Is weed Legal in Vietnam? A complete guide to in 2023!

Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

So, if you plan to visit Vietnam with a pack of weeds, go through the article thoroughly and find out is weed legal in Vietnam?

Indeed, Vietnam is undoubtedly on the list for a person who loves to travel worldwide. Scenic views, romantic destinations, and adventurous sports are the reasons to attract millions of tourists to the country of Southeast Asia. Indeed, tourists play a vital role in Vietnam’s economy.

But, if you are a stoner and would like to carry, buy or sell marijuana there in Vietnam, you must read this article.

Why am I saying this? Because Cannabis is entirely illegal in the country.

Want to know more? Read along.

Cannabis laws in Vietnam: What’s right or wrong?


Is weed Legal in Vietnam?

It could be a little disappointing, but Vietnamese law is extremely strict about cannabis culture.

It’s illegal to buy weed, sell, or smoke weed. Even the cultivation and transportation of marijuana are against the weed laws of Vietnam.

However, according to Wikipedia, Cannabis is cultivated in some places in Vietnam and is called Can Sa.

The current status is:

Medical marijuana: Illegal

Recreational Cannabis: Illegal

Marijuana Laws in Vietnam: Know what’s legal and what’s not?

Drug use or any weed use is highly prohibited in Vietnam. Vietnamese laws are stringent, at least in books. Smoking weed or possession of weed may result in heavy fines, lengthy jail time, or even the death penalty.

Drugs, in any case, are welcomed in Vietnam. Even the medical use of weed may bring more trouble for you. If you are found indulged in selling or drug trafficking of any kind, no less than whole life, jail time or death sentence would be there for you. The law keeps cocaine and heroin in the same place as a weed.

So stay alert and forget weed. It is not going to be legal shortly!

Places to find Cannabis in Vietnam:

Is weed legal in Vietnam? Indeed it is.

Then, how can you find weed there?

As it is mentioned in that cannabis laws of Vietnam that marijuana is illegal, no matter in any form.

Still, some experienced people mentioned that it is pretty easy to find weed in Vietnam. Vietnam’s ex capital- Saigon, or ho chi Minh city, is the easy place where you can get the weed. However, there is no guarantee over the quality of the marijuana. Also, Hammock and Bui Vien are the places to find Cannabis.

Strange? How can they get Cannabis despite such strict weed laws?

It is due to Vietnam has a significant number of tourists every year. They also contribute to the economy of the country. So, police usually don’t go after ex pats. According to some sources, police can easily be bribed in Vietnam. They know that tourists bring a lot of money by selling or buying weed in Vietnam. So, in general, they keep a blind eye toward the tourists.

According to a Reddit user,” I lived there for four months and smoked pretty much all day every day anywhere I went and was never once even given an odd look by the police. I would for sure recommend Bui Vien as well, but check out the cigarette stand next to the, shitty, bar Allez Boo between 7 and 11 pm. There should be a really short guy with a little mustache sitting at the stand, hand him 100,000 for an 1/8, it’s not the best, but its worth it. He also has better stuff, ranging up to $25 US for a g from Canada and pretty solid.”

Another one adds,” Buying marijuana in HCMC is easy. Walk down Bui Vien street or De Tham, and 5 or 6 people will ask you if you want some. But these are not good dealers and will overcharge you for shitty weed. Find the old woman on a hammock outside of Lyly on De Tham, and she’ll charge you 150.000 (about $7) for some not-terrible stuff. For better stuff, find some resident expats.”

However, we would not advice to you try your luck as there are many cases in which tourists get caught with these illegal drugs. So please do not believe in the information over the internet as sometimes if you get caught with inaccurate information, you might be in big trouble.

Cannabis Culture in Vietnam: What should you do and what should you avoid.

Sincerely, if you are able to enjoy weed in Vietnam, then it is due to the mercy of the police. Else, there is no cannabis culture in the country. However, demand for making weed legal is souring like in other countries. Yet weed laws are not going to make a U-turn so soon.

Remember that drugs are illegal, and you should avoid them in any case. There is no point in risking your life for these illegal drugs.

Do’s and Don’ts in Vietnam:

  • You will find many people trying to sell you illegal Cannabis. Please avoid them. Don’t show your interest in the drug.
  • Usually, these local people are with the police. They will charge heavy bribes and share between them.
  • If you didn’t bribe the police, 1 to 10 years in jail would be waiting for you. So, don’t trust them.
  • Also, pubs are the hotspots for buying illegal drugs. You will find heroin, cocaine with marijuana there easily. If you crave weed, get ready to pay a heavy price for these drugs in pubs. But definitely, quality would be a lot better than you will get on local streets.

FAQs: Is weed Legal in Vietnam?

Is CBD legal in Vietnam?

CBD is not legal. Yet you will find plenty of CBD oils in Vietnam.

Is possession of marijuana legal?

Possession, cultivation, selling, or using drugs are prohibited.

What if someone tries to sell Cannabis to me?

Please gently say no. Don’t fall into the trap, and avoid trouble.

What should I do if the police catch me with drugs?

The first and foremost thing is to contact your embassy. Let them know about the incident and follow as they say.

Can I find Hash in Vietnam?

Hash is rare. If you find it, you have to pay the higher cost.

If the police are so lenient, what is the problem with enjoying weed?

Police keep silent because they know that tourists bring massive amounts of money to the country. But don’t try your luck. It could be dangerous.

In which city can I find drugs?

Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, and Hammock are some good citied to find weed.

What could be the minimum jail sentence for the possession of weed?

It depends upon the quantity. It may be for 1-4 years.

Will Vietnam legalize Cannabis in 2023?

Not really. At least not in the year 2023. They have not even initiated the process. Drugs are illegal substances in Vietnam.

Should I buy from the local vendor?

We would not recommend it. He may be mixed with the police and can trap you. Also, the quality of such weed is a significant concern.

Final Words:

Weed, Cannabis or marijuana, whatever you say, is entirely illegal in Vietnam. So it is always good to respect the laws when you visit a country.

It is not worth taking a risk, no matter how soft the laws show. Better stay out of Cannabis till you are there.

Live a beautiful life, and don’t do anything at the cost of your freedom and life.

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