Fake Moon Rock Weed? This Is How To Identify!

Fake moon rock weed can ruin your whole mood.

Especially when you have invested a good amount of money in it.

Therefore, it is a must for you to know what exactly moon rock weed is and how to identify the fake one.

Well, worry not! We are here to help.

Today, let’s dive deep into the potent weed world and discover what fake moon rock weed is and how to prevent it.

Let’s get started.

What Are Moon Rocks?


Every marijuana smoker who has once started smoking weed chases more potency.

And a ‘moon rock’ weed is more than averagely potent marijuana, which gives immense hits.

Therefore, a moon rock weed is a highly potent marijuana.

However, this is of course, only the terminology that is used for a potent marijuana, but where this term comes from is still not clear.

The conventional method for making moon rock weed is to take tiny buds of the marijuana plant and dip them in hash oil or THC concentrate.

After dipping, roll the dipped buds into kief or THC crystals.

And finally, you’ll have one of the most potent marijuana ready known as ‘moon rock weed.’

The essential steps in making moon rock marijuana are to dip it in hash oil and then roll it in kief.

How Much Strong Moon Rock Marijuana Is?

Now you know what moon rock weed is and how it is traditionally made.

Then you might be curious to know precisely how potent or strong moon rocks weed is.

Even though we’ve already given a hint (more than averagely potent), here is more spotlight on the potency of moon rock weed.

It is expected that moon rock weed may contain THC, around 50%, which is very strong compared to an average bud.

An average marijuana bud contains nearly 15% to 20% THC (up to 30% in some cases).

Therefore, making moonrocks gives you nearly two to three times stronger marijuana than the average weed bud.

How To Tell If Moon Rock Is Real Or Fake?

To get a moon rock, marijuana requires a decently higher investment apart from a high tolerance level.

However, due to demand, sellers are even scamming by giving fake moon rocks to users in the name of real ones.

Therefore, it becomes essential for a marijuana enthusiast to understand and know how to identify fake moon rock weed.

So, here are some of the tips that can build you up for the same:

They Don’t Smell Strongly

A potent marijuana-like moon rock gives a strong odor (you can even get the smell of weed at far by just opening the bag of weed).

Thanks to the high-quality marijuana by which moon rock weed is made. You get an intense aroma, taste and flavor with it.

Therefore, you should be able to smell them through the container bag. Even by just touching and smelling them, your fingers may have an odor.

Hence, it is a clear sign that a strong scent is necessary for an actual moon rock weed.

On the other hand, if your moon rock does not have a strong aroma, it might be a fake moon rock weed.

However, it is also possible that even though your marijuana might have a weak smell, it still not be the fake moon rock weed.

It is because of the possibility that it may not be made with high-quality cannabis and derivatives.

They Are Dry When Pulled Apart

Want to know if you have fake moon rock weed?

Here is another method:

A high-quality moon rock weed consists of sticky ingredients.

Therefore, when you try to pull the weed apart, you find highly sticky stuff (hash oil) that connects the various parts of moon rocks.

Therefore, a high-quality moon rock weed becomes highly sticky when pulling it apart.

However, when you don’t have a natural or low-quality moon rock weed, you may find the marijuana extremely dry.

It is why to check whether you have the right quality of moon rock weed; pulling them apart and checking for dryness is one of the ways.

Not Having Much Info

When you are buying moon, rock marijuana from a retail store or a shopkeeper, note that one of the primary hints that you may get for fake moon rock weed is not getting enough details about the weed.

Let me explain:

If the dispensary retailer or seller is quite vague about moon rock weed and does not provide enough information about the marijuana, such as the oil it is dipped in or the kief, it is rolled in. Then you can probably assume it’s not the actual stuff you are getting.

However, it is an observation method that may be inaccurate sometimes. Therefore, it completely depends upon how you interpret the information.

Stickiness Outside

As explained earlier in the moon rock-making process, a high-quality moon rock marijuana is first dipped in the concentrate or oil and then rolled in kief.

Therefore, a good moon rock weed is rolled in the kief until you can touch and feel the dryness.

That means a good moon rock weed is not sticky.

However, if your moon rock marijuana is sticky outside, it may be of cheap quality or not put enough kief on the outside, making it sticky on touching.

Outer Layer Checking

Another common way to find if a weed is fake moon rock or real is by checking the outer layer.

Even by observing only, you should be able to identify whether the marijuana is rolled through kief or ground-up weed.

Kief is much smoother, powdery, and shiny; however, regular marijuana is not like that.

Therefore, you can identify whether the moon rock weed is covered with real kief or with another powdery cannabis.

Less Potent High

An obvious reason for telling fake moon rock weed is through the high that it induces.

Generally, a good moon rock weed produces an intense high.

Therefore, if you are having fun with a fake one, the high induced by it will be much weaker.

Even if you are smoking moon rocks, you might already have experience with how much that should induce a high.

It is why, for experienced smokers, it is easier to identify between real and fake moon rock weed.

However, even a beginner can also identify with the right approach.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are a highly potent weed.

Therefore, you should always smoke it by trying to break it as little as possible.

That means you shouldn’t break moon rock weed in the grinder to lose the good stuff (as you already know how moon rock is made through different processes).

Instead, you can pack moon rocks lightly in a bowl or bong by shaving off small pieces with a razor or manicure scissors.

You also have to be very careful not to pack the bowl too tight, as the excess oil will likely be running down your piece.

Lastly, don’t forget to stay within your tolerance limit and always start slow with moon rocks.

Even experienced smokers have claimed that moon rocks are too powerful and start slow with one puff.

You may also want to enjoy the smoke session with every inhale and exhale. Notice how the flavor differs between inhale and exhale, and watch how pleasurable sensations it produces.

Spotting Moon Rock Imposters

As I’ve already described how the real moon rock weed is made, it should be pretty easy for you to spot moon rock imposters.

From having budtender quite vague about the details of moon rocks to finding out if enough kief is there on the outer layer, stickiness, etc., are the techniques by which one can quickly identify if the moon rocks weed is real or fake.

Fake moon rocks are not worth any price.

Even right now, there has also been the inception of synthetic marijuana made of chemicals and dangerous drugs. Stay away from such fake products intended to make you fool by the manufacturers.

Therefore, one should always do homework to know about the natural moon rock weed before purchasing one.

FAQs About Fake Moon Rock Weed

What does weed look like, Moonrock?

Authentic or accurate moon rock weed is made by dipping or spraying the nuggets into concentrate or hash oil, maybe of the same strain, and then rolling the dipped flower into kief.

The accurate moon rock weed has a strong aroma, which is also one of the ways by which you can identify between real moon rocks and fake moon rock weed.

Usually, moon rock weed is made with the Girl Scout Cookies weed strain, but it can also vary.

How good is Moonrock weed?

Moonrock weed is extremely potent marijuana that, upon smoking, produces an intense high. Therefore, even experienced smokers recommend starting slow with the moonrock weed.

Will moon rocks get me high?

It is said that moonrock weed contains THC anywhere up to 50%, making it one of the most highly potent cannabis for human consumption.

Therefore, you can quickly get an intense high with it.

Verdict: Fake Vs. Real Moon Rock Weed

Hopefully, you are more aware of fake and real moon rock weed.

You can quickly identify genuine and fake moon rock weed buds with the abovementioned methods.

Smoking moon rock marijuana is a luxury which also is slightly expensive. Therefore, one should always know how to identify a fake moon rock weed to get the original one.

It is as important as staying away from synthetic marijuana products.

However, now, you are better ready to go for moon rock weed but remember to start slow and enjoy by staying under your tolerance limits.

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