Does Taking A Shower Take Away Your High? This Is What Stoners Say!

Are you wondering if taking a shower takes away your high?

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Whether taking a shower takes away your high or puts you in a deep tripping mode, we’ll figure out everything today.

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What Happens If You Take A Shower While You Are High?


We’ll talk about assumptions first.

Many stoners believe showering while high removes the THC from the sweat through hot water.

On the other hand, many people also believe that taking a cold shower puts you back into reality.

However, there is no scientific evidence, research or proof for these claims yet.

So, one cannot say whether you will be sober or feel better during a shower when you are high.

But there is one thing for sure – you will be high after taking weed!

And that means you are already on a trip, which may make you feel better or not better during a shower.

However, we’ll be considering the opinions and personal experiences of various stoners and what they felt during a shower while being high.

Does Taking a Shower Take Away Your High?

Taking a cold shower while being stoned makes the high fade away.

This is just what some stoners have to say on the internet.

They even believe they easily get stoned in the morning and take a cold shower to return to reality and go to the office sober.

However, on the other hand, some stoners have shared their experience of feeling ‘good’ while stoned in the shower.

Cold Shower vs. a Warm Shower While Stoned

Different marijuana users have shared their various experiences with the cold and warm showers.

Let’s have a quick overview:

Cold Shower

Some marijuana smokers have shared that they take a cold shower when they get ‘too high’ on weed.

Taking a cold shower can help take away their anxiety when they are high.

The cold and showering helps can make them get back into reality and ready to be involved in other activities rather than couch-locked.

However, as said before, these experiences are personal; therefore, one cannot make assumptions about themselves to feel the same.

Warm Shower

Some people like very much taking a warm shower while being high.

They have shared that they feel like being transported into another world where they feel like they are under the natural waterfall.

The experience is so good of taking a warm shower that they couldn’t keep track of time during shower.

Some people feel calmer and less stressed in a warm shower while stoned.

However, some people feel uncomfortable with hot showers and don’t like doing it while high.

Cold Or Hot Shower: Which is Better After Smoking?

As you know about different experiences with hot and cold showers, you might wonder which one is better after smoking.

Well, the answer is it depends.

It entirely depends on the person to person and other factors as well.

As said earlier, one can feel more trippy with a warm shower while being stoned, while others may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Similarly, it applies to the cold shower while being high as well.

Therefore, there is no clear answer to which one is better after smoking – cold or hot shower.

It depends on the individual and their preferences and many other factors.

How Does Showering Affect The Mind After Smoking Weed?

Taking a shower after smoking weed may make you feel good or bad.

There is no specific effect that one might be feeling for sure.

Also, there is no proven research yet about the feeling of showering after smoking weed.

However, some stoners report that taking a shower of cold water after smoking weed makes them sober quickly.

The cold water reduces some of the stoners’ excess stress and anxiety.

Some have reported spending slightly more time in the shower as they enjoyed it.

However, some have felt good with the warm water shower.

Therefore, it’s totally up to the individual, and many factors affect the feeling associated with taking a shower while high.

Additionally, if you are looking to kill your high to indulge in other activities quickly,

Common Effective Techniques To Kill Your High Quickly

Even though taking a shower may or may not kill your high, you can try some effective methods to feel better and less anxious from the intense high of marijuana.

Even though you cannot instantly wipe away the induced high through weed, you can try several methods to get relaxing effects and help you feel better.

Some of the effective methods that stoners share are:

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the best and relaxing ways to make you feel better and relaxed, especially when you are anxious after smoking weed.

A good breathing and meditation method can help you relieve the symptoms of being too high.

There are many ways through which you can meditate or do breathing exercises and relax yourself a bit.

It is one of the effective ways by which you can calm yourself down when you are feeling too high from smoking weed.

Eating Lemons

When you have ingested marijuana edibles, ensure not to eat anything sweet afterward.

Even if you are eager to munch on snacks, control yourself and prevent eating sweet snacks.

You might want to chew some lemons or black pepper to better yourself from an intense weed high.

Many stoners report that eating lemons can reduce the high slightly.

Therefore, if you are experiencing too much of the psychoactive effects of cannabis or marijuana, then lemons in your house can help a bit.

Moreover, a glass of water can also have calming effect and help you relax more.

Water itself doesn’t have anything that will make you less high. Instead, it is to help you feel more comfortable and calm down when you are too high.


I understand that if you are anxious or in panic mode, it becomes hard to sleep.

But if you are not in that situation yet, consider taking a quick nap.

Even if you are already high, sleeping shouldn’t be an issue; therefore, you can easily fall asleep and wake up fresh afterward.

What About Showering After Edibles?

Like smoking weed, edibles are also the same when showering after edibles.

However, some stoners have reported that a hot shower can help increase the metabolic rate and thus digest the edibles quickly.

This will result in the absorption of THC faster, resulting in a quick high.

Therefore, if you are finding it hard for the edible to kick in, a hot shower may help.

But as I mentioned earlier, no scientific proof or research can claim for the same.

Hence, the feeling induced by a hot or cold shower after edibles may differ for each individual.

What Does Science Say About Taking a Shower After Marijuana Use?

No scientific research claims any effects of showering after marijuana use.

It doesn’t matter whether you have smoked weed or taken edibles. You are more likely to feel the high for the upcoming few hours.

However, if you feel the high induced by weed is too much for you, you can surely follow various methods to relax.

As mentioned in the above section, there are multiple ways by which you can relax to calm down from an intense high.

These are:

  • Breathing exercises
  • A cold glass of water
  • Having a snack to distract yourself (not sweet snacks)
  • Watching your favorite TV shows
  • Going for a walk (if you can)

These methods will help you calm yourself if you are too high on weed.

However, if the effects are intense or severe even after some time, then you may want to consider going to a doctor.


What are ways that you can come down from a high?

If you are looking to come down from a high, you might probably feel anxious or uncomfortable in that situation.

Therefore, you can take the help of several techniques like deep breathing exercises, drinking a glass of water, chewing lemons, etc.

Even though you might be wondering does a shower kill high but we recommend to try the effective methods and prevent to consume cannabis (more) as well to come down from an intense high.

Why do showers sober you up?

Well, showers don’t sober you up—also, no scientific research or proof yet claims to sober you up from a weed high.

How do I feel when high?

The feeling of high is a very subjective and personal experience that every individual feels differently.

However, most people who have been through the feeling of being high claim that they feel a sense of euphoria and relaxation.

Will smoking in the bathroom smell?

Yes, smoking in the bathroom will produce odor for sure. However, you can use an exhaust fan to vent the smoke.

Does taking a shower clear your mind?

It depends from person to person. For some people, taking a shower works like therapy. It clears their mind and provides a deep relaxation.

However, it might be a small part of some people’s daily morning routine.


Now you finally know that taking a shower after smoking marijuana may or may not take away the high.

It all varies from person to person.

Therefore, some stoners taking a hot or cold shower may increase or decrease their trip feeling.

On the other hand, some may feel nothing at all.

Hence, in the end, it all comes down to an individual’s feelings, as there is no scientific research or proof for claiming how one might feel after taking a shower high with weed.

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