How Much Is 6 G of Weed?

Are you wondering how much is 6g of weed?


Do you want to know how much different quantity of weed or cannabis costs you?

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I know the ‘weighing lingo’ is tricky in the weed community. Especially for a newbie.

Therefore, whether you are a budding cannabis enthusiast looking to buy weed for personal use or a pro-smoker wanting to understand, here is all you need to know about weed measurement.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Weed Measurements Guide: Marijuana Quantities, Weights & Prices


After the legalization of weed in several U.S. states, you can possess marijuana up to a certain amount under the law.

However, when you buy from a legalized dispensary, there are different terms for marijuana quantities, such as “five-gram eights.”

Therefore, it becomes confusing to understand.

But, no more amateur-ness now.

Let’s understand every popular weighing measurement in the marijuana world.

Marijuana Quantities

Do you know one of the strange parts about weighing cannabis?

It begins with the metric system – measuring with grams – and then switches to the avoirdupois system (ounces and pounds).

But as marijuana possession in the U.S. is capped to a certain amount; therefore, we’ll be exploring all the terms used.

That means, in most cases, you will be dealing with very little quantity of cannabis, such as grams.

However, from grams to ounces, there are various terms when weighing weed (we’ll explore all of them in a bit).

And ultimately, we’ll also find out exactly how much 6 g of weed.

But right now, here are all the popular quantities that one should be aware of:

One Gram

One gram is the very smallest unit or quantity of any substance.

Visual Representation Of Different Quantity Of Weed

Therefore, in the case of cannabis, one gram is the smallest amount of weed one can purchase.

It’s enough for at least one joint or two half-gram joints. However, it will be suitable for solo smokers only.

For pro-smokers, one gram of weed is hardly enough for one joint. They might need more of it to make more joints.

How Much Does One Gram Of Weed Costs?

Now, coming to the price, there are multiple factors before we conclude the cost of a specific quantity.

So, let’s discuss that before:

Pricing Of Weed

There are two main factors to know the cost of weed for a specific quantity,

  • The location from where you are purchasing weed
  • Quality of weed

Location matters the most when you are buying marijuana.

Even though the quality is your choice, depending upon the location from where you are buying, the weed price may go heavily up and down.

However, there are multiple options to buy weed online as well.

However, when buying marijuana from legal shops or dispensaries, price variations might vary according to location.

One of the important factors is the quality of marijuana while deciding price of it.  

For premium quality, you might also have to pay the premium charges.

However, we always recommend buying weed of premium and assured quality only.

It is recommended, especially when buying cannabis-derived products such as extracts, oil, and other things related to the marijuana use.

One Gram Weed Cost

As mentioned earlier, the price for weed varies according to the location and quality you are buying.

However, an estimated price for one gram of marijuana is from $5 to $20.

Again, remember that if you go for top-shelf weed or premium cannabis products, the price per gram of weed may increase or decrease accordingly.

One Eighth

Another one of the most common weed measurements weighing term – one eighth, also known as an eighth of an ounce, is 3.5 grams.

Here is how it is calculated:

  • An ounce is 28.3495
  • One-eighth of an ounce = 28/8 = 3.5 grams.

Also, it typically is one of the standard quantities of marijuana that people usually possess.

It can provide around 3 to 6 joints out of an eighth.

However, the quantity of joints out of an eighth of weed also depends on how fat you want your joints to be.

How Much Is One-Eighth Of Weed?

For premium marijuana quality, one-eighth of weed can go up to $65.

But the initial price for one-eighth of weed starts anywhere around $20.

However, it is also true that buying one-eighth or larger quantity from a dispensary makes the purchase more cost-effective.

Therefore, the estimated price range for one-eighth of weed is $20 to $65.

Sometimes, it may even go up to $100 if you choose the most premium quality of weed.

Quarter Ounce

The next weighing term is a quarter ounce.

Of course, it is a step up from an eighth of an ounce.

In short, it may also be called “quad” or “quarter.”

For quantity, the quarter ounce is 7 grams of cannabis.

It is enough for an average stoner to have around 5 to 8 joints. Of course, you can easily make the number of joints up or down depending upon the use of weed per joint roll.

Moreover, this amount of weed is enough for a short trip, party, and event because it can easily make you enjoy multiple sessions.

How Much Is Quarter Ounce Of Weed?

A quarter of an ounce of weed costs anywhere between $60 to $100.

You can pick the quality of marijuana as per your choice; thus, the price may increase or decrease depending upon the chosen quality.

For an average AAAA+ quality weed, you might have to pay around $100 as such quality marijuana tends to be more potent and delicious.

That is why AAAA-grade cannabis comes under the premium quality for cannabis consumers.

Half Ounce

This weed-weighing term might be easily guessable.

The half an ounce, “half” or “half-O,” is 14 grams of weed.

You can take up to 28 weed joints out of half an ounce.

As this quantity is higher, you can quickly get good deals on many dispensaries or legal shops.

How Much Does Half An Ounce Weed Cost?

As the quantity is higher, the price of half-ounce weed goes up to $150.

Expect the price to go even higher for more premium quality weed.

But you can even save money and get affordable prices through discounts or offers through the shop or online stores.


A full ounce or an ounce of cannabis is the largest quantity that you can purchase at a time in most legal states.

Twenty-eight grams of weed is enough for rolling blunts or joints to smoke and enjoy.

Moreover, an ounce of weed is more than enough for solo smokers who always go for one session a day or two.

How Much Is An Ounce (28g) Of Weed?

You may be dealing with around $350 or more for such a high quantity.

However, the starting price for 28g of weed is around $150, which is reasonably expected.

But depending upon the quality and age of the weed, expect the price to go much higher than the mentioned limit.

The good part is for such a high quantity, you can ask for a discount or even most dispensaries or legal shops offer a good deal while purchasing in a large amount.

How Much Is 6 G Of Weed?

As you already know about the pricing of different quantities of weed, it will now be much easier for you to understand how much is 6 g of weed.

Depending upon the location from where you are buying and the quality of marijuana, the price may go up or down.

But in most cases, the price increases as you choose the high-quality weed and more quantity.

However, the estimated price for 6 g of weed may be around $50 to $120.

However, possessing such a quantity of weed is impossible in most states.

As said earlier, the legalized states have capped and put regulations for how much weed an individual can possess.

Therefore, you must go through your local laws and regulations to know how much weed you can possess to avoid legal trouble.

Once you are aware of the laws around weed, you can make a decision accordingly.

Moreover, if you are legally allowed to purchase weed but can’t find any stores offline in your area, then you can get help from online delivery services, shops or online weed shops.

What Slang Terms Are Used For Grams?

Many jargon and slang terms are used in the weed community.

You may get easily puzzled when you are new to the weed slang terms.

But when you are about to purchase weed, there are specific terms that you should be aware of.

For example, a dime bag.  

What Is A Dime Bag?

A dime bag is one gram of cannabis.

Different Quantity Of Joints Depending Upon Quantity Of Weed

However, “dime bag” is a nickname for a gram of marijuana.

When you hear ‘a dime bag’ in a conversation or around the shop, they talk about one gram of weed.

Therefore, a dime bag is the smallest quantity of cannabis that one can purchase at a time.

Now you know that whenever you find yourself around cannabis purchase in not a legal setting, you already know that people mean different things when they say dime bag.

However, you also have to understand that it is just a regional thing; therefore, different areas of the country have their own terms. Still, many use this term for the smallest amount of marijuana available.

How Much Is A Dime Bag?

As per the quality and location, a dime bag or a single gram of weed may cost around $5 to up to $20 or more.

As said earlier, the market rate of cannabis is subject to frequent change, and therefore, how much the cost will be for a dime bag will depend on many factors, including location and quality.

How Much Weed Is A Gram Of Weed?

Till now, it should already have been cleared to you about how much weight one gram of weed is.

For visual representation, here is the reference image for one gram of marijuana.

Visual Representation For 0.5G, 1G, 3.5G, and 7G of Marijuana

However, if you are curious about how many grams of joints you can extract from one gram of weed, it may be one or two.

Dub Of Bud

Another popular term many may not know is the dub of bud.

Even many stoners may think that the dub of bud or dime bags may be more or less the same or interchangeable.

However, there are some differences between these two.

It is because a dub sack is traditionally two grams of weed.

This is the usual standard in most regions out there. However, you may find varying quantities depending on where you are.

How Much Grams Of Weed In A Dub?

The initial price of a dub may start around $20 per bag of marijuana (of 2g).

However, as said earlier, depending upon the quantity of weed and the market value of cannabis, the price of dub may vary.

Therefore, the price may go up to $30 in different regions or even higher per the quality and quantity of dub you are dealing with.

Even taxes on recreational cannabis also affect the price of marijuana in different regions.

What Does A Dub Look Like?

A dub looks quite similar to the one gram of weed or dime bag.

As it is not an enormous quantity of marijuana, it may be roughly the size of two large nuggets of the cannabis flower.

Therefore, it should be enough for five or six joints easily.

How Many Ounces And Grams Are In A Quarter Pound/QP?

Now, we are talking about larger quantities.

But in practical scenarios, you will be dealing with the lower quantities most of the time.

Thanks to legalities that have capped the marijuana quantity possession.

A quarter of a pound is equal to four ounces.

Therefore, there are 96 grams in one-quarter pound.

With such an enormous amount of weed, one can easily have 200+ joints, sufficient for months of sessions.

Price Of QP (Quarter Pound)

As it is not common or easy to find a retail option for a quarter pound, the price may depend on several factors.

The estimated cost for QP is around $800, but expect it to go higher at around $1000, mainly in the non-legal states.

First Time In A Dispensary: What To Expect

If you are buying marijuana, then probably you might either be:

  • Buying for medicinal purposes
  • Or for recreational purposes

However, after the legalization of cannabis in several U.S. states, many legal dispensaries opened in various regions.

Therefore, to purchase marijuana legally, you might have to visit the nearest marijuana dispensary.

But, there are many things to consider while purchasing weed from a dispensary.

It is why if you are visiting a marijuana dispensary for the first time, here are certain things that you should take care of:

Bring Your Medical Card Or ID Proof (If Applicable).

However, if the state in which you are residing allows legal recreational cannabis, then you may not need to bring a medical card to a marijuana dispensary.

On the other hand, if you are in a state with the legalization of only medical cannabis, you will not be allowed to enter the dispensary without your medical card.

Moreover, one may also need to show their ID, such as a driver’s license. Without a valid ID, buying weed may not be possible.

Purchasing Limit

You should be aware of the local laws and regulations for buying the amount of cannabis.

The quantity of weed one can purchase may vary depending on the local regulations around cannabis.

Therefore, when planning to visit a legal cannabis dispensary, do your homework and know the purchasing limit for a smooth process.

So, these two things are essential factors you must consider while planning to buy marijuana from a legalized weed dispensary.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of Weed

Here are some frequently asked doubts revolving around the cost of marijuana.

How much is 7 grams of weed in dollars?

Usually, 7 grams of weed in dollars cost $70 to $100.

However, the price may vary depending on where you reside in the region and the quality of weed that you are purchasing.

How much does one gram of weed cost in Colorado and California?

The price of a gram of weed in Colorado and California revolves around $10 to $20.

As there have been huge taxes on marijuana purchase and sale, one can expect high prices and varying rates depending upon the quality of weed.

Is 7 grams of weed an ounce?

No, an ounce is equal to 28 grams. Whereas seven grams in an ounce of weed is called “quarter-ounce.”

28/4 = 7 (Quarter ounce).

What is 7 grams of weed call?

Most cannabis consumers call 7 grams of cannabis an quarter ounce.

And if you are wondering how many joints can you make from 7 grams is around 10 to 15 joints depending upon how much weed you stuff accordingly.

Verdict: How Much Is 6 G Of Weed?

Now you know the popular terms, slang, and weighing lingo revolving around weed.

Also, we have discussed the price of different quantities of marijuana, such as for a dime bag, dub sack, quarter, one ounce can, half an ounce, etc.

You also know that 6 g of weed can cost anywhere between $50 to $110.

As the price of weed depends on several other factors, such as quantity, quality, and location, the cost of weed varies heavily.

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