surely help you achieve something in your painting journey.

It is a must-try art for beginners and those looking for easy painting ideas.

7. Trippy Bart Simpson

This idea is for the Simpsons lovers.

And if you love Simpsons, you will also love the painting idea.

The idea is to draw Bart drinking a slushie and tripping out in outer space, one of the coolest ideas one can draw.

To practice, you can also follow the tutorial here.

Drawing the background of outer space must be an easy task. However, even the foreground image of Bart and drink in his hands can be drawn with step-by-step following.

6. Doodling Trippy Art

If you want to draw something random and beautiful, trippy doodles are one of the ways by which you can start your journey.

This trippy painting idea is also for the ones who are into doodles and want to try something unique.

Here is the required tutorial, which will help you learn this skill.

The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to go for a specific design. Instead, you can easily carve random thoughts on the canvas.

5. Painting SpongeBob

Are you a fan of SpongeBob?

Just make this idea happen today!

Drawing SpongeBob is one of the fan-favorite choices a tripping painter loves to draw.

The idea behind it is to draw a trippy landscape, and if you need a character to put in the foreground, you can easily make it with SpongeBob.

Just like Simpson, SpongeBob is another popular character one can make on canvas.

You can draw a sky-high stoner, SpongeBob, which you can draw with your creative and artistic freedom.

4. A Trippy Planet

Do you know how a trippy planet looks alike?

Carve that on your canvas with your imagination and creative thoughts.

But to make it simple and easy, the idea is to draw a simple planet with a trippy checkered background.

The best part is that it is easy to follow for beginners and doesn’t take much time while giving a fantastic trippy look.

Here’s the tutorial to follow and practice.

3. Painting Trippy Flowers

This is one of my favorites.

It is a colorful idea with a simple yet attractive design you can create on your canvas.

The idea is to create a stoned flower with faces. You can use multiple colors and your creative thoughts to create something epic.

You can even introduce characters if you want, but where you want to take your art is totally upon you.

2. Geometric Shapes

It is one of the favorite parts of acrylic trippy painting ideas.

You can take your creative freedom to the next level by combining various shapes by overlapping, merging, and making a new shape or form as you wish.

Take it to the next level when you put the colors in.

It is best for beginners and is an easy-to-follow idea that you can pick and start your trippy painting journey.

1. Trippy Drawing Of Rock Poster

It is one of the classy trippy painting ideas that one can follow.

Especially enjoyed by fans of rock concerts, rock posters are occasionally loved when you implement the trippy idea in them.

To express your love for the band, you can make a trippy drawing of a rock poster, bold, classic, and a favorite for many.

FAQs About Trippy Painting Ideas

How do you make a painting look trippy?

There is no particular style, but you can surely learn this skill with online tutorials or classes.

You can start with a black background. Then, you can begin with strikingly focused points with your favorite trippy colors, shapes and subjects.

What is the trippy art technique?

You can use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paints, neon acrylic paints, and more options to make your paintings trippy.

For more inspiration, you can opt for trippy painting ideas.

How do you draw a trippy style?

To draw a trippy style, you can have the specific supplies for drawing it.

And once you have that, you can easily make trippy paintings by taking inspiration from various ideas shared above.

Moreover, you can also read about psychedelic art for more info.


Let your mind dive into the easy, trippy painting ideas that unleash your creative energy and let yourself immerse in the world of vivid colors, take out your ideas, and carve them onto canvas.

Embrace the weird the wild, and explore with a journey of visuals with trippy painting ideas.

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