Is Weed Legal In Norway?

Is Weed Legal In Norway? How do we all know about Norway? The stunning Northern lights, breathtaking fjords, mesmerizing landscapes, never-ending chilling nights, and just a bit of sunlight! We all have such a picture of Norway in our minds. How about smoking weed in such a lovely place? But wait! Before moving ahead with your plans, please know everything about ‘Is weed legal in Norway?’

If you are a curious stoner, read ahead! This article tells you everything about cannabis culture in Norway. It is definitely worth your time!

Norway- A dream destination for many travellers around the world. The country gets overwhelmed by millions of tourists every year. Such places generally have lax rules and easy stances over marijuana. However, it’s different in Norway.

Carry On! There is much more to know!

Marijuana laws and Drug policy in Norway: History, Laws and the Drug Use


Marijuana laws and Drug policy in Norway

In Norway use o medical cannabis is completely legal; however, the rest usage is not.

Current Status:

Medical Marijuana: Legal

Recreational Marijuana: Decriminalized for personal use; however, illegal.

Everything from the consumption to cultivation and supply of marijuana for recreational use is illegal in Norway.

But the country has a long history of cannabis users. So let’s dig into the history.

History of Weed in Norway:

When we were researching cannabis usage in the country, we came across some very important and surprising facts about marijuana use in the country.

Some archaeological evidence shows that cannabis is very old in Norway and has been a part of their culture since the Viking age! Archaeologists found Viking’s skeleton with cannabis seeds. The famous archaeologists claimed that one of the bodies was of the Norse goddess Freya, and the cannabis seeds might be their part of religious rituals. The bodies have carbon dating of around 800 CE.

Also, There have been shreds of evidence that say that Vikings have planted hemp!

Quite cool! Isn’t it?

This research shows that cannabis might have come to Norway from Central Europe and Russia in Nineth century! Many proofs show the full-swing Hemp Industry in Norway during the Medieval century.

Hemp was the most recognized crop in Norway till the early 1900s. Later with the introduction of other fibres, industrial hemp witnessed its bad times. The government banned hemp cultivation and the industry in 1965. This was the time when there were collective negative consequences for marijuana across the world. Since then, Norway has kept a tough stand on cannabis use.

After so many decades, Norway showed some leniency and legalized medical cannabis for patients. The step was a milestone in the legalization drive of weed. After a year, in 2017, the Norwegian government decriminalized some amount of weed for personal use. However, remain an illegal drug.

Cannabis Laws in Norway:

Cannabis Laws in Norway

Norway has been the strictest country towards marijuana on the continent. But recently, it has taken some lenient decisions and decriminalized marijuana for personal consumption. Still, the current Norwegian law has many clauses you must know.

Take a quick look!

Laws on Possession: For the personal use of Norwegian cannabis users

Norwegian drug policy allows possession of small amounts of marijuana. According to the policy, drug possession of up to 15 grams has not been included with the drug offences. It is decriminalized.

However, decriminalization took several years before the final mandate came.

Norwegian Parliament’s sub-committee on health in December 2017 proposed to repeal fines and imprisonment for drug use for personal usage. The health minister strongly demanded to call off the punishments. The bill could not pass till April 2021.

Lately, in May 2022, 18, the Norwegian Attorney General has given a mandate that was based on the Supreme court’s guidelines. According to it, personal drug use and possession of small amounts will no longer be drug offences.

He further stated that the police could not search the mobiles and homes of those caught keeping small amounts of cannabis. Even they can not perform drug tests on the accused.

Well, in short, the decriminalization of possession of drugs doesn’t mean it is legal; it’s illegal in any way.

  • First-time offenders with small amounts of weed up to 15 g will only have to pay fines; However, fines and penalties gradually increase with the amount of marijuana.
  • On the other hand, a person with a previous criminal record and a repeat offender for possession will spend time in prison.
  • For keeping up to 1 kg- up to 2 years in prison; In case of larger amounts, – up to 10 years in prison with a hefty fine. For over 80 kg weed- 3-15 years in prison, sometimes up to 21 years.

Laws on Sell Cannabis: Can you sell illegal drugs in Norway?

Norwegian drug policy does not allow drug selling, trafficking, or supply. Norway has strict drug laws and treats soft drugs and hard drugs similarly.

Selling is highly illegal in Norway. There are the following penalties advised as per drug policies.

  • Accused of selling or dealing, producing, importing or exporting, or storing, a small number of narcotic drugs cannot be sent to prison for more than two years.
  • For Aggravated drug offences, like type and nature of the substance in drugs and high quantities of drugs, the prison sentence can be up to 10 years.
  • The accused may be sent for up to 3 to 15 years for extraordinary substantial amounts.

The laws are very strict for selling drugs. However, every year huge amount of cannabis drugs is seized by the police. Even police recently deceased a huge 700 kilograms of drugs!

Laws on the cultivation of marijuana seeds:

Growing or cultivating cannabis plants is highly illegal. It is an intense offence, even if you are growing a small amount of weed for your use.

The minimum jail sentence allowed for the cultivation of the drug plants is at least 2 years.

However, there is hope after marijuana is legalized for personal consumption. But at this time, we cannot be sure of anything.

You need to understand that growing marijuana is not tolerable in Norway. You can get harsh punishments for severe cases.

Laws for transporting weed in Norway:

You cannot send any part of cannabis plants to Norway. Neither can you bring marijuana if you visit Norway, nor can you send it via mail. The offence is intolerable. However, regulations for marijuana seeds are a bit unclear.

Medical cannabis in Norway:

Medical cannabis in Norway

The good news for cannabis users is that medical cannabis has been legal in Norway since 2019. This is a revolutionary step as Norway has always been known for its tough stance on weed.

Sativex and Bedrocan are the drugs that doctors can prescribe though there is a catch!

Doctors can only advise the use of marijuana when all other alternatives don’t work. Also, the country doesn’t have any health issues listed on which doctors can prescribe cannabis. Moreover, the physicians use their discretion according to severe health conditions. However, most marijuana is given to cancer patients and MS. Here, doctors need to approve the prescription of medicines with more than 1%.

Yes, unlike other countries, Norway has allowed the THC limit for medical purposes only up to 1%.

Local activist groups and social reform groups like Normal Norway have gathered some strong voices that say the Norwegian medical cannabis program is very hard. It’s almost impossible to take the benefits of herbs in this manner. Patients seeking treatment go hopeless sometimes!

What about CBD in Norway?

What about CBD in Norway

CBD and CBD products are legal in Norway. However, they should not contain any amount of THC!

Norway has its own rules and regulations. The country is not part of the European Union. The member countries of the EU allow the usage of CBD products up to THC 0.2%.

The Cannabis Culture in Norway:

The Cannabis Culture in Norway

Norwegian cannabis users living in larger cities are continuously showing a positive outlook toward cannabis.

Norwegian media has tried many times to gather the public opinion of the local activist groups and local people. Most of them have admitted the use of cannabis at some point of time in their lives. According to a survey in 2018, almost 8.6% of people in Norway were using cannabis regularly.

Also, there is a huge crowd supporting the legalization of weed and hemp in Norway. Internationally renowned professors and renowned universities on Norway life University of OSLO and Police college have given a clear indent in favour of cannabis legalization.

There are strong voices among students as well. For example, research and surveys say that almost 60% of young students would like to access weed and smoke weed without worrying about the law.

Among open gatherings, most people and doctors have recited the benefits of cannabis on health conditions. Recently the famous magazine På Høy Tid launched articles about the negative effects of illegal cannabis. The Norwegian media arranged these open gatherings in which people could freely participate as there was a steady flow of queries on different aspects.

All such events are pointing toward the great support of the local people for complete decriminalization. These events help to stay informed so that the government could listen to the voices and act accordingly.

Prime Minister Bent Hoie admitted once that the punishments for possession of weed are doing more harm than the cannabis itself.

FAQs: IS weed legal in Norway?

Is hemp legal to use and grow in Norway?

Unfortunately, hemp is currently illegal in Norway. However, in previous times Norway was one of the main hemp producers. Hemp was banned in 1964.

I am visiting Norway next month. Will I get weed?

As small possession is decriminalized, finding cannabis is not that difficult. However, mostly you will encounter low-quality weed.

Is marijuana expensive in Norway?

We would say it’s moderate. The cost depends upon the quality and the strain of marijuana. So you will get weed from 15 Euros for one gram to 100-150 euros for 100 grams.

Will marijuana get legal in Norway in 2022?

Well, tough to say. Yet, as of now, there are no recent developments or debates in the Norwegian Parliament. So, at least this year’s complete legalization seems tough.

Will the police catch me for smoking weed?

Police generally ignore or warn unless you try smoking weed in front of them.


In a nutshell, you can keep marijuana in small amounts and enjoy yourself in your personal space. However, do not try to grow or sell marijuana. It could ruin your future or your vacations.

Further, the strong demands from the public are giving signs of a positive future. Till then, wait! As recent developments show that marijuana has a long way to go ahead of complete legalization.

Enjoy the scenic beauty and the weed within the limits of the law. Sometimes waiting is the best thing you can do!

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