Is weed legal in Denmark? Changed Drug Laws in 2023!

Is weed legal in Denmark? We all know Denmark as a beautiful Scandavanian country in Europe. The country that is the largest producer of milk is now the largest grower of cannabis seeds. But do you know what the weed culture in Denmark is? Is weed legal in Denmark? Let’s find out everything.

Denmark has been liberal for many taboo subjects around the world, whether it is the LGBTQ community or other topics that are not acceptable in other countries. Well, it is quite surprising that Denmark has not legalized cannabis till now. Recreational cannabis is completely illegal, while medical cannabis has been accepted as a legal substance.

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Marijuana in Denmark: History, the laws, and More!


Marijuana in Denmark

History of Weed in Denmark:

Cannabis in Denmark was widely accepted in prior times. However, slowly the country started taking a tough stance.

How & when did it happen? Let’s understand through the timeline given below.

Before the dawn of the current century, Cannabis use was common in the country in the early 2000s. We can say there was a great acceptance of marijuana. However, even then, it was not legal. The government was only concerned with regulating the usage so that it could not harm one’s health.

However, nearly in 2004, the situation began to change. Now the cops started taking notice of every cannabis-related activity. Previously, they used to take possession or sell harder drugs like ”heroin”.

The reason behind this shift was the international pressure on Denmark for being too liberal on marijuana usage. Moreover, the government noticed the increasing number of young people selling and using weed products.

They had to check their usage, which compelled them to start a fight against drugs.

Freetown Christiania:

Freetown Christiania

The history of cannabis in Denmark is incomplete without mentioning the Freetown Christiana. The tiny town resides in the heart of Denmark, Copenhagen. The town was the cannabis market in Copenhagen and is a good example of how Danes used to take cannabis in the past.

Christiania is a partially autonomous community of about 900-1000 inhabitants in Copenhagen. The neighborhood is known for its colorful buildings, car-free streets, and cannabis. This community has been attracting tourists for ages. It is the fourth most visited place in Denmark.

The place was created by a small group of hippies, squatters, and wanderers in 1971. Till 2016 it was the hub for purchasing various cannabis products.

Pusher Street, one of the streets in the center of Christiania, was considered one of the largest cannabis markets in Europe in the early 2000s. In 2016, a shootout between the police and a drug dealer made the government consider tightening the laws. Therefore the profit went down, and many people shut down their shops. However, it is still doing good in cannabis.

Current Status of weed in Denmark:

At present,

Medical Marijuana: Legal

Recreational Marijuana: Illegal but decriminalized

Import, export, sale and purchase, cultivation, production, and use of everything are highly illegal in Denmark.

Let’s know about the details of the law.

Drug Law: What are the legalities of cannabis in Denmark

Drug Law

Denmark is a progressive European country. But its harsh restriction on the personal use of weed makes us think again. Well, let us check what it means to have cannabis in Denmark.

Laws about possession of marijuana:

Cannabis possession is a serious criminal offense in Denmark. However, the punishment is restricted to the fine only if you are a first-time offender and carry small quantities.

If you have committed any crime in the past or have a criminal record, you can be prosecuted for possessing weed. However, the jail time will be of 2 years at the maximum in some limited circumstances.

In general, the imposed small fine in these cases is €70 as cannabis is the ”soft drug” in Denmark.

But, if the offender possesses a larger quantity, like 10kg+, the law sees such an offense as cannabis trafficking. In such cases, imprisonment will be increased up to 10-15 years with a huge fine.

Laws about Selling weed :

Likewise, selling marijuana is a serious crime. No one can sell illicit drugs in the market in Denmark. Drug dealing will take you to a prison sentence. Cannabis cannot be sold legally.

Conversely, in recent years, the country has given rights to produce and distribute cannabis for medical purposes only. However, for the rest of the country, it is highly illegal to sell cannabis.

Laws about growing weed:

Growing weed is, again an illegal offense. However, some grey areas are there where people grow cannabis for themselves in their homes.

Buying and selling cannabis is extremely illegal. Hence, Danes support the Danish government and the law for not selling illegal drugs. National police officers usually ignore if someone is growing plants in a private area in small numbers for personal consumption. This is not a very serious crime. Usually, individuals get a warning or need to pay a small fine.

Laws or CBD products: Is CBD legal in Denmark?

Laws or CBD products Is CBD legal in Denmark

CBD is not legal as of now. Many CBD oils and products are illegal to buy, sell and possess. However, on 1st July 2018, the Danish government took a step forward and made CBD legal provided the THC content should be up to 0.2 %.

For a CBD product to be legal, it must be used as a medicine and comply with the Danish medical program. In addition, the product must follow the guidelines of the Danish Medicines Act.

Medical Cannabis Programme in Denmark: Establishment of Danish Medicines Agency

Danish medicines agency established the first ever Danish medical cannabis program on 1st Jan 2018. It was a trial in the form of a four-year pilot program. This trial ended in December 2021.

During this trial, the Danish medicines agency provided licenses to the 12 companies to produce, grow and distribute herbal cannabis for medical use across the country. These companies must be licensed producers and distributors. In addition, they distribute to licensed doctors and pharmacies.

In Denmark, Doctors can prescribe cannabis derivatives with the following substances.

  • Sativex,
  • Marinol, and
  • Nabilone

The medicines mentioned above were only prescribed cannabis to patients suffering from nausea, pain, cancer, and MS.

In 2018 with the beginning of the Danish Medicines Agency, cannabis for medicinal purposes opened up for Danish patients. 1700 patients registered for the medical cannabis program in the first year. The number increased to 2,967 in the next year.

However, the number saw a deep drop in the last two years of the program as all the cannabis-based drugs were imported and thus increased the cost o the medicine. Also, it was not easy to get medical cannabis products in Denmark.

Denmark’s position in the cannabis market:

Since the medicines were imported to Denmark initially, there has been a shortage. However, the market could not make a balance between the demand and the supply. Moreover, the cost remains a huge concern as well.

Keeping all these in mind, Denmark’s Ministry extended the trial for another two years. Many producers, including Australian producer Canopy Growth and Canadian Aurora, among others, welcomed the decision.

Then with the mission to lead the European medicinal cannabis market, Aurora Nordic combined with Danish horticulturalists Gartneriet Alfred Pedersen and Son (popular for their Katrine and Alfred Tomato) to deliver medicinal cannabis of the greatest grade.

AuroraNordics” 9,200 m² office in Odense, Southern Denmark, is set to create the greatest result of roughly 10,000 kg each extended period of excellent weed items. The office is undoubtedly furnished with high-tech facilities.

According to the vice president of Aurora, “Aurora Nordic is working closely with the local regulatory authority (Danish Medicines Agency) to offer several treatment options, such as extracts and dried flowers, to Danish physicians and patients, as part of the cannabis pilot program,”

Denmark hopes to turn into a main player in the European market. Almost 42 licensed cannabis companies have joined, and more have applied.

Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed their arrangements for building Europe’s driving biological system for medicinal cannabis.

Cannabis Culture in Denmark:

Cannabis Culture in Denmark

Cannabis culture in Denmark is slightly complex. However, we all know that cannabis for recreational purposes is not allowed. Also, laws are quite strict for that.

Though the latest articles in the Marijuana business daily throw light with data. Despite being illegal drugs, more than one-third of adult Danes have admitted that they have tried and smoked weed. The report was by the European monitoring center for Drugs and Drug addiction.

Quite a huge number! Isn’t it? The Danes are pro-cannabis users! The number is highest in Europe!

You can buy cannabis seeds in Denmark, but these should not be germinated. However, don’t try to smoke marijuana in Denmark. You may end up acing the legislation. Recreational use of weed is a matter of avoiding the law, and the police won’t spare you.

Remember that you cannot drive under the influence of weed. The punishment is harsh enough. A special license is given to medical marijuana patients after the successful completion of a test.

What is the future of marijuana in Denmark?

Most political parties in Denmark have raised the issue of legalizing cannabis. Likewise many countries, the parliament is divided among supporters and opposers.

Recently, five main parties supported legalizing cannabis sales in the country. These parties include Liberal Alliance, Enhedslisten, Alternative, the Socialist People’s Party, and Radikale Venstre. They are concerned about some criminal organizations that have made a huge profit due to the recreational use of cannabis being illegal in Denmark.

The current government has taken a tough look at cannabis first country. But now, it is showing a positive attitude by relaxing law enforcement.

Also, Danes support roaring to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. They want drug use to be free from the law or the least regulated so they can get high-quality cannabis products.


Where can I buy the best quality weed in Copenhagen?

Best to find out near the river. Just be calm while talking to a dealer, and he will guide you to get good quality weed.

Which are the best strains to find in Denmark?

Haze strains, White widow, Hindu Kush haze, and Skunk.

How much do I have to spend on weed in Denmark?

Prices go around 5 to 15 euros per 1 Marijuana gram, or
4 to13 euros per 1 gram of hash.
If you would like to get a bulk deal, move to Christinia.

Can I send cannabis seeds to Copenhagen?

No, it is illegal. You cannot be sent even via mail!

Bottom Line:

Though Denmark is showing positive signs toward legalizing cannabis, we should not forget that it is still illegal. Yes, the country has changed its medical marijuana stance, but still, these are highly regulated. Moreover, the government is not fully convinced with the idea of legalizing cannabis for sale and distribution.

We can say that complete legalization is still not likely to happen very soon. However, there is a bright ray of hope coming from the country.

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