Is weed legal in Romania?

Is weed legal in Romania? Will I find legal weed in Romania? Can I smoke in public there? What are the cannabis laws in Romania? If these queries trouble you, then you are in luck as you have landed at the right place.

Romania: Romania is a Centra South-Eastern European country that is located in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres of our Earth. When you think of Romania, beautiful, varied terrain with all the flat lands to impressive mountains, sea, and dense forests strikes the mind. Wow! What a lovely place.

The beautiful country is full of castles telling everyone about the rich culture. But do you know about the Weed culture of Romania? Read ahead of putting steps into the land of Dracula and Nicolae Ceaușescu.

Cannabis in Romania: Cannabis laws


is weed legal in romania

The first and foremost thing is that weed is illegal in Romania. Even the use of marijuana for medical purposes can put you in deep trouble. So continue reading.

The Current Status:

Medical cannabis: Illegal( Legal only on papers)

Recreational marijuana: Illegal

The Romanian Senate has taken a tough stance on marijuana. There are higher penalties and prison sentences for the use of drugs in Romania.

History of Cannabis in Romania:

Marijuana in Romania is not new. Pot has been developed in Romania since old times. Archeological proof from Frumușica and Gurbănești shows that from around 7000 to 8000 B.C, individuals living in this space were involved with marijuana for its psychoactive properties.

Interestingly, Romania was the largest producer of hemp before 1989 in Europe. So be that as it may, because of the lower interest for hemp items, falling apart handling offices, and stricter development guidelines, by early 1990, no one was left to develop hemp.

In 1928, Romania issued a law against hashish and its derivatives to control narcotics.

Cannabis laws for possession in Romania: What’s legal and Illegal?

As mentioned earlier, Romania does not welcome cannabis, whether for medicinal use or recreational use.

Drug consumption is not an issue in Romania. Even though it is illegal, usually, the cops don’t fine or arrest you for smoking low-risk drugs. They usually seem to stay lenient about the personal use of weed. The law discriminates against marijuana for personal use or trafficking. Trafficking is not at all tolerable in Romania.

  • However, if caught by bad luck, you may be subject to a prison sentence of 3 months to 2 years.
  • If caught with high-risk drugs, then the sentence increases to 6 months to 3 years imprisonment.
  • However, the guilty can choose the Drug Assistance program to avoid a jail sentence.

Cannabis Laws for Selling Weed in Romania:

Likewise, selling marijuana has a no different story. It is equally illegal, and the person is liable to a fine and imprisonment.

For selling low-risk drugs, You can be sent to jail for 2 years up to seven years. While for the high-risk drugs, the sentence exceeds 5 to 12 years.

Drug trafficking may take you to prison for 15 to 17 years.

Certainly, not an intelligent move to sell cannabis in Romania.

Cannabis Cultivation in Romania:

According to Romanian law, weed might be cultivated in Romania under the strict regulations and supervision of the government. But the cultivation must be regarding the pronounced interest in the clinical study of the plant and of its subsidiaries like cannabis tinctures, cannabis resin and extracts, and dronabinol.

Usually, in Romania, weed cultivation is due to hemp, fiber, seed/grain, and oil, and the primary assortment of marijuana is Cannabis Sativa L, sub-specie Sativa.

Here, the cultivators should only maintain the THC level as low as 0.2%. Else acceptable and strict jail punishments are there following the laws.

Is hemp legal in Romania?

As we have mentioned, hemp was one of the top crops in Romania. Now, as the global demand for hemp is soaring and the countries of the European Union are providing farming subsidies, hemp is making a great comeback in Romania. Every year, the hemp cultivation area increases by thousands of hectares.

To grow hemp, there are some rules to be followed.

  • Farmers must get a license based on the details of the plants they are interested in growing, proof of being a land owner, and lab reports of the hemp seeds.
  • Also, they need to submit all their documents to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Organized crime department of Romania also collects its documents. They have to convince these authorities that they grow hemp on their lands to avoid punishment.
  • Indeed, it is a long process and is not easy, though. The legislation is strict for marijuana.

Medical Marijuana in Romania:

Medical cannabis is legal and illegal. Confused? The law about using weed for medical use has contradiction itself.

In 2013, Romania passed a Drug Law which technically legalized medical marijuana. However, some other resources confront and claim that the legalization of medical cannabis took place only on paper. In reality, Government officials never confirmed the legality of cannabis.

However, there are some medical cannabis laws to use weed for medical use.

  • Only cannabis-based medicines are part of medical marijuana.
  • The patient should have terminal diseases like multiple sclerosis, seizures, prolonged intolerant pain, etc.
  • The patient must have a prescription from a doctor to get medical cannabis for treatments.
  • Keep a note that medical marijuana use is restricted to the CBD products themselves, with THC content <0.2 %.

Where to Buy weed in Romania?

Well, after learning about the strict laws in Romania, we don’t recommend using cannabis there in the country.

Yet, if you would like to get it, you must ask the people you know. They might know some stoners. Many sources say that do not buy marijuana from strangers and never from Clubs, Discs, Suburban areas, public events, etc.

Play safe and stay safe. Your source of weed should be a person you know only.

The Draft law: Is it the future of marijuana in Romania?

In November 2019, the Romanian Senate took on a ‘draft law.’ This law, if passed, would provide the legal framework for medical marijuana use and distribution.

The draft regulation was embraced after a petition with 20,000 signatures was presented. Alexandra Ana Cârstea, the daughter of the lady who died of cancer, started this in favor of legalizing medical cannabis.

The Draft law emphasizes that Romania ought to follow the instances of Germany or the Czech Republic. Romania should establish a Cannabis Agency under the Ministry of Health. Also, The Agency will regulate and manage the medicinal marijuana industry for cultivation, usage, production, and distribution as per European guidelines.

The state would likewise make a National Registry that would incorporate marijuana makers, processors, and wholesalers.

Doctors must prescribe only oil-based medication, tinctures, and breathed-in prescriptions to terminally ill patients.

The draft additionally indicates that smokable weed won’t be permitted. And also, not the related harmful substances would be allowed.


Is CBD allowed In Romania?

CBD and its derivatives like oil, tinctures, and lotions are all legal in Romania. They must contain THC 0,2 % only.

Is smoking in public legal in Romania?

No. Police will not follow you till you possess some cannabis. But, smoking weed in public will definitely put you on the radar of the legislation.

Can Romania legalize cannabis in 2023?

Not certainly. Romania has not entirely made medical weed legal so far. Thus legalization seems to be much far.

Is it safe to buy weed from a person I met in a Bar in Romania?

As per the sources and the data, we would say no. You must buy from your friend or a person you know well; otherwise, forget about the weed.

Is Draft Law passed?

No, it is still pending and waiting for approval.

Can I take marijuana to Romania?

Transportation of weed, in any case, is illegal. Please don’t try.

Is weed expensive in Romania?

It depends upon the quality and the place it is from. In general, you will get good weed for 20 euros/ gms.

Does Romania have any Medical Marijuana programs?

No. To get medical cannabis, you must have a prescription from a doctor.

Takeaways: What is the future of marijuana in Romania?

Complete legalization of marijuana in Romania is still a dream for cannabis stoners. The progress is plodding through Romania has shown signs of adaptability to Draft Law. But that is also pending approval.

Take care of the laws and take them very seriously. In fact, avoid weed if you can so that you won’t get into trouble in Romania.

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