Top 10 Best Strains For Edibles in 2023

Want to try something new about cannabis strains! Try making marijuana edibles. It is just an exceptional next level of enjoying marijuana. Well, to make incredible, you need super awesome ingredients. Therefore, 420expertadviser has brought super unique best strains for edibles.

Read the article to find out your’s favorite.

The world of cannabis is reviving continuously. As the craze for marijuana is exponentially increasing since its legalization, the methods to enjoy the high. One of them is cannabis-infused edibles.

These may include cakes, muffins, cookies, Italian pasta, candies, etc. People are pouring love over these delicious snacks. And if you are one baking lover or a cooking enthusiast who wants to make the best of the edibles, then read carefully.

We have many more exciting things for you. Well, my favorite strain for edibles is Granddaddy Purple. I found it best for making edibles. I bought it from ILGM seed bank.

Ahead of revealing the best weed edibles, let us know everything about these cannabis edibles, their advantages, and disadvantages…

Cannabis Edibles: For your mouthwatering High


How to get a high from the lip-smacking edibles? Those who don’t want to indulge in smoking or vaping marijuana can easily enjoy the tasty treats from marijuana.

What about making homemade edibles? Exciting! Yes, Of course.

But remember that it could turn into a disaster without getting the suitable strains for edibles. So get knowledge, and then relish the high of the yummiest edibles.

Firstly, let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis edibles.

Advantages Of the Edibles:

Who doesn’t want to have a delicious high? Of course, tasty food is everyone’s weakness. And when you are getting ‘high’ effects from your cookies, beverages, cakes, pasta, and many more, What else can you ask for as a stoner?

The love for cannabis edibles is roaring with the latest trends. Our observation and research made us find the following advantages.

  • Edibles are a delicious way to take in marijuana. Thus people love it this way.
  • There are several varieties of edibles you can make beverages, cookies, cakes, and many more things that are so overwhelming.
  • The main advantage is that edibles are accessible to the lungs.
  • If you want long-lasting effects, then you prefer edibles.
  • Also, eating or having marijuana in front of everyone in the form of tasty treats is more comfortable rather than smoking or vaping is a private affair.

Disadvantages of Edibles:

As everything has its fair share of cons in this world, so do the cannabis strains.

  • Snoop Dogg once stated,” There isn’t no off button.” That’s pretty accurate. The taste is a predominant factor when we have cannabis strains in edible form. Sometimes we end up hogging which results in bearing adverse effects.
  • We do not get the full potency. Yes, in the form of eatables, the potency of the marijuana gets divided, and you don’t know whether you enjoyed the whole or not.
  • Marijuana edibles take time to get high. It takes at least half an hour to one or a couple of hours to get high.

Now, let us look at our top edibles…

Best cannabis strains for edibles

We have encapsulated the best marijuana strains for making edibles for your assistance. These consist of Indica, Sativa, and hybrids too. Enjoy the reviews-

Have a look:

  1. Super lemon haze
  2. OG Kush
  3. Sour Diesel
  4. White Widow
  5. Green Crack
  6. Granddaddy Purple
  7. Blue Dream
  8. Runtz muffin
  9. Gorilla Glue
  10. Wedding Cake
  11. Gelato

Let’s take a deep dig into the strains.

1) Super Lemon Haze:

This potent strain is an award-winning Sativa dominant strain. A famous creation of Green House Seeds, this strain is the most demanding to make edibles.


Of course, its nice lemon candy flavor is responsible. This strain gives you the flavor and the vital energy of the lemon. It has been used in preparing various edibles. Additionally, the sweet flavor also enhances the taste.

Being an excellent Sativa dominant, edibles prepared from this would lift you high with a burst of energy, making it suitable for having while you have several tasks to do.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Lemon skunk x Super Silver Haze
  • THC: 20-24%
  • CBD: 8-10%
  • Taste and Odor: Lemon, sweet, citrus
  • Terpenes: Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoria, Relaxing
  • Medicinal Use: Nausea, depression, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms

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2) OG Kush:

OG kush is a legendary Indica dominant strain. Known as ‘Original Gangster as it has been used to make several potent strains.

OG Kush can be your perfect choice for making brownies if you are a fan of sweet pine flavors. A little bit of sour and peppery hints make these Indica edibles a great choice to enjoy.

Moreover, if you are aware of this legend, you must know about its high THC content of about 26%, which can give you an ultimate sense of relaxation. This famous Indica strain makes edibles loaded with THC potency and you will not have to wait to feel the effects.

Also, medical marijuana patients love to enjoy the strain in edibles; It is good to cure chronic pain, migraines, nausea, and many more ailments with delicious flavors.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Chemdawg x Hindu kush
  • THC: 20-26%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Herbal, Pine, Citrus, Skunky, Sour,
  • Terpenes: Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoria, relaxing, Sociable
  • Medicinal Use: Nausea, depression, Fatigue, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Stress, Appetite Loss

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3) Sour Diesel:

Sour Diesel is a celebrity strain in the marijuana world. This Sativa leaning hybrid is known for various reasons. Be it its high energetic effects or its taste and smell. Sour Diesel remains the talk of the town permanently.

This will be a perfect choice for those who don’t enjoy sweet edibles. Extremely sour, like you have sour candy in your mouth. You may feel as if having fuel in your mouth. Sometimes the sweet notes enhance the flavors.

Being a potent Sativa Dominant cannabis strain, Sour Diesel edibles would fuel you up with immense energy and happiness. You would love to be social and can gear up for new challenges.

Sour Diesel is a significant medical marijuana strain too. And its tasty bites would soothe the patients with its therapeutical benefits.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Chemdawg x Skunk #1
  • THC: 20-22%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Diesel, Fuel, Citrus, Skunky, Sour,
  • Terpenes: Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoria, relaxing, Sociable
  • Medicinal Use: Nausea, depression, Fatigue, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Stress, Appetite Loss

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4) White widow:

White widow is one of the most popular strains in the world. It is the most readily available too.

You can imagine its effects and people’s love for this strain as this Sativa strain has won several high times cannabis cup awards.

Its unique flavor profile makes it suitable for preparing edibles. The strain has a sweet and spicy Pine taste with an Incense candle smell. Pleasing one.

This Sativa will start, but kick it will trap as soon as you get the kick you. A highly energetic strain makes you an utterly outspoken one. By taking off all the stress, anxiety, and fearfulness, White Widow is the particular strain that is perfect for your cookies and other edibles.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: South Indian x Brazilian
  • THC: 18-25%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Diesel, Fuel, Citrus, Skunky, Sour,
  • Terpenes: Carene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, camphene
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoria, Sociable, positive, creative
  • Medicinal Use: Nausea, depression, Fatigue, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Stress, Appetite Loss, chronic pain, migraine

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5) Green crack:

Firstly, named Green Cush and later got the famous name by Snoop Dogg is Sativa dominant hybrid and is worthy enough to be a part of making edibles.

If you are a fan of being couch-locked with happiness and positivity all around you, then the Green Crack is just for you. Moreover, this strain has awesome flavonoids that add to the flavor of Green Crack.

Well, Green Crack has sweet, mango, and fruity flavors. And when you make edibles from the strain, they will be simply outstanding. No one can ever resist the fantastic marijuana potent edibles.

Also, these Sativa strains will bless you with a jolt of energy and high positivity.

Go for it!

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Sweet leaf Indica
  • THC: 21-25%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Diesel, Fuel, Citrus, Skunky, Sour,
  • Terpenes: Humulene, Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene, camphene
  • Effects: Happy, Energetic, Euphoria, Sociable, positive, creative, cerebral
  • Medicinal Use: Nausea, depression, Fatigue, Anxiety, Stress, Appetite Loss, chronic pain, Autism

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6) Granddaddy Purple:

For those who love Indica strains, GDP or Granddaddy Purple is the best choice. This cannabis plant is highly delicious, with high THC content.

This Indica dominant hybrid has won so many cannabis awards, and that’s why don’t doubt on!

The edible you make would give you a delicious high with the sweet, sour taste of grape, berry, and wine. Be mindful of doses because your taste buds will not stop soon.

Don’t try to satisfy them; otherwise, you will be couch-locked due to Indica genetics. Its strong THC content won’t make you energetic but highly relaxing to put over all your burden of a tiring day.

Further being a potent medical weed, the weed edibles made from the GDP help people with insomnia and stress.

Don’t overthink! Just go on baking and making edibles with this potent Indica. Doubtlessly the best marijuana strains for making edibles!

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Purple Urkle x Big Bud
  • THC: 21-27%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Mango, fruity, sweet, citrus
  • Terpenes: Geraniol, Pinene, camphene, Limonene
  • Effects: Sleepy, Euphoric, Relaxed
  • Medicinal Use: Insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, migraine, PTSD

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7) Blue Dream:

Again a Sativa dominant hybrid is on our run down. This classy strain is loved for its incredible flavors and high effects.

Core flavors are berry, sweet, tropical fruit, making it a strong contender for making edibles of marijuana strains. A catching smell and a good taste! What else do you need to make edibles?

This potent strain has high energizing and mood uplifting effects accompanied by relaxation due to the high THC content.

Sativa edibles are suitable for those who need energy and power to perform tasks and want to relieve stress. These make you clear-headed and confident.

One of the top strains for making tasty edibles of marijuana.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Blueberry Haze genetics
  • THC: 21-24%
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Blueberry, berry, fruity, Citrus
  • Terpenes: carene, Pinene, Ocimene, Geraniol
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, Motivated, focused, calm
  • Medicinal Uses: Stress, depression, insomnia

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8) Runtz Muffin: Best strains for edibles

Runtz Muffin is probably the best marijuana strain for preparing snacks. Not only potency, but Runtz Muffin can also win your heart with its mouthwatering flavor profile.

Blessed with a 29-32% THC, Runts Muffin edibles are not for the novice. Instead, You will find yourself stuck among sweet, sour, citrus, lemony, and pineapple flavors.

Can you imagine what its edibles would be like to descend from such delicious parents?

Also, its effects like couch lock, energy, and happiness would make you the strain fan.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Zkittles x Gelato X orange Punch
  • THC: 29 %
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Blueberry, berry, fruity, Citrus
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, happy
  • Medicinal Uses Stress, depression, insomnia,

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9) Gorilla Glue:

Gorilla Glue is an Indica dominant hybrid with high THC content. Crossbred from much potent cannabis, it is the best weed to make the fresh batch of baked goods.

Its edibles will have coffee, chocolate, sweet and sour flavors, and edibles. Surely not able to resist further. This is a perfect strain for making edibles.

Get ready to get glued to your bed as heavy hits are not going to take easily. Try this cannabis and get the heavy high with incredible taste

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Sour Diesel, Chem’s sister, chocolate diesel, Sour dubb
  • THC: 23-26 %
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: Coffee, Chocolate, diesel, fuel, sweet, sour
  • Terpenes: Sabinene, Limonene, and Phellandrene
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, happy, relaxing
  • Medicinal Uses Stress, depression, insomnia,

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10) Wedding Cake:

Also popular among marijuana users as pink cookies, this is something where your search ends. This strain will surely pour soul into the edibles, packed with incredible flavors and smell.

Berry, Sweet, Fruity, and vanilla flavors are ready to get into your tasty and flavorful cookies, cakes, and many more.

Just track the maximum quantity of the tasty bites; its absolute high THC of around 25% can take you into intense sleep.

Get your wedding cake now.

Key Points:

  • Genetics: Cherry Pie x girl Scout cookies
  • THC: 23-26 %
  • CBD: <1
  • Taste and Odor: vanilla, sweet, cherry, fruity
  • Terpenes: Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene,
  • Effects: Euphoric, Relaxed, happy, relaxing, sleepy
  • Medicinal Use: ADD, Muscular Dystrophy, Fatigue

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So what say? Are you trying these strains for your edibles?

Still doubtful? Check out our FAQs section…

FAQs: Best Strains For Edibles

Who should prefer taking edibles instead of smoking or vaping?

Anyone can go on with the treaties, but yes, if you have an issue with liver or lungs or any cardiac diseases, you must try edibles instead of smoking them.

Do edibles have an expiry date?

These are food items and have a particular shelf life.

Let’s Conclude:

Putting it all together, we agree that Edibles are an easy and comfortable way of having marijuana strains. These can be made at home too. But to get the correct strain and the right flavor is your choice.

Just a little preparation and your happy world will be on your plate. To get a balanced high, you must know the proper doses. Hence, first, prepare yourself to get the correct strain and enjoy. The high will be slower but long-lasting for sure.

“Have them and save your heart, liver, and lungs.”

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