Is weed legal in Sweden? Things you Must KNOW

Is weed legal in Sweden? Sweden is the wealthiest and the most progressive European country. Still, you are exploring whether weed is legal in Sweden. You will be disappointed and surprised as the country has the strictest marijuana rules!

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Sweden is among the most beautiful and wealthy European countries. The country is one of the most progressive countries around the world. But, do you know that it has zero tolerance for cannabis?

Swedish Law on Marijuana: Legal Status, Laws, and much more!


Swedish Law on Marijuana

Cannabis in Sweden has been an illicit drug for decades. Being a progressive country, if you are thinking of having a soft stance on cannabis, Sweden will surprise you.

Not even the Swedish government but also the public finds pot a taboo topic. So let’s check out the current legal status of marijuana.

Current Legal Status:

The strictest marijuana laws in Europe are found in Sweden.

Medical marijuana: Illegal. (Very restricted use in specific conditions only)

Recreational Marijuana: Illegal.

Pot lovers! Sweden is not your place!

Cannabis Laws in Sweden: Is weed a dangerous drug?

Sweden’s Cannabis laws are severe. But more is the enforcement. Unlike many countries where cannabis use is mostly outlawed, Sweden’s police are active enough to grab every single stoner.

The Swedish cannabis legislation divides narcotics offenses into 3 categories: minor, simple, and aggravated. These categories are based on the number of drugs involved.

  • Those caught for minor drug offenses like small amounts have to pay fines and up to six months of imprisonment. However, in most cases, such cases get settled in summary procedures out of the court. A summary procedure can reduce jail time to one month or takes fines. In addition, there is prison time for those having unpaid fines.
  • On the other hand, for simple offenses- prison time gets 3 years.
  • Further, for convicting aggravated offenses, the offender will be sent to 10 years in jail, and heavy fines are imposed. However, unlike in many other countries, cannabis remains illegal for possession, manufacturing, sale, and consumption in Sweden. No personal use of cannabis is allowed!

Danny Rosenbaum, a journalist, quoted once bout the harsh Sweden cannabis laws. “In many countries, including Britain, it is common for people possessing cannabis to face only a caution. In Sweden, however, offenders are always prosecuted.”

Sweden takes marijuana as a dangerous drug. The famous Swedish singer Ängie said,” In Sweden, it’s not ok to smoke weed [cannabis]. They’re like, ‘it’s a dangerous drug, and you’re going to die.’

Is growing cannabis legally in Sweden?

Unfortunately, cannabis cultivation is completely illegal. For example, you might be arrested and forced to face prison sentences for such an offense.

Not even medical marijuana patients can grow their cannabis plant. The Supreme Court, Sweden, has ruled cannabis cultivation a minor drug offense.

Can you use CBD in Sweden?

Can you use CBD in Sweden

It’s pretty disappointing, but CBD usage is illegal in Sweden. In 2019, the Supreme court ruled that CBD oil and products come under Narcotics. So you can not use any CBD-infused products in Sweden. Any cannabis-based drugs or cannabis products come under the narcotics control board.

Medical Cannabis in Sweden: Is medical marijuana legal? What is a Swedish medical products agency?

As per Swedish Law, Medical cannabis is minutely legal. That is quite a restricted use of cannabis is allowed. You can judge this from the fact that Since medical cannabis legalization in 2012. only two patients succeeded in getting medical marijuana medicines even after five years.

Indeed, medical cannabis is not a hot piece of cake in Sweden. However, very few medical cannabis patients have benefited from marijuana in the past decade.

It is fairly difficult to get cannabis for medical purposes in Sweden.

However, a significant change has been noticed from 2016 to 2018. In 2019, the Swedish clinical diary Läkartidningen revealed that during these three years, the number of medical marijuana patients increased from 168 to 395. The magazine further revealed that licenses for treatment with non-supported marijuana arrangements have expanded from 8 to 63 in 2018.

Furthermore, Emerald Health Therapeutics manufactured a 1:1 THC: CBD oil. It had a great response in the Swedish medical products market.

In February 2021, another type of 1:1 THC-CBD oil by Emerald Health Therapeutics was supported and arrived at the Swedish clinical weed market.

Who can avail of the medical weed benefits?

Swedish Medical Products Agency has the right to approve the use of cannabis flowers on a case-by-case basis. However, licensed physicians and doctors can prescribe medicine like Sativex and Marinol in some acute cases like multiple sclerosis and cancer.

What is the cannabis culture in Sweden:

What is the cannabis culture in Sweden

The reason behind the successful implementation of such hard laws is certainly the public. Swedish people not only support the law of the government but also believe that cannabis is not worthy of consumption. It is dangerous and makes you stupid and lazy.

Shocking but true! A recent poll by the Nordic welfare center in recent years on the policies of Nordic countries shows that almost 83 % of Swedish people disagree with cannabis legalization.

Quite Strange!

The Swedish government has zero tolerance for cannabis use. It stated, “drugs are harmful to health and should not exist in a society that cares about the health of its citizens. ” 

They say that they have data depicting a high mortality rate among drug users. Also, neighboring countries that have legalized marijuana have seen a rising number of drug crimes, which is intolerable in a country like Sweden.

Supporting the statements mentioned above, the general public does not want to get into such narcotic crime and thus stays away from cannabis use. Until 2017, only 2.5% of Swedish people used cannabis. However, there was an increase in consumption in 2018 from 2.5% to 3.4 %. Most of the young adults between 17 to 34 years of age had consumed weed.

This gives us a little hope that Sweden may think of cannabis legalization in the future. However, this data is farther less than other Nordic countries.

Will Sweden Legalize cannabis use?

The fate of lawful weed in Swedendoesn’tt looks great. Not even therapeutically.

However, there has been some advancement, as in 2017, a patient suffering from chronic pain who wanted a medical was tentatively permitted medical marijuana. He fought a long battle against the system. He was put in a wheelchair during his fight as the conditions worsened. At last, he won. And the Swedish law allowed him to take medical cannabis treatment.

This incident clearly shows that though Sweden has taken a step toward cannabis legalization, it is not easy.

People also don’t want to get aware of the benefits of the herb. However, the use of marijuana is still a taboo subject in a progressive country like Sweden.

However, some experts believe cannabis can be a good alternative to alcohol as the herb does not threaten life like alcohol. Still, there is a long mile to go to prove this.

Though consumption has a positive indication, legal cannabis is like catching a moon shortly.

The cannabis industry in Sweden:

The cannabis industry in Sweden exists in the initial stage. However, the Swedish government started realizing the importance of the cannabis industry in the economical growth of the country.

The government also seems interested in cannabis stocks in Sweden and runs a pension scheme for the growth of Aurora and canopy.

Still, cannabis in Sweden, even as an industry, needs time and attention to boom.


Where can I get weed in Sweden?

First of all, it is highly risky. The cops roam around in search of drug addicts and dealers. But still, if you would like to take risks, try on some railway stations, especially on weekends. But remember, here, people sell low-quality weed at a high price or maybe heroin. So stay aware.

What is the expected cost of marijuana?

According to Webehigh, marijuana will cost around $16 per one-eighth of an ounce. It is really expensive.

Can I send cannabis to Sweden?

No. Please do not try. The country is very serious about its tough stance, and the law enforcement is high. You will end up in vain for such offenses for sure.

Final Words:

We would say that cannabis in Sweden is a definite NO NO. Don,t take the laws and the cops for granted. Else you will certainly suffer. Try to be sober and not indulge in any such cannabis crimes.

Further, if you think that Sweden may soon legalize marijuana, then it is your dream. It is not getting the legal weed anytime soon. Thus, respecting the law is the only thing you can do for the sake of your life.

Swedish people! You have to wait a little longer as the passion and the awareness of the positivity of the herb are still finding their way to the minds of the citizens of Sweden!

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