Is weed legal in Panama? Must Read for a stoner!

Is weed legal in Panama? Panama, land in Central America, is a bridge between Northern and South America. The small country is blessed with untamed rainforests, deserts, wildlife, and much more.

Undoubtedly, Panama gives you a complete rejuvenation experience and opportunities to create some lifetime memories. But, What is the cannabis culture in Panama? Is weed legal in Panama? Being an avid stoner, you would want to explore weed in the country.

We are here with the guide to help you know about Panama’s legalization, legalities, and weed culture.

So, in brief, Medical cannabis is legal in Panama. However, marijuana use for recreational purposes is still illegal.

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Cannabis in Panama: Laws, Legislation, Medical marijuana, and more!


is weed legal in Panama

Though Panama is not completely weed-friendly, possessing up to one gram won’t bother you. Also. Panama became the first country in Central America and the seventh country in Latin America to legalize medical cannabis.

Let’s find out more about Panama’s weed Laws and Cannabis reform.

Cannabis Background in Panama:

Cannabis cultivation and use were banned in 1923. According to the High Times, From 1903 to 1999, U. S. started expanding in South America. The U.S. military was present during this time in Panama due to the Panama Canal.

The military got friendly to locals and then got used to the marijuana the locals cultivated. Then the government banned cannabis use, suspected of affecting the army’s morale, health, and discipline. The ban continued till 1930 and even after that.

Since then, there has been no cannabis reform for long time. Recently, in 2021, Panama declared to legalize medical cannabis and medical cannabis products.

The action took so many years when the National Assembly president Crispiano Adames favored the responsible use of medical cannabis products in Panama. The national assembly unanimously passed the bill by a unanimous vote. The bill became law after president Laurentino Cortizo signed it after that.

Cannabis legislation and status:

Marijuana Status in Panama is:

Medical cannabis: legal

Recreational use of cannabis: Illegal.

However, you cannot grow, sell, or transport weed even in Panama City, Panama. And Panama takes the laws very seriously, so we recommend you follow them as it is always better safe than sorry!

Weed Laws in Panama:

You can not possess, buy, or sell any form of marijuana in Panama. However, there is not much information around about the laws. However, it would be best if you did not chase laws.

Drug trafficking is under strict prohibition. Even possessing a small quantity of marijuana could send you to prison.


Possession of up to 20 gms of weed- misdemeanor and would lead to 1 year of prison with a $1000 fine.

Possession of more than 20 gms of weed -Felony and will subject to 5 years of jail and a $5000 fine.

Only the use of medical cannabis is allowed. But you cannot grow and sell them.

When did Panama Legalize medical cannabis? Understand the Medical cannabis Law

Indeed, Panama is shifting towards decriminalizing marijuana. As a signal, in October 2021, the country legalized medical marijuana and the bill passed. Yet the law is to be implemented at the federal level.

However, the medical use of cannabis has some restrictions.

Among the most relevant aspects included in this law, we can mention:

  • Medical cannabis can be used only for the plant’s therapeutic and research purposes.
  • Doctors and food stores cannot sell medical cannabis.
  • Only Licensed pharmacies can sell medical cannabis.
  • Some qualifying conditions include chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, PTSD, etc.
  • Pharmacies should pass the site inspection to get the permit to sell medical cannabis.
  • You cannot market, see, ll or advertise cannabis.
  • Patients will be given cannabis only for medical purposes if they have a registered medical certificate.
  • The Ministry of Health and the National Authority for Government will monitor everything from the licenses to the use and access.
  • The Ministry of Security provides operational licenses for import, export, and manufacturing.
  • The use of cannabis for veterinary is allowed as per this law.

Do’s and Don’ts when you are in Panama:

In the country, rules and regulations are strict and sincerely followed. It would be best if you tried to follow the following to keep cops away:

In general, in Panama City, cops don’t bother if you are enjoying weed yourself. But do not take them lightly.

  • It would be best if you did not smoke in the malls or wherever a huge public exists.
  • Do not drive while high. And don’t Overspeed. High spending is dangerous for your life, and you will also become a target for cops.
  • Avoid suspicious individuals or groups like stoner gangs, goths, etc. Remember, you are safe from the laws till you look fishy in the eyes of the police.

Where should I get weed in Panama?:

You may get pot in the small gangs of people. Remember, they might take you up as a cop and don’t show interest in you. So the first step you must take is to try to befriend a local person. He will take you to the weed.

Beach, clubs, and pubs are the best places to go around and find cannabis, especially in the capital, Panama City. Also, if you are a traveler in the country, talk to the local guide. This might be the best option to save the day!

Well, though it is more difficult to get weed in Panama than in other countries, if you go through the right channel, you will find one!

Faqs: Is weed legal in Panama?

Is weed legal in Panama?

No, it is illegal. Yet carrying up to 5 gm won’t create a problem

What type of weed can we get in the country?

Generally quality is really good.

What does the weed call in Panama?

Cannabis is referred to as kan-jac.

Can I smoke in the park?

Though it is illegal, you can till cops are not around.

Is weed legal for recreational use?

As of now, only medical cannabis is allowed.

Is CBD legal in Panama?

CBD is legal till the product contains THC of more than 0,2 %.

In what medical conditions can I get a medical card?

Cancer, chronic pain, muscle spasms, severe nausea, and PTSD/AIDS are some medical conditions in which you may get a medical cannabis recommendation and apply for a card.

Why does Panama need a cannabis reform?

Panama has taken concrete steps towards legalization. Also, as the medicinal use of marijuana is legal, the cultivation of hemp and other cannabis plants for medical use is booming.

Panama should think about decriminalization as the country has very strategic geography, and the climate supports the growth of plants. Surely cultivation would help individuals earn more money and hence generate more revenue.

The youthful grown-ups and pot lovers in the nation are as yet circling back to the ongoing regulation to decriminalize and sanction maryjane. The Panama service of wellbeing is giving licenses to individuals developing cannabis. This is vital because individuals won’t see it as an issue while developing the yield.

These all show that Panama may decriminalize recreational weed soon but then keep following the rules.

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