TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review in 2023

Hey buddies, I have brought TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review for you. Today more individuals are beginning to take up cultivating yet not every person has a garden or nursery to raise their plants in nor is there in every case enough daylight consistently.

Numerous individuals in urban territories have taken to utilizing LED grow lights to raise their plants in their storm cellar or windowsill. It is high in fashion.

The TaoTronics TT-GL20 LED Grow Light is a standout amongst the most well known grow lights as it gives extraordinary outcomes for such a low cost. Numerous clients have effectively grown vegetables and herbs with this light in spite of the season. But what else it can do, let us know!

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review in 2023

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review
TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review : The first glance

It is a small, attractive looking bulb, which you can bring home at a pocket-friendly price. You must not underestimate the capabilities of TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light just because of its small size. It is small but highly capable.

However, you are not going to get any sort of extra accessories with this one, but that is acceptable, as there is actually no need to any accessories. just plug it, and it will start functioning. Let us describe TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light with the help of numbers, as that is going to help out in getting familiar with the capabilities.


Product Dimensions 5.9 x 5 x 5 inches
Item Weight 8.5 ounces
Replacing capabilities 30 Watt HPS
Vegetative Coverage 2.5-9.9 square feet
Flowering Coverage Depends upon height.
Avg. Power Draw 9W
LED chips quality 12 LEDs/1w
LEDs Angle 30 degree
Input Voltage AC 85-264v
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Warranty period 12 months + 6 months extended after registration
Money back guarantee period 30 days


Now it is the time to expose the capabilities of TaoTronics 12w LED. As you know, this one is entirely different, so you need to properly read the features portion really very well. Here you could know that is this light going to help you out in implementing your plans, or you need some other light instead of this one.


While a large portion of the LEDs the company highlights are full range, the TaoTronics 12w LED does not include Infrared nor UV beams. It won’t take your plant from seed to reap, yet it creates all the vital light waves to encourage your seedling or clone begin off solid.

For constrained range lighting, it’s vital to think about the red:blue proportion. An infant plant needs 2-3 times the red range lights as blue ones, which is flawless since this present light’s apportion is 3:1.

A full range light is extraordinary on the grounds that it covers any sort of light your plant may need. For this situation, in any case, we likewise need to ensure that the lights are the right wavelengths to encourage plant development.

Fortunately, this one gives us precisely what we require: blue lights at 400-470 nm and red lights at 610-720. These details are ideal for photosynthesis.

Par output:

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light PAR output
TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light PAR output

One of the drawbacks to this light is TaoTronics doesn’t give the PAR Output. Standard is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to gauge how much usable light your plant is getting, so it’s sort of baffling that the company doesn’t supply the data.

Fortunately, PAR can be dictated by a straightforward numerical condition, which one Amazon analyst advantageously did! They found that, at 24 inches over the plant, the inside PAR for this light is 150 and at 16 inches, that number bounces to 310. A baby plant needs a lower PAR, more often than not somewhere in the range of 200 and 400.

In view of the data here, we prescribe beginning your plant around 20 creeps from this light. As it increases, the plant will draw nearer to the light, and the PAR output will increase accordingly.

The Warranty

You consequently get a one-year guarantee when you purchase a TaoTronics LED grow light. On the off chance that you complete one additional progression of enlisting your knob with the company, you get a service contract for an additional a half year.

That implies if your chips quit working inside that 18-month time span, as long as you don’t do anything outside of the standard with it, you’ll have the capacity to get a substitution for nothing if your globule is ever ended up being imperfect.

TaoTronics guarantees around 50,000 hours from every one of its LED grow lights. That is almost six years of light. That implies that in the event that you fueled on your globules for 10 hours out of each day, consistently, you could do as such for around 13 years or somewhere in the vicinity. That is a fantastic life expectancy, and that is all on account of LEDs.

What were the results?

I tried out to grow five different varieties of plants under this bulb, and I will be honest, four results were brilliant, while the fifth result didn’t satisfy me. I am an expert, and I know where well at which height to hang or place the bulb to get the best results.

But for those, who are not that familiar with the process, I wanted to clear that if you do much of experimenting regarding the hanging height, you are definitely don’t going to get a good yield. So, keep the distance between your plants and the light as per the recommendations of the company. You can see the yield pics up there.

You can check the pics HERE

Hey Amazon, what do you say about TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light?

There are abundant reviews of this item on Amazon. The number is 450+. 4+ stars it received there, out of five. Now, a large number of cultivators are happy, but complainers are no less. 9% have given it just one star. Some users said that this bulb doesn’t emit those color of lights, as per advertised by the makers.

There were malfunctioning cases. There were such buyers also, which were extremely disappointing with the warranty service response. The other issues were raised by the users, which all were expecting more from this bulb. Still, I would say, something, which is that cheap and does this much job deserves a bit better ratings.

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light reviews : Cons

Now I will repeat, do not expect much from this light, it performs staying inside some boundaries. Now here, I am going to mention only those things under the “cons” which are actually legit and need to be improved.

The bulb emits a bit more white light, and I feel that if in place of that it emitted more pink light, then it would have brought more positive changes to the yield. The other thing is durability. The company says it is going to live for 50,000 hours, but when we checked the hardware of it in my lab, I really don’t think that it can serve you more than five years, or hardly six years.

Besides that, I wish the chances of manufacturing defect were less. However, I read a lot of people explaining that their bulb got replaced, but still you see, inconvenience is there for sure.

  • Low price.
  • Good distribution of lights.
  • Good PAR value.
  • Powerful and energy saving.
  • 18 months warranty.
  • A bit less durable.
  • More white light than pink light.
  • Manufacturing defects percent is a bit high.

TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light Review : The final verdict

With everything taken into account, we cherish what the TaoTronics 12w LED does! It won’t be a light that you use for huge raises or different plants, yet it is incredible for the single-seed novice.

It gives mind-boggling adaptability to new growers who aren’t sure where to put their grow space. It’s additionally ideal for cultivators who need to keep their seedling adjacent amid an initial couple of weeks.

The minimal effort and low warmth make it an incredible choice for storage room cultivators, and its little size makes it amazing for modest growing spaces. I recommend you to buy TaoTronics 12w LED Grow Light.

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