Is weed legal in Spain? The simplest guide to Spanish Marijuana Laws

Is weed legal in Spain? Spain is a weed-friendly country, but cannabis is not completely legal here. To know cannabis laws well, you need to go through the article. So we are trying to answer, ‘Is weed legal in Spain ?’ Reading this article is a must-do if you have your chill vacations around Spain.

Spain is a European country that has vague rules for cannabis. Medical cannabis is legal and recreational cannabis is decriminalized for personal use. Yet, marijuana for recreational purposes remains illegal.


To know more, read the article. Don’t skip between the lines!

Is Cannabis Legal in Spain?


Is weed legal in Spain The simplest guide to Spanish Marijuana Laws

This isn’t easy to answer. Spain has decriminalized the personal use of marijuana. You can grow and use weed personally. However, there is a strict law against the trade and sale of marijuana. Cannabis Clubs are everywhere in the country where you can enjoy weed.

But, before you think about using cannabis for personal use, please take out time to read and understand the cannabis laws.

Read ahead to know more about the laws ahead o consuming cannabis in a foreign country.

Marijuana Laws in Spain: Know about Cannabis clubs, Medical cannabis, and the Spanish law

Marijuana Laws in Spain

Current Legal Status:

Medicinal cannabis: Illegal

Recreational Cannabis: Decriminalized

Strange to see that Spain has taken a progressive approach to the personal use of marijuana; on the other hand, the country has not legalized medical cannabis yet.

In Spain, you can smoke cannabis or cultivate marijuana for personal use but cannot ask a physician to prescribe cannabis. However, it is illegal to trade or sell cannabis in both cases.

Strange Cannabis Spanish Law!

Let’s understand the Spanish Law on drugs in detail-

Laws on Possession of weed:

Possession for private consumption is not a crime anymore. That means it will not be a criminal offence if you smoke marijuana on your private property to enjoy yourself.

However, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public. There will be no fine if the accused for Possession are minors. They will be sent to some rehabilitation centres.

However, it is not written in the law how much amount of marijuana can a Spanish citizen possess at his place.

Thus, Possession of personal cannabis use in their private spaces is no longer a criminal offence in Spain.

Laws on Selling Weed:

Selling cannabis is a crime. Selling, in any case, comes under drug trafficking, which is strictly prohibited and considered illegal in Spain. However, the penalties and fines depend on the crime’s nature.

Like if a person is guilty of selling cannabis, he will be sent to prison for up to three years. Though, the punishment for selling harder drugs can be up to six years. In massive quantities cases, prison time may extend up to 21 years.

Laws on growing cannabis:

It is technically legal if anyone to cultivate cannabis plants in his private space for his consumption for medicinal purposes or recreational use.

However, if the number of plants of cannabis grown is high, the offender becomes a criminal in the eyes of the Spanish Government. The reason is that the authorities assume such people to be drug traffickers. Law enforcement varies widely depending upon the member of plants grown.

Here it is a legal loophole as the law has not mentioned the number of legally allowed marijuana plants. However, such a gap between the law for private usage and shared consumption has given birth to many cannabis clubs in Spain.

Do you want to grow your cannabis?

Is CBD legal in Spain:

CBD is legal till the THC content is up to 00.2%. Spanish citizens use CBD oil quite frequently. However, many CBD products are illegal for human consumption in Spain.

What is the Spanish cannabis club?

What is the Spanish cannabis club

Now it’s time to talk about Spain’s cannabis clubs. According to data, there are more than 500 cannabis clubs in the country. Out of which 400 + are in Barcelona itself.

These clubs allow public consumption of weed. We know that people can enjoy weed in their private places in Spain only. However, the law doesn’t support the public consumption of marijuana explicitly.

Do you know these private clubs are not sure about their legal status?

The cannabis clubs started in 1991. Barcelona Ramón Santos Association of Cannabis Studies was the first club in the country. In 1997, four members of these clubs faced jail time and heavy fines as well as selling cannabis. These clubs are private associations.

These clubs aim to regulate the quality, consumption, and cultivation of weeds. However, there are certain rules that one has to follow to gain access to legal cannabis.

Rules of the Cannabis Clubs in Spain:

  • The cannabis clubs must be registered in the regional directory.
  • Anyone who would like to gain access to these cannabis clubs requires membership and must pay certain membership fees. This fee covers the cost of production and management costs. Remember, these clubs are non-profit organizations.
  • The cannabis clubs are legal until they are restricted to young legal adults only. Minors are not allowed in any case.
  • Firstly, only one can be a member of any current member who refers you. The membership fee is generally €10 (£8.50), which is deducted from the first purchase.
  • These clubs are responsible for reducing the harms of cannabis consumption.
  • Cannabis clubs can provide only a certain daily amount of weed. There is a strict limit on the daily dose.
  • The whole cannabis you get should be consumed immediately. No one can take them home. You have to consume on the premises of the cannabis clubs.
  • Only members can get into the cannabis clubs. Still, a person with a valid medical prescription in which a doctor recommends the consumption of marijuana for curing diseases can also join the clubs.

The Barcelona cannabis clubs are quite different from the regular coffee shops in Barcelona. The clubs can not advertise publicly about marijuana sales and consumption. Barcelona cannabis clubs are very famous in the country. You can smoke cannabis without worrying about the quality of marijuana. These clubs are good ways to increase cannabis tourism in the country.

Medical cannabis in Spain:

Medical cannabis in Spain

As already mentioned, the medical use of cannabis is illegal in Spain. There is a very strict limitation on the use of medical cannabis in Spain.

In Spain, doctors can prescribe only those cannabis products that have THC up to 0.2%, which are very difficult to find.

Only patients with multiple sclerosis can access medical cannabis in Spain.

Sativex is the only medical marijuana accessible in Spain.

Medical use of cannabis in Spain is very rare as it is very expensive there. However, it is hard to believe that where the patients in neighbouring countries are enjoying weed, Spanish citizens have to pay €400 per bottle!

This is why people like to grow cannabis or visit Cannabis clubs.

A surprising incident happened when the President of the Spanish Observatory for Medicinal Cannabis and medicinal cannabis, Carola Perez, grew 16 marijuana plants to cure her pain. This is why people like to grow cannabis or visit Cannabis clubs.

Industrial Hemp in Spain?

In the country that has made everything illegal, Hemp has found its way to be a legal substance. Like many other countries, Industrial Hemp has been a part of the cannabis industry in Spain.

There is plenty of sunlight in the country. Cannabis plants thrive in such climates. The country allows Over 25 varieties of hemp plants for cultivation.

However, the law allows only those hemp plants to grow with THC below 0.2%.

Cannabis Culture in Spain:

According to the study, almost 18% of young Spanish residents are using cannabis in Spain. Many people are paying membership fees in Cannabis clubs.

However, there is no certainty about these cannabis clubs. For example, Eric Asensio said, “The majority of associations assume that sooner or later they will be forced to close down.” These clubs are assumed to be regulated by mafias of Eastern Europeans.

Some members of a political party are in strong favour of legalizing cannabis. Pablo Iglesias of the populist Podemos party once stated, “We wouldn’t have to spend money on security arrangements against illegal trafficking, which generates crime and exploitation.”


Can I send Cannabis seeds to Spain?

It’s legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds. They can also be sent via mail.

What are ‘ Orphan Drugs’?

In Spain, only Sativex is cannabis medicine. There are some other cannabis medicines like Marinol, Epidiolex, and Cesamet. These medicines have very limited use and are not available in the market. These are called Orphan Drugs.

What is the legal age to join cannabis clubs?

Ideally, you should be at least 21 years of age.

Can police arrest me for smoking?

Police usually warn you. You are safe until you are enjoying yourself in your place. If they have a doubt about you for being a drug trafficker, then you are in trouble.

How do I find a Cannabis club in Spain?

Cannabis clubs have several names and meanings in Spain. Any shop with either of the three names is a cannabis club:
Cultural associations
Coffee shops
Cannabis clubs


Spain has a high tolerance when smoking weed is concerned. However, though, your consumption, cultivation, and usage have limitations. For example, Spain is the 13th country on the list of high consumption of marijuana.

Yet, the country has so many restrictions. It doesn’t have any medical marijuana program, and the price of cannabis is also very high.

All things together indicate that the country will not likely make marijuana legal very soon. However, the recent political developments give promising hope to getting medical cannabis legalized.

Indeed, recreational cannabis has to cover a long distance so far! However, if you are a traveller, don’t take a chance and enjoy the cannabis on your premises. However, Cannabis clubs are also worth a visit!

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