Is Weed Legal in Hungary? A Most-Sorted Guide in 2023

Is Weed Legal in Hungary? How is the cannabis culture in Hungary? Is weed legal in Hungary? Can you smoke in public? Well, all these answers and much more are waiting ahead for you!

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Hungary is a popular tourist destination in Europe. It is a beautiful landlocked country where cannabis is illegal. Whether it is about medical cannabis or recreational use, everything is illegal. Hungary is where using illegal drugs is a severe criminal offense for which very strict punishments have been allotted.

Then what’s legal, and when can you get punished? Revealed here!

Cannabis in Hungary: History, Hungarian Law, medicinal cannabis & more!


Is weed legal in Hungary

It’s against the law to utilize or trade marijuana in Hungary. The nation doesn’t have a medical cannabis program. Punishments and penalties are extreme, with long prison sentences. However, its hemp industry keeps on prospering.

But why? what is the relation between hemp and Hungary? To find the answer, let’s dig into the history of cannabis and hemp in Hungary.

History of Cannabis in Hungary:

Cannabis has been there in Hungary since the first millennium BC. Many experts believe that cannabis plants were brought by the Scythian nomadic tribes to the country thousand years ago. The evidence was found in cannabis pollen, whose dating implied that these were as old ass 1000 BC.

Cannabis plants grow along the roadside if the proper climate is found. Likewise, in Hungary, the cannabis pollen count continued increasing for the next many centuries. However, as of now, cannabis is in the form of Hemp plants with almost no psychoactive effects.

When did the hemp found in Hungary?

Hemp has been in Hungary for many centuries. Farmers used to deliver excellent hemp material to the textile industry. Their quality of hemp was the best of their time, and even farmers had developed special looms for the creation, and it became their usual lifestyle.

Soon in the 20th century, Europe started shifting its mindset toward cannabis plants and hemp. And the process of criminalizing started back then. However, hemp has never been declared illegal in Hungary. At the time when the Soviet Union was broken in 1991, industrial hemp production got declined.

But, Hungary contended energetically to modify its hemp industry. As a result, it’s one of the world’s leading hemp producers.

The current status of weed in Hungary

Well, as mentioned earlier,

Medical cannabis: Illegal

Recreational cannabis: Illegal

CBD: Allowed till THC content <0.2%; Hungarian Doctors also have access to CBD for their patients’ treatments.

Buying, selling, cultivation, and the medical use of cannabis are strictly illegal in Hungary. Therefore, personal use of weed is strictly prohibited.

Marijuana laws in Hungary: Know what’s legal or Illegal

Marijuana laws in Hungary

Since it is illegal to buy and sell cannabis in Hungary, needless to say, you have to face some legal consequences if you are using these illicit drugs. You will face the same legal consequences even if you are into heroin use and the same legal consequences as cannabis. So, beware!

The Hungarian government improved its drug laws in 2013. However, the country’s tough stance on cannabis is stricter than its EU member states.

Have a look:

Drug Laws for weed consumption and possession:

Hungarian law prohibits the possession of cannabis or other narcotic drugs in Hungary. However, in recent years consumption and possession have been marked as criminal offenses.

A person with a ‘small amount‘ of cannabis will have 2 years of imprisonment while caught with more, and the sentence will exceed the rigorous of up to 5 years of imprisonment.

Here “small amount is defined based on the presence of the active substance THC in the cannabis. Like the small quantity means the 6 gm of THC. That means a small amount means 60 gms when THC is 10%.

Drug Laws for the weed Selling and Trafficking

It is prohibited to sell, supply, distribute, or traffic weed and other narcotics.

Offenders may get a prison sentence from 2 years to 8 years. The punishment gets worsen if the offender is:

  • Supplies weed to young people like minors,
  • If offenders are public officials,
  • Is associated with any Hungarian Armed Forces or law enforcement agencies orTax and Customs AuthorityIn all the above cases, the offender may get 5-20 years of jail time. However, even in some cases, he may receive life imprisonment.

Thus, it is clear that the cannabis laws in Hungary do not show mercy if a person is attached to selling and trafficking weed.

Drug Laws for growing weed:

Again, growing marijuana is strictly prohibited. The charges and punishment are the same as that for the possession of cannabis.

Though, if you grow cannabis in small quantities, the court has the right to suspend the case and forgive you as the first-time offender.

Law Enforcement in Hungary:

Undoubtedly, Hungary may be the only Eu member state with strict laws against weed. But, still, a lot of Hungarian people smoke cannabis.

Usually, cops do not catch you if you are only smoking. They will not touch you until you don’t get indulged in selling, growing, or distributing illegal drugs.

Likewise, police found many cannabis plants in the houses of Hungary in 2019. The people discreetly grow cannabis at their places and enjoy it until they get caught. Police hardly seize weed if growing in small quantities.

Getting caught with weed for the first time will not lead you to a prison sentence. You may get warnings, suspension, or probation orders. It all depends whether you are a tourist, a local common person, or a celebrity like a public figure.

But it doesn’t mean you can go careless there in Hungary.

Hungary Medical cannabis: Hungarian medical cannabis association

As you know, Hungarian law prohibits cannabis use for medical purposes. The country doesn’t have any medical marijuana program and does not define weed for medical uses. However, in a few cases, the Hungarian government allows using some weed.

Strange, Isn’t it?

The National Committee for Pharmaceuticals and Food Health established a clause where certain individuals can gain access to medical cannabis treatment for Multiple sclerosis.

Also, Marinol- the synthetic version of THC- is available for appetite loss, AIDS, Cancer, and severe nausea. So, smoking and growing weed plant ( in small quantities) hardly see the prosecution.

So, What are the recent developments? Read in the next segment.

Industrial cannabis use: Industrial hemp production

The good news is that the Hemp industry is doing an excellent job than many other countries. Hungary produces the highest quality and quantity of hemp fiber.

Industrial cannabis cultivators have gained a lot of popularity in Hungary. Since 1991, proper research and hard work have been done to produce world-leading hemp.

Doing Great, Hungary!

Recent Developments in Hungary

Recent Developments in Hungary

There are a few ongoing drives from the political as well as from the common area. For example, the Hungarian Medical Cannabis Association recently gave an idea of accomplishing full authorization of medical marijuana, or possibly the prologue to the Hungarian medical services arrangement of those essential items containing weed or subsidiaries approved for promoting and effectively utilized abroad.

Also, Hungary didn’t cast a vote in support of the EU Member States on medical weed, in 2020, at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND). After which European Commission started a continuous encroachment methodology against Hungary.

According to a report published in an article, almost 3.5 % of young adults in Hungary have used cannabis and other drugs.

FAQs: Is Weed Legal in Hungary?

Where can I find weed in Hungary?

Well, the best place is in Budapest. However, it won’t be easy to find it.

Is CBD legal in Hungary?

Yes, CBD is not on the list of controlled substances. It is available widely.

Does smoking in public will lead to a jail sentence?

There are a few places or your personal space where you can smoke. However, never try to mess up with cops. They will not be after you until they get your side’s bad vibes or if they learn that you might sell cannabis.

Is it possible to drive while high?

No, it is extremely illegal. Never try it.

How much would the weed cost in Hungary?

Depending upon the dealers and the places. However, you have to pay more for weed than that for hash. For example, the average cost of weed is $12-$15 per gms, and the cost of hash is $10-$12 per gms.

What will happen if you get caught with weed?

If you possess 10-60gms of cannabis, the police might warn you. However, you will be in trouble if the quantity is more.

Can I enjoy hash in parks or streets in Hungary?

Well, we don’t recommend it because it is illegal. However, if the cops are in a good mood, they might warn or ignore you; else, the trouble is yours.

What quality of weed will I get in Budapest?

You will get excellent quality weed. Please befriend someone, and he will then guide you.

Is weed legal in Hungary? The Takeaways:

Weed is strictly illegal in Hungary. And it is just a waste to try laws. The Hungarian government seems conservative enough to loosen penalties soon or make cannabis legal.

Maybe the next generation could come up with the discussion and may compel the government to legalize marijuana.

It is better to stand by the country’s laws and respect their enforcement. Remember, weed must be enjoyed; you should never suffer due to it.

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